Rumors about Fry's Electronics sent us on a wild journey to find the truth

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Could Fry's Electronics really be in THIS much trouble?
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Rumors about Fry's Electronics sent us on a wild journey to find the truth

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Bitwit - 6 måneder siden
What do u guys think? Is Fry's just having vendor issues, or is there something else here that they're keeping under wraps? Think they'll be out of business soon?
Btw sorry for the bad audio in some parts. Growing pains of a new vlog camera setup :)
AKA PHOENIX FTW - 3 måneder siden
I use to go to my fry’s like last year it would always be stocked everything was there until we went this year and now literally everything was gonna we went to guy buy some monitors they said that people bought them all out so idk what’s hapeoening
DJ BoBByWiP - 4 måneder siden
my store looked like this toooo
Daniel VanWiggeren
Daniel VanWiggeren - 4 måneder siden
From what I heard, they are all switching to consignment. I talked to a manager at Santa Clara.
THE ROOKIE 131 - 4 måneder siden
Actually went to frys in Austin TX this past week 3/12/20 and was told the same thing
sIyceth - 5 måneder siden
why are rthey hones?T i ask for aaenner they sey resever but LIE since not watch dogs nit frnachnise
TheAVJ2 - 19 timer siden
all i remember about frys is waiting in line to get to the return counter
Kevin Moseley
Kevin Moseley - Dag siden
Online e-tailers, the big boy brick and mortars (Best Buy, Walmart, etc.), software shifting to digital downloads, and the pandemic have all come together in a perfect storm to put small, medium, and even large retailers either out of business, or on the brink.
It used to be that even if I wasn't planning a large purchase of a new TV, computer, or other kind of electronics, I'd go to the retailers primarily to browse music, movies, and games, not knowing what they had or what I might be interested in buying. Those days are over. I can actually research stuff, read/view reviews, and get an idea if I really want something, and if I decide to pull the trigger, a quick credit card transaction, and a 30 minute download later (if that), and it's up and running. No time spent in the car, no gas used, no wasted trips where I find nothing, and no disappointments if I ended up buying something that it turned out I didn't like have absolutely killed any soft product sales at retail. Hell, the last few games I DID buy at retail, which was years ago, had no game on the DVD (which I no longer have or use in my computer), but instead was just a steam link to a pre-purchased license code and download anyway.
As for actual physical "things" (TV's, computers, CPUs, cases, whatever), we do miss out on the instant gratification of buying it and taking it home on the spot (IF the store has it in stock), but Amazon prime has largely taken that away to, with same day or worst case next day delivery of whatever at no charge. And remembering that most of us who buy computer *PARTS* (PSUs, MBs, cases, fans, CPUs, etc.) have always been a small portion of the overall computing market anyway, and we're geekier and more likely to buy stuff online in the first place.
I haven't set foot in an electronics retailer in probably 3 years, except maybe the Walmart supercenters that sell everything from groceries to computer parts to gardening supplies, and everything in between. Yeah, it would probably make me sad to step in a store that I frequently visited in the past and see them looking like "a North Korean false front", but at the same time I, and people like me, are in many ways directly responsible for that turn of events.
And when you throw on stay at home orders, social distancing, wear a mask (OR ELSE!!) orders, all from a global pandemic that is destroying the economy in general, causing mass unemployment, and leaving many fearful to be out in such public places to begin with, and it's a perfect storm that the smaller guys don't have the ability to endure. Anyway, TL;DR, but those are my two cents. Well, probably ten cents.
echoeman - Dag siden
It's just as bad at the Woodland Hills store. Maybe even worse.
Nepheos - Dag siden
The casino one was boring ... but the alien one was amazing.
I really wish all stores had cool themes like the alien one.
Juan Alcala
Juan Alcala - Dag siden
same with bay area stores, shit’s deserted
BelleGueule Tv
BelleGueule Tv - 3 dager siden
relationship goal...
her: "hey so the rep told us vegas was fully stock.. let's go check it out.. "
*awkward silence* fade out
fade in in taxi going to the airport
Zack Hancock
Zack Hancock - 3 dager siden
This reminds me of the walking dead like the empty shelves
Bass Liberators
Bass Liberators - 5 dager siden
Why does the checkout area of an electrical goods store look like a fast food takeaway?
Karl Almqvist
Karl Almqvist - 5 dager siden
what happened then? Thid they suvive the corona epidemy?
Mr.Bboy - 6 dager siden
scarier then covid 19
Mysterious Guy
Mysterious Guy - 6 dager siden
Back in like 2014 the wall was full of boards
wyatt matsuda
wyatt matsuda - 6 dager siden
Vegas pre pandemic is crazy. Was supposed to go for my 21st but everyone i do know who has gone has gotten covid there
PlaZma Rage
PlaZma Rage - 6 dager siden
on a school trip i went on our teacher brought us to a frys and it was the same thing it was kinda sad
Tax Man
Tax Man - 8 dager siden
Lol when ppl find out American capitalism is just veiled autocratic communism
Ell - 8 dager siden
"ces 2020" what a joke
Gamer Dan
Gamer Dan - 9 dager siden
Yes they have nothing there. I live in Downers Grove Illinois
Twitter Posts
Twitter Posts - 10 dager siden
Those military statues represent how much of a no man’s land Fry’s has become
jaden 360
jaden 360 - 10 dager siden
I bought my first graphics card at frys 😢 geforce 5200 fx
anthony tabares
anthony tabares - 10 dager siden
We need an update to this video go to the frys in city of industry!!!
Leo Jeong
Leo Jeong - 11 dager siden
It would be easier to build a bomb in a frys than a pc
ThaGangstaFTW - 12 dager siden
Micro ATX PSU? U mean SFX?
Justin - 12 dager siden
It's funny the sales rep was talking about the Vegas store. I used to go there all the time and it does have everything. Some are probably doing better than others.
GreyWolf Towers
GreyWolf Towers - 13 dager siden
That rep was wrong. I have visited multiple frys stores in 3 states and all of them look like the store you visited and I have been to them several times over the past year and there has been no change as of last month
Input.Ψ - 13 dager siden
the one in vegas that you went to looks like my fry's electronics in Renton Washington at (the landings). That one also has no stock.
Declan Wray
Declan Wray - 13 dager siden
Flying to a different state just to check a stores stock...Wish I had that much money
Thomas West
Thomas West - 13 dager siden
This was right before covid. Man the times were good :'(
John-Paul Tolczyk
John-Paul Tolczyk - 13 dager siden
that store look like my store i worked in kale with very little stock on shelves
BreezyVilla - 13 dager siden
My uncle took me to get parts for my first PC build a few weeks ago here, looked like a ghost town. He was almost in tears at what he saw, he’d grown up loving that place and wanted to share the joy and experience of getting parts and building my own pc, sadly it was empty, it felt like the back rooms in a since. Rest In Peace to fries, I hope to see you in your glory days again one day.
whiterabbit75 - 14 dager siden
I'm betting the pandemic didn't do them any favors.
EstoPesto - 14 dager siden
I saw this first hand as well about 2 weeks ago when I was building my friend a PC. The ghost town looking Fry's was here as well.
AmunRah - 14 dager siden
This was 6months ago lols i went to our vegas location last week all i could buy was alcohol.
A A - 11 dager siden
EPlays Gaming
EPlays Gaming - 14 dager siden
Thats the same store that i got the parts for my first PC in. its kinda sad tbh
Old Panda
Old Panda - 14 dager siden
6mo later, my local frys electronics is still horribly empty and what things are there are either things no one wants or needs or they're really over priced. I went in for an rj45 keystone and they had them priced for $18 EA. Monoprice sent me 20 for about $1 each in 3 days.
Click - 15 dager siden
@Bitwit, what's the song at 6:02 ?
LawDawg - 15 dager siden
5:33 ... are u sure you’re not at Walmart?
Stephen Hughes
Stephen Hughes - 15 dager siden
This reminds me of Sears, and not in a good way
Roy james
Roy james - 15 dager siden
Was in Fry's (Arlington TX) Tuesday 7/21 and there were no computers, no printers, basically the computer / accessories dept was empty. Only saw 3 tv's on display.
Its not fine bros
Its not fine bros - 15 dager siden
I think as an introvert. Thats where I'd want to shop
ZoidLux - 15 dager siden
bruh u guys fr said lets get on a plane and fly to vegas
Crxzy - 16 dager siden
ngl paul looks like boots from dora
George - 16 dager siden
LOL fry's still exists for some reason. even during covid
Juan Diego Guzman
Juan Diego Guzman - 17 dager siden
Fry's is where I bought my first Gaming PC, Sony Vaio PCV-RS420 and it came with Age of Empires 2 pre installed. I still have sentimental value towards it and now I'm feeling like powering it up again for old times sake.
Omar Zaifulizan
Omar Zaifulizan - 18 dager siden
wait you guys just spontaneously fly out to vegas? I could never LOL
Raymond Collins
Raymond Collins - 18 dager siden
These issues started in September of last year, it's now almost August, and their inventory still hasn't changed. Those x299 boards are still the only mobos in stock, and they still don't have any compatible CPU's. It's pretty clear those denials were lies and Fry's is in a bad place.
Ameer Hassan
Ameer Hassan - 18 dager siden
I find it *HILARIOUS* that they just flew to Vegas, no planning, booking flight ON THE DRIVE.
Dabbing Duck
Dabbing Duck - 18 dager siden
I have never heard of fry’s in my entire life
Martin Johnson
Martin Johnson - 18 dager siden
I used to go to the Burbank Frys all the time, it was fun to just look around. I went to the Arlington, Texas Frys about a year ago and was shocked. It looked like the Burbank store.
I Am Daisuki
I Am Daisuki - 20 dager siden
Damn i remember having such good memories in frys with friends
Sucks to see it slowly die
Jonny Rodriguez
Jonny Rodriguez - 20 dager siden
just went last night so... update july 2020, the store in burbank has gotten alot worse in terms of stock. Legit empty isles. I used to love coming here and now its a shame to see it how it is.
Chris - 20 dager siden
is it you don't have to wear masks in the US anymore, just curious btw?
AyeAronLive FN
AyeAronLive FN - 21 dag siden
Wow dedicated youtuber man I hate liking people's vids just cause its extra stuff I have to do but you know what you spent the extra money for my entertainment so I'll spend the 1 second and like
Manny Fleurmond
Manny Fleurmond - 21 dag siden
It's July and Fry's is still half dead. I'm guessing Human Malware doesn't help any
Lucas N
Lucas N - 22 dager siden
Go mirco center
LostBeans24 - 23 dager siden
They flew spirit and didn't die???
Alex V
Alex V - 22 dager siden
Nothing wrong with spirit. Get over yourself.
Big_C_ Here
Big_C_ Here - 23 dager siden
Wifey sauce for the win! Such a great idea. Well done guys
Neri Lemus
Neri Lemus - 24 dager siden
danggg i grew up going to that same fry's. so many memories there with learning to build my first pc... it's kinda sad to see it so barren, but with the transition to e-commerce, how can it compete?
anidriX - 24 dager siden
Fifty-thousand people used to buy here, now it's a ghost store.
Zissou Moonshot
Zissou Moonshot - 24 dager siden
It's not dying so much as committing suicide. They could have been the Amazon of electronics and computers, but they refused to adapt to the market and transition to the online retail model
Arhok21 - 24 dager siden
Hey lets just go to Las Vegas!
Must be nice not having kids lol
perigosu - 25 dager siden
Fry's is dead. They either lied to the employees or told them not to disclose anything to customers... some employees knew wsup tho... they told us their hours were cut and all benefits taken away. RiP
calder bennetts
calder bennetts - 25 dager siden
well with the pandemic we all know that this store is dead now or soon to be anyway not really sure as im not from the u.s
Mr. Bloom
Mr. Bloom - 25 dager siden
I'm just gonna point out that the Frys here in Dallas TX sucks bad like megladon bad only had like weak ass processors literally no RAM and nothing but crap on shelves their demo PCs had hardware from like 2011 and were all outdated, no RGB or anything and this was in 2019
Jäger From GSG9
Jäger From GSG9 - 26 dager siden
I’m pretty young and have been to Fry’s maybe twice, once a long long time ago I hardly remember and once maybe two years ago. It’s sad how empty it is, I was never really there frequently or for the “glory days” but you can just see how cool it once was and the vibe it had and all the great memories that were made there.
jacarajc - 26 dager siden
What a flex. I thought you were kidding about Vegas.
TheLimMeister - 26 dager siden
I saw this video before I even knew who Paul was haha
DominatorofGAMING - 26 dager siden
How is no one talking about the fact these people are legends? They survived a Spirit flight.
Juan Salazar Jr
Juan Salazar Jr - 27 dager siden
Just went to Fry's in City Of Industry,CA. It's almost dead,,,,,lots of can of compressed air though...
Happiness Bunny
Happiness Bunny - 28 dager siden
Fry's Electronics and Best Buy are next to each other here in Phoenix. We used to love to go to both stores to compare items and prices to spend our day
Luis Conde
Luis Conde - 28 dager siden
they might not have CPUs but they have a Grand Piano
Cristian Espitia Nava
Cristian Espitia Nava - 28 dager siden
I got my first graphics card from a frys here in san diego years ago, it was a gt 1030 that i used to play counter strike back in the day, my first time messing with computers.
Casey Cheung
Casey Cheung - 28 dager siden
I live in San Francisco, California. Been shopping at Frys Electronics since way back in 2000. The last few times I visited different Frys in various San Francisco Bay Area locations, it was a ghost town inside the stores.
sharex - 28 dager siden
Looks like it got looted
Nat Russo
Nat Russo - 29 dager siden
I was in the market to build a new pc and went down to Fry's here in Austin, TX, about 2 weeks ago. Same experience. In fact, you made the same comments in the video about the lighting in the store that I made to my wife. I don't think Fry's is coming back. :(
EvilStromboli - 29 dager siden
still waitin on the Lyle Verge PC build voice commentary for this.
Noobicus - 29 dager siden
Tired to find some pc parts at fries a few months ago. I could put everything that was still in the store on a single row of shelves. there was NOTHING
orangeapples - 29 dager siden
I’m making a trip out tomorrow, so I think I’m going to swing by Fry’s since I’m in that area. It should be interesting since all of the comments here are pre-Corona.
I’m just realizing the first PC build I did I bought everything at Fry’s. It’s just so far away and the drive out is about the same as going to the Microcenter. And as they said in the video you can build a PC with parts from Best Buy.
Over the years I’ve gotten CPU, RAM, PSU, SSDs, HDD and an AIO from Best Buy. I never actually realized how much I got from there. Sure stuff there is never the best you can get and the selection is small, but it is pretty damn good.
schaumburgviking - Måned siden
I wonder when the last time that "cafe" served a sandwich?
Adam C
Adam C - Måned siden
They over built for the future. Get rid of all these massive stores. Tech Brick and mortar can't survive in this age. They need to sell almost all of their locations and just go digital all ready and compete with new eggs and amazon
Sean Lee
Sean Lee - Måned siden
Bruh I could’ve met those guys I was at Las Vegas but didn’t go to CES
GAMER JAG - Måned siden
Why does that frys look like the Irving texas location
GAMER JAG - Måned siden
*the Vegas one
GAMER JAG - Måned siden
Apparently alot of their business is based online so you buy there and pick up the items at frys
PaSSioNs v.2
PaSSioNs v.2 - Måned siden
Back in the days when frys used to be packed to get inside, the returns were packed and the line to buy your products was packed...... sad day.
AsPeCt - Måned siden
Fry's used to be the best store ever, best buy I think is slowly getting there XD.
Manuel - Måned siden
Looks like a store in a socialist/communist country...USA is doing BADLY
Elijah Gonzales
Elijah Gonzales - Måned siden
Ayyyy I live in Vegas time to go to frys
JChemnix - Måned siden
I went to a Fry's store about a month ago, and it was barren. I though maybe it was issues with the COVID, but I went on a 10 minute drive to a Micro Center and it was loaded with tech. RIP Fry's
egs1505 - Måned siden
The Frys in my city (Palo Alto) closed at the beginning of this year
Isaac Dishongh
Isaac Dishongh - Måned siden
i feel like if they had more brand awareness they would do better. i wasn't aware of this stores existence when i built my pc. i would have loved to be able to go shop in person and get all my components same day. Not to mention seeing the cases in person would be nice. Really is a shame they didn't succeed
Luke Marx
Luke Marx - Måned siden
Try build a pc just with parts from fries
Kyathos303 - Måned siden
Other locations:
our shelves are almost empty
Vegas location: I have won, but at what cost

Edit: I was typing this as I was watching I didn’t see that it was still bad
pyschoy2k - Måned siden
Is it possible that this was the first signal of the virus in Wuhan?
Jose Javier Flores
Jose Javier Flores - Måned siden
Doubt it. Fry's had been going downhill years before the pandemic.
Alex Stowell
Alex Stowell - Måned siden
Vegas store doesnt have shit either.
DARKBRINGER - Måned siden
Is this the location in Burbank? I seriously was there barely a year ago and that store was packed with items. That's crazy to see
ausomenes - Måned siden
It’s completely empty now in vegas
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia - Måned siden
that’s the frys at burbank i love that place
pyromcr - Måned siden
Bitwit must be thirsty af if this is the woman that whipped him
AMD Guru
AMD Guru - Måned siden
You're a lucky man, you have a great wife! Her Vegas idea was epic!
AMD Guru
AMD Guru - Måned siden
I was in Phoenix back in February for Spring Training and visited a Fry's there. Only FOUR cars in the parking lot (honest) and very close to no hardware in the build your own section. Couldn't believe it. I too was told it was a vendor issue, but now I just hope a Micro Center opens up there because I don't see Fry's surviving. Sadly.
Tha Kingpin
Tha Kingpin - Måned siden
Wow! I live here in Vegas and I'm so surprised that it actually looks stocked. That is the most ive seen the store stocked in over a year!