The perfect $1500 gaming PC - BUILD THIS!

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$1500 is a great budget for a solid high-end system. Here are the parts I would choose to make the most of every dollar.
AMD Ryzezn 7 3700X:
Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming:
G.SKILL Ripjaws V 2x8GB DDR4 3600:
EVGA RTX 2080 Super Black Gaming:
Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II AIO:
XPG Gammix S5 256GB NVMe M.2:
Seagate Barracuda 2TB:
Phanteks Eclipse P400A:
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Benjamin McDonough
Benjamin McDonough - 21 time siden
Is anyone else wondering who was at the door when the doorbell went off
iOSwedsMacOS - Dag siden
B450 - entire built flop
Kaden Hayes
Kaden Hayes - Dag siden
Is this actually a good build? I’m 14 and worked all summer to get enough money for a PC so I can’t really get it wrong.
Bern Gonzaga
Bern Gonzaga - 2 dager siden
Hey Bitwit, instead of the Arctic we replaced it with MSI mag 240r liquid cooling. But the thing is the mount for the mother to the liquid is not included in the BOX of the liquid cooling. :(((. And were putting the piece now and not succesfull on it
Thomas Sun
Thomas Sun - 2 dager siden
can someone pls tell me if the motherboard is compatible with the CPU
Just Roll With It
Just Roll With It - 3 dager siden
I could spend all this money then have a great system with a crappy 720p tv and a hp keyboard I went with a 2070 a nice monitor and a good keyboard
IDJamie - 3 dager siden
What type of monitor would you use to get the most out of all that FPS
JustJakob - 2 dager siden
240 hertz
chirs fdsfdf
chirs fdsfdf - 3 dager siden
Hello, this is my first PC build and i was wondering if all of these PC parts would fit into my Kediers case. Need guidance:) thank you.
Samrina Hasan
Samrina Hasan - 4 dager siden
Why are all the comments the aameen
Nate Currie
Nate Currie - 5 dager siden
would this be able to hit 240hz?
JustJakob - 2 dager siden
On most games
Dumbbellpunch by Mike
Dumbbellpunch by Mike - 5 dager siden
$1,829.00 now in the market, thanks covid-19 :@
Elitebeast444 - 5 dager siden
He used a 3600 speed kit with a motherboard that only supports 3200 speed ram
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell - 5 dager siden
what about a i5 10th gen and a radeon 5700xt
darkbounD - 6 dager siden
Nice video. I make similar videos with the Ryzen 3600 and the 2070 Super in 1440P. Warm greetings from Germany. 👍👍
Xcel - 7 dager siden
so i went with a 2070 super overclocked that cost nearly 200 dollars cheaper and performs within 10 frames of the 2080 super so im lost
Ktmking 112
Ktmking 112 - 7 dager siden
Can I take off the cpu cooler and use the stock one
Jake B
Jake B - 7 dager siden
I checked PCPP and this is now a $1600-1700 build dammit Corona
Roseanna Tranter
Roseanna Tranter - 8 dager siden
would it be worth getting the 2070 Super as opposed to the the 2080 in this build? Here in the UK a 2080 Super is north of £700 so over $900 US and the 2070 around £500 and so about $650.? I've compared the performance of the GPU's and whilst there is a difference not sure its over £200's worth of improvement.
HAPPY DAYS - 8 dager siden
In my country it’s costs ¥4500 to but the same parts 😢
insecuriy security
insecuriy security - 8 dager siden
The only thing is the processor loves 3200mhz ram
rupali madavi
rupali madavi - 8 dager siden
but can you do 1440p with 144hz in this build???
kratos - 9 dager siden
1500! wow! looks up prices in aus coming to a grand total of 3000 AUD. me: frick...
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Exvy !
Exvy ! - 9 dager siden
Part 2 step by step build
Uprise - 9 dager siden
Do it for 300 cheaper and use ex 5700xt 👍
Opter gaming
Opter gaming - 10 dager siden
1500$ is
basically 5800 Qr the only reason i can buy it rn is bcas my laptop is the same price but 30 times worse so im a sell ma laptop and buy this
GAUBA MARU - 10 dager siden
My budget is 1.5k so imma just completley copy this
Magnetic M
Magnetic M - 11 dager siden
Becouse of high prices in Sweden this is 1800$ here 18000kr
darshan patel
darshan patel - 11 dager siden
I was checking on pcparkpicker and i know meme but it says that the chipset might be outdated and a bios update might be needed has anyone build this and checked?
FaZe Eshaan
FaZe Eshaan - 12 dager siden
"$1500, that's perfectly in my budget"
Looks at prices in India
*oh shit*
Dimpayツ - 13 dager siden
mateo humes
mateo humes - 14 dager siden
I checked this and it was 1675
Evest - 14 dager siden
Do I need a seperate power supply
Kayra Akdas
Kayra Akdas - 14 dager siden
can i build this with a different cpu? i was thinking about ryzen 9 3900x.
DraegonTheDragon - 15 dager siden
"1500? That's perfectly in my budget!"
*looks at prices in US*
"1500? That's perfectly in my budget!
Justin - 13 timer siden
In the us
Justin - 13 timer siden
Bruh looked at the prices now its 1.6k rn
Citric - 6 dager siden
“1500? That’s perfectly in my budget!” Looks at prices in UAE “5500 without the stupidly expensive shipping! That’s not in my budget”
Serxfino - 15 dager siden
Are these pieces still good in july 2020? I want to build a pc and need to know if it's worth buying these. thank you
joshua wombolt
joshua wombolt - 13 dager siden
I've been researching for a build at this price for a couple months now, and I have a friend who bought a pc with these specs. This pc parts list is 100% still the most bang for your buck.
Banana in Pyjama
Banana in Pyjama - 15 dager siden
The Intel equiv isnt the 9700k,bcs it has no hyperthreaddinnnnnnk
Aurva Roy
Aurva Roy - 15 dager siden
I just bought that GAMMIX S5 SSD (512GB version) and it didn't work at all. My gigabyte motherboard recognized it, but didn't see it as a boot device. Also, Windows never detected it at all. Maybe the SSD is dead but I'm not getting an ADATA or XPG SSD ever again
Ahad-Sama - 16 dager siden
my £850 build inc. tax has a 5700xt
Jmsl _l
Jmsl _l - 16 dager siden
Does anyone know a good graphics card for streaming but cheap around £400 ish? Would be appreciated! 👌🏽
Stormhypera Pelmenuedajs
Stormhypera Pelmenuedajs - 16 dager siden
Can i plz have free pc plz plz plz i want to be streamer but i cant afford pc😔😣😭
Knigh Playz
Knigh Playz - 16 dager siden
Hey bit wit the graphics card is not available for me what’s a good replacement
Sweaty Muffin
Sweaty Muffin - 17 dager siden
700 DOLLARS is cheap for a 2080 super. here in norway, it costs arround 900 dollars
Sweaty Muffin
Sweaty Muffin - 17 dager siden
700 dollars is a 2070 in norway btw
ben lim
ben lim - 17 dager siden
1 I love to replace the mobo with x570. What would you recommend.
2 suggest 750w psu
ben lim
ben lim - 17 dager siden
Any suggestion for air cooler
Rasperryguy - 17 dager siden
Rtx 2070super i7-9700k strix z390 e 32gb 3200 corsair rgb ram
zombi3king24 - 17 dager siden
question you bought ram that clocks at 3600 but in the box and disc says 3200 is the max, anyways I have mobo CPU combo with the 64gb royals 3200 ca16 this combo runs amazing. reason why even mentioned ram is because i had a 3600 corsair set 16gb but gave me boot issues
Seb Arko
Seb Arko - 18 dager siden
"1500" us
in aus its 2.2k
t. hnkr
t. hnkr - 18 dager siden
$2000 next
Anthony Sunrise
Anthony Sunrise - 18 dager siden
Video idea for you! You should make a video on if we should buy a pic right now with the economy right now and how new GPU’ and CPU’s are coming.
footballstar0214 - 18 dager siden
idk why you recommend 3600mhz ram when the board only supports up to 3200