Ryzen 3 or 1600 AF? Don't make the wrong choice

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The results are in for AMD's first batch of Ryzen 3 offerings on Zen 2 - The Ryzen 3 3100 ($99) and 3300X ($120). Are they any match for the Ryzen 5 1600 AF and its legendary value?
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Ryzen 3 or 1600 AF? Don't make the wrong choice

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 11:02


Bitwit - 3 måneder siden
EDIT: Official launch day for Ryzen 3 is *May 21st.* Today is just the review embargo. ALSO: The 3DMark slides accidentally say "3100X" instead of 3100. Can you tell I edited this video at 2am last night? 🙃
RampoDoyle - 2 måneder siden
I get your overclock argument but that goes both ways. The maximal reachable clock should be higher on the 3300x. On another note. We are talking about pretty low budget stuff right now. Someone on a low budged should be concerned about his electricity bills. For that reason I would even suggest to look for the undervolted and/or underclocked performence.
XliGreeD - 2 måneder siden
hi kyle , i had a question for you. in india we are getting a ryzen 3500 in less than a 3300x, so which one should i go for?
TheKeyAssassin - 2 måneder siden
guys the 3100 is £79.90 and the 1600 af is £112.99 which one should I choose?
Karthik N
Karthik N - 2 måneder siden
Talk a little slower man. Not everyone is American
Rick Smith
Rick Smith - 3 måneder siden
@Sarvagya Kapur me too
Plz help me..plz..i have this ryzen 5 1600 af procesor end original this COOLING end in normal temp is 40/50 c.. in game temperature is 58/64 c.. end now i instal BATTLEFIELD 5 END AFTER 6 % INSTALING MY TEMP IN CPU IS 75/81 C WTFFF ITS NORMAL OR..maybe must go delete this original paste in coolering,end use my paste..sry for bad english..MOTHEBOARD-- ASUS PRIME B450 M-A... RAM-- PATRIOT KIT 2X8 GB 3200 MHZ-INSTAL YUST 8 GB.... POWER KRATOS E1-600 W-- SSD 250 GB... GRAPHIC CARD-- SAPHIRE NITRO R7 370 4 GB...PLZ GUYS HELP ME..ITS NORMAL or not... end SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH
Dreamer - 2 dager siden
Mate where i live the ryzen 3 3100 is 600 dinars (200 dollars) and the 1600af is around 318 dinars (110 dollars)
-Streak- - 2 dager siden
For streaming/video making and gaming which one should I pick between the 3300X or the 1600 AF?
Linent Gaming
Linent Gaming - 3 dager siden
Where is intel
Oh wait
snow was taken fml
snow was taken fml - 14 dager siden
WTF the 3100 is now $180 for me
beemrmem3 - 14 dager siden
Got my 1600af for my son at $85. Booyah!!
Also the R5 3600 is only $159 on Amazon now. No brainer..
Baryonith - 14 dager siden
1600 af is still as cheap as a 3200g in my country.
lakotamm - 15 dager siden
I have just been choosing a CPU for my brother who loves gaming. That was tough. But I remembered this video from over 2 months ago and I chose 1600AF. Now I am watching it again and I am happy with my choice.
Thanks for the comparison!
anidriX - 16 dager siden
Damn it Kyle. You made everyone the wiser and now the 1600AF costs twice as much.
CH Soma
CH Soma - 15 dager siden
Devahmet - 18 dager siden
1:01 haha Intel just cant fight with R3 with I7. lol thats really funny.
Wes - 20 dager siden
The 3300X if you can find one (at the advertised MSRP) is the best VALUE Gaming CPU right now - period. The 3100 is not a great gaming CPU. I agree with you regarding the 3600 and additional amount for that CPU is money really well-spent if you want decent gaming AND productivity. I went with that CPU for exactly that reason and I can't get over the value for this CPU.
Michael Rivera
Michael Rivera - 23 dager siden
still running my 1600af with a 5700xt @@
The Noob ReturnZ
The Noob ReturnZ - 25 dager siden
No one talks about the old ryzen chips and the crazy price on them... 1st gens/2nd gens let's hope when ryzen 4 series comes out we see a DECREASE none of this fine wine shit
Skye Fenn
Skye Fenn - 29 dager siden
WTF, why are these prices so low
Brian Singhai
Brian Singhai - 29 dager siden
dope video - thank you!
Daniel Lotridge
Daniel Lotridge - Måned siden
Is there really a bad choice with Ryzen CPUs? I bought an HP pavilion with a ryzen 7 1700 and 16gb of ram for 200$ the buyer basically bought a pallet full of them and pulled all the GPU's for bitcoin mining. He happened to have the one left in his garage that had a dented case. I threw in a gtx 1650 OC ddr6 model and have amazing gaming performance for a grand total of 350$ it's my living room tv unit with a wireless keyboard and an xbox controller. The most graphics intensive game I play is elder scrolls online at 60fps max settings. I'm waiting to build a micro sized ryzen apu box... waiting to see how they improve in the near future
Soo which one is better ryzen 5 1600af or r3 3100
Patto Man
Patto Man - Måned siden
Something wrong with your handbrake testing. 3100 faster than 3300x?
Soap A
Soap A - Måned siden
FWIW I was able to get one off Amazon for $100. So stock appears to come and go
Manfred Nilsson
Manfred Nilsson - Måned siden
In My country it is a 10 dollar between THE 3300x and 1600 af, which should I buy?
The God of War
The God of War - Måned siden
im going to swap my 2600 to a 3300x for real
Faizanul Islam
Faizanul Islam - Måned siden
Intel is doomed 🥀
Subscribe to me
Subscribe to me - Måned siden
Man I almost feel bad for Intel.. They used to actually be a competitor but they were just blown out of most market categories.
Rakesh Roy
Rakesh Roy - Måned siden
so 3300X is more than enough for gaming if paired with a decent card like 1660 super...but what about future proofing
Luis Bañaga
Luis Bañaga - Måned siden
Bruh one of the things you only need to future is the motherboard, power supply in my opinion and 3100 is enough for the budget
marcuslooツ 1
marcuslooツ 1 - Måned siden
how about the 1600 non af
999Plus - Måned siden
It looks like the ryzen 5 1600 af price settled at $105
rick pen
rick pen - Måned siden
i appreciate all the effort that went into this comparison but I have to wonder if pairing a graphics cards that costs twice the price of the cpu is relevant for the typical purchaser of the low cost cpu. I would be far happier with the results of a pairing with a on par graphics card, although this obviously isn't optimal for performance.If I'm building a cheapo gamer I'm not going to spend that kind of cash on a graphics card. I wish I could, but I can't. Of course that's just me. Anyways thanks for the video.
F-22raptor - Måned siden
you dont need to spend 2x for gpu you could do something close to it
Mathew Anaya
Mathew Anaya - Måned siden
Just scored a ryzen 5 3600 for 100$!!!!
Mathew Anaya
Mathew Anaya - Måned siden
@MrGoodFridays used! But from my tests and what it seems like its brand new. Guy said he used it for a week
MrGoodFridays - Måned siden
How the hell
first name
first name - Måned siden
and one month later the 3100 and the 3300x are nowhere to be found
newegg -- amazon -- all out of stock
SoB 76
SoB 76 - Måned siden
I got a 1600af for 85 and paired it with a Rx5600xt. Total paid 750- 800. Anyone know if this is a good pairing? Im a first time builder so any advice would be appreciated
King Graveth
King Graveth - Måned siden
Holy shit the amount of comments with completely identical jokes about this under every single video on these CPUs is just ludicrous
The Hwangster
The Hwangster - Måned siden
me out here buying my amd ryzen 1600 af for $104
Frankie Big Rings
Frankie Big Rings - Måned siden
16 af on newegg rn for 79
snow was taken fml
snow was taken fml - 14 dager siden
wtf it's 150 for me
MageTheRageGaming - Måned siden
It's 198 in canada
Lazarus The adventurer
Lazarus The adventurer - Måned siden
So if i paired the cpu with an 1650 S or 1660, i should get the cheaper of these cpu, aka the 3100, 1600af cost too much!
The Modern Patriots
The Modern Patriots - Måned siden
Honest critique: Your graphs are atrocious dude. Extremely difficult to differentiate combos. Very thin bars that spread so far horizontally are awful too. Using the same plain font, that’s already hard to read, on every label was terrible as well.
Jouni Kyrönen
Jouni Kyrönen - Måned siden
got 3100 for 80 euros
Jouni Kyrönen
Jouni Kyrönen - Måned siden
got 3100 for 80 euros
Voltrex - Måned siden
I got my 1600 for 105
yutyub - Måned siden
R3 3300X vs R5 1600 AF vs i5 8400 ?
Macify - Måned siden
Right now the 3300x is better, but it has 4 cores. If you wont be upgrading for a long time get the 1600af. The i5 is out of the question imo, not worth it.
iVoid Gaming
iVoid Gaming - Måned siden
AMD needs to turn off friendly-fire👀
Gaming Plus
Gaming Plus - Måned siden
to put it simply, if you’re just gaming, go with ryzen 3, if streaming or video editing, go 1600af
romaniasvic - Måned siden
I think imma buy r5 1600 af simply cause it has 6cores/12 t and is way cheaper
romaniasvic - Måned siden
And the winner is... Amd
Jonas Chifflet
Jonas Chifflet - Måned siden
In My country the 1600 af sells 15% cheaper than the 3300x. What slhould i get? They higher cores/threads will be more future prof than the 3300x? Only gaming, paired to an 1660 súper. (Here the 1600af still sells cheaper but the 3100 isnt on sell.)
Marco Guerrero
Marco Guerrero - Måned siden
Bro the problem is to find a 1600AF, at least in Mexico is even more expensive than a 2600X. Thats kinda weird
roshan kathayat
roshan kathayat - Måned siden
I overclocked the like button
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues - Måned siden
I could ask to add an Intel budget option but then the charts would have to be zoomed out and you couldn't see the numbers.
Dewa Adewuyi
Dewa Adewuyi - Måned siden
so which one is better?
Sidinho - Måned siden
in my country the r5 1600 af is more cheap
Pranay Gawde
Pranay Gawde - Måned siden
The af version is not available in my country is it worth getting the non af version for 90 ish$ even the new ryzen 3 are not available yet in my country
illizard8 - Måned siden
Thank you for this video mate, and for talking some about the benefits of the 1600s extra cores. I seem to be able to find plenty on how great the 3300x is for gaming, but less about how it compares to the 1600 in other tasks.
MrMagic785 - Måned siden
Update for those wondering. The price for the Ryzen 5 1600 (AF) has dropped again on amazon. I was able to pick mine up for $105 and I get it on Monday. Going to be pairing it with the Asus b450 m-plus gaming motherboard wish me luck.
MrMagic785 - Måned siden
It works great, getting good frames with medium settings and I didn’t spend much at all to build, highly recommend
The real slim shadi
The real slim shadi - Måned siden
So what's the best CPU? Can't watch the video.
SamLeo678 - Måned siden
the ryzen 5 1600AF can now be found at $105 not bad for a 6 core processor
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson - Måned siden
Your whole life depends on this choice, pajama boy. How else are you going to avoid reality and waste your precious youth in a dark room staring at a screen?
Rúben Fernandes
Rúben Fernandes - Måned siden
Dude! What about the Ryzen 3 1200AF? I'd like your thought on that bad boy
Borish Sarkar
Borish Sarkar - Måned siden
Ryzen 5 1600 or ryzen 3 3300x which I should buy?
Emperor CroBat
Emperor CroBat - Måned siden
Hi, as of today, the 1600af is at 100 smackers and the 3100 is 130 shmoneys
Ashwin - Måned siden
Also wanna see ryzen 5 2600 instead of 1600
Xanxus Varia
Xanxus Varia - 2 måneder siden
Bought the Ryzen 5 1600 now for 70€ 👍🏼
Xanxus Varia
Xanxus Varia - Måned siden
@Macify on ebay
Macify - Måned siden
Noe - 2 måneder siden
What is an AF btw, Sorry Im new to this things
spriteS - 2 måneder siden
The 1600 af at 150$ is so not worth it. At 167$ 3600 is a steal.
kushal curry
kushal curry - 2 måneder siden
Fking hell there's no 1600af in Malaysia and am on shipping is freaking expensive
TONY THE TIGER YT - 2 måneder siden
It’s 105$
Fernando Reyes
Fernando Reyes - 2 måneder siden
ryzen 4 da best
TacticalPower88 - 2 måneder siden
$150 is out of the question when $167 will get you its 3rd gen counterpart
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Novus Ordo Seclorum - 2 måneder siden
Kush B
Kush B - Måned siden
@Macify Amazon; before the prices blew up
Macify - Måned siden
@Kush B where bruv
Kush B
Kush B - Måned siden
just got the MSI 1650 super for $169 a few days ago.. I thought I overpaid a little lol
45eno - 2 måneder siden
Glad I built four $85 1600af , $75avg Tomahawk b450 and $65 16gb 3200 system upgrades. These were secondary family and Media PCs around the house. Took nearly 8years to finally upgrade old intel i7. Black Fridays 2700x for the $116 after some credits was the first reason I jumped but then I saw the 1600af and ultimately decided 4 of my other systems should also get zen+ upgrades. I will have tons of upgrade options on these four b450 boards and one x570 to zen3 many years later(2-4yrs).
pizza de pasta
pizza de pasta - 2 måneder siden
What does AF stands for?
LeZI0N - 2 måneder siden
I bought the Ryzen 5 1600AF for 104$ on amazon today. Can’t wait till I can upgrade from my Ryzen 3 1200
lol - 2 måneder siden
im buying the Ryzen 5 1600AF in a few days if the price stays at $104 and it will be replacing my Ryzen 3 1200 lol
Celal Aktas
Celal Aktas - 2 måneder siden
Lyle what if i dont overclock should i go for r3 3300x 130 euro or r5 3600 160 euro
Beast 311
Beast 311 - 2 måneder siden
What should I buy??
A (1600 af) or a (2600)
Pedro Gabriel Haddad
Pedro Gabriel Haddad - 2 måneder siden
Just because I was looking to build a new pc later this month retailers (or AMD) decided to skyrocket the prices of the 1600af
mangoz - 2 måneder siden
they just went up in price: 3100 is now $150 and 3300x is $200
Dane s
Dane s - 2 måneder siden
Am I dumb for not being able to find a 1600 af or is it just 1600?
Nicholas Heidl
Nicholas Heidl - 2 måneder siden
Where did you get those prices from? For some reason in Australia the AF is cheaper by AU$30
Tristan Hidalgo
Tristan Hidalgo - 2 måneder siden
Just got the 1600 af for 105 on Amazon
Wszystko Jedno
Wszystko Jedno - 2 måneder siden
Here 1600 AF and 3100 costs the same and 3300x costng 30$ more than them.
1600 AF that is I guess, thanks! :)
RRV - 2 måneder siden
I thought 1600 AF was at $85? What happened? Huhu
MattsFishing101 - 2 måneder siden
Ryzen 3 is sold out so I bought 1600 af
jeremy O
jeremy O - 2 måneder siden
I oredered a 3300x and waiting for my order still..its for gaming and i heard the single core performace is good and its lower latency ....ill upgrade to zen3 next year if the prices are good..or maybe a 3700x when its cheaper
TRW - 2 måneder siden
The i5 4570 i bought for 30usd is still about 5% better than the 1600 af.
Meme Time
Meme Time - 2 måneder siden
the af is sold out so it dont matter what you pick
WhyShouldIEvenListenToYou - 2 måneder siden
Where I live in the Netherlands the 1600AF has aways been €109 and it didn't drop in price here. The 3300x is now available for €129, is it worth it to go for the 3300x? I'm also planning on doing quite some video editing and rendering so I was wondering if the higher thread count of the 1600AF might still be a better option for me.
I have already bought a RX Vega 64 and 16GB of DDR4 @2166Mhz used still with warranty for a rediculous low price after some good bantering
Milky - 2 måneder siden
It's 100 $ now
Mika Pekkanen
Mika Pekkanen - 2 måneder siden
Just ordered yesterday 1600AF + X470 mobo :-D now just started to look videos about 3300x and 1600af :-D
Nekoj Covek
Nekoj Covek - 2 måneder siden
I hope there will be a ryzen 5 4*** for under 100 that will be even better than the af
Otep Tad
Otep Tad - 2 måneder siden
Amd vs amd who will win?
shit - 2 måneder siden
Its 100$ rn i think
Tanush Pujar
Tanush Pujar - 2 måneder siden
hey! so how do i differentiate the ryzen processors based on generation?
Francis Bawasanta
Francis Bawasanta - 2 måneder siden
Couldn't find a 1600af anywhere for under $100. I got the 3300x because it would be running on a beta bios from MSI and there's no guarantee either new 3000 series would overclock well on that. I'm just happy it works at all on a 2017 mobo.
Phantom SSJ
Phantom SSJ - 2 måneder siden
I need a PC right now, and was leaning towards the 5 3600, but found on Amazon the 1600AF again, for 104 dollars (5/30). For the price difference I had to pick that one.
Daniel Ke
Daniel Ke - 2 måneder siden
Is this good for a gaming computer? I’m just starting out and wanna build my first computer
Seasonic S12III Power
Seagate Barracuda 2TB
WD Green 240GB SSD
G Skill Ripjaws V Séries 16GB 2x8
Gigabyte B450M
Ryzen 1600 AF
Thermaltake H18 Case
Mxstafa - 2 måneder siden
@Ahmad Man You do realise that the 1080 can sometimes overpower the RTX 2060 right? Also you gotta understand that they are around the same price, yet one comes with ray tracing features, is more efficient and can be bought easily for cheaper, while the other is less appealing to fist time builders and is hard to find. And the rx 590 is no where near as powerful as the RTX 2060 or gtx 1080. Also it's his choice if he wants to get loads of storage or not. 2TB of normal storage and 240gb of Solid state is a pretty normal amount for someone building a rig they want to last.
Mxstafa - 2 måneder siden
Ok, so firstly if your gonna get a RTX 2060 then you shouldn't really pair it with something like a 1600AF as the CPU will bottleneck it. And for the motherboard I recommend going with either a MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard or maybe an X570 depending on if your going to upgrade and what you will be doing. The cheaper B450m motherboards are better for budget systems with not too much overlocking headroom. Assuming you have like a 800$ budget I recommend going with a Ryzen 5 3600 or a 3300x at least giving you the Zen 2 architecture and 7NM design. Also get as much storage as you want, it's your build :)
Ahmad Man
Ahmad Man - 2 måneder siden
Bruh calm down you don't need that much storage for a first build. And try lowering that 2060 to a 1080 or even an rx590
Saage. - 2 måneder siden
Ryzen 5 1600af dropped to 105$ on Amazon if you have prime, just purchased
Dave McBeard
Dave McBeard - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for this video Kyle, this has made decision making much easier, especially as the 1600 AF is about the same price in the real world as the 3300X and availability (right now) is pretty meh.
Keep up the great work :)
NachoTheMacho03 - 2 måneder siden
8:28 wait, since when can you not download cores
Shubham Shirdhone
Shubham Shirdhone - 2 måneder siden
But r3 3300x have 4cores will it enough for GTA v?
Mxstafa - 2 måneder siden
It'll be perfectly fine for GTA5, that game can run quite nicely on anything above 4 cores with a discrete graphics card
Mk Cristóbal
Mk Cristóbal - 2 måneder siden
As of today, prices in Spain are the exact same for the 3100 and the 1600af, and ~25$ more for the 3300X. I really wanted to see some more non-gaming benchmarking here...