PCs that should have never been born

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PCs that should have never been born (ROAST)

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 17:35


Rooker live
Rooker live - Time siden
Weeb case was the best one honestly! As a fellow weeb I should submit my 6 year old rig.
Muffin Man
Muffin Man - 13 timer siden
I'm a weeb, and I would have actually liked the first build. If not for the fact that Kirino is shit.

Kuroneko 4 lyf yo
PLAZ - 13 timer siden
Wdym that pc is fire
Thanh Phan
Thanh Phan - 14 timer siden
Can you do more videos on pc for graphic design please
Hello MF
Hello MF - 18 timer siden
1:09 incest if i remember correctly
Pikerber -Inception
Pikerber -Inception - 19 timer siden
A strange part of me likes the first one..
Bleachy. - 21 time siden
The first guy needed all that ram for all the hentai he's watching
jzimmerman1229 - Dag siden
I'm still rockin an 8350 with 16 gb ram..an r7 370 dual 500 gb ssds in raid a 2 tb hd and a 1 tb hard drive. I don't play a lot of games, hitman and some of the older need for speeds but it works for me. I'm not taking a picture, you don't want to see it. I did pick up a couple of 27 inch samsung 591s during black friday last year. It's like having two tvs on my desk.
ScareFace - Dag siden
Can I have the first one pls?
epic_boy_vines - Dag siden
im sorry but those pcs with the giant cpu cooler taking up 25% of the case if not more, 90% of them just look bad and take up so much space and tbh just about all of us can agree that a smaller *water cooler* is way better and looks cooler or at least doesnt take up at all the space the big ones do.
Chris Harris
Chris Harris - Dag siden
I love the first PC 🥺👌🥺👌🥺
Ethan Le
Ethan Le - Dag siden
John Henderson
John Henderson - 2 dager siden
Wtf!? Hikvision ssd? I died when you said did it come with a Budweiser.
Pabz Roz
Pabz Roz - 2 dager siden
This should just be titled "Wtf are people thinking"
I'm so triggered at how people can build a PC but not cable manage when there is plenty of room to do so and intake fan variations that defy the laws of cooling...
LB - 2 dager siden
The pc in the thumbnail is beautiful
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov - 3 dager siden
HUSSAYIN Bolt, Usain's Middle Eastern cousin :D
Byakuya Kuchiki
Byakuya Kuchiki - 3 dager siden
That anime pc kinda gas ngl
Linda H
Linda H - 3 dager siden
ROFLMAO. It's must be a girls PC. Get wifeysause's opinion of it.
Linda H
Linda H - 3 dager siden
Sorry I'm a girl and I like it. lol I'm going to do one in Black Widow. lol
TR3YVI0N10 - 3 dager siden
Use the like button as a dislike button for my fellow weebs
AlphaAbstractDC - 3 dager siden
He said weeb alert and I was thinking "WeebWoo WeebWoo WeebWoo"
Wired Wrong
Wired Wrong - 3 dager siden
Could not a x570 allow him to upgraded to a Ryzen 9 later?
Ibrahim c
Ibrahim c - 3 dager siden
gtx 1070 8gb with i7 7700k is that a good combo its 3 years old
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez - 4 dager siden
dude rx 570 aint lacking on i5-6th gen
its the 6th gen who is lacking, rx 570 still the best value gpu of all time, definitely better than 1050ti and equal to 1060
its going well on i5-9400f lol
Darren Kendrick
Darren Kendrick - 4 dager siden
"The case never used to be white" lol
iSuCc MaN
iSuCc MaN - 4 dager siden
I still don’t understand why people still look down upon weebs, were not all this degenerate some of us just enjoy watching anime and want to show how much we like anime just like how your background is all pc building stuff because you want to show how much you enjoy building pc or mechanics
(also im really just saying this because I don’t understand why weebs have to be belittled, the intention is not to hate on you just saying my
Diggidoo - 4 dager siden
Man I wish I could have the first PC 😔Even though all the non weebs are seeing the first PC and going ooh ahh ooh ahh you gotta admit it is a pretty good one and the cable management is good and stuff
RadicalxEdward - 4 dager siden
2:50 I have a X570 mobo with an R5 3600 for lots of good reasons not least of which is B550 wasn’t a thing in January and now I don’t have to worry about upgrading to Zen 4 like a bunch of the people who cheaped out and went B450 to save a few bucks.
A high end cpu isn’t the ONLY reason to go X570
1. It had Front USB-C support
2. Wifi
3. Dual m.2 slots
4. Bios flash/recovery USB port
5. Debug LEDs and debug LCD
6. Solid VRM
7. Dual addressable RGB headers
8. Usb 3.2 Gen 2
Plot Armor
Plot Armor - 4 dager siden
The Gordon Ramsay of PC builds.
Im Just Someone
Im Just Someone - 5 dager siden
Bro i would buy that first pc for over 5k
Hilmer Sewon
Hilmer Sewon - 5 dager siden
could u rost my pc
VayneMains - 5 dager siden
Are you going to do one of these videos again?
Would like to get my rig roasted.
si Brian ni
si Brian ni - 5 dager siden
he's the gordon ramsey of the pcs
Lynn Cayen
Lynn Cayen - 5 dager siden
Guy using DVD as mouse pad me
Meanwhile me using a hardcover book with mouse pad on full size piano keys T_T
Re Vox
Re Vox - 5 dager siden
Biggest sin about the first PC was his trash taste in waifu's
Nightingale Farrehnster
Nightingale Farrehnster - 6 dager siden
The first build had me sold. Now I gotta look up how to print out wrapping paper
Dumb Egg
Dumb Egg - 6 dager siden
Somethings telling me Thomas Barnyard suffers from psoriasis
Dumb Egg
Dumb Egg - 6 dager siden
nevermind he just lives in a dryer
Jeannie DiP
Jeannie DiP - 6 dager siden
I wanted an anime pc for by birthday ;(
Luke - 6 dager siden
Dude said clear stripper heels fans
kaito tatsuya
kaito tatsuya - 6 dager siden
check out hololive roboco pc build
doodlenortت - 6 dager siden
15:07 the ssd sticker looks like it says ass because it’s up side down
Flyte - 7 dager siden
uh so in the first pc, the girl is from an anime where she and her brother "marry", so i could imagine he saved sweet home alabama thousands of times and thats what he needs that storage for...
B1ackF0Xx - 7 dager siden
For the the first guy who cares if he likes anime why hate something he likes it’s his pc I mean who the hell reads the logo on the cpu water cooling that’s why people buy next kraken cuz you can rotate the logo and put it however u want and why do you include virgin just cuz he put anime on a pc doesn’t mean he’s a virgin it’s a hurtful stereotype
Kevin V
Kevin V - 7 dager siden
Dick Kyle
Iyce Phoenixx
Iyce Phoenixx - 8 dager siden
1:15 burnnn
Liam McPoyle
Liam McPoyle - 8 dager siden
Yikes, anime is so cringy. Imagine thinking sexualizing adolescences is cool.
andyenid2 - 8 dager siden
Aside from the weeb stuff the pc looks really great
Silent Nova
Silent Nova - 8 dager siden
The reason most of these guys have high end cpus and low end gpus is because they bought prebuilts
The real gamer tapia
The real gamer tapia - 9 dager siden
Hi readmore
Brotato - 9 dager siden
Kyle: why do you have a low end GPU with a high end CPU
Me: chuckles nervously in 980ti.
Will Kim
Will Kim - 9 dager siden
Most of Kyle's recommendation avoid warranty has anyone noticed it
JustARandomIdiot - 9 dager siden
my dad has a pc in the second person's case and cable management doesn't exist in said pc
gio mf
gio mf - 9 dager siden
what’s wrong with the first guys pc
Samuel Petrulak
Samuel Petrulak - 9 dager siden
Huge fan of weeb pc ill make one too thanks for inspiration.
Sweet Chilli
Sweet Chilli - 9 dager siden
3:02 do not question the elevated one
LBX MEGA - 9 dager siden
Anyone else think that the upside down sdd said ass at first or just me
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina - 10 dager siden
Doesn't like Anime
*click unsub*
KappaSmurf - 10 dager siden
As a weeb myself, that first PC was one of the greatest things I have ever seen
PassMeDatSuga - 9 dager siden
[not a weeb but love anime] those words are the cringiest shit I've ever seen.
Comic Neonate
Comic Neonate - 10 dager siden
Screw with confidence! Oh man!! 😂😂🤣🤣
That eternal line,
"I screw with confidence..."
blazeupe - 10 dager siden
14:42 wow I never thought I'd see a Hikvision branded SSD in a PC build... These are made for video surveillance applications where you run a windows based server on it. It's one of the biggest companies out of China so I'm sure these find their way around for low prices