The weirdest flex I've ever seen - Arquus RGB HDMI Cable

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Today we're unboxing the Vivify Arquus RGB HDMI cable. Yup.
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The weirdest flex I've ever seen - Aquus RGB HDMI Cable
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 07:08


Thommy Johansson
Thommy Johansson - 4 dager siden
Ranting about a 80 buck cable... Clearly never shopped high end HiFi cables...
Sumit Playz
Sumit Playz - 4 dager siden
Next up RGB Bitwit merch
Dustin Massingale
Dustin Massingale - 18 dager siden
I want to see this connected to an $80 Blaze Evercade. I think that it might be more fun when it is hanging from your controller!
Gaming Knight Daksh
Gaming Knight Daksh - 19 dager siden
Just stick it behind the tv or monitor and it will work as a rgb backlit light
LUCA - 24 dager siden
Jo my graphikscard sucks but at least i got a 80 dollar hdmikabel
Brady Harr
Brady Harr - 28 dager siden
If you’re too poor to this, than I’m too poor to buy a $3 used HDMI cable lol
Pollo Dolla Son
Pollo Dolla Son - Måned siden
So, they want folk to pay that much of money just because of the cool color light?👀
MandeepSZN - 2 måneder siden
This cable prob is worth $30? $80 is wayyy to much
Mook aton
Mook aton - 2 måneder siden
ya know, if it was lit on the wide side and had some different shapes or if you could snap it into angles it could look good on a wall going to the pc.
GGA - German Game Addiction
GGA - German Game Addiction - 2 måneder siden
It's worth it. It's RGB
Trump Fake News
Trump Fake News - 3 måneder siden
Why would a the company send this to Bitwit they should’ve sent it to KristoferYee he loves rgb
Zeh Palhares
Zeh Palhares - 3 måneder siden
i am, bougth 3 of those from my triple monitor setup ! good cable !
Gabriel Pozdnyakov
Gabriel Pozdnyakov - 3 måneder siden
I mean, when I was going to watch this, I thought it was going to be an eyesore, but it is not, and if you have it you don't need to hide cables in walls or something like that
H Doan
H Doan - 4 måneder siden
My new egg shipping was more expensive then my cable
StanCanCount YT
StanCanCount YT - 4 måneder siden
I use dvi
Owl - 5 måneder siden
You sold me Kyle! Amazing review! I ordered two for both my monitors!

*Wallet cries*
nev ets
nev ets - 5 måneder siden
I love this cable
Samdaboss - 6 måneder siden
“The cable needs a cable! 😂🤣”
Now what, the cable for the cable needs a cable?
Revener666 - 6 måneder siden
But isn't the point of the cable that it is fiber optic, that is whyit is expensive, the RGB is just a bonus.
ForbiddenFateGaming - 6 måneder siden
I would love to have one of these just to flex on people but I break HDMI cables CONSTANTLY and this would be way to expensive for me to replace if I broke it
neondemon - 6 måneder siden
im not afraid to admit id buy this to make my setup look even more Cyberpunk than it already does. 80$ is a bit much though...
Harry Mcdowell
Harry Mcdowell - 6 måneder siden
issa fiber optic tho... all fiber optic cables are expensive.. and this is actually one of the better priced fiber optic hdmi cables
PWE - 6 måneder siden
I'd bet that the "fiber optic" part of that cable is limited to the illumination.
Punchy - 6 måneder siden
I'm waiting for RGB monitor
Carbon No6
Carbon No6 - 6 måneder siden
That actually is a pretty cool looking HDMI cable.. compared to all of the other boring standard ones out there. Can't say I share your distaste for it.. you were a bit harsh.
Nick King Televised
Nick King Televised - 6 måneder siden
I'm waiting for my RGB Gaming Desk
Divinity Ryder
Divinity Ryder - 6 måneder siden
How much would I spend for an HDMI RGB cable? $20 max. It's cool that they can do it's just so freaking useless. And it's certainly not worth $80
BTG BEAST - 6 måneder siden
You can tape the wire to the back of the monitor to get that backlight kind of effect on the wall.
Neo DeOne
Neo DeOne - 6 måneder siden
Why keep trashing a good product to thousands of viewers? , is beyond me.
It's a good product. Not funny, sorry not sorry, Kyle.
Ollie Badstue
Ollie Badstue - 6 måneder siden
Weird flex but ok
Ollie Badstue
Ollie Badstue - 6 måneder siden
Cries in no displayport
Matty p unboxing's and reviews
Matty p unboxing's and reviews - 6 måneder siden
How about a RGB usb type C cable for my phone lol
denvera1g1 - 6 måneder siden
Did i hear that the HDMI signal travels over POF instead of copper?
I think you're paying for HDMI over POF here and not paying for RGB, or heck maybe GOF but probably POF for this price.
running a traditionally copper cable over fiber isnt as simple as running two pieces of plastic/glass from one end to the other, you need a microprocessor on each end, a laser or LED on each end, and a photosensitive sensor on each end, there are probably also isolators and focusing lenses but those might not be needed if the cable directly touches the TOSA+ROSA/BOSA. What to remember here is that this isnt just a 3m long, LC to LC, multimode POF cable, Its effectively that $20 cable, PLUS the two transceivers needed at either end which might be another $20-40 that power needed from the display, might not just be for the RGB LED, there might be a copper pair running between to supply power to both ends as each end will have a processor and LED, the photosensitive cell might not need power, but everything else will, and the HDMI port might not supply enough
Nicholas Pitts
Nicholas Pitts - 6 måneder siden
I bet Lyle would like this cord.
J S - 6 måneder siden
Remember the Monster HDMI cables?
Steven Randall
Steven Randall - 6 måneder siden
Kyle (shocked): $80 for a cable
Me: yes I have worked at a best buy, and also have heard of audioquest...
Inspector Poirot
Inspector Poirot - 6 måneder siden
Sooooo...... by adding fiber optics to a 10' (estimate) cable, they undoubtedly added input lag for encode and decode times. Why is this marketed as gaming!?! I would get it for a long cable run, but for home theater, a digital signal means that you either have signal, or you don't. Spending extra money on a cable will not net a better experience.
zippy reave
zippy reave - 7 måneder siden
He was really trying not to like it lol
Jake77 - 7 måneder siden
I really hate this
MacZack87 - 7 måneder siden
Is it bright? Would it give a nice glow behind your tv as an accent light or something like that? Install it on your home entertainment system and show us how it looks in the dark.
BADISkettu - 7 måneder siden
Lan parties? Literally the whole cable is on top of the table showing off its RGB. That is the use case.
Nathan Conlin
Nathan Conlin - 7 måneder siden
Well since I can get a 9ft HDMI cable from Walmart for 15 bucks, I wouldn't spend more than 25 on and rgb one
Clipz - 7 måneder siden
If I could get either that or a regular cable for the same price im picking that one
J Wohl
J Wohl - 7 måneder siden
I just bought 2 of them for my dual HP OMEN monitors. Gonna look SIK BRO! I shudder to remember the days of old when a plain old hdmi cable at walmart was $40. Thank god those days are dead.
Riksy - 7 måneder siden
Kkkkkk so hear me out. Devil's advocate. I COULD EVENTUALLY see a RGB hdmi câble pop out from a flat screen tv mounted on a wall to go connect to your other peripherals. It would make your cabling look AESTHETIC. But yeah, it's an 80 dollar cable.
conf1rmed - 7 måneder siden
imagine if that cable came with a computer and monitor
durrBubbles - 7 måneder siden
not even DS whats the point
kokot sity
kokot sity - 7 måneder siden
careful though, theres more expensive cables than that and they dont even come w/rgb. a stupid audio cable can cost numerous times of this poor hdmi
v o l t a g e
v o l t a g e - 7 måneder siden
This is the apple version of a HDMI cable lol
Preston Graff
Preston Graff - 7 måneder siden
When HDMI cables were a new thing, I remember buying one at best buy for around 80 dollars, for a completely plain 3 foot cable. 3 or 4 y ears later I bought a 6 foot cable for like 15 bucks. But this is nothing, everyone knows about the HDMI cables that are over a thousand dollars
Laurentcium - 7 måneder siden
How can you make an hdmi cable so exciting?
Ronkde - 7 måneder siden
There will be a time when everything is so gaming that just gaming wont be enough anymore and there will be gaming gaming (2x gaming) products that will be more gaming than just plain old gaming.
Mateo_76 - 7 måneder siden
Display Port on RGB cable or you won’t get my money.
Keith Batea
Keith Batea - 7 måneder siden
You could run the hdmi cable in a way the makes it back light the tv or one of the shelve hole on the stand to give it a light glow I guess lmao
Roemer Peters
Roemer Peters - 7 måneder siden
Stop, you know RGB increases FPS by 500%
James Critchlow
James Critchlow - 7 måneder siden
assuming a regular cable is $10 i would pay a $13
Kenneth Linde
Kenneth Linde - 7 måneder siden
If everything was RGB I would pay near 80 USD for a cable without RGB... Does that count?🤣
FE4R RASPER - 7 måneder siden
kyle slaped himself so hard that his glasses fell off lmao
Eddy Fortnite
Eddy Fortnite - 7 måneder siden
next up RGB Gaming Chairs
Falcon - 7 måneder siden
Falcon - 7 måneder siden
Patrick Calma it killed my family The war The gunshots Me and my crew, the normal white lighting We got hit so many times So many tanks They all died I got away Kill RGB JUST KILL IT
Patrick Calma
Patrick Calma - 7 måneder siden
No reason to hate rgb, it isn't hurting you is it?
thechickensandwich - 7 måneder siden
The problem with this product is simple. Cables are gross, and we want to hide them. We don't want them to light up and draw attention.
Marc Giovannoni
Marc Giovannoni - 7 måneder siden
That's not a great review, this is a fibre optic cable 18Gbps certified
Kiran - 7 måneder siden
Im buying one.
MoonFet - 7 måneder siden
The man right out of unbox therapy 😂
Nautical Ninja
Nautical Ninja - 7 måneder siden
So can I use it as a led strip
Harrison Clark
Harrison Clark - 7 måneder siden
3:19 dude you need to install the drivers
Bazzy - 7 måneder siden
I despise this trend. I can not even begin to facepalm hard enough over the fact that not only the inside of a case has this shit now, but also everthing from and too it as well? Do i really need to go out of my way to not have my room blinking like its a fucking christmas deco all year?!
JJ Ortiz
JJ Ortiz - 7 måneder siden
I'd buy it but for a reasonable price. 80$ is obviously absurd even for enthusiast consumers. 20$ and no more is probably the most i'd spend on it.
r kar
r kar - 7 måneder siden
If that cable is bright enough to use as monitor backlight and controllable that would sell a crap ton. Other than that I don't need it. I'm sure others feel the same.
Dan 5466
Dan 5466 - 7 måneder siden
Are yes RGB²
Ellis Goldman
Ellis Goldman - 7 måneder siden
Is rgb like lighting strips I’m new to all this type of talk
Chad Olando
Chad Olando - 7 måneder siden
I want it no... I need it
Saurabh K
Saurabh K - 7 måneder siden
i dont like this new logo, cool video though
Louis Burley
Louis Burley - 7 måneder siden
I'm not surprised but why...
Chad Bizeau
Chad Bizeau - 7 måneder siden
To be fair, people pay $79 for Phillips Hue light strips. LOL
Blaise [GD]
Blaise [GD] - 7 måneder siden
Just buy an hdmi cable and put a led strip
robert4you - 7 måneder siden
I think I can buy a decent computer for $80....
Fman1292 - 7 måneder siden
hating rgb for the sake of hating it is stupid. and yea if i can get the same performing part with rgb for the same price as non rgb why the hell not lol
Paul R
Paul R - 7 måneder siden
I just bought a GTX 1050ti for 90dollars
Scott Watschke
Scott Watschke - 7 måneder siden
Not worth it.
MrTimcakes - 7 måneder siden
But it's not an optical cable, its a copper cabled with a fibre optic along its length for aesthetics
MiSTERMiLKTOAST - 7 måneder siden
JAKEDOWN999 - 7 måneder siden
RGB meets consoles 🤝
Yousuf Ashraf
Yousuf Ashraf - 7 måneder siden
Next: RGB condoms.
Rasputin Tzar
Rasputin Tzar - 7 måneder siden
I mean Amazon have alternative for $15
JJ the Parfait
JJ the Parfait - 7 måneder siden
Emmet from LEGO Movie be like: 5:38
SM4ster - 7 måneder siden
Considering I paid 80$ USD for an Oculus Link cable, this one actually does something OTHER than transmitting data.
Rachel Newton-John
Rachel Newton-John - 7 måneder siden
If it's fiber optic, does that mean transceivers in both connectors and the two ends are electrically isolated from eachother? Because in a living room setup where you have a PC going to a TV and audio out possibly to a separate amplifier, electrical isolation can actually be ~really~ useful if you're getting things like CPU/switching noise coming from the PC to the amplifier. Or is it just a marketing gimmick and the "fiber" it's referring to is just the rgb strip and the connection itself is all copper.
stathis 888
stathis 888 - 7 måneder siden
watching you from my rgb hdmi cable...
Alex r
Alex r - 7 måneder siden
Maybe if you hang your tv but don't hide your cables. Aesthetically the light may look cool. I don't know, it's dumb.
Kirill Ivanov
Kirill Ivanov - 7 måneder siden
I would spend 100 dollars because I would not know what to do with the remaining 20 dollars produced by my ass.
Justin Anders
Justin Anders - 7 måneder siden
The right audience is the people who buy hdmi cables at best buy for $50
Pranav Rama
Pranav Rama - 7 måneder siden
I think we can all admit here that the $1,000 HDMI cable that Linus reviewed was the weirdest cable and flex ever.
Steviep_04 - 7 måneder siden
I would pay £15 for an rgb cable
Kouta Maher
Kouta Maher - 7 måneder siden
My toilet is RGB
Miloš - 7 måneder siden
When life gives you lemons don't make lemonade, make life take the lemons back get mad....
metalhead BADMOJO
metalhead BADMOJO - 7 måneder siden
I have 0 needs for RGB.......... I just cant see the reason why!!! :)
thistubeisfucked - 7 måneder siden
No, it's not just a cable... it's a ripoff too!
London Grace
London Grace - 7 måneder siden
When life gives you lemons...
You sell the lemons, and get what you actually want.
PickleChris - 7 måneder siden
Ordered one to use as a jump rope 10/10 jump rope