Neglect your water cooling loop. Pay the price.

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This system's watercooling loop is so far gone, not even Doctor PC the PC Doctor may be able to save it.
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Neglect your watercooling loop? Pay the price.

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 06:20


Bitwit - 7 måneder siden
Thanks for "checking in" with the Doc! Don't forget our Holiday sale is still in effect with 15% off orders over $50, and 30% off orders over $100. New extended mouse pads, pint glasses, and hoodies added!
Tailslol - 2 måneder siden
ultimate reliability would be a noctua or be quiet air cooler. i was using aio and my pump died after 6 years so i rediscovered big air coolers lately and forgot how silent they can go.
Tech DIYer
Tech DIYer - 5 måneder siden
That was an awsome change!!! i loved the doctor thing and funny puns. Do it again but get Lyle to try to do it. and you do a reaction video! Lyle the chinese doctor being the chinese pc doctor.
T.COD-ADDICTS - 7 måneder siden
i've got a patient for you dr. my pc from the dark ages/ stone age is slowly dying please have a look at it.
James Fox
James Fox - 7 måneder siden
Vaginal Infections Not Included
Nick Nick
Nick Nick - 7 måneder siden
I think its nearing 1 year for my loop. Should I clean it? I use EKWB Clear Fluid Premix no additives.
Jet-set sam
Jet-set sam - 22 timer siden
This is why im always put off by a custom water loop, they're more trouble than they're worth. i just stick with a fat cooler.
imeldo marcos
imeldo marcos - Dag siden
Just use aio.
Strategist Wang
Strategist Wang - 4 dager siden
Use a gold loop 😉
Chaminda Gamage
Chaminda Gamage - 4 dager siden
crimescene25 - 5 dager siden
That is one ugly ass case LOL. It looks like a tv from 1940.
sbn025 - 5 dager siden
Aaaaaand thatwhyidontwatercool
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali - 5 dager siden
This isn’t normal. I had Mayhems pastel blue and orange (in 2 separate loops ofc) in my system for over 2 years without draining and it did 0 damage to any of my parts apart from a slight discolouration on the fittings and tubing.
offPlanet - 6 dager siden
Well you could just not use liquid cooling.
DxrkzR6 - 6 dager siden
4:50 you forgot to spread it with the thermal paste aplicator
UNVjustCynical /
UNVjustCynical / - 6 dager siden
Or just don't mix metals 😂
User Name
User Name - 6 dager siden
I was expecting Lyle. I am still looking for Lyle. Lyle is life. Lyle is love. Please more lyle. I need lyle.
Tim - 7 dager siden
Basically if you aren't doing any extreme overclocking I don't know why anyone would opt for water cooled. Looks maybe? Not having a big ass heatsink in the box? I use a Noctua D-15 Chromax. Its huge, its ugly, but it performs amazingly.
TheSpiderGuy - 7 dager siden
Bring back Dr PC the PC Doctor.
Herkus - 9 dager siden
But why use colored liquid?
Jeff Smitt
Jeff Smitt - 9 dager siden
Was there not any pre-applied thermal compound on that Corsair AIO?
kingsam - 10 dager siden
Yo content creators like this make me happy 💙 he is the content
STIG Zero - 10 dager siden
And this is why i'll never have a water cooled system. And why the hell have you got those water tubes touching the GPU? ffs
ImmersiveGamer83 - 10 dager siden
This is why I just just air coolers
John Meister Dupa
John Meister Dupa - 12 dager siden
can you use car radiator coolant for our pc?
dasKeks28 - 12 dager siden
Running a loop with no aluminium and only distilled water with biocide. No corrosion after 8 years.
wizzardoffuzz - 14 dager siden
not much of an upgrade on the graphics card!
Steve T
Steve T - 14 dager siden
I can already see how this video started...
Kyle: *Flushing out his loop*
Wifey: *Walks in* Why are you draining your system?
Kyle: You're suppose to flush it out every six months
Wifey: Oh.....
Kyle : =/
Bas - 15 dager siden
How about you don't dye your water hmmm?
Paul V
Paul V - 16 dager siden
The only AIO I've ever had, clogged up in less than a year, custom loop here I come!!!
Princess Rose
Princess Rose - 17 dager siden
1080 to 2060..... um sure
m4c1990 - 19 dager siden
Shit like this is the reason why I don't have water cooling (yet), But my Meshify S2 screams for Radiators & stuff, because it's so empty now :D
Casper Bengtsson
Casper Bengtsson - 19 dager siden
I really love this doctor personality. Do it more
KristapsJJ - 20 dager siden
I don't see the point in colored liquids if they do this much damage
So much staining, corrosion etc. Not worth it even if you flush every 6 months
Yeetus Le fetus
Yeetus Le fetus - 22 dager siden
"Hot as balls-itus" lmao
KENJI Baritua
KENJI Baritua - 22 dager siden
If you want to make it more realistic like doctor you have to keep the computer on while draining the loop.
AE3CH - 22 dager siden
That pc lookin kinda *TICC*
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester - 23 dager siden
laughs in air cooler
eskimo lost
eskimo lost - 24 dager siden
Did you delidded the cpu?
Sabre Le
Sabre Le - 25 dager siden
The loop is touching the graphics card!
Michael Bruno
Michael Bruno - 26 dager siden
what do you use to see all of your temps like that ?
mwnciboo - 26 dager siden
Water cooling sounds great until you see the shit growing in peoples loops efc. 90 Degrees is ridiculous. No thanks on cleaning a loop every 6 months and the expense of parts.
Quinn Zyker
Quinn Zyker - 28 dager siden
5:28 meh. Just put an ice pack on top of the case
Quinn Zyker
Quinn Zyker - 28 dager siden
Man. These are good tips
CountDabula - 29 dager siden
"upgrading" the 1080 to the 2060 super
I Believe
I Believe - 29 dager siden
Give me something
Drew Rector
Drew Rector - Måned siden
this is why i use fans
lubu ASMR
lubu ASMR - Måned siden
who could send me a free aio
TheTyisAwesome - Måned siden
Guaranteed 50% of "Gamers" water blocks look just like that! Haha
BAM5 - Måned siden
I'm glad he put "upgrading" in quotes when talking about the 1080 being replaced with the 2060 super.
Nolyism - Måned siden
Isnt it highly recommended to mount a rad with its tubes on top?
born RUTHLESS - Måned siden
What maintenance do you need to do for an AIO?
ReZero Reattention
ReZero Reattention - Måned siden
gtx 1080 is still better then rtx 2060 super.
RapidCoyote - Måned siden
Computer case looks like it got stung by a bee.
Caleb Brewer
Caleb Brewer - Måned siden
dats a hot case
Xavier productions
Xavier productions - Måned siden
This made me hate the idea of getting a water cooling loop.
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas - Måned siden
Plz make another 1
Jimmy Beam
Jimmy Beam - Måned siden
If your blocks nickel looks like the video thumbnail , throw some ketchup on it for about 30 minutes, then remove the crud in the channels.
Clean your radiators.
Use Mayhem's loop cleaner
Rinse the loop
Use a coolant that has bio-stuff
Dego - Måned siden
in total: just get fucking fans
Naomi Kitsune
Naomi Kitsune - Måned siden
This is why I only use distilled water mixed with a bit of biocide. No buildup, no growth, no corrosion, changing the water is as easy as a quick rinse and then re-fill
LordHojo - Måned siden
Imagine being a successful Techtuber and allowing ANY pc in your house to get that bad...holy jesus Kyle...lmao!!
Commisar Cat
Commisar Cat - Måned siden
600 dislikes from the verge
Quade - Måned siden
1:58 just me or does it look like there is a face on there
ed p
ed p - Måned siden
But, can you really trust an Asian doctor that doesn't have an Asian accent?...
Sedan - Måned siden
Lol the same happens with kids. My parents found that one out the hard way.