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Rampage - 8 måneder siden
Have the winners been drawn yet?
CAWBPlays - 8 måneder siden
If anyone sees this comment and can help me please do so!
TECH NINJA - 8 måneder siden
Well,i don't know what exactly is happening,but i hope your problem get solved:)
MrGoodFella - 8 måneder siden
I am starting to finally save some money together to finally build my first PC and I wanted you to know I watch your vids all day long at work. Having a wife and kids has pushed me back from being able to build it sooner than I want but your vids give me so many ideas and inspiration to keep trying to get it done. Just wanted to say thanks and that your vids are amazing! 🤘🔥❤
MrGoodFella - 8 måneder siden
@Rampage ohhh trust me I know this GPU is sooo weak with the 3600 🤣🤣. I got a great price on it and was too good to pass up.. my calculations are spot on with yours of about 35% to weak BUT hopefully with xmas coming and my Birthday tomorrow ill strike some more cash for a 2080 GeForce or something of that caliber. I really appreciate the high spirits for my build! Ive been bouncing back and forth with going with a Ryzen 3400 or below so I could of just gone x450 board and not messed around with bio flashing but grabbed the 3600 to save time and money for the future and upped to the x570 boards. Im hoping to be done soon but time and money will tell lol.. im gonna check that source for the ram you said because im seeing online about 70-80$ for the pair so far! Any advice or suggestion always appreciated! 🤘😃😃
Rampage - 8 måneder siden
@MrGoodFella Thats a very nice build! Better than mine. Although i think the Ryzen 5 3600 is overkill for the GTX 1660 TI. The bottle neck calculator says the gpu is about 33% too weak. I think the ryzen 7 2700x is a better match for the 1660 ti. About £90 cheaper too. You could upgrade your GPU to match but seeing that your on a budget you will probably want to downgrade your CPU :) The rest is very good though. Sorry I dont know enough about motherboards to help you. But if you have to shave off some money air cooling should be fine unless you want to overclock. The rams discounted on overclockers btw
MrGoodFella - 8 måneder siden
@Rampage So because of budget purposes I am going with a Ryzen 3600, Msi Gamers edge wifi x570 (still on the fence about that mobo) corsair liquid cooler 360 on the front doing push. 16g of Trident 3200.. GPU not sure but probably a 1660 ti because of again pricing.. everything I wanna get should turn out to be a decent setup.. case not sure about but I will do a 3 push and a 3 pull fan rig with whatever way I go.. only thing up for advice or suggestion would be the MSI gamers edge wifi mobo. What do you think so far?
Rampage - 8 måneder siden
@MrGoodFella What specs are you going for? Just curious
MrGoodFella - 8 måneder siden
@Rampage I really am trying! Price matching online etc. Im building it piece by piece to save money but still really hard to get done with lifes financial situation lol. Thank you so much tho!
Zachary White
Zachary White - 8 måneder siden
I love your channel keep up the good work. I have recently dabbed into pc building myself thanks for your inspiration and knowledge about pc building.
JD Courtney
JD Courtney - 8 måneder siden
literally just clicked on this to point out that the thumbnails aren't flipped lol. keep up the good vids.
Trevor Turnbull
Trevor Turnbull - 8 måneder siden
rookie numbers
alberto robinson
alberto robinson - 8 måneder siden
Guy do ever play hunt showdown
Cody Benzie
Cody Benzie - 8 måneder siden
Would be amazing if they were drinking for 12 hours as well
John Ferguson
John Ferguson - 8 måneder siden
That a real pirahana river
Tyler1989 - 8 måneder siden
Ya let’s all give bitwit our money so he has a massive write off on his taxes! Not I will donate directly myself
ELTORO619 - 8 måneder siden
I thought that was post Malone in the thumbnail
Dan R
Dan R - 8 måneder siden
paul 12:01:37 hrs and kyl 11:59:57... look who did overtime and who clocked off early....;)
Dan R
Dan R - 8 måneder siden
good boys
Darkom1972 - 8 måneder siden
grats on achieving the money u where hoping for
The Robotic Family
The Robotic Family - 8 måneder siden
My Dad went to best buy
Pursue with Marissa
Pursue with Marissa - 8 måneder siden
Aren't these guys tech pros? Isn't that their life? Why does it sound like such shit.
meep - 8 måneder siden
Paul's mic at no point gets piped into the stream, quality stuff. :/
Mr. Dragon
Mr. Dragon - 8 måneder siden
I think the video actually got shorter.
LiiTe - 8 måneder siden
Another YouTuber does something for a tax write-off and pretends that they care
BobRob Rudolf
BobRob Rudolf - 8 måneder siden
@Captain_Cole its as the system here and there works
Captain_Cole - 8 måneder siden
Do you have proof?
Todd James
Todd James - 8 måneder siden
Good jobs guys.
Alekhya Das
Alekhya Das - 8 måneder siden
how much did they raised in 11 hours 59 minutes and 57 seconds?
Rob Reed
Rob Reed - 8 måneder siden
21 grand
rlund3 - 8 måneder siden
ROFLOL . . 3 seconds . . bring on the joksters!!
Uthman Haque
Uthman Haque - 8 måneder siden
Really you gave up that early
Cody Jones
Cody Jones - 8 måneder siden
The fuck you talking about?
Twilightsdrop - 8 måneder siden
3seconds early clipbait put 3 seconds in
Maxx Lee
Maxx Lee - 8 måneder siden
You finished 3 seconds earlier than 12 hours i call clickbait :
Chris Arias
Chris Arias - 8 måneder siden
Douglas Holmes
Douglas Holmes - 8 måneder siden
Great job guys!