RTX 2080 Ti owners are losing their minds

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Here's an explanation of why so many RTX 2080 Ti owners are upset right now, my thoughts on the situation, and why it might not as bad for them after all.
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RTX 2080 Ti owners are losing their minds
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 08:58


Jon Croft
Jon Croft - 35 minutter siden
I'd lose my mind to if I watched this channel 🤣😂🤣😂
Samurai_PR - 50 minutter siden
Quite the opposite, cant wait for them to sink in value under $400 so I can get a second one.
Nikos Per
Nikos Per - 2 timer siden
thats why everyone should punish Nvidia and go full ahead to AMD....they bet you forget how they mistreated you until now that competition is there.
Dr.Crog - 18 timer siden
Cryptocurrency minning is coming back with this
Isai garcia
Isai garcia - Dag siden
I mean I got a second hand 2080ti for 450 and it still had the evga step program in place so now I'm getting a 3080 for the 450 plus shipping.
Skillfulnewbee - Dag siden
And the 3080/3090 got problems so i still bought a 2080ti for 899 Euro still a happy gamer :)
Matheus Xavier
Matheus Xavier - Dag siden
People going crazy about new pc parts.
Me : laughs on my Phenom 1090T + R9 390
It's finały time for me to upgrade. Probably. Perhaps a Ryzen 4000 + RTX 3080 20gb is a good combo.
Parisign - Dag siden
Cool card, But can It run Crysis ?
Shiven Mundra
Shiven Mundra - Dag siden
Wouldn't you wear headphones for gaming sessions
Nick Figueroa
Nick Figueroa - Dag siden
I’m so fucking pissed how the fuck was I supposed to know I don’t keep up with this launches. I needed that 2080ti for my work. I do video editing and motion graphics work. Yes sometimes I do gaming but that’s the last thing in my mind I literally just got a custom computer build with the 2080ti and AMD 3950x about 4 Months ago yes I’m pissed so pissed that ima go buy an Quadro RTX 6000. Now I just hope they don’t release next Gen quadros and really piss me off some more or even worse a new and better cpu than the 3950x with better performance at the lower price or something like that
Nick Figueroa
Nick Figueroa - Dag siden
That intro was funny as hell haha I loved it
Muddled Malkavian
Muddled Malkavian - 2 dager siden
I think the situation is pretty hilarious
Michael Zimmerling
Michael Zimmerling - 2 dager siden
Meh, I bought my 2080ti last November. It's just money and I will be buying a 3090 lol
Digital Foundry
Digital Foundry - 3 dager siden
Except that now all the 2080 Ti owners are laughing at all the wanna be 3080/3090 owners that prematurely sold their cards and now sit on the sidelines for months without a gpu 😂😂👏 due to the extremely low supply. Or the poor saps having crashing issues with the whole 3080 MLC issue clusterfuck 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Once supply and first gen crap is sorted out, they'll buy the 3090/3080 anyway. Cause they can. But anyways, goodluck!
IcyLightning - 3 dager siden
I recently bought an Rog Strix RTX 2060 Super. it was $480. It came in the mail a couple weeks ago and now im super pissed
GAME-ZERO - 3 dager siden
I bought a 2080ti for a year; however I am very excited for the 3090 launch. Dat performance boost, nice.
Isai garcia
Isai garcia - 3 dager siden
I got a 2080 ti for 450 was that a bad deal?
SaM - 3 dager siden
I'm an 2080 ti owner and I'm really happy with my 11 GB vram card but what Nvidia did it was a deception , a betrayal for their usual customers , they've already given a high price for a 2080 ti and they knew that the next improved successor will be at the half of the price , that's disrespectful toward us , they are making us " their game " , I ask all the 2080 ti owners to make the BIG NAVI amd card their next upgrad so to teach Nvidia a lesson about playing with our money .
Khorne Flakes
Khorne Flakes - 4 dager siden
I had to separate from my goold old r9 290 rig about four months ago, almost buyed into a 2080 a that moment.
So glad i held off and went with that crappy old laptop a lot of us have laying around.
Still going to wait for a couple months though, gonna pick up some of the other parts if i see a good opportunity, but damn that's some great news, bad ass rig incoming.
Anush Antony
Anush Antony - 4 dager siden
Already burnt all the green things in the room. Wallet didn't have any green left in it either.
pewdular - 4 dager siden
no one is going to talk about how shit he is at cs?
MrParanoia - 4 dager siden
I'm in the middle of buying stuff for my first computer build. Think I'll stick with RTX 2080 Ti and wait it out for some years.
Muddled Malkavian
Muddled Malkavian - 2 dager siden
Sell your 2080 while you still can
Sergio Stockfleth
Sergio Stockfleth - 4 dager siden
Ive got a 2080Ti in my workststion, but for my new home build I would be happy with a 2060s, although, I will probably wait for the 3070 or a 3060 when available ;-)
a g
a g - 4 dager siden
i guess I should finally upgrade my 980ti... sigh lol
Steve McKenzie
Steve McKenzie - 4 dager siden
I bought (2) Asus dual 1070's to sell just two days before the announcement. Anyone? lol
Johnny Rook
Johnny Rook - 5 dager siden
@5:57 Yes, there are valuable lessons, indeed: "don't believe the markting, don't fall for the hype and don't panic-sell your old GPUs". From everything we saw this couple of weeks, the RTX 3070 will be "faster than RTX 2080Ti" just like the RTX 3080 was "double the RTX 2080 performance" or like the RTX 3090 was an "8K gaming GPU" but, only on very specific, cherry-picked games and workloads - the outliers.
Zach - 5 dager siden
Woah those cables with the RGBs are so cool, I really want to build a white and blue build, what’s those lights!!?
101dbzgaming - 5 dager siden
I just got a rtx 2080 ti, it’s the king imo
Darren Falconer
Darren Falconer - 5 dager siden
I bought an EVGA 2080 ti xc ultra less than 2 weeks ago.
Here in Australia hardware pricing is hard to predict.
We already pay a lot more to cover imports and taxes.
So I knew that we were going to be hard-pressed to get a 3000 series at a reasonable price.
Iv been saving up to replace my zotac 1070.
So my thought was if prices come down enough for retail to try and offload excess stock before launch then I would need to jump on a deal.
These cards are any where between $1400 and $2500 AUD for the top cards
I paid $1030. Then sold my 1070 for $250.
So I think jumping in this now is better than waiting and watching all prices go up.
Because even if the new range is better it will still drive up the old stock prices as demand is higher and people struggle to get the new stuff.
I'm pretty happy with my purchase except that I went through a retailer who didn't have the free game offer
Darren Falconer
Darren Falconer - 5 dager siden
What a funny as hell intro
GAMING MOUNTAIN - 5 dager siden
bought a rtx 2060 super last week for $450.Bad choice?
GAMING MOUNTAIN - 3 dager siden
@I am Goldilux ik im dumb
I am Goldilux
I am Goldilux - 4 dager siden
a Tent
a Tent - 6 dager siden
Me with my RX5500xt still,
**Inserts Leonardo meme**
Thomas FitzWell
Thomas FitzWell - 6 dager siden
Would it also be in their best interest to keep 3000 inventory low, so people will buy old 2000 inventory?
Pietai - 6 dager siden
I got my 2080 ti in Feb (thanks tax returns) Im happy with the card i play at 1440p at 144hz so im happy until maybe 5000 series
Patrick Trossbach
Patrick Trossbach - 7 dager siden
I was on the cusp of buying a 2080 until I saw this video, I'm glad as fuck that I did!
Proshanto Chandra Das
Proshanto Chandra Das - 7 dager siden
4:59 Bangladeshi actor bappa raj.who always cheated by girls
Aq Mystic240hz
Aq Mystic240hz - 7 dager siden
I just bought 2080 ti 5 weeks ago rip me
Zii VorTeX
Zii VorTeX - 7 dager siden
I actually bought a 2080 ti a few days ago, due to my 6 yr old gtx 960 breaking down. I am still frustrated with the news but I still got my 2080 ti on discount for $1600 aud. I was going to get a 3080 but they were out of stock and I really needed a gpu.
WarPigz0 - 7 dager siden
I don't get it. There's been rumors of a new card announcement for months now. I put together a machine a couple years ago but I just used my twin 970s before buying in anticipation of Nvidias next gen announcement. RTX series was announced, I didn't give a shit because there was hardly any software to support the massive bump in hardware price so I just ordered a then much cheaper (due to the announcement) 1080ti. Again, I don't know why you would spend money on a top of the line card within an announcement window. So people who didn't do there homework are now mad. Seems kinda stupid to me.
ree - 7 dager siden
rip my rtx 2080