Post-review discussion of the RX 5600 XT - Awesome Hardware #0214

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Post-review discussion of the RX 5600 XT - Awesome Hardware #0214
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 39:31


Jonathan Francisco
Jonathan Francisco - 6 måneder siden
where the hell is pauls link
lloyd williams
lloyd williams - 6 måneder siden
bitwit, Paul’s hardware and jays2cents help me build my first two computers. They are super informational and helpful with there videos. I just want to say thank you Bitwit and Paul for all you do on your Channels. Don’t ever stop.
Jnc1 - 6 måneder siden
Sonos are trying to get around the " first sale principle". Essentially saying you don't own your own product because of their actions which directly contradicts that right.
Wolfgang Christl
Wolfgang Christl - 6 måneder siden
Good stuff on the 5600XT, I know it's a bit hassle but totally worth it, good move PowerColor, 14Gbps makes all the difference.
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne - 6 måneder siden
Microcenter had the 5600 XT available the day after the embargo lifted but their prices were in the $300 range and only now has dropped to $290. Meanwhile Microcenter was selling the low end PowerColor Radone 5700 for $320 (found one open box in my area for $270 which means I will return the 1660 Super and spend a bit more for much higher performance.
Im1CrazyCow - 6 måneder siden
KYLE & PAUL>>>>>> the Sonos thing was addressed by the CEO..... Linus and Luke got a REPLY on the WAN show sent to them so if need to find it go look on wan show for the Article or Sonos!! The Ceo said they would NOT Brick them BUT Luke & Linus said yeah BUT what Until this blows over??? for Info go look at 54:24+ on Wan Show to see CEO reply!! Cow}:-o)
Im1CrazyCow - 6 måneder siden
yall trusted #NGREEDIA yet again for the 5600 they are in best buy and New egg has them I saw about 100 between both places! BUT never the 2060 so called 280 ko BS card @ the Lied about Price anywhere !! I wish they would drop a Bios for the 5700xt sapphire XT special already at 2180 Now I want to see if this Bitch has any more before I melt her to the ground with Power mod...heheheheh AS for streaming have y'all tried the Adrenalin Streaming Yet? I am on AMD's Beta 20.1.3 Software and We have had 0 issues 8 times now streaming with our longest 4 hours !! Cow}:-o)
sj33 - 6 måneder siden
Definately giving AMD too much credit to be honest, Paul! They just panicked when Nvidia dropped the 2060 price. AMD graphics card launches being a farce is nothing new.
Dthorn912 - 6 måneder siden
imagine when Intel cuts their prices and AMD decides to say hey thats cute, lets make the 3950X $500 USD
Stephen Tatar
Stephen Tatar - 6 måneder siden
Just watched video I bought my rtx 2060 ko for $279 on Newegg
Pixel Paranoid
Pixel Paranoid - 6 måneder siden
But if paul is here, how is he at CES?
jakob findlay
jakob findlay - 6 måneder siden
I was looking for part B a minute before they said they're not doing it any more
Allen Frady
Allen Frady - 6 måneder siden
Between my sub, center speaker, play 5, 2 play 3s and multiple play 1s, i've probably got over $2,500 worth of sonos gear. It works great and we really enjoy it. However, they are software dependent so if Sonos opts to "sunset" my gear with me having no say in it in the future, i will not only never do buy from them again but I will burn "software based" solutions that can be "switched off" with every conversation I have with ever person who will listen and I will make sure that everyone who will listen to me stays far clear of audio solutions based on the IOT (Internet of things) philosophy.
Moe I
Moe I - 6 måneder siden
Joker got hacked? Good. That guy is a huge douche in real life.
PHILIP SCHONHOFF - 6 måneder siden
I have no idea if the AMD BIOS update was intentional but if it was, good for them to be able to swing it as it caught Nvidia trying to steal the thunder of the card release. I am inclined to believe it was intentional because more often than not, there is not a BIOS update available right as a piece of hardware is released. It seems as though they had to have some knowledge of what was coming.
nin spearing
nin spearing - 6 måneder siden
Where is the after party link?
matthew smith
matthew smith - 6 måneder siden
Twatter is to twitter what floatplane is to YouTube? Are you guys going into business? Nice video guys 👍
Lex - 6 måneder siden
300 USD RTX 2060? Heck yeah in my country they go for about 550-580 USD... I got lucky and got the Sapphire Pulse 5700 for 415 USD...
allan lansdowne
allan lansdowne - 6 måneder siden
The Sonos red button sounds like Microsoft and Apple tactics.
YoMz - 6 måneder siden
with everything that we have seen in the past few years... would you guys say that Intel blatantly lied about Moore's Law reaching it's limit by holding back CPUs to 4-cores 8-threads for a really long time?
Majorx240 - 6 måneder siden
In Australia the 5600xt is going for about $500 the 1660 ti goes for about $450, the 2060 starts at $540..
Sly Akabane
Sly Akabane - 6 måneder siden
Bitwit keep up ur great work sr
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams - 6 måneder siden
I seen 5700 for 315 and flash to a xt
tarfeef _
tarfeef _ - 6 måneder siden
Don't forget Minecraft rtx. People expect that to be runnable on a 2060. And we don't need to go over how popular Minecraft is, or how good that looks
morten dybdal
morten dybdal - 6 måneder siden
sonos is the apple of speakers .... same prices and same IQ " non at all "
storm9154 - 6 måneder siden
Sonos sounds like another firm just like Apple
Racksy - 6 måneder siden
Can you do a $2000 build. With amd Ryzen 9. I need ideas
The Game Bench
The Game Bench - 6 måneder siden
And this is why I love my Squeezebox's. I wish Logitech had kept making them. This crap Sonos is doing makes sense in certain situations, but not here. This is anti consumer, wasteful, cash grab BS. I had thought about getting one at some point, and I'm glad I didn't.
LOoOn ARTs - 6 måneder siden
Well, for germany the 5600XT is like the 5500XT, they allready starting to smell on arrival. The lowest price on retail is 299€ for the 5600XT, for just 18€ (20$) more I can get a RTX 2060 or being smart, I would get a RX 5700 which would be just 11$ more than a 5600XT, which actually is a pretty decent deal. On the other hand I could save 70€ (78$) and get a 1660 Super, which isn´t that far behind. So yeah, AMD killed itself or is getting killed by nVidia, at least for germany.
J M - 6 måneder siden
But the 5600xt is only about 5% slower than the 5700 and about equal with the 2060. Well at least with the newest bios.
Graham Entwistle
Graham Entwistle - 6 måneder siden
Sapphire pulse 5600xt in stock at Scan computers in the UK for £254.99 cheapest rtx2060 from the same supplier is a Palit micro atx card at £269.99. Only problem is I doubt the sapphire pulse has the updated bios yet, unless that was Sapphires standard bios. Still thinking of buying one for the kids PC, they're stuck on an rx460 4gb currently.
Andrew Mccrocklin
Andrew Mccrocklin - 6 måneder siden
Microcenter has 2 different 2060 no versions in stock
Robert Greenberg
Robert Greenberg - 6 måneder siden
do you open a new and really get new these days, they have that reboxing down to a science
tubeforthoughts - 6 måneder siden
I would be interested in seeing how bricked the speakers actually are.
If anyone has a Sonos speaker that they put in recycle mode, hmu because I bet I could just rip the speaker and amp out and bypass any crappy controls they built in. I may not be able to but it would be fun to try
Real - 6 måneder siden
AMD has long told us "we ship our products near max Performance". This tells me they dont and they're hiding/holding performance.
That's the same thing everyone got pissed off at NVIDIA for when they had the Super series come out.
I'll stick with 2060 in this segment. Dont like the dishonesty from AMD who is supposed to not do this.
J M - 6 måneder siden
Well the thing about this Nvidia launch is that they shifted the skews up, so the supers are what we should have gotten for the original touring launch. This was pretty shady by AMD though
needabettername - 6 måneder siden
Kyle, if you truly believe the sonos system is as bad as you say. Put your money where your mouth is and return them.
Andrew Ryder
Andrew Ryder - 6 måneder siden
You guys brought up a really good point re: Intel's "price cuts" — had they done so PRIOR to the AMD Zen 2 launch, more buyers might have ended up with recent-gen Intels (and might not have upgraded to Ryzen right away) so they might have remained competitive.
Isaiah Henderson
Isaiah Henderson - 6 måneder siden
I'd be glad to take any Noctua coolers anybody wants to send me, lol
Mork the Chicken
Mork the Chicken - 6 måneder siden
YouTube comment
Aum Pandya
Aum Pandya - 6 måneder siden
FOUNDERS CARDS ARE 300USD IN THE US only on nividias site
Isaiah Henderson
Isaiah Henderson - 6 måneder siden
i keep checking my phone notifications.
Isaiah Henderson
Isaiah Henderson - 6 måneder siden
Paul- "I watched the intro"
Buzz Man
Buzz Man - 6 måneder siden
We need someone to put a 5700 bios on a 5600xt
J M - 6 måneder siden
Wouldn't it brick it?
Joe Baker
Joe Baker - 6 måneder siden
@paulhardware @bitwit @wifeysauce what exactly IS a Twatter??
Joker Productions
Joker Productions - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for the shout out and drawing awareness to this issue. People like Steve, yourselves and the entire tech community were instrumental in getting this sorted out as quickly as it did. Some creators had to wait weeks and others still have never got their channels back after months.
Tech We Love
Tech We Love - 5 måneder siden
NOburnrs unite.
Moe I
Moe I - 6 måneder siden
You deserved it
Bitwit - 6 måneder siden
Anytime Joker. Really glad you got the support you needed. This could (and still can) happen to any of us.
Zarcondeegrissom - 6 måneder siden
agreed, productivity has been a tad distracted. glad to see a familiar avatar back on YT.
DaVillain - 6 måneder siden
I'm just glad everything is okay Joker and welcome back
Dj Coody
Dj Coody - 6 måneder siden
Anyone know when the new x570 tomahawk motherboards are coming out?
The Shape
The Shape - 6 måneder siden
No problem in the UK to buy either. Not much extra to buy Nvidia. Better drivers, rtx, dlss. Both gpus are well under £300. £270 for a rtx 2060 evga and £255 for amd powercolor or sapphire. The extra £15 is a no brainer to get the better Nvidia gpu.
Adrian Cosmin Cocioran
Adrian Cosmin Cocioran - 6 måneder siden
I still can’t find that afterparty/q&a.....
MrCODEMaster00 - 6 måneder siden
Right? I think it's twitch exclusive but it's a giant wtf/why tf. On the same wtf/why tf, why do they not simultaneous stream on YT & Twitch?
Ott - 6 måneder siden
is the sonos sht even legal :S, if i own it how they r allowed to break it?
Irwin Wong
Irwin Wong - 6 måneder siden
"Twatter: @bitwitkyle"............ is that intentional ?
Furious TV
Furious TV - 6 måneder siden
So, Amd intentionally gimp their cards, didn't knew you could both gimp clocks "and" the GBPS output of the vram, good to know amd is becoming the master of shady tactics and look more and more like nvidia everyday. I'm also baffled by the non- professionalism of such a move, leaving the customer to figure out if their bios is the right one. jesus.
Blazing Marauder
Blazing Marauder - 6 måneder siden
the 2060 KO is a total of £5 more than the 5600XT pulse in the UK lol
J M - 6 måneder siden
@Blazing Marauder it's a good price then. I've always really liked EVGA
Blazing Marauder
Blazing Marauder - 6 måneder siden
@J M last time I checked yes
J M - 6 måneder siden
Is it available though?
Mijan - 6 måneder siden
love to just chill and kinda pass out to this show and kinda Linus as well
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries - 6 måneder siden
Hey, you look washed up again... :(
PS: You guys use Twatter a lot? :))))
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries - 6 måneder siden
@MrCODEMaster00 It was also a pun, for washed up youtubers... 🤣 But yes, you are right. :)
MrCODEMaster00 - 6 måneder siden
"Washed up" is a phrase to describe an old and used up actor or entertainer. Washed up means like trash washed up on a beach. What I think you mean is *Washed Out* which means the colors are faded, this phrase comes from mixing of water and paint to create a lighter paint color "Whitewash" is an example of this with water and white paint to make a transparent white paint. Hope this helps.
Brian Bendiksen
Brian Bendiksen - 6 måneder siden
The used market for 1080's 1070's and even 980ti's are gonna be so awesome. Combined with plenty of 1080p 120hz monitors, scrapyard wars is gonna be prime for the picking
Eldoon - 6 måneder siden
Damn right my 1070ti is being sold the second the 3080 is released lol
Jason - 6 måneder siden
my msi Titan is still rocking INTEL, with NNNNNNVIDia
rings of fire
rings of fire - 6 måneder siden
Great video, once again! Love you guys! Is the RX5600XT the ultimate sandbagged product ever? IDK. But I love it! And you both are SO right! a $30 difference is huge, especially to that young gamer who mowed lawns, and other side jobs to upgrade his gaming rig. NAILED IT. Why mid tier GPUS are the hot movers. It's the realistic budget point for a great many gamers. Fierce market!
RadicalxEdward - 6 måneder siden
21:00 intel just doesn’t make enough money from standalone consumer cpu sales.
L S - 6 måneder siden
If ryzen 4000 series laptop chips beat intel at the same price, then intel will be forced to actually respond, since the vast majority of their income comes from laptops, and servers. And Google is already switching to Epic servers instead of Xeon.
RadicalxEdward - 6 måneder siden
9:30 Occam’s razor - this was more likely a screw up by AMD than a deliberate fake out considering it’s going to split the sku and many reviews that only used the new bios won’t match up with AIBp that don’t update their cards.
RadicalxEdward - 6 måneder siden
5:15 well over 10% = 11% lol
RadicalxEdward - 6 måneder siden
The real PSA re: sponsorships is don’t trust “influencers” out of hand.
SilkMilkJilk - 6 måneder siden
got a 2nd hand 1080 Jetstream for 260€, stomps the entire lineup in this segment while being cheaper. I can highly recommend.
SilkMilkJilk - 6 måneder siden
@justin christy the last card I bought new was the 560ti. My upgrade path since then has been entirely 2nd hand since, if you know what to look for, risks are negligible. During the mining craze and pre Ryzen launch I pre built several PCs entirely from 2nd hand scraps. Mostly for friends at first, for fun and profit later. So far I had one failure with probably, rough estimate about 25 PCs. The 'fear' of 2nd hand is wildly exaggerated. Mostly due to lack of knowledge and I get that, it's a valid concern. But straight up claiming 2nd hand is 'avoid' beyond YOUR personal preference simply ain't true.
justin christy
justin christy - 6 måneder siden
@SilkMilkJilk The amount of knowledge you have does not change the possibility that a card can fail. I have had new cards which failed in a couple of weeks but since I had the warranty I got it replaced. Since 2nd hand cards usually don't have warranty, I would stay away from the poopoo. And in addition, since most second hand cards are available through online, you actually never get to have a closer look. The only scenario in which I would buy a 2nd card is if my friends sold one or else I would stay away from the poopoo.
SilkMilkJilk - 6 måneder siden
@justin christy if you're interested enough you should research how and why and what can kill a graphics card and how the components work and under what circumstances they fail. once you know that, you take a closer look at Pascal cards. what you learn once, you know for life.
justin christy
justin christy - 6 måneder siden
Lol, 2nd hand is still 2nd hand, no warranty that it will work for next 3 years. People reading this message stay away from 2nd hand 💩💩💩
Josh Went
Josh Went - 6 måneder siden
see AMD isn't so consumer friendly are they
thereddog223 - 6 måneder siden
First holographic show 2040
Jason Shock
Jason Shock - 6 måneder siden
Was it nVidia that announced the price drop or was it just EVGA?
Cor F
Cor F - 6 måneder siden
Greedy Intel for too long.
Gorgone Impertinence
Gorgone Impertinence - 6 måneder siden
cloud bound hardware is crap same for games that only work with online connection ....
Amaury Jacquot
Amaury Jacquot - 6 måneder siden
just buying dumb speakers here... no issues with stupid planned obsolescence
Brad Miller
Brad Miller - 6 måneder siden
Sonos needs to make a upgrade dongle to keep older products working.,
fedepede04 - 6 måneder siden
there are 8 different rx 5600xt models in stock, here in Denmark the cheapens is selling for 2349 Dkr.
cheapens rx 5700 sell for 2743 Dkr.
and the most expensive rx 5500 xt is selling for 2099 dkr.
176372 - 6 måneder siden
Well done Sonos. one step ahead of apple.
Mr EdgeworthVII
Mr EdgeworthVII - 6 måneder siden
Man, I want Kyle's shirt, anyone know where to get it? Is it a legacy design of theirs?
930 8323
930 8323 - 6 måneder siden
They have one at their store:
Ian Skinner
Ian Skinner - 6 måneder siden
2060 KO in Canada $399, 5600 XT of a basic 'quality' level $499 .. AMD has fucked themselves up here, the 5700 is $489
nakyer - 6 måneder siden
Even with the new format, still...
You wrap up by saying you're going to have an after party, but then don't stream it on YouTube. What's the point of telling the YouTube audience there'll be an after party if you don't tell us we have to go to Twitch to see it? Sure, you mentioned that, but you only said it after you cut the YT stream. In other words, you only said ON TWITCH that we'd have to watch the after party on Twitch.
I kept poking around here on YouTube trying to find the next segment, and finally gave up and switched to Twitch, having missed several minutes of the show. (I had to go back and watch the post YT portion on Twitch, and THEN heard what was going on.)
If you're going to only do the latter part of the show on Twitch, you've got to let people know how they can see it. Some won't know. I even kept trying to find it here, and I know about the Twitch stream! Why did I keep looking on YT? Because you didn't tell us it wouldn't be here.
Arty Knots
Arty Knots - 6 måneder siden
give them a break they are drinking the entire time
OscarCharlieZulu - 6 måneder siden
The black noctuas remind me of the old mid 2000’s thermalright TRUE heatsink which was awesome
metalbreath66 - 6 måneder siden
Vote Trump 2020😎😎😎😎
Manuel - 6 måneder siden
meh i dont personally like joker any way, maybe this will give him time to go for a long walk might help him in the long run..
rkmugen - 6 måneder siden
I think things are going rather swimmingly, over at Intel.

Yeah, no, their ship's been sinking for the past 6-7 months... that thing's practically capsized.
Connor McCloy
Connor McCloy - 6 måneder siden
So they ARE swimming over there.
TheMadMedek - 6 måneder siden
You can get a used 1070 ti for same or less...
TurboCMinusMinus - 6 måneder siden
And no warranty! How close to death will it be?
René Pouliot
René Pouliot - 6 måneder siden
Updating the GPU bios? Or the motherboard bios?
ً - 6 måneder siden
Gpu bios
John Totten
John Totten - 6 måneder siden
You have to update the 5600xt Gpu bios if your card came with the older bios.
René Pouliot
René Pouliot - 6 måneder siden
I thought the RT 5700 was already out, is it just me or a weary numbering scheme
Bobby Frags
Bobby Frags - 6 måneder siden
Yay, the 5600xt released today... A whole year late. Congrats AMD, you get all the praise for beating a year old card. Give anyone enough time... AMD is a year late to this generation. When Ampere comes out in a few months, AMD will be right back where they always are. This is so tough watching AMD GPU division just struggle.
wermzer - 6 måneder siden
Keep in mind AMD stock is making people piles of cash 😍
PLAY TIME - 6 måneder siden
Can we flash graphic card and run last title. Can we make it anything better.
ABMNS PRODUCTION - 6 måneder siden
In Thailand, RX5600XT are in stock currently but all pricing around $360 :/
vegeta6555 - 6 måneder siden
My local microcenter has plenty of 5600xt for $300 gigabyte and $320 for the red devil. They also have Evga 2060 ok for $300/$320. So their is stock of 2060 KO out there at B&M stores.
Arfuz Zaman
Arfuz Zaman - 6 måneder siden
Lucky you bro
Julian Calzada
Julian Calzada - 6 måneder siden
new year, same old high static sound setup
Chartech 01
Chartech 01 - 6 måneder siden
I have in the past. Bought merch too. Mines not a complaint actually haha. I don't really care, it's just funny.
Wandering Android
Wandering Android - 6 måneder siden
Hiw about you donate and help them get better hardware so we don't have to see you complain in the comments section about the audio of a free content.
Chartech 01
Chartech 01 - 6 måneder siden
I feel like it was worse than usual today lol
John Lpz
John Lpz - 6 måneder siden
Sonos still rocks! btw, i did some reading and it seems it will continue to work but stop updates on features if you have one old product in your sonos group. You can however create a 2nd group for your new products so they can continue to receive updates.
Joe Lourenḉo
Joe Lourenḉo - 6 måneder siden
Nowhere to be found at that price anywhere
prerunnerwannabe - 6 måneder siden
Neat little cooler! I have the non-black version and like it a lot.
Denmaaku Jin
Denmaaku Jin - 6 måneder siden
Never tried to update bios on a GPU.
Can someone explain why manufacturers doesn't list BIOS like they do for motherboards?
Been looking online and it seems to be on 3rd party sites and the tools to flash with isn't that user-friendly by the looks of it.
John Totten
John Totten - 6 måneder siden
Hopefully the company you bought the 5600xt from will have a nice walk thru on how to update the gpu bios. When I bought my RTX 2080 XC Ultra from EVGA they had a new higher power bios I could down load for more performance. It was an easy update and my card works awesome (I forget the exact way it was done either program or a walk thru on how to update)
James Prine
James Prine - 6 måneder siden
Thanks for the info on Joker
Steven Beaumont
Steven Beaumont - 6 måneder siden
Palit GeForce RTX 2060 StormX 6GB GDDR6 Ray-Tracing Graphics Card, 1920 Core, 1365MHz GPU, 1680MHz Boost
The Fighting Squid
The Fighting Squid - 6 måneder siden
The only thing I'm happy about is my GTX 1660 Super. Luckily no buyers remorse after this launch
Steven Beaumont
Steven Beaumont - 6 måneder siden
available here in the uk 5600xt .
Sapphire Radeon RX 5600 XT PULSE OC 6GB GDDR6 PCIe 4.0 Graphics Card, 7nm RDNA, 2304 Streams, 1750MHz Boost
DIM - 6 måneder siden
More vlogs are needed !
Ikhwan Arif
Ikhwan Arif - 6 måneder siden
Aw shit, Joker got hacked? Bummer man, I hope he comes back.
wermzer - 6 måneder siden
I need a tl;dr recap.
Jaden G
Jaden G - 6 måneder siden
This nigga still hasn’t said where the chipmunks at
Your Everyday Tech
Your Everyday Tech - 6 måneder siden
Bitwit Time Stamps
[Thanks RavenouseJoe]
0:00 Joker productions Hacked!
4:41 for 5600XT
16:32 Kyle Review Discussion
18:00 Intel Slashing Prices
23:37 2080S Max-Q
27:38 Sonos
36:00 Noctua
Your Everyday Tech
Your Everyday Tech - 6 måneder siden
​@RavenousJoe wow never had that happen before, thanks man ^^
RavenousJoe - 6 måneder siden
4:41 for 5600XT 16:32 Kyle Review Discussion 18:00 Intel Slashing Prices 23:37 2080S Max-Q 27:38 Sonos 36:00 Noctua YT must have messed up, because all of the prior timestamps do not line up at all.
WarGamingRefugee - 6 måneder siden
Angelcity1345 - 6 måneder siden
this is the weirdest launch ever... Here I thought by June/July there will be an announcement for rtx 30xx series cards and Navi for amd... So... I'd rather wait for those. While this competition at entry/mid range is great... I'm still waiting for amd to give us something that competes with the 2080ti and also AMD should really give us a stable driver.
Dash LB
Dash LB - 6 måneder siden
I wonder if they're both eeking things out until the new consoles launch; trying to clear existing stock at a premium before the benchmarks for value change. Pretty much everything about Nvidia this generation 16/20/Super has been a pretty blatant anti-consumer move to saturate the market without actually creating more than a handful of products from and R&D perspective, so I wouldn't be surprised if they've got a ton of chips to get out the door before Q4. Equally, AMD knows they're putting (presumably) some fork of the 5800/XT in consoles, so don't want to invalidate all their 'weaker' stock by releasing it early, when that'll be the new 'medium settings' card within 6 months
Lucas Desjardins
Lucas Desjardins - 6 måneder siden
How is my rig? 1070 msi i7 7700k msi z270 clocked at 4.8ghz corsair AIO should I upgrade my graphics card?
Lucas Desjardins
Lucas Desjardins - 6 måneder siden
Not having issues playing games just curious as to if I should consider upgrading soon. I know all the parts are two or thee years old and I’ve been watching all the new hardware coming out and did not know where my computer stands
ElZamo92 - 6 måneder siden
Maybe you could upgrade your CPU, but that would require a new motherboard too... maybe wait a bit longer for Zen 3 and Ampere so you can get some cheap CPUs and graphics cards.
ville658 - 6 måneder siden
No If you play 1080p 1070 IS good
Jake - 6 måneder siden
A 1070 is a great card. Are your having trouble playing games?