Wife answers the ultimate question: Intel or AMD? Core i9-10900K vs. 3900X

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Intel has launched their 10th Gen Comet Lake-S desktop processors, and today we'll be pitting their new flagship Core-i9 10900K against the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X to see which $500 chip comes out on top.
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Bitwit - 2 måneder siden
Note: The 3900x officially launched for $500 but can now be had for around $400. Even more reason!
antonio m davila
antonio m davila - 23 dager siden
12 cores/24 threads and 10 cores/20 threads are different products, if you all have in mind the zombie and mediocre idea "what's better" !¬¬) similar to ask "what is better: Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 7, i7-8700K or AMD 2400G . youtube full of ignorants
Alessandro Zanardi
Alessandro Zanardi - Måned siden
Velocità means "Speed" in italian
Junin Buster
Junin Buster - Måned siden
Spoiler kyle -_-
chinas-_- sas
chinas-_- sas - 2 måneder siden
Ill play games and you can play cinebench
Chad - 2 måneder siden
AMD bout to release their refresh of the 3000. Its going to beat the 10 series in everything. Then they release new chip. This might be the first time in history where they will be ahead of Intel in all categories..
Avacado Kid
Avacado Kid - 3 dager siden
wait...... what happened to the 3950XT????
Shen ching Yeh
Shen ching Yeh - 8 dager siden
a new piece of trash
Manjushri - 10 dager siden
The Intel Installation Song (TM) made me laugh more than I care to admit...
Get Jinxed
Get Jinxed - 14 dager siden
6:02 story of my life
Compass Gaming
Compass Gaming - 16 dager siden
can you Please build another Mini ITX PC i love those ones and theres not many good Quality videos of them. i love watching your tech vids.
S Class Gamer
S Class Gamer - 16 dager siden
10:57 best song ever
Dimitris Bampanaras
Dimitris Bampanaras - 17 dager siden
Bitwit, I can be your wife, if you want to. I promise to show lots of enthusiasm for the CPUs!
Thoughts Collector
Thoughts Collector - 17 dager siden
OH MY GOD, stop with the encoding tests... It's RIDICULOUS!!
cube_gAMEpLAY - 17 dager siden
these are the most entertaining pc videos lmao
SoaR Steady
SoaR Steady - 19 dager siden
I wonder why no one smart buys intel
Den M4r
Den M4r - 19 dager siden
5:58 omg you can see her exitment on her eyes ...she really cares about pc like you .....
FrAMeR R - 19 dager siden
velocità mean fast
Avneesh Dhar
Avneesh Dhar - 20 dager siden
I didn't think u could have a wife....
Josh van wyk
Josh van wyk - 20 dager siden
you talk to much kak
eclypse3d - 21 dag siden
Ok officially annoyed listening to the babble.....
Almeida - 22 dager siden
when the i9 fits in x570
Steven Anderson
Steven Anderson - 22 dager siden
I just buy what i want use it thats real world thats what counts what do you do.
scott yd
scott yd - 22 dager siden
Humor ..... SMASH
Sam Jerome
Sam Jerome - 22 dager siden
Such would you recommend for live church streaming with 4 NDI cameras?
Batman Joker
Batman Joker - 22 dager siden
Your wife is an 11 out of 10
Ben Kelly
Ben Kelly - 23 dager siden
I am one of those people who has the 10900k playing games as 1080p but 280hz 1080p 😝
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 24 dager siden
11:17 Scott Stapp?
SolidGEE - 25 dager siden
well the most demanding thing i ask my cpu to do is game so im glad i went intel
SolidGEE - 25 dager siden
just built my new pc with a msi meg z490i and a 10700k and i love it. AMD may have pci 4.0 but Intel has the 3.2. usb c header for front panels soo yeah lol. i was going to build a amd pc but in order to save money i went with Intel so i could re use my ram i did a bunch of research and i wasn't compatible sooo thats lame as hell on amds side
tal ion
tal ion - 25 dager siden
I game at 1080p because I prefer higher frame rates than more pixels on the screen
psyo123 - 25 dager siden
what a smart wife
Twisted 808 Deej
Twisted 808 Deej - 25 dager siden
Commentating is on point lol
Stephen Gibb
Stephen Gibb - 25 dager siden
Wouldn't touch an msi board even if it was called godlike.
hemu kurra
hemu kurra - 26 dager siden
She’d probably have been more excited if the box was pink
salvatore cognetta
salvatore cognetta - 26 dager siden
pc for streaming would say intel
Abbas Ali
Abbas Ali - 26 dager siden
Plz Pin down the Wife Part
Pellbort - 26 dager siden
I was on the fence before, but this video convinced me to go with a wife and a cat over the 10900k
calvito calvon
calvito calvon - 27 dager siden
timmydebigyearold - 27 dager siden
Shaswata Shaha
Shaswata Shaha - 27 dager siden
She is about to get phat. She is more excited about her food than pc. In the end, she gets it though.
BurnzieFN - 28 dager siden
i need a 17 or 19 10th gen
Ryan olsen
Ryan olsen - 29 dager siden
Nooo I need that i5. I have a cheap bad i5 2400
Zach - 29 dager siden
“It’s like taking off a bra” 😂 I remember my first time trying to undo one of those suckers these things got Velcro clips how do you undo these fuckers
Kimahri Z
Kimahri Z - 29 dager siden
Far to much chit talking and mong noises
Mehul Arora
Mehul Arora - 29 dager siden
Like just a simple question why on games 3900x lacks performance as compared to 10900k ?
Risu - Måned siden
10:58 damn that nearly killed me lol 🤣
Gameboy 1996
Gameboy 1996 - Måned siden
Intel's 1440p have more fps then AMD 1080p 😂😂 OMG
Brady Dague
Brady Dague - Måned siden
This is like watching an AvE video, except for computer building.
BIll Bill
BIll Bill - Måned siden
Steve disagrees, but yeah wife knows better....
Adler Danis
Adler Danis - Måned siden
All this Generation coming up and I'm still using i7-2600 2nd gen.
PC Tech channel
PC Tech channel - Måned siden
10th gen is good but bad for the price I prefer AMD
Gasviation - Måned siden
Intel and amd: *having a battle*
Nvidia: I'm out
AMD: I'm also looking at you
Nathan Biru
Nathan Biru - 16 dager siden
Gasviation o I thought u meant that nvidia was going down
Gasviation - 16 dager siden
@Nathan Biru I know
Nathan Biru
Nathan Biru - 16 dager siden
I don’t think so, nvidias new 3000 series are coming out soon....
Artistic Cuts Salon&Spa
Artistic Cuts Salon&Spa - 19 dager siden
Nvidia is about to go down like the bombing of Hiroshima. A catastrophe so great that it wiped an entire nation from the face of the planet. Gone reduced to atoms.
Vicki Sakakeeny
Vicki Sakakeeny - Måned siden
Is Kyle Italian because I see some speghetti
ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ
ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ - Måned siden
ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ
ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ - Måned siden
F intel
Stand Alone
Stand Alone - Måned siden
Funny I run a 3900x and I smoked those amd numbers! Wtf settings do you have your bios at! Its clearly wrong!
tf2meme - Måned siden
Am I the only one who disliked this video to make the dislike 666?
PapayaMan - Måned siden
You picked the wrong wife
YoungKhalifia - Måned siden
1080p gaming 3900x owner and I fell attacked.
Okami - Måned siden
same lol
Wade Epperson
Wade Epperson - Måned siden
that ram would look sick in my build lol. totally need this, it'll match the whole black and grey scheme i got going
Michael Fitzpatrick
Michael Fitzpatrick - Måned siden
"who's going to be gaming at 1080p with a $500 cpu" that would be me.

Already have a 165 hz 1080p monitor so I don't really care to upgrade to 1440p anytime soon.
Fushijitshu - Måned siden
In the same boat! got a 1080p 165hz monitor
Nathan Nichol
Nathan Nichol - Måned siden
If you do a static overclock on the 3900X and overclock each CCX and get that infinity fabric as high as you can get way better than a 7200 in R20.
My 3900X @ ~4.4ghz, 3800mhz CL16-19-19-36 and IF @ 1900Mhz does 7862 in R20 with a 521 single thread.
Very impressed.
SideswipePrime606 - Måned siden
Dang...the new i5 is more powerful than my 6700k. I'm glad that their competition with AMD is pushing them now, but man...I feel like my stuff is getting obsolete faster now.
James H
James H - Måned siden
Mount your camera on a hat and you can use 2 hands.
The Silly Seal Squad
The Silly Seal Squad - Måned siden
AMD > Intel
darqueskye - Måned siden
Kyle's videos deeply satisfy the needs of my ADHD.
ripmybraincellslol - Måned siden
Idk but let’s say that Intel is worse she would pick Intel as better because more numbers (I haven’t seen the video yet )
Ben Nesbitt
Ben Nesbitt - Måned siden
What I think about tenth Gen? Go Team Red?
NyeMeredithGaming - Måned siden
who else is celeron gang?
test 10th gen i5 with the ryzen 5 3600x
Jod3n - Måned siden
why can't i have a awesome rig and a hot wife :(
SnipereQ - Måned siden
10900k sucks it isn't worth it at all
Ty Brennan
Ty Brennan - Måned siden
In other words intel is still doo doo
Chris Kamper
Chris Kamper - Måned siden
Team Red!!
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires - Måned siden
26:41 You sure.. can't do that with a Ryzen processor....
Mahmoud - Måned siden
تاكل ورق عنب
Haden Felker
Haden Felker - Måned siden
In my opinion Intel is super overpriced. The 3900X is around 400. That’s around half the price of the 10900K.
Wyatt Shepard
Wyatt Shepard - Måned siden
21:45 I game at 1080P with a 500 CPU, whats wrong with that? I just want to max out my FPS to 280.
Rensouhou-Chan Studio
Rensouhou-Chan Studio - Måned siden
The value in the 10900k is the OC capability, AMD chips just can't OC well, if 10900k is OCed to 5.3 ghz the gap would be closer in multi-thread load and even better in gaming. If you are buying a K chips from Intel and not going to OC it, don't bother, go AMD.
Alex R E
Alex R E - Måned siden
You were lucky to find such a smart woman.
Emily Abouhalkah
Emily Abouhalkah - Måned siden
This is probably my favorite "How to Build a PC" entry ever. Definitely linking to newbie friends in the future.
tasev1 - Måned siden
Yes! Lol. Now... What do you think are the chances Zen3 will be capable of Intel level clock speeds and gaming performance? Id take Intel now... But am curious to wait for Zen3
Angry DutchMan27
Angry DutchMan27 - Måned siden
The gap between AMD and Intel is so small that obvious AMD is the better sollution. It has 7nm, PCI 4.0, more cores and threads and its cheaper tho.
P.S. Your video's are always the best and most fun 👊🏼
Precision - Måned siden
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor - Måned siden
Wife is like: But will it run Pinterest?
Sam Burk
Sam Burk - Måned siden
Im seriously thinking of building a 10900k for CAD. I primarily use Inventor, and I use the FEA engine quite a bit... thoughts?
david westcott
david westcott - Måned siden
intel for the win
Denny - Måned siden
6:00 Wifey sauce looks like she needs someone elses sauce u need to put some over time in brahhh.
Weiwei Su
Weiwei Su - Måned siden
Shit. if 3900X comes with on-board GPU that would given me a 100% reason to buy and build a video editing ITX rig....
Marcin Widz
Marcin Widz - Måned siden
She was absolutely psyched about her new cpu :D
Roberto Claux
Roberto Claux - Måned siden
Whose gaming at 1080p? Not me, with my 8350 fx and Hd 7950...
RAY NL - Måned siden
That lighting up dragon looks so damn cheap. MSI should stop that.
John Smith
John Smith - Måned siden
I got a 3900X and am loving it. The RGB cooler is sweet as well.
Conner Fairley
Conner Fairley - Måned siden
I watched so many of your videos there really helpful and funny but I do not understand half the thing you say lol😁
Waffle Genius
Waffle Genius - Måned siden
“You should be very gentle with the cpu” *kyle in quarantine* 1:30
Alacod19 - Måned siden
$400 vs $600 within 10% in gaming and dumps in multi thread usage.. amd is the clear winner in terms of price per performance. (posted this before WifeySauce conclusion, guess i didnt need to say anything she summed it up pretty well)
Gannon Rosencrans
Gannon Rosencrans - Måned siden
My 4.3ghz 3600 gets 495 on Cinebench R20 single core wtf lol
Rollcallxp - Måned siden
I am enjoying your reviews and thank you. Maybe you have but i would like to see same type of video,but add one more part which would be multitask capabilities of the two chips. example Play a game while streaming a movie and a youtube video. who wants to miss their favorite youtuber while playing a game.
Mike Bruzzone
Mike Bruzzone - Måned siden
Like Nvidia in was that 1989 or 1991?, anyway, Intel will abandon the desktop market for two to three quarters minimally lithography node transition to produce a competitive desktop product line. Intel saves stockholders on cost that expense invested into re-entry desktop worthwhile. AMD can't supply anywhere NEAR that would threaten Intel in that two to three quarters Intel readdress to configure accordingly. Helps channel sell through secondary inventory worth buying on a world market for re-investment into something new from Intel, AMD, others. mb
Jules Roberts
Jules Roberts - Måned siden
Buy a f**king tripod.
عبدالحكيم حنان
xD I love it
Actually_Axel - Måned siden
Seeing the CPU Suffering is so hurting.
kimnice - Måned siden
Comet Lake Pentiums support hyper threading (2c4t). Only Celerons don't. So it's Athlon 3000G (2C4T) versus Celeron (2C2T) and Ryzen 3 (4C8T) against Pentium (2C4T)
Garren - Måned siden
That's what she said... 12:10