More features, more money! MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK

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A hands-on look at the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk, successor to one of the best selling and critically acclaimed motherboards on the AM4 platform.
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Can it live up to the hype? MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 11:00


Bitwit - Måned siden
00:04 - It goes without saying that I meant B550, not B450. Herpa derpa lerp.
What do you guys think of the board's features vs. its price?
Wapplesax - Måned siden
I'm going to buy one for my first build
Adil Akhtar
Adil Akhtar - Måned siden
Now please test this Motherboard & Give review 💝
Polarin - Måned siden
amazing because it released and one of the motherboards cost 109$
Collin Rowland
Collin Rowland - Måned siden
Herbert Holland
Herbert Holland - Måned siden
I'm sure the upgrades are worth the premium, but it's moved out of my price range.
Richard Taguba, Jr
Richard Taguba, Jr - Dag siden
Quick question: does the M.2 disable SATA 5 & 6 as it did with the B450 boards?
Dennis Dowd
Dennis Dowd - Dag siden
Interesting. Looking forward to more.
vh9network - 2 dager siden
So far in my experience with using MSI MAG B550 Mortar Wifi. It's crazy overpriced for what it is.
The VRMs are the same 4x2 phases as my X470 Gaming Plus and Gaming Pro motherboards.
I paid $99 and $89 respectively for those 400 series motherboards, pre-owned. New those boards would probably been $130.
$169 for the B550 new is a yikes.
Formulamatt - 2 dager siden
Should i get this mono or get the asrock x570 steel legend
Formulamatt - 2 dager siden
Should i get that over the asrock x570 steel legend?
Dylan Ruch
Dylan Ruch - 5 dager siden
When I bought my B550 Tomahawk a week or so ago the B450 Tomahawk Max cost over $200. Why on earth?
NSilver 16
NSilver 16 - 5 dager siden
Which lanport should I use?
parafitaify - 6 dager siden
Layout kinda looks exactly like the B550 Gaming Edge Wifi
Dis_isDac - 7 dager siden
I am looking to change motherboards just for personal reasons (RGB software and the lack of and internal Typec connector) but i am wondering if it is worth getting another x570 board or going with B550? what would i lose feature wise and also for reference i have a Ryzen 7 3800x. Just wondering because B550 is cheaper and the other motherboard i would use in another build for someone else
Zpětná odezva
Zpětná odezva - 8 dager siden
Hello Bitwit. Good job. Thank You. And what about BIOS´s are they same on B550 and X570 TMHWK?
Connor Burbine
Connor Burbine - 8 dager siden
does it have rgb around the "tomohawk" logo? it seems to on the newegg page, but idk
Connor Burbine
Connor Burbine - 7 dager siden
@Hilgini do you know how to customize it?
Hilgini - 7 dager siden
Yes, There are rgb's under the chipset heatsink
Wolves - 8 dager siden
wait does it support ryzen 5 3600x
Hilgini - 7 dager siden
yes it does!
Anonymous - 9 dager siden
Does have Wi-Fi or do you have to buy the carbon version
Zhean3553 - 9 dager siden
Hi, can I know should I buy the motherboard comes with wifi and Bluetooth?
Because I will get my first custom desktop, here's the spec:

1) CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
3) RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (8GBx2) 3200MHz
4) GPU: Zotac GTX 1660 Super Twin Fan
5) SSD: Adata SX8200 Pro 256GB
6) HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM
7) PSU: Seasonic CORE GX-650 Gold Fully Modular 650W PSU
8) Case: Sharkoon TG5 RGB
9) OS: Windows 10 Pro
10) 6 x cooler master MF120R Halo fans

But I'm planning to change the GPU to GTX 1080, due to budget unable upgrade to RTX 2080...
Please advice for my spec, cheers mate.
xSNIPING_LOGIC - 10 dager siden
if you were to plug an nvme m.2 would sata 5 and 6 still be deactivated
JulzUnknown - 10 dager siden
does this pair good with ryzen 7 3700x and 2070 super?
Hilgini - 7 dager siden
this board will be plenty for 3700x and up
Tyler Reed
Tyler Reed - 11 dager siden
Just did a build with this. Great board. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Gerald Rucker
Gerald Rucker - 12 dager siden
Love my tomahawk. Put it in my very first custom build.
Nick - 13 dager siden
Okay you say the B450 Tomahawk is about $115 usd. But I everywhere I look it's $200+ usd. Tomahawk or Tomahawk Max. Did demand drive that up in a month? If so the B550 Tomahawk is a steal at $180 usd. Do I need to get the B550 before it's price gets driven up?
h e l l o t h e r e
h e l l o t h e r e - 14 dager siden
Will a R5 3500X work with this?
John Houseman
John Houseman - 15 dager siden
I almost didn’t like the vid until he told me to. Good thinking.
Jonn DeMain, Jr.
Jonn DeMain, Jr. - 16 dager siden
anyone have good idea why I can't get my second M.2 slot to work updated BIOS and I have nothing in any of the PCI slots except the first one and I have a GEN 4 in the first M.2 slot I have the board your reviewing so I wanted to see if anyone else can help me. Thanks
F-22raptor - 15 dager siden
Maybe you can't use them at the same time. Check you motherboard manual. If yes then check your installation
AorusX - 16 dager siden
tHaTs nOT a CoAsTeR tHaTs a cD drIvE
MelodyMania - 17 dager siden
right now on amazon where i live the x570 tomahawk is $220 but the b550 tomahawk is $250....
matrixist - 17 dager siden
NEVER buy a MB for more that $120. In 23 years I have never found it worth buying a "high end" MB.
DCPLN Garage 玩具模型車庫
Why x570 also call tomahawk?
landis terrell
landis terrell - 19 dager siden
The B450 is the go to for starting an amd build in my opinion. I have one.
Meowcheese 123
Meowcheese 123 - 23 dager siden
who else is buying this just for the "coaster"
Dark Wave62
Dark Wave62 - 22 dager siden
Lmao me
timothy mcfall
timothy mcfall - 23 dager siden
first pc build im planing on going with this board but wanted to know if it would work with a ryzen 7 3700x
Dark Wave62
Dark Wave62 - 22 dager siden
L6 Yurim
L6 Yurim - 24 dager siden
Thanks for the Video. im almost sold. Compare it to Asus Rog Strix B550-F
Mario Ključević
Mario Ključević - 26 dager siden
Should I go with B450 Tomahawk or B550 with this build:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Powercolor RX5700 RedDragon
RAM: 2x8GB Corasiar LPX Vengence 3200MHz
SSD: Patriot 512GB Viper M.2
HD: Seagate Baracuda 1TB 2.5" 5400rpm
SUPPLY: Seasonic Core GM-650W Gold
Thanks in advance :D
Mario Ključević
Mario Ključević - 23 dager siden
@Badock Yeah, my RAM is 3200MHz
Badock - 24 dager siden
B550 if you want the extra ram speed (3200 vs 2666, check the speed of your ram) b450 if you want to save money. But both are good
Touma - 26 dager siden
Too expensive in my country :(
Windwalker76 - 27 dager siden
At the cost of sounding stupid does this mother board come with an io shield/is one needed
Tin Perger
Tin Perger - 27 dager siden
If its only apu compatible does that mean the r7 3700x not compatible
JayzBeerz - 27 dager siden
Just bought this today for $179.99. Free shipping and no tax from Newegg.
ShadowBlade - 27 dager siden
Idk why but the “can I get a hand” part killed me
Sçorpion - 28 dager siden
Bro... please compare all B550 motherboard and test which motherboard has best VRM section for Ryzen 9 3900x.
The Senate
The Senate - 28 dager siden
How many rgb does this motherboard have
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma - 28 dager siden
Can I buy this for R9 3950x ? 💥💥💥
JayzBeerz - 27 dager siden
grape boi
grape boi - 28 dager siden
I just need a board that doesn't suck have WiFi and good rgb. Thinking of getting the asus rog strix b450 f but I'm also torn between that and a tomahawk max can anyone help me? I need the flashback feature from an msi board but I hear most boards now are automatically gen 3 compatible
Purple Monkeys Media Production
Is it compatible with ryzen 9 3600x?
JayzBeerz - 27 dager siden
Rakesh Roy
Rakesh Roy - 29 dager siden
it's very expensive here in India right now but after couple of months price will drop usually as more manufacturers make it available
Cryptonical - Måned siden
I just bought this motherboard today. Gonna build my first ever PC! !!
JayzBeerz - 27 dager siden
@F-22raptor $179.99
F-22raptor - 28 dager siden
how much is it
brygag - Måned siden
my friend asked me if I have ddr4 and I said I don’t play dance dance revolution, sorry!
Wapplesax - Måned siden
1:51 i laughed at this harder than i should have
DÀÑGÈR - Måned siden
Is Asus rog strix B450-f any good?
Ethan Matthews
Ethan Matthews - Måned siden
Ok so. Anyone else see the b450 board jump 100 DOLLARS. THE B550 TOMAHAWK IS CHEAPER THAN THE B450. WTF
Bro PANTHER GAMING - Måned siden
May i use nvidia Graphics card in this motherboard?
Matt Hallmark
Matt Hallmark - Måned siden
Anyone else catch that he called it a b450 tomahawk🤔🤭
Shadow Sonata
Shadow Sonata - Måned siden
With the X570 Tomahawk all but unavailable, how does this compare for a first build (Ryzen 3700x cpu and M.2 for main drive)?
Zero Latency
Zero Latency - Måned siden
This one costs around 245 usd in india
Everything is so cheap in us
junglist1soldier - Måned siden
The fact that you can't use any current APU's makes this a more expensive build when compared to the X570 Tomahawk.
Miki Miku
Miki Miku - Måned siden
6:50 i think i see another 3-pin ARGB connector , isn't it?
ItzMaks - Måned siden
If I would have Ryzen 5 3600x should I buy cheaper X570 motherboard or more expensive B550 ?
Ricardo Ikari
Ricardo Ikari - Måned siden
B550 Msi tomahawk or B550 aorus pro??
Adil Akhtar
Adil Akhtar - Måned siden
Now please test this Motherboard & Give review 💝
Luis Meinl
Luis Meinl - Måned siden
Still getting the b450 tomahawk max 😄
Ayush Pandey
Ayush Pandey - Måned siden
it justifies its price
dunastrig - Måned siden
Rizky Hadi Felani
Rizky Hadi Felani - Måned siden
So B550 now has more features than the old X370 does?
Eric Turchyn
Eric Turchyn - Måned siden
This will work out of box with the Ryzen 5 3600 right?
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown - Måned siden
can someone please help me. If I have a motherboard that has 2 ram slots on it. Should I use 1 ram stick or should i use 2 ram sticks?
LUCA - Måned siden
Is b450 Tomahawk max enough for the 3800x or the 3900x ?
Syed Umar Gillani
Syed Umar Gillani - Måned siden
Is it me or the audio is kind alow? Can't hear well on laptop's speakers, all other videos sound well.
Jaknows 07
Jaknows 07 - Måned siden
Does it have wifi?
simon vr
simon vr - Måned siden
geeze now i know why they name it "motherboard" when u said excuse me miss and that because it full of holes waiting to be plugged in. The namer is bit out of the line, should use something else like female or genus instead if mother
Jayden tran
Jayden tran - Måned siden
Currently I’m running a steel legend b450 but if i ever do upgrade my motherboard I going with a Steel Legend model
BonoZ - Måned siden
I just bought one! cheers for the in-depth review kyle!
Mohammed Maaz
Mohammed Maaz - Måned siden
8:50 is the $$$
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez - Måned siden
so would this board work good with ryzen 7 3700x and 2070 super?
Dark Wave62
Dark Wave62 - 22 dager siden
Yes of course
ItzJack - Måned siden
thank you so much for making. I m planning on buying this but there was nothing that went this indepth. I really appriciate it, and i thank you. +1 subscription +1 like
David Fanai
David Fanai - Måned siden
"You mother board" i see what you did there...mate
Credon Greycloak
Credon Greycloak - Måned siden
Hi =) will the 3.2 gen 1 usb header on the B550 work with the NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-B1 front panel 3.2 gen 2 usb case port?
Matthew McKenzie
Matthew McKenzie - Måned siden
Tiny hand is the best addition to the bitwit cinematic universe
Juro Villafuerte
Juro Villafuerte - Måned siden
this is so confusing, this b550 is 10$ more expensive than an MSI x570 A Pro. Is there something im missing here but isnt x570 supposed to be better and more expensive? im not complaining tho but just making sure before i jumo that x570
A.G. - Måned siden
Why motherboard still has PS/2 port when all of keyboard/mouse, even affordable/cheap one nowadays only use USB?
OMEGA GAMING - Måned siden
B550 taichi is the best looking motherboard in B550 category
Black-Zombie13 - Måned siden
Brie Marie
Brie Marie - Måned siden
kyle: *makes dad joke* me: *instantly likes video* XD
HoffDaddy - Måned siden
Are they sold out? Any idea when more stock is coming?
Tony Caldwell
Tony Caldwell - Måned siden
When can we expect to see a review?
xd rubyracer
xd rubyracer - Måned siden
When does this board come out?
myTechniQue - Måned siden
Please don't out a stupid face on the thumb nail, your better than that.
Tony Caldwell
Tony Caldwell - Måned siden
Hey y'all, I'm stuck on which Mobo to get. I have a 3700x and I'm just stuck on what to pair it with. $200 budget. I thought 450 tomahawk but with the 550 release I'm unsure.
Geoff Plant
Geoff Plant - Måned siden
I can't watch or listen if you got no subtitles in english!!!
Умберто Молдаван
X370 C6H!!!
GameplayRoom - Måned siden
And I'm still using MSI h61 motherboard and i5 3570 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Guille G
Guille G - Måned siden
we can use a WiFi card with this one ..... I am ready to build a budget computer :)
Kenchan1337 - Måned siden
so when will you review the rest of them? :P
Michael Adlawan
Michael Adlawan - Måned siden
Hey wits, does the b550 mortar have the same specs and features as the b550 tomahawk? Just wanna know if the mortar is just an matc version of the tomahawk. Planning on a matx build.
Steve Maxwell
Steve Maxwell - Måned siden
Sort out the cooling on your current setup, clean it, add some memory, update your storage/GPU. Wait for Zen 3!
B550 pricing is the final nail in the coffin for building now.
How many of your builds-at-all-budgets will you be choosing the B550 for???
Tony C
Tony C - Måned siden
No Clear cmos button. Come on MSI throw that in the bag.
Eric Draven
Eric Draven - Måned siden
ASUS has never failed on me, can’t help but keep going with them.
Ario Irani
Ario Irani - Måned siden
Bruh why do you make such... 'weird' faces on every one of your video thumbs? You scare people away instead of enticing them with those... faces.
o sighhh
o sighhh - Måned siden
anyone know when these will start to ship? Ordered one recently just hyped to get it
Kouki Munster
Kouki Munster - Måned siden
just ordered one a few minutes ago to replace my tomahawk max. already sold out again lol. reminds me of the ol ebay auction sniping days
Sleepnow - Måned siden
hey man can you do a review of the msi mag x570 tomahawk wifi? would really appreciate it. thanks
Formulamatt - Måned siden
will this board be good with the ryzen 5 3600 and a gigabyte Geforce RTX 2070 SUPER
sibtain ali
sibtain ali - Måned siden
I will be happy to pay 6 $ more for the TUF x570 than this.