Reacting to YouTuber's MOST VIEWED videos (LTT, JayzTwoCents, GamersNexus & more)

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Not your typical "react" video. Instead of playing the videos in their entirety while passively watching, I try to explain WHY these videos are so successful and what strategies the creators may have use to achieve massive numbers on their top performing content.
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Reacting to NOburnr's MOST VIEWED videos

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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 21:06


Bitwit - 6 måneder siden
Lmk what you guys think of the video!
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Hdxlh1200 - Måned siden
Are you sick
SubyRyan - 2 måneder siden
Hey Kyle, dont know if you caught it but the ending is doubled up on this vid.
Kryptonic Tech
Kryptonic Tech - 2 måneder siden
You should have showed ed from techsource
Harry cox-harmsworth
Harry cox-harmsworth - 3 måneder siden
What about Austin!
JessieJ - 5 måneder siden
Forgot to mention " Timmy Joe PC Tech " and " Dawid Does Tech Stuff "
Adr Sngp
Adr Sngp - Dag siden
That was the only Paul's hardware video I watched. It was brief and informative.
Joshua Wyckoff
Joshua Wyckoff - 4 dager siden
I just thought of something... If it got too hot in that PC case, then that old spice could melt...
Blurry Knight
Blurry Knight - 4 dager siden
Where can I get the shirt that your wearing
HAPPY DAYS - 5 dager siden
Nice hangout voice 😂
Mitch Connor
Mitch Connor - 9 dager siden
I'm pretending to react, of your reaction of videos viewed by others who are in turn, reacting from others...
CURIOUS 24 - 9 dager siden
btw this is not your most viewed🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr Ra-1
Mr Ra-1 - 11 dager siden
I thought that youtube is ban in China
Dan - 11 dager siden
I built my PC using your video (step by step guide) so thanks!
John Casler
John Casler - 12 dager siden
the most fascinating thing in linus videos is when he manages not to drop anything lmao

jk by the way he makes good informative videos but i really enjoy pretty much all of your videos, linus videos, jayz videos, and gamer nexus videos, havent watched many of hardware cunucks videos but can bet theyre good as well
Baked_SofaSpud - 12 dager siden
Title of the video could also be, "this is how I title a YouTube video.
LIL VOGUE - 12 dager siden
He sounds so much different in this vid
Harry Mu
Harry Mu - 14 dager siden
my man forgot that youtube is banned in china 9:28
sethconnery on twitch
sethconnery on twitch - 14 dager siden
Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven
AMDTM RyzenTM Threadripper 3990x
The only video I have ever disliked is the video by that kid who is spoiled and has all this insanely expensive peripherals and then he uses a laptop as his main pc!!!
Reuben Bibera
Reuben Bibera - 15 dager siden
The step by step build guide is the first video I ever saw on this chanel, now liked and subscribed! Keep up the great work!
NoodleRaptor246 - 17 dager siden
For more views you need one thing,
Just ONE

Kaidin Byrd
Kaidin Byrd - 17 dager siden
Wisllay Vitrio
Wisllay Vitrio - 17 dager siden
Gamers Nexus' Walmart Gaming PC is on my "Up Next". Interesting.
White Tiger
White Tiger - 18 dager siden
Techsource has left the chat
Michael Costello
Michael Costello - 18 dager siden
"watching content on their smartphones" damn skippy, you caught me
Ткачук Артем
Ткачук Артем - 19 dager siden
A well-deserved result. And great build video. Went with it through my first build.
Even got the boot on the first try. So - the quality is confirmed :)
Alice VR
Alice VR - 20 dager siden
Crazy that the how to build video is almost at 10 million views now
Tom Lowrie
Tom Lowrie - 20 dager siden
the gamers nexus on next on my suggested
Joshua Olson
Joshua Olson - 21 dag siden
I didnt watch his step by step video BECAUSE it was so long
Ezra De Guzman
Ezra De Guzman - 22 dager siden
Won't YT demonetize this vid because you didn't say "human malware?"
Re: Hardware Canucks headphone vid : Non-gamers ie audiophiles watched it because gamer audiophiles probably posted it in audio forums and gaming forums. Old audiophiles and gamers scratching their heads at why soundcards are still a thing both watched it.
Dead inside
Dead inside - 22 dager siden
i only watch videos where he speaks proper engrish not this nononononono
Louie Friesen
Louie Friesen - 25 dager siden
0:51 why aren't you subbed to Bitwit? I'm not.
R.RAVI R.RAVI - 26 dager siden
Kyle: Remote control ejaculation
Me: this vedio is going to be demonitized 😂
TheNotay - 29 dager siden
why is marques not here
Andrea - Måned siden
I'd love to see (and have) a shirt like yours but with a Thwomp about to stomp Super Mario.
cameron evalobo
cameron evalobo - Måned siden
That firetruck is fire. 🥴
Noremac Train
Noremac Train - Måned siden
“Look at that. Remote control ejaculation” lmao
excalibur3590 - Måned siden
12:47 My man Lyle still roasting on Verge lmao
mojang office maker
mojang office maker - Måned siden
someone call Linus just a ripoff of a system call Linux
MenacingBird289 - Måned siden
I literally just watched this for LTT
Ad Nast
Ad Nast - Måned siden make nice videos.. Con.. you don't answer question when asked on here , twitter or email :(
Hanna Zakiy
Hanna Zakiy - Måned siden
8:36 "I mean look at that... remote control ejaculation"
Simar Pal Kalsi
Simar Pal Kalsi - 2 måneder siden
Does the fact that youtube is inaccessible in china make a difference when you view the demographics of a video ?
Jeffrey The Cactus
Jeffrey The Cactus - 2 måneder siden
I had a rc firetruck similar to that but it was corded. Had working lights and sirens, electric extending ladder and stabalizers. Was really cool
JeremyCuddles - 2 måneder siden
Late comment from me, but I agree Hardware Unboxed definitely deserves some more love. They are absolutely amazing.
Nassim Sadi
Nassim Sadi - 2 måneder siden
''reaction videos on YouTube ... Massive'' while doing a reaction video . Well played
GhettoForLyfe - 2 måneder siden
10:23. You were right
Michael Burnham
Michael Burnham - 2 måneder siden
and Carey Holzman is probably throwing a tantrum that you didn't mention his channel...
HoldupnWatch - 2 måneder siden
Used your video to build my first video. Best I found on Youtube.
FastLegEnte - 2 måneder siden
"Most people are watching YouTube on their 4.5" screen"
Me: *laughs in giant 6.67" screen*
Ken Hu
Ken Hu - 2 måneder siden
Imagine if that The Verge video didn't get bombed by Youtube.
hamdadou cherif mourad
hamdadou cherif mourad - 2 måneder siden
i'm already subscribed to all these channels , and yours too
drixmaster - 2 måneder siden
"Remote control ejaculation" dude..... haha!
Tyler Matzen
Tyler Matzen - 2 måneder siden
6:07 Corona Benchmark, lol
Ivis Yung
Ivis Yung - 2 måneder siden
mystery boxes are good for flipping
DJ SwatZs
DJ SwatZs - 2 måneder siden
Like if bitwit is better REPLY if linus tech tips is better.
jeff bowland
jeff bowland - 2 måneder siden
should have included Tech yes city
Tony D
Tony D - 2 måneder siden
They don't have YouTube in china. There's no free speech.
Solid Salad
Solid Salad - 2 måneder siden
what about marques?!
ndizon619 - 2 måneder siden
This video was the first one that came up when I typed in "how to build pc". watched it, loved it, still use it as a guide. Thanks Kyle
Tendo Guy Em
Tendo Guy Em - 2 måneder siden
HA!, there is no Youtube in China...unless someone upload the video on their sharing platform.
Akira I.
Akira I. - 3 måneder siden
He clicks the wrong menu to sort it EVERY SINGLE TIME haha
David H. Paul
David H. Paul - 3 måneder siden
Hey Kyle- Your How to Build a PC video was what I used to build my first PC, and it turned out flawless! I liked, commented and shared all over the place!
zeSpammmmmer - 3 måneder siden
"it is a pretty cool firetruck" - best tech comment ever
Kok Kin Yet
Kok Kin Yet - 3 måneder siden
The china comment was just disrespectful. So its ok to make fun of people dying?
Thunderturbine88 - 3 måneder siden
12:48 lol! Completely saw that one coming
Michael Rothe
Michael Rothe - 3 måneder siden
I really like the content presentation commentary for this video. There's so much that goes into YouTube videos that I never thought twice about. Some is very similar to the same considerations you'd give to building a website, so I don't know why some insights weren't obvious to me.
Michael Rothe
Michael Rothe - 3 måneder siden
I'm reading a book called "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg right now. There's a part where it talks about how Target identifies pregnant women before they even know they're pregnant and sends them ads for that. It has a lot of interesting anecdotes about that whole fiasco (and a lot of others - very good book) but I'm almost sure YouTube has those videos seen by who they, and advertisers, want to see them!
Robert Stimmel
Robert Stimmel - 3 måneder siden
We need to band together to get the firetruck review back on top for linus!
NAWW - 3 måneder siden
MaJieMao - 3 måneder siden
Amazed that Pauls video is much higher than Jays highest, Have you been to China and those amazing tech towers! Oh to put a computer together in there would be so much fun!
Michael Massey
Michael Massey - 3 måneder siden
Your step by step video is what I used to build my first pc. Cpu: Ryzen 2600x, Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16Gb of ddr4 3000, Psu: Corsair 650, Motherboard: Msi tomahawk b450, Graphics card: xfx radeon 580 xxx edition (now upgraded to Msi 1660 ti)
James Baynes
James Baynes - 3 måneder siden
I always thought the Walmart scam video thumbnail was a flower, Honestly why I clicked it too
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones - 3 måneder siden
Pauls 4k tv video only got that many views because you appeared in it. Lol
penguin32383 - 3 måneder siden
Damnit Kyle. You held my attention.
Nitzel - 3 måneder siden
I actually used your how to build a pc when building mine. Great reference for a first time builder and also the reason I'm excited to build more in the future.
Sky Buck
Sky Buck - 3 måneder siden
The LTT/Strange Parts video has so many dislikes because Linus' behavior was insanely cringe
THE NIGHTSTRIDE - 3 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice the "corona benchmark" ? This is becomong a reocurring scheme
marvelous LIE
marvelous LIE - 3 måneder siden
I dunno that anyone's going to want to trust China so readily because of what's going on now, tbh. The absolute corruption this thing has exposed is ...mind blowing.
brian s
brian s - 3 måneder siden
Build with me was the first video from your channel i watched.
Weilun1994 - 3 måneder siden
This is essentially a marketing video, thanks Kyle!
Dargon Evo
Dargon Evo - 3 måneder siden
We share backgrounds my elder
Joschka Bock
Joschka Bock - 3 måneder siden
06:04 Corona Benchmark...interesting idea
Enix Sound
Enix Sound - 3 måneder siden
My daughter wanted to build her first computer a few months ago. She's in college and too far for me to travel to help her build it so I referred her to your step by step video. She got together and running on her first try!
Mr_No_Name - 3 måneder siden
This dude looks like a typical gta character even the hair is on point just not the face but close enough to a new player sorry if this is rude it's not ment to be
Ian Ocampo
Ian Ocampo - 3 måneder siden
How many of these videos have been recommended to you?
Vihaan Tewari
Vihaan Tewari - 3 måneder siden
Is YouTube even available in China? Yk with their whole anti-Google policy.
Zihasz The Gamer
Zihasz The Gamer - 3 måneder siden
the next recommended video is the Gamers Nexus Walmart PC video
Fockinmokybokka - 3 måneder siden
Your tshirt features a heatsink trying to rape a CPU...
ArduinoBen - 3 måneder siden
Chinese people can't even access YouTube lmao, protecting the people from misinformation.
TheSpiderGuy - 3 måneder siden
Brian Mccullough
Brian Mccullough - 3 måneder siden
I love how you turned a terrible verge pc video into a t shirt,that you make money off of! "Screw with confidence" is great...fucking verge....SHAME!
Sibusiso Maboya
Sibusiso Maboya - 3 måneder siden
Optimum tech? Not from concentrate? :(
prodigy gir
prodigy gir - 3 måneder siden
I think most of the reason LTT had that firetruck video on top for so long is because we all heard when we first got into the channel that it was their most viewed and said hey i better go see what this video is all about!
Denzel Rogacion
Denzel Rogacion - 3 måneder siden
Uhhhmmmm chinese can't acess youtube right.
Lokasunder VR
Lokasunder VR - 3 måneder siden
Should see 6:02 if your watching this in your quarantine
ʘ‿ʘ LeMon JUicE ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ
6:05 is that Corona
CombatHD - 3 måneder siden

Linus: *fire truck video*
Michael Putnam
Michael Putnam - 3 måneder siden
5:19 he turned into rap god
Preston Lewin
Preston Lewin - 3 måneder siden
I built my first custom pc with your guide and recommended it to everybody i knew. Now I build systems weekly so thank you!
Miguel Avello
Miguel Avello - 3 måneder siden
Kyle, I am new subscriber here......I appreciate the kind words to your competitors. That tells about your values and how awesome you are. I just became a fan here just because your kindness and recognize greatness in others. Keep growing your base and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
fishlikey oio
fishlikey oio - 3 måneder siden
biggest view video is this one.well played.
Dinomite Gaming
Dinomite Gaming - 4 måneder siden
Kyle: “Everyone has bin in Walmart”
Me: I’m from Denmark and have never bin in Walmart🙁”
El_Bartto - 4 måneder siden
>not using dark mode