My response to "Henry Cavill builds a gaming PC"

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"Superman" and "Witcher" actor Henry Cavill recently posted a video of him building a PC to his Instagram account. This is my response.
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My response to "Henry Cavill builds a gaming PC"
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 09:05


Bitwit - 22 dager siden
Subscribe or I'll hire Henry Cavill's bicep to hunt you down.
Samuel Fletes
Samuel Fletes - Dag siden
it would be nice it he would give you a call to build a Witcher themed build
Myanmar Top Hits
Myanmar Top Hits - 10 dager siden
when the bitwit said wanted to hold me in them(O-O)
Bambang Juniarso
Bambang Juniarso - 12 dager siden
@eyad 823 man of cultre
Hellblazer 85
Hellblazer 85 - 12 dager siden
shIt, dont expose my fantasies here
Jean Vandorst
Jean Vandorst - 13 dager siden
It's amazing how things become normalized.
The Beyonder
The Beyonder - 2 timer siden
Yeah he should have used *z i p t i e s* for proper cable management. To look half as good as the God tier verge pc.
T. Hane
T. Hane - 6 timer siden
To be screwed with confidence by this guy!
Howard - 6 timer siden
He's British, and didn't show us drinking ANY TEA! Pffft...
SAUCE - 8 timer siden
I still stand by the fact that blurring logos and stuff was retarded
Ahmad Zafar
Ahmad Zafar - 10 timer siden
Seems like The Verge could learn a thing or two from Gerald
Hani bachi
Hani bachi - 20 timer siden
This was the thirstiest video i ve seen all week, i sympathize tho lmao, i dreamed about being that cpu as well 😂
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen - 22 timer siden
I've always like Henry Cavill, but even more now, he's not one of those rich folks that pay people to build his PC, though he could've very well able to.
Leonard C.
Leonard C. - Dag siden
You know his the Witcher right.
Drop Ammo Please
Drop Ammo Please - 5 timer siden
Read description
better -notice
better -notice - Dag siden
Bitwit your not the best because you think you are
Jimi Prusti
Jimi Prusti - Dag siden
Just had a creepy thing happen to me... was watching the video in bed and got 15% battery warning on my phone, 2 seconds later you got the same in the video... what a great timing
Harsh Pandey
Harsh Pandey - Dag siden
He was way better than verge.
Chandrahas Paidi
Chandrahas Paidi - Dag siden
Henry Cavill should open up a yt account and play witcher 3 for a start
Denis Matzerath
Denis Matzerath - Dag siden
It doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, bi, male or female or whatnot. If there's one thing we all love in common, then it's Henry Cavill
BIGROD - Dag siden
2:09 it's Geralt not Superman
Manoy Mong Eugene
Manoy Mong Eugene - Dag siden
maybe next time the Verge makes another video on how to build a PC. i think they should hire Henry Calvin to do it rather than the first guy.
ishaq yesir
ishaq yesir - 2 dager siden
Better than d verge I felt that
DasBarJude - 2 dager siden
Very interested in a Witcher themed build
note importa
note importa - 2 dager siden
My reponse to "Henry Cavill's body build"
Long - 2 dager siden
Looking back at the verge building computer compare to this 🙂
Lucifer Sephiroth Avalon Dieguez
I can also build a sanctum PC but I vomit pink rain bow
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming - 2 dager siden
Henry's body build is beefier than his pc build
Oskar Lindgren
Oskar Lindgren - 2 dager siden
Wait isnt it possible to turn the top part of the AIO so you dont need to put it in the right way? :P
hi - 2 dager siden
his 70s grandma curtains tells me, Henry ain't about that fake hollywood life.
Swarmer - 2 dager siden
Someone tell him that he could have rotated the cpu block instead of re mounting it 🤣🤣
Lord Groudon
Lord Groudon - 2 dager siden
Hey guys this is cavill, and today we are going to travel to my office/gaming room where we are going to open up the new (insert game that hasn't been released yet) Collectors edition.
Super B
Super B - 2 dager siden
Alrernative title:" grown ass man simping for fucking superman on internet for 9 minutes straight"
David Stinnett
David Stinnett - 2 dager siden
See, you can do a video without a weird racist accent.
Lightfire LP
Lightfire LP - 2 dager siden
This guy is a PC Builder. You could atleats hope he watches This on a PC
Matias Hyman
Matias Hyman - 2 dager siden
Everybody: that’s really good and beautiful 🤩
The verge: this ram have RGB my ram is really fast 2666 ddr 4 😂
Palash Sureka
Palash Sureka - 3 dager siden
sout burger
sout burger - 3 dager siden
Close your eyes: 5:10
MrPanduhhh - 3 dager siden
2/10 not enough thermal paste
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin - 3 dager siden
Me: *opens CPU box*
CPU: Are you Henry Cavill? *Sees giant Liquid nitrogen heatsink crucible on table*
Me: haha me? lol, not exactly...
CPU: *screams internally*
skater15153 - 3 dager siden
I just want to know what these curtains are doing in Henry Cavil's house. Does he live with his grandma? PS: Don't smash me Henry.
Adoki - 3 dager siden
There's something oddly satisfying seeing someone who's fucking ripped delicately handling PC parts
Jun Faith
Jun Faith - 3 dager siden
He forgot to benchmark League of Legends
Florian - 3 dager siden
4:23 That "No, it's not the tool you think I'm handling now that I'm handling now" face...
AJ - 3 dager siden
Chad Henry vs Virgin the Verge fella
doro626 - 3 dager siden
What's with those curtains though? He at his moms house? His grandma's house?
Pepperidge Farm
Pepperidge Farm - 3 dager siden
That's dem british curtains
ai_ 5420
ai_ 5420 - 3 dager siden
this video is al about a man thirsty toward buff man
GenMcFreedom - 3 dager siden
I find it problematic to have a scam sponsor like this one, anyone can register .tech in any domain website, the cheapest option is usually godaddy, where bitwit probably did his.
Shinseiki - 3 dager siden
Still so much better than the verge
———— - 3 dager siden
For anyone looking to build a pc it’s not as hard as it looks. I built one and it actually works. Idk why I thought I’d share this.
Jastin VG
Jastin VG - 3 dager siden
You should also have Lyle do a reaction video. That would be hilarious! 😆
BoatsNHoesREDUX - 3 dager siden
This is fucking gold. Thank youX
THEO' - 3 dager siden
Henry Cavill, back at it again making me question my sexuality.
Random Kid
Random Kid - 4 dager siden
Henry cavil: Chilling learning stuff about pc's
Kyle: *Yess henry tighthen those screws in*
ProbablyWorth - 4 dager siden
I was hoping to do the same impression from the verge gaming pc build reaction
Freddy McShreddy
Freddy McShreddy - 4 dager siden
So Henry, when is the the “Superman Plays” or “Witcher Games” channel coming and when can we expect to see you on twitch?
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez - 4 dager siden
He Did a Wonderfull job!
JustJazro - 4 dager siden
Henry Cavill: *Exists*
Every male ever: "I'm gay now"
JustJazro - 3 dager siden
@Florian Bruh. I'm Bi. What are you even saying
Florian - 3 dager siden
You know that there's this thing called bisexuality, right? But I get it. I definitely do: Joking about Henry Cavill turning every man gay is much more effective than joking about men looking at Henry Cavill realizing that they're actually bisexual - or rather hetero-and-Henry-Cavill-sexual...
John Zambales
John Zambales - 4 dager siden
so youve met chuck norris tech guy?
Hokage Sama
Hokage Sama - 4 dager siden
im starting to think you have a crush on henry cavill. honestly same
Orient Prospect
Orient Prospect - 4 dager siden
3:26 oh yeah...I know what’s going on here.. I know why he was so interested in watching this build..
Flash back
Flash back - 4 dager siden
Adverts...adverts....sponsorship...more adverts...99.9% OTHER PEOPLES CONTENT.....some lame commentary.....adverts....sponsorship....adverts...
Scott W Pilgrim
Scott W Pilgrim - 4 dager siden
The Kraken Z73 has a spinning display. He didn't mount it wrong, he just neglected to reorient that display. He just wasted all that time remounting it.
Woke af
Woke af - 4 dager siden
Henry cavill can step on me and id say thank you...💁
Filip Majewski
Filip Majewski - 4 dager siden
Now that i look at it, they’re probably arctis 7 or 5 headphones
Kiran - 4 dager siden
You forgot to say no homo. _Tisk tisk_
Darahaas Yajamanyam
Darahaas Yajamanyam - 4 dager siden
Still 1000x better than the verge
Finkle_Himer7678 - 5 dager siden
Bitwit is saying what we all are thinking
Finkle_Himer7678 - 5 dager siden
I went to swipe the power notif when it popped up even though my phone is plugged in🤣
RTX 2080 TI
RTX 2080 TI - 5 dager siden
The way he built that pc makes gamer girls wet
Praise The Grape Soda
Praise The Grape Soda - 5 dager siden
4:06 Im watching on my phone I thought that notification was for me
Shartak - 5 dager siden
That cooler was fine though, you can spin the display by -90°/+90°/+180° via the NZXT software to suit your build. But it looks better with the cable on the right anyway.
rayazarya - 5 dager siden
How much is superman PC cost ? Anybody can give me an estimate price ?
Jonek - 5 dager siden
who tf asked for this
Reak Bonez
Reak Bonez - 5 dager siden
Kyle might have to leave wifey sauce for Henry
SaltyCalf703268 Gamming
SaltyCalf703268 Gamming - 5 dager siden
At least he gave it a go I'm sure he could have been lazy and bought 1000 different high end gaming pc. Dude is so humble
splitzyhyper - 5 dager siden
I'm just hoping this isn't like 2018 Stefan lmao P.S. I'm talking about the verge 2018 pc build lmao
EDIT!: this wasn't anything like i had expected it was actually good lol
splitzyhyper - 5 dager siden
fouoii gyhh yes 😂
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - 5 dager siden
Henry is like the coolest dude i've seen even if hes quirky hes so cool and funny
Steve B
Steve B - 5 dager siden
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - 5 dager siden
2:00 that's an Arctis 7 bitch!
Techformative - 6 dager siden
Fact is he did almost perfectly and the verge was put to shame by a guy who clearly has not done this before
Masked Head
Masked Head - 6 dager siden
Girls wanna get screwed
Luca Armano
Luca Armano - 6 dager siden
What would it take for you to build me a descent 500$ pc?
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 6 dager siden
Gay or straight. Henry cavil is one gorgeous man
Royal Box
Royal Box - 6 dager siden
The headset look like a steelseries arctis line
ravenwda007 - 6 dager siden
His monitor costs more than my entire build man.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu - 6 dager siden
3:18 best comment of the whole video and I haven't finished it yet
Butter Pecan Rican
Butter Pecan Rican - 6 dager siden
This video was a hell of a lot funnier than I was expecting it to be.. (not that your videos aren't funny lol)
Master Xaipres
Master Xaipres - 6 dager siden
Oh yeah that fucking price is more importent , Nivida`s 2000 series a joke of price politic . By 1000 series , 1060 GTX Zotac with 20% highst oc cost 330 € her in germany and the 1070 TI cost 420-440€ best card was 1080 Ti with over 650€ .
Really we dont need to talk abaout Titan cards ... because that useless for Games with that price . If you not a rich bastard that have very thing for mom or dad or you Exploit people and get rich ... in my option in germany price marktet i dont pay more than 400€ for a GPU ... i skip 3000 series and RDNA 2 . Maybe price politic chance with 4000 series and RDNA 3 because is second and 3 genaration of Raytracing and the price goes more stable . I really damit hope that RDNA 2 is strong enough to run with 3000 series and RNDA 2 is 100€-200€ cheaper .
Queencity Limo
Queencity Limo - 6 dager siden
Atleast it wasnt filmed by the verge
A - 6 dager siden
7:40 "Does anyone even use a thermal paste applicator?" - The Verge's $2000 PC Build Reaction Supercut 2019
mark gresty
mark gresty - 6 dager siden
hahahahahahaahaha this is funny bro nice vid.
kain kabil
kain kabil - 6 dager siden
what about the sound card?
epx - 6 dager siden
still better than the verge pc builds
dONALD42 - 6 dager siden
2:00 that's an Arctis 7 bitch!
Aksum Qurban
Aksum Qurban - 6 dager siden
I wouldn't mind Lyle's response to Henry Cavill's build :p
astro jigs
astro jigs - 6 dager siden
You sound like an anime guy who knows everything about a beyblade when y
He sees it
hen ko
hen ko - 7 dager siden
When he realized the cooler was mounted upside down... I felt that.
Law2708 - 7 dager siden
lol take not that it was daylight when he started and night by the time he was done! Respect to the nerds!
DANIEL DJ - 7 dager siden
4:06 Every samsung user..
Wait I just unplug it from the charger
hen ko
hen ko - 7 dager siden
Where's the livestrong bracelet?
Chance Hardy
Chance Hardy - 7 dager siden
3:18 best comment of the whole video and I haven't finished it yet
hr1meg - 7 dager siden
But did he use a Swiss army knife and tweezers to build it? Hmmmmmmmm.
cheeki breeki
cheeki breeki - 7 dager siden
A white & buff version of the VERG ?
ACE GAMING - 7 dager siden
Don’t tell me superman is gonna have a twitch channel, omg 🤣
Ruff Va
Ruff Va - 7 dager siden
I’m not gay but damn
EnigmaDrath - 7 dager siden
You look like a baby-faced Pedro Pascal. Not knocking you. It's just REALLY distracting XD
michal wowczuk
michal wowczuk - 7 dager siden
he is rich as fck...
AceOvrZero - 7 dager siden
when i highly paid actor who games in their free time does a better pc build video than verge pc guy
Kyle DL
Kyle DL - 7 dager siden
I’m just staring at the biceps wtf. Lives in the gym along with some god tier diet