My first gaming monitor with IPS, 1ms, 240Hz. Just insane. #UltraGear

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#UltraGear #27GN750 #IPS1ms #240Hz #NanoIPS
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LG UltraGear 27GN750 (FHD 240Hz & 27GL850 (QHD 144Hz):
The LG UltraGear 27GN750 is where beautiful image quality meets lightning fast speeds, delivering Nano IPS panel tech with 99% sRGB and a 1ms response time at 240Hz. At last - TN gaming monitors are DEAD.
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My first gaming monitor with IPS, 1ms, 240Hz. Just insane. #UltraGear

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 10:01


Bitwit - 5 måneder siden
I'm with you guys 100% that 1440p 144Hz > 1080p 240Hz. I put a link to the 1440p model of this panel in the description :)
SKYzLxmit - 5 dager siden
@Gea Sih that's evolution of technology
Tyler Petro
Tyler Petro - 14 dager siden
Uh, where?
Gea Sih
Gea Sih - Måned siden
What kind of Black magic LG did with IPS to make it 1ms??
Crispy Lizard
Crispy Lizard - Måned siden
well you shouldn't really get a 240hz monitor anyways unless you are a very competitive gamer
Kone SC
Kone SC - Måned siden
Abdullah AwD legion*
J L - 10 timer siden
My 34" IPS2 8K Reality Display @ 720hz is soooo much better than this haha
Robert Stimmel
Robert Stimmel - 12 timer siden
Asus VG248QE. 144 Hz, 1ms, 1080p, TN panel. This is my first gaming monitor/PC. I never really thought that the color looked bad on it. Maybe it's because I was coming from consoles and blown away by the speed. I have been thinking about going to 1440p one of these days. I never understood the difference in panel types until now. Now, the decision becomes even more difficult lol. If money wasn't a concern, I really like what I'm hearing about the Samsung odyssey G9.
3_Kids_One_ Shot
3_Kids_One_ Shot - 15 timer siden
I know this monitor is overkill for the PS4 pro and possible the 5 but I’ve been looking for a great IPS monitor. Anyone have any good results with this on the PS4 pro? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
nil nil
nil nil - 3 dager siden
nil nil
nil nil - 3 dager siden
Wow,another ad.great job.
did LG write it?
Axetec - 3 dager siden
is this legit 1ms
Jrdn 401
Jrdn 401 - 5 dager siden
The Veiwsonic XG2760 Destroys this Crappy Monitor. 😂🤣😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Vasco Castel-Branco
Vasco Castel-Branco - 5 dager siden
Thats NOT true about 1inch to the left or right
brogon btw
brogon btw - 6 dager siden
He never went above 160fps
Sayer Paboojian
Sayer Paboojian - 7 dager siden
the red though.. cmon going to have to paint that black
Samuel Napik
Samuel Napik - 7 dager siden
Is it possible to enable 240hz and 10bit color at the same time?
shad0wrune - 9 dager siden
Ah another 10 minute ad
Lance Barana
Lance Barana - 10 dager siden
What game did he play?
Chino_ - 11 dager siden
should i buy this if my gpu is only a msi rtx 2060 ?
AnkurandGolu - 13 dager siden
Video is sponsored !
Shaun Diz
Shaun Diz - 13 dager siden
i'm hoping the ultrawide version goes on sale on black friday. we use ultrawides at work and coming back home to my measly 27" is no bueno
GgG - 14 dager siden
"And a fps crosshair for those of you who dont have dignity" 🤣🤣🤣 loool
K G-No
K G-No - 14 dager siden
is this compatible with a monitor arm?
Ralph Laurenz Cortez
Ralph Laurenz Cortez - 15 dager siden
how much?
Atey One
Atey One - 16 dager siden
Have this monitor it’s great
oO Prince Of Princess Oo
oO Prince Of Princess Oo - 18 dager siden
There sooooo many monitors idk what to pick my god 😱. !!!!!
It’s Ludacris7
It’s Ludacris7 - 19 dager siden
ron singh
ron singh - 22 dager siden
Loved what u did at 2: 20
Mike likes to game
Mike likes to game - 22 dager siden
Well I'm here stuck on a 720p monitor
Joseph Rihani
Joseph Rihani - 23 dager siden
Is a tn panel that bad
Blaž Strmec
Blaž Strmec - 26 dager siden
I mean I'm down to get it, but the price!!! A litlle too much for me
Jose Molina
Jose Molina - 26 dager siden
had a very budget va panel that gave me 144hz but i sold all my setup and got a better gaming PC that i built myself now I'm just waiting on this monitor.:) i really wish i didn't sell the chair tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gianku - 27 dager siden
Can I use a monitor mount for this exact monitor?
Nivi World
Nivi World - 28 dager siden
Sponsored :(
Dreamzy - 29 dager siden
IPS, VA, or TN?
Maor Aharon Productions
Maor Aharon Productions - Måned siden
1ms response time is marketing bullshit
phillip hanna
phillip hanna - Måned siden
Man I just bought the 1080p 27 i think it's the 27650g or some shizzle but yeah only 250 bucks I'm stoked
gar - Måned siden
im getting this monitor
Ilias Christopoulos
Ilias Christopoulos - Måned siden
2:06 What about Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD? It is older 2k IPS 144Hz 1ms Response time :/
iakacer - Måned siden
240hz is a must, IPS is the second most important. The resolution is the least important factor to me tho.
iakacer - Måned siden
I have a xl2546 240hz 1080p and a ROG 165hz 2k ips, 240hz makes a lot differences to 165hz in my opinion.
David Howenson
David Howenson - Måned siden
!!! Does it have the halo effect, my pg27uq does and I hate it
Adam - Måned siden
Lol saying the 240hz is awesome but playing at 140 - 180 hz
True Danz
True Danz - Måned siden
What the heck do you need that hammer on the wall for when building PC's?
Alan Puma12
Alan Puma12 - Måned siden
You should do this monitor vs viewsonics elite Xg270
cdp - Måned siden
This video made me unsub. Terrible all in all.
cdp - Måned siden
7:02 where the wolf bites him, the ghosting is INSANE. Check the one wolf is glowing like a MF?! And testing 240hz @ 100fps?!?! what even? WTF?
Sebastian Cardone
Sebastian Cardone - Måned siden
Love it I have three they work great !
Javier Villafranco
Javier Villafranco - Måned siden
This or benq EX2780Q?
Auralia Cid
Auralia Cid - Måned siden
Just got this PC and omg it is amazing imo
christy - Måned siden
I got a new dream monitor.
drixmaster - Måned siden
the fps drops is crazy XD
Chief Xesty
Chief Xesty - Måned siden
Do they have a 1440p 240hz 1ms monitor that you would recommend bc my friends said 1440p is so much better and I would like to get 240hz
Chief Xesty
Chief Xesty - Måned siden
Erick Zelaya yeah Samsung just came on with the Odyssey G7 but it’s $700
Erick Zelaya
Erick Zelaya - Måned siden
And I agree on the 1440p
Erick Zelaya
Erick Zelaya - Måned siden
Did you find one ?
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - Måned siden
Its 2020 please stop buying 1080p monitors. I picked up a 1440p 165hz IPS 1ms with g-sync at Microcenter for $430 it's actually amazing. Asus VG27AQ
King Kai
King Kai - Måned siden
I walked by this in the store and was so shook I bought it on the spot
Moz - Måned siden
i did the exact same lol
Honny - Måned siden
78karlito - Måned siden
At 7min on the wolf there is pretty bad dark scene ghosting.
Vince - Måned siden
all it takes is money am I right?
aga han
aga han - Måned siden
Performance tn, for people who wants picture quality then go to ips and btw ill pick performance over picture quality
ZeroCold Gg
ZeroCold Gg - 2 måneder siden
4inksempire - 2 måneder siden
Is there an ips 24inch monitor with 1ms gtg and 144 hz?
4inksempire - 2 måneder siden
Is it 1ms gtg? And if not can you tell the difference
Doge Gaming
Doge Gaming - 2 måneder siden
1080p is so 2004, it's time to go 1440p and very soon 4K
Django Jansen
Django Jansen - Måned siden
No it ain't lmao first get NOburn to 1080p or 1440p 120hz and then we can talk about 1080p getting old
Doge Gaming
Doge Gaming - 2 måneder siden
I just got the GN850, it's going to be orgasmic
Erick Zelaya
Erick Zelaya - Måned siden
How is it ?
Richard Belisle
Richard Belisle - 2 måneder siden
ALSO!! If it’s wobbling like that you didn’t screw in the base all the way. You have to push it down while your screwing till it bottoms out. I had the same issue at first
Richard Belisle
Richard Belisle - 2 måneder siden
I never realized how huge your desk is until I got this same monitor in the mail today.