The fastest gaming PC for $700!

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Sponsor: The EVGA RTX 2060 KO delivers outstanding 1080p and entry-level 1440p performance with the full suite of RTX technologies like real-time ray tracing. Also, it can be back ordered right now for $299:
Here's a full parts list & build guide for the fastest gaming PC you can build for under $700!
AMD Ryzen 3 3100:
Alternate: AMD Ryzen 3 3300X (but it's expensive right now):
Gigabyte B450 DS3H:
2x8GB G.Skill Aegis DDR4-3200:
Gigabyte Radeon RX 5600 XT Gaming OC:
Alternative GPU: EVGA RTX 2060 KO (yay ray tracing):
Corsair CX450:
Silicon Power A55:
Seagate Barracuda 2TG:
Case Options:
Phanteks P300 TG (best performer but takes build slightly over $700):
Fractal Design Focus G Mini:
DIYPC F2 (cheapest possible option):
PCPartPicker List (as usual, pricing and parts may have changed slightly since film date):
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The fastest gaming PC for $700

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Bitwit - 2 måneder siden
What build guide or parts list do you want to see next?
phoenixblizzer blizzer
phoenixblizzer blizzer - Måned siden
800 pc set up
Diabetic - Måned siden
Bitwit please do a $500-550 build i need to upgrade my pc
Raivons TV klipis
Raivons TV klipis - 2 måneder siden
A 400$ pc
Baguette Cat
Baguette Cat - 2 måneder siden
Pls do a $1300 list( is a ryzen 7 3700x a good cpu dor that?)
Magnus Opum
Magnus Opum - 2 måneder siden
If Covid hadn't dropped on us all, I had 2020 plans for a build with a budget of £2,000 or about $2,450 dollars. I'd considered the 3900X and a 2080 Super so that I'm not too tier but within 15 to 20% as I loves me some gaming but also need to render some videos for NOburn and do relatively light computational 3D modelling for work. I'm dreaming of either the NZXT H1 or the Lian Li PC O11 Dynamic (both in white of course). Can you save me money and get me to my ideal build faster this year or suggest a different approach for 3440x1440p gaming at up to 100 FPS? Lots of love from the UK
XNekro PW
XNekro PW - 22 timer siden
What about these?
CPU: Ryzen 3 3200g AM4
MOBO: Asus Prime A320M-K AM4 Micro-ATX
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB (2x8) 3200mhz Ddr4
STORAGE: WD Green 480GB M.2 2280 SATA III 6Gb/s 3D NAND Internal SSD
PSU: Corsair CV450 - 450 Watt 80 Plus Bronze Rated
MATU - 2 dager siden
I just realized that 700 dollars is 593 in my cash, damn im lucky
Vlad Gaina
Vlad Gaina - 2 dager siden
for 710$ i got an rx580 8gb and ryzen 5 2600 with NVMe M.2 Drive and 16 gb 3200mhz with heat spreader so yhea dont know what to say
Vlad Gaina
Vlad Gaina - 2 dager siden
and 650w power
DatOneElf - 3 dager siden
When I put all these parts again by myself it says there might be a problem with bios
Nourhan Raffat
Nourhan Raffat - 3 dager siden
Is the 430 w psu enough? Should i get a 500w psu?
DJ Mishka
DJ Mishka - 3 dager siden
Hey man...i wanted to ask you to show us a budget build for the new FS2020 to play in 1080p in max settings. :)
FRIK spade
FRIK spade - 4 dager siden
Is the CPU and motherboard compatible?
Kakyoin Doggo
Kakyoin Doggo - 4 dager siden
689 for me noice
DatOneElf - 5 dager siden
Can you do a build guide on this pls?
SlogoSlave - 5 dager siden
can i stream on this
kidinc21 - 5 dager siden
I'm new to pc building never built one with that nice GPU what makes this a full 4k CPU? A better processor?
Jon McHugh
Jon McHugh - 6 dager siden
Bitwit is this build still viable today? I'm thinking about building my first gaming pc
Alejandro Hernández
Alejandro Hernández - 6 dager siden
I need some help.
I have a R5 3400, worth buying a rtx 2060s?
I spam W
I spam W - 6 dager siden
If you don’t test it I don’t use it sorry
Mr.R3kless - 6 dager siden
some of the prices went up T^T
xLadyJade - 8 dager siden
Is streaming possible with this too?
Valmerix - 8 dager siden
that $38 case still has a better front panel than the walmart case damn
Pick Me
Pick Me - 9 dager siden
Now I can gaem.
Max Stigler
Max Stigler - 9 dager siden
on pc part picker it said the mother board needed bios up dates
cahp - 10 dager siden
Could this fit in a NZXT H510?
cahp - 10 dager siden
Could some tell me how much frames could this run on average? On different settings?
Anon Prathnadi
Anon Prathnadi - 8 dager siden
cahp no
Gaming Guy
Gaming Guy - 10 dager siden
Dat value
Archimo - 10 dager siden
the rx 5600 xt is 350 euro on amazon its not 290$
Archimo - 10 dager siden
the same pc i calculated not it came out at 717 euro not $ im talking about EURO maybe because of the pandmic and everything has risen up or summer ?
Lil Mouse
Lil Mouse - 10 dager siden
Is there a prebuilt
Joe Deverdics
Joe Deverdics - 11 dager siden
Could i still stream using the Radeon RX5600? Ill be using a capture card connected to my xbox majority of the time.
Earlo Raagas
Earlo Raagas - 12 dager siden
Looking at the ryzen 3 3100 in amazon UK but saying that it's $100. Uhm, okay.
Kyle Karen
Kyle Karen - 13 dager siden
Gotta love how the ssd is for laptops
Kyle Karen
Kyle Karen - 5 dager siden
I know it still works
Mabatho Machaba
Mabatho Machaba - 13 dager siden
Are you going to create a new $700 build video after the new 4000 gen Ame processors?
Morry 10
Morry 10 - 13 dager siden
Loved the blokes PC in a pizza box - quality:) I want to see that 'build' lol.
Vivaan Sharma
Vivaan Sharma - 14 dager siden
Wow this is under 400$ right now
TuRF HaWG - 15 dager siden
FALSE ADVERTISEMENT !!! Not the fastest "GAMING" PC for $700
Devs Tired
Devs Tired - 16 dager siden
In this video, is this all I need?
RaiZeD - 16 dager siden
4:10 « unfortunately the ryzen 3 chips don’t have onboard graphics » Me: *cries in 3 3200g*
TFpolo - 17 dager siden
How much FPS on fort or cod
LD - 17 dager siden
Kingston offers a 250gb m.2 nvme for only 34 dollars so you can use that instead the 256 sata III ssd
catinabin - 17 dager siden
-Be me
-wants a good pc to play with friends
-lives is south africa
-$700 = R16000
-My wallet O_O
Advokatska kancelarija Berćan
Great build, I actually managed to get most of the components, except PSU and GPU. I went with Sapphire rx 5600 xt and Coolermaster MWE White V2 500W . I highly recommend it. Shadow of TR at ultra settings runs on average at above 80 FPS.
Chris Terziu
Chris Terziu - 19 dager siden
I’m trying to but my first pc think this is worth it
Brock Hall
Brock Hall - 19 dager siden
would u recommend the deepcool e shield to be a good case?
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester - 20 dager siden
if iv learned anything..never cheap out on PSU
TLF - 20 dager siden
Can I use 1080ti in this pc?
XMegaJuni - 21 dag siden
Can I use this to do my homework
zztosha - 21 dag siden
AMD Ryzen 3 3100 is showing at around $175 mark on Amazon. Am I the only one that seeing this now ? What would be better alternative for under $100 mark, if such even possible?
thiccie games
thiccie games - 5 dager siden
intel i3 9100f ?
gobaman - 22 dager siden
does gigabyte b450m ds3h support ryzen 3 3300x out of the box?
SmallsyTalls - 22 dager siden
No actual gaming footage?
Grennoc - 23 dager siden
Tbh you look like you're explaining this to an old person that doesn't know what CPU means.
Help this fish get to 10k
Help this fish get to 10k - 20 dager siden
Well it helped me since I’m a freaking idiot and idk what this stuff means
ToadCubing - 23 dager siden
what about the AMD Ryzen 3200 Processor? Is there a reason I should not get it?
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo - 25 dager siden
Just bought this exact rig for my first pc build costed around 850 cant wait till the parts get here
Kraken YT
Kraken YT - 25 dager siden
ryzen 5 3600 or ryzen 7 2700 for streaming which is better?
Hoang H Nguyen
Hoang H Nguyen - 25 dager siden
But only 450w for rtx 2060?
Sergio Unzueta
Sergio Unzueta - 25 dager siden
I used this video as a guide for my build. But I ran into a problem, nothing wrong with the parts but with the drivers after setting up windows. I get a black screen and seems to be like two things, either corrupted drives or on board graphics were enable and ryzen 3 3100 doesn’t have on board graphics. I am stuck
EvReN SyRiNgE - 26 dager siden
I want to see this built
EvReN SyRiNgE - 26 dager siden
I'm stuck with a xbox one this video really helped me thanks
Vasili Dallas
Vasili Dallas - 27 dager siden
G.Skill RAM is pretty good when trying to build an affordable PC... but the looks on some sticks just SUCK
lll R1 lll
lll R1 lll - 28 dager siden
I haven't got a pc but I've got some parts on my list which I'm saving up for:
Ryzen 5 2600
GTX 1660 Super
HyperX Fury 16GB RAM
Thermaltake 600W PSU
Arion PC Case (not a popular but very good brand)
Adata 240GB SSD
Seagate 2TB HDD
MSI B450M Mobo
I live in the UK and this all totalled up to £633.30. By the way these are all brand new parts. The site i found this all on is called EBuyer. Its an English tech site and they even have their own Pre-built PC brand called AlphaSync. You should buy one and do a video on it 👍
David Ulmer
David Ulmer - 23 dager siden
That's not too bad, but a point to save you some time, frustration, and money in the long run. Buy another SSD 500 GB or 1 TB to start with. If you don't you will understand why I suggested that when your start streaming, editing, or playing games. Mechanical hdd are so very slow. As a starter just to get things running will be fine, but get another SSD as soon as you can. Use the mechanical drive as a data storage.
lll R1 lll
lll R1 lll - 25 dager siden
@FK32 whats your budget
FK32 - 25 dager siden
i’ve never had a PC so can you guys help me out and what i should get?
lll R1 lll
lll R1 lll - 25 dager siden
@Spectre what company built it?
HaloAceGamer HAG
HaloAceGamer HAG - 26 dager siden
Hasan Sajad what company built it?
itsdash - 28 dager siden
I’m in America and instead of costing 1000 dollars just look them up on amazon and it’s like 600$
Nice i like it i got the price as 1012.55$ cad!
THE_SEA_ CHICKON - 28 dager siden
Hey I’m new to pc building and some of the parts you listed that I looked up on pcpartpicker (mainly the motherboard and the CPU) it says it’s not compatible can I get some help? I’m using everything else in the video for everything else, however if y’all could help me find a CPU that’s compatible with that motherboard that’ll help.
THE_SEA_ CHICKON - 28 dager siden
Edit: is pcpartpicker just wrong?
zzHD - 28 dager siden
Really appreciate the clickbait nice $900 pc
AJ Goad
AJ Goad - 28 dager siden
ok so i’m new to the pc world will the build still work if i swapped out the cpu for a 3200 ??
Rod Martin
Rod Martin - 29 dager siden
Do you need both an SSD and an HDD?
ImaLimeGaming - Måned siden
would it be possible to have a CORSAIR CV450 instead of Corsair CX450
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - Måned siden
I have the 2060 ko ultra its an amzing card for the money imo.
Doc Holliday PG3D
Doc Holliday PG3D - Måned siden
Want to buy a pc but not in to much of a hurry should I wait till Black Friday to build one?
James Perkins
James Perkins - Måned siden
I want to game & stream at decent quality what parts might I need to swap out if any?
Drew Nix
Drew Nix - Måned siden
Evga's graphics cards look like shit and you can't make me thing different
Haert computing
Haert computing - Måned siden
Is a GTX 1650 super also a good choice?
3rd eye
3rd eye - Måned siden
This cost around 70000 in India which is well over 800-900 USD before covid
Marco Van Der Bank
Marco Van Der Bank - Måned siden
Cable extensions are a nice option for hiding those mustard cables
Ommay Osman
Ommay Osman - Måned siden
Hey bitwity can I turn on my computer with a Ryzen 3 3100 with out a graphic card
Nestor Huerta
Nestor Huerta - Måned siden
SuperSnowy07 - Måned siden
with this i would upgrade to ryzen 5
same RAM and motherboard no hdd but a 1TB NVME m.2 ssd or 500gb if you dont have as big games and yeah thats what i would change as well as having a gtx 1650 or 1660 nvidia card instead of amd
Mr Random
Mr Random - Måned siden
Hugo Tallineau
Hugo Tallineau - Måned siden
Hi, do I need to update the bios of the motherboard for it to support the ryzen 3 3100 ? I checked the motherboard website and it's written that there is no compatibility for the ryzen 3 3100
Steluta Visan
Steluta Visan - Måned siden
It supports gen1/2/3
Baaz GAMING - Måned siden
Its easy to build 450$ or 700$ builds but the real thing is .. i can't afford it and only can see you build .which hurts.😭😭
snuggmoney - Måned siden
I am going to build my first pc and the parts are
Amd ryzen 5 3600
1660 super
MSI B450 tomahawk
2 ddr4 8gb 3000mhz ram sticks
500w 80+ power supply
500gb ssd 2.5* sata
Nestor Huerta
Nestor Huerta - Måned siden
You can buy 3600mhz ram is better for amd
ThatGuy - Måned siden
Well u cant find any of the parts on this list as cheap anymore because so many people started ordering the parts
Harmen Kalkhuis
Harmen Kalkhuis - Måned siden
Maybe i am wrong but I founs that the maximum memory speed die this mother board 2933 mhzwas
Spyro the Bandicoot
Spyro the Bandicoot - Måned siden
i got £705 (around $880) with the 3300x rtx 2060 3600mhz ram and 500w psu
Kaczy Agent
Kaczy Agent - Måned siden
Who else is in "this cost 1000 usd in my country" gang?
Autix Nosyns
Autix Nosyns - 50 minutter siden
Canada gang
Nicole Nguyen
Nicole Nguyen - Dag siden
@Poki australia
Oooo - Dag siden
Yuki Leenaly
Yuki Leenaly - Dag siden
Ask Japan normal price heree + tax
Oooo - 2 dager siden
Poki Sweden
Rokas3 - Måned siden
I am not very good at this and I dont understand what is the speed of this PC ( MY dad said if I can make fast pc 700 I will get it)
SAMUEL - Måned siden
Is it a good idea when you don't have the extra money for a 2060ko (in my country that thing costs €350 so ~$380 and that's somewhat expensive. But can I go with a 1660 super? I'll use it for streaming and the encoder looks somewhat nicer to have then the AMD encoder on the 5600xt
David Fauver
David Fauver - Måned siden
I was planing on building a pc (never have before) for a budget between $700-$800 for streaming and gaming. Not sure what parts to get and where to look.
Nabhan Anuz
Nabhan Anuz - Måned siden
Why would you need to spend more on an RTX 2060 for a very marginal increase in streaming quality???
GermanDanPlays - Måned siden
so...700 dollar gaming pc but the rx 5600 costs 560 dollars already? Please dear YTers tell me how do you get that all in 700 bucks xD
Jacob Fortin
Jacob Fortin - Måned siden
I'm new to building pc,s. But I like to learn . So is there a better motherboard you would suggest that is compatible with all that you listed?
F-22raptor - Måned siden
Pretty sure the msi b450 is good too. You have to check manufacturers website for any updates it needs for whatever cpu you want to get
Aamirrr - Måned siden
Guys i'm gonna build this pc but have around $60 spare would you recommend a better Proccessor?
MaxTroGaming - Måned siden
Yeah you should buy ryzen 5 2600 and if you want to pay more the 5 3600 it depends on your processor budget
Omar Waleed
Omar Waleed - Måned siden
Looks like the first pc to me
o25 Shadow
o25 Shadow - Måned siden
so with the 3100 being 179 on newegg would the ryzen 5 1600af for 104 be a good replacement?
F-22raptor - Måned siden
3600 is $150 go with that if you can it has 6 cores. At microcenter
zipiaro - Måned siden
...3500 BUCKS!?
Pepijn Kunst
Pepijn Kunst - Måned siden
Yo so no wirless wifi?
Ethan Kleiners
Ethan Kleiners - 21 dag siden
Cost 20-30 for a wifi adapter
MaxTroGaming - Måned siden
No most budget aint have it
King 2hyp3
King 2hyp3 - Måned siden
can ige that gaming pc
Gabby Palang
Gabby Palang - Måned siden
my pc with rx 5600xt (same model as in this video) stil has black screen issues. does amyome have any fixes to this? i'm on the latest bios and drivers (20
Nurpe - Måned siden
any subs for the ryzen 3 3100 its out of stock right now
F-22raptor - Måned siden
3600 is $150 rn
MyTTri - Måned siden
Why didn’t I see this earlier 😭
Kim Bryant
Kim Bryant - Måned siden
problema nato sa 4pin bhai?
James Kenney
James Kenney - Måned siden
I got a I7 7700k in 2017 and it was THE cpu for gaming, 3 years on and AMDs 3000 series ZEN 2 are a bit faster. Im going with Ryzen 5 3600x (it was on sale) you really dont the "best gaming CPU" for a good gaming PC.
A Clever Name
A Clever Name - Måned siden
Alright, time to pay $1300+ in Canada
Gekke Andre
Gekke Andre - Måned siden
can I use the Q300L case for this build?