Lord have mercy, this build looks insane (The Shooby Build Part 2)

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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 17:40


WaVe Scar
WaVe Scar - 2 dager siden
talk to much
Lucifer Sephiroth Avalon Dieguez
Il back plate bitwits banna sanctum to the door 208
brianr101010 - 3 dager siden
Bad runs, poop humor. L:ove it.
Grant Hildreth
Grant Hildreth - 22 dager siden
I think that Kyle, Linus, and Ed from Techsource (contestants can vary) should be in a pc build competition to see who has the best mini-itx build with a custom watercooled loop. Time, cable management, design, layout, etc. can be used to score how well the contestants did
They would be working with the same artist (or whatever) to make a backplate for a gpu. The problem with this is that the artist cant work with them all at one time.
Also for the time aspect have them film all the time they spent on the pc. This is so that if they have a busy schedule then it wont take off the points of a build.
ALSO MOST IMPORTANTLY the judges should first prove that a custom watercooled mini-itx build IS POSSIBLE. If not, then we can just do it with micro-atx, right?
Demertech official
Demertech official - 23 dager siden
12:30 it's gonna go straight up the straight in
CoolerQuill3658 - Måned siden
I love the way he says that’s what she said mid sentence without even changing tone
Lolifico !
Lolifico ! - Måned siden
Even if I'm born in 2003 ... I'm too old for this shit ...
SolarFlareGaming - Måned siden
Can I just say I love your use of Synth power music in your build sequences lol
dunastrig - Måned siden
Ganesh Iyappan
Ganesh Iyappan - Måned siden
Why don't you make another smaller backplate for the SODIMM.2 module so you could not just use the nvme, but also the argb header as well.
Sickø x
Sickø x - Måned siden
Put the shooby on the psu
Ramu - Måned siden
Why didn't you just use a bigger MOBO or case? I get that this was specific parts, but I wonder if a lot of this could have been avoided, with a little check on PC part picker. BTW a huge fan of your channel, really not trying to be critical, just curious about the process on this.
Arnold F
Arnold F - Måned siden
you've no idea how to make watercooling like most of youtubers, everything is wrong there.
_Gta V_
_Gta V_ - Måned siden
Am I the only one who likes small cases.?
Kyle Orr
Kyle Orr - Måned siden
Nice Between the Buried and Me shirt \m/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Voltic Reaper472
Voltic Reaper472 - Måned siden
If you’re seeing this comment.... HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!
Theblackpaprika - Måned siden
Just a curious question? Is there a benefit to running the water from radiator to another radiator?
creepysplatter - Måned siden
My dad's ssd costs as much as an rtx 2080 ti. He actually has a 16 terabyte ssd. I have no idea why he can't just use a hard drive, he hardly accesses all his files. If you are wondering why he needs so much space, he has pretty much every f1 race ever recorded on downloaded on his pc.
Christopher Hailey
Christopher Hailey - Måned siden
drive performance over bling smh
Oscar Fernandez
Oscar Fernandez - Måned siden
Just changer the motherboard to much problem just from that motherboard
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez - Måned siden
just change that case, so much drama
C:\ampbell - Måned siden
excessive fittings bad
ThePhenomf4 - Måned siden
Let Paul cut a piece from the corner so you can mount the backplate
Kepler - Måned siden
I love seeing the process of planning out water cooling
Bear Wanderer
Bear Wanderer - Måned siden
It looks nice for sure, just so many fitting and extenders lol. That is the only thing that turns me off. But I sure it will look good once everything is turned on and the led are blue will be barely noticeable.
DaMrGreiv - Måned siden
This build should have actually used soft tubing. With the case being transported often, I would be too uncomfortable with the hard line fittings keeping hold. The vibrations and bumps would make me fear too much for a tube to come lose.
Qz Xyst
Qz Xyst - Måned siden
why bother putting a super large water pump that eats nearly 30% of your space in a pc build for travel..
Nikko Rico
Nikko Rico - Måned siden
I think that if you put the shooby rgb plate just behind that low front tube run from the pump to the GPU, and mount it vertically, it would look great and hide the power cables. You would of course need a smaller plate though.
Victor Becker
Victor Becker - Måned siden
Unpopular opinion. I dont like custom water loops, I love water cooling but not custom loops. I would rather have a custom AIO made that just looks cool rather than a bunch of tubes running all over the place.
Ideally I would have it in a way where I could water cool but never see any tubes at all. Just a radiator and the cooler on the cpu, like its magic or something.
Cataclist - Måned siden
at 17:01 on Kyles monitor it says "Activate Windows"
SteveAkaGoatpile - Måned siden
Not your best build, man.
TheFourthWinchester - Måned siden
This build is unnecessarily complicated and not what Shubham needs.
Ricky_ Drillz
Ricky_ Drillz - Måned siden
That's why i dont use ITX case ever cause I like to have room for activities
SirTragain - Måned siden
09:45 That's what she said but in this case (Pun) I disagree; all those elbows on top of the PSU IMHO looks like 5#!7
MattabytesOfRAM - Måned siden
Shooby plate on the powersupply my guy
Gamer Andrew
Gamer Andrew - Måned siden
I’m so sad😭My computer just stopped working and I need a new one but don’t know what will be good I just really need one but can really afford it I almost can but cant😭
Leif-Eric Hansens
Leif-Eric Hansens - Måned siden
Longer fitting runs than actual tube runs ;)
Mr. Manager
Mr. Manager - Måned siden
So when are those Noctua A12 Chromax fans hitting the market for the rest of us? You know you want to tell us. It'll be our little [not a] secret.
45TaleGaming - Måned siden
just get a different motherboard it will solve so many issues
Chun Meng
Chun Meng - Måned siden
not sure how to feel about seeing a sponsor spot for a motherboard that buildzoid roasted tbh
Anthony - Måned siden
Probably just would have looked better with a nice CPU air cooler, given the use of a bunch of extenders.
Belia Carey
Belia Carey - Måned siden
Jerahmeel Regala
Jerahmeel Regala - Måned siden
So the whole reason it's in this tiny case is so he can "take it on the go"?
Do people really do this frequently enough?
WaxJedi Gaming
WaxJedi Gaming - Måned siden
idk that bottom tube looks outta place. I would've extended it down another inch or so and had it more in line with the other tube that's leaving the res. It'd make it look more even
Wolverinester - Måned siden
Shirsho Chowdhury
Shirsho Chowdhury - Måned siden
Hey Kyle u noob,Lyle is a Pro 🔥
ItsGoofygoff - Måned siden
When you realize that kyle entirely neglected his 011d build for this
P Enn
P Enn - Måned siden
Cool case. But you'd have saved yourself TONS of time and headaches if you had suggested a bigger case.
Not to mention the aggravation of replacing / upgrading something down the road....
Francesco - Måned siden
Just tell the guy that this build cant be done lol
John-Paul Tolczyk
John-Paul Tolczyk - Måned siden
looking good kale love it
voli bur
voli bur - Måned siden
I wish I could have that kind of pc for my graduation gift, btw I'm a fan of lyle(lol) from philippines❤️
10NobodyElse - Måned siden
The whole build is so impractical, honestly you should’ve just changed the MoBo and case, but I see why this may seem challenging
LayTo87 - Måned siden
Hay Kyle! I think that the tube that's going from the pump to the GPU has to a liiittle bit shorter because the fitting looks a little bended to the left and it doesn't look so good. That's my opinion. Overall it looks killing good!
theirhighness - Måned siden
Thumbs up for cool music
Nathan C
Nathan C - Måned siden
Would a curved rgb plate just behind the reservoir look good or be do-able? Letters may not be visible but maybe some kinda pattern?
Shubhagat Chowdhury
Shubhagat Chowdhury - Måned siden
Where is part 3 to this build? Can't seem to find it.. Was it not completed?
Steveindajeep - Måned siden
Fractal needs to make a meshify Nano S.
Vath - Måned siden
Why not make the shooby backplate slightly less longer and still put it on the gpu if he cant do a custom curved cutout? A smaller rectangle will still look good imo.
Ayoub Harry
Ayoub Harry - Måned siden
hi kyle i need a pc with some graphique power and my budget is 400$ i live in morroco the problem is everything in pcpartpicker is 2 time higher then what's in her so i have no idea what to do can you bplz help me to the right direction
Anurag Deshpande
Anurag Deshpande - Måned siden
The pipes are "funky"
vibr031 - Måned siden
why don"t u try to cut the corner side of the shooby black plate see if it works using saw or cutting tool....btw it dont't really fit afterall might as well try to cut the corner of it and hopefully works
MrHusain5253 - Måned siden
seems more like a compromise build xD
arnav chauhan
arnav chauhan - Måned siden
Plszszsz do its giveaway to me plszszszs
MikeSaiyan - Måned siden
What exactly does this guy do with all the pc's he builds?
Santanu Sarkar
Santanu Sarkar - Måned siden
Part 3 please
ste wills
ste wills - Måned siden
Far too many fittings in that, tube and bends only are the way to go with hardlines. If you cant do it, soft tubes.
Shahriar Fahim
Shahriar Fahim - Måned siden
parts are expensive but idk why the build looks kinda ugly
Muhammad Pambudi
Muhammad Pambudi - Måned siden
well that's a dedication
JGX86 - Måned siden
make a small backplate for the nvme m.2 card?
Joe - Måned siden
if your using clear fluid i think shooby back plate would look good shining from behind the reservoir
Chew_bacca 1138
Chew_bacca 1138 - Måned siden
I need me a friend like kyle to build me a demon machine like that.
Hardcaslte - Måned siden
I just can't see how the front fans are going to get any air at all when they're filling up almost the entire front panel area.
Nik Lutz
Nik Lutz - Måned siden
Let’s see how many fittings can be used in one PC Build.
Sam Montecalvo
Sam Montecalvo - Måned siden
Put a plate on the power supply, I’d look really good
Vecra - Måned siden
Can’t wait intill this quarantine is over so I can get a new pc I need a upgrade lol badly.😂
RadicalxEdward - Måned siden
Why do youtubers always rely so much on fittings, wouldn’t it look better to just make the bends with the tubing? Yeah it’s a little harder but it looks so much better than a bunch of black fittings
RadicalxEdward - Måned siden
Man, soooooooo many compromises just to use mini itx / this specific case
istevens78 - Måned siden
I would mount the backplate on the exterior of the case or attach it to the window.
Nathaniel Washington
Nathaniel Washington - Måned siden
felt like i was watching a rocky montage
Dom Swooz
Dom Swooz - Måned siden
this is becoming a series lol im like tuning in....
Rekasetii - Måned siden
-i dont know THAT much about pc's but isnt a 3900x a bit overkill for a 1080ti?-
bryan diel
bryan diel - Måned siden
The more fittings you add, the more the possibility it will leak! Lyle will break and roast you on this one!! You gotta use the back plate somewhere!!
MrStoffzor - Måned siden
always ironic to see intel ads in videos with AMD builds.
Alfie Bennion
Alfie Bennion - Måned siden
So did anyone else recognise that piece of music from the first little montage from Abroad in Japan?
black2007cobaltss - Måned siden
Kyle! Machine/modify the rgb back plate to get a custom fit
Raja - Måned siden
You can make a rgb custom psu shroud so it can look aweso...as this one with lyle
Jeffrey - Måned siden
dont like it, really really dont like your loop, dont like your big ass reservoir and dont like how you only use 1 fan on ur radiator.
Its not neat, minimal and asteathic (or whatever the language) No, this can be optimised.
like, allign youre tubing and well shit if youre doing it anyway then make a custom motherboard tray (BLACK PAINT + ACRYL) with holes perfectly alligned with youre psu wires.
i would want to go on and on but im gonna watch a new declassified video so yeah thats where i got my amazing eye from, guy's an artist.
good luck with youre build you'll make somebody love it tho only it wont be yourself cause you can do better bro
badejong - Måned siden
Creative? Yes! Complete waste of fittings? Yes!
Jai Vignesh
Jai Vignesh - Måned siden
High End PCs aside!
I'm not able to boot with my OLD GPU! HELP!
Omar OJ
Omar OJ - Måned siden
this case is a mistake tbh
Clint Bishop
Clint Bishop - Måned siden
Why would you make a water cooling setup for someone who did not built it? When will they maintain it...
mr.imjustgood - Måned siden
I flagged your video were you bullied the weeb for no reason
Harry - Måned siden
Why did you not swap the in and out on the front radiator? Would have made the visible tube run front to back (plus save millions of fittings)
Isaac Fagan
Isaac Fagan - Måned siden
Yo that computer is sick I play fortnite on a Nintendo switch lol I don’t even have a doc
1000 Contents
1000 Contents - Måned siden
Am i the only one here watching from a g2030 and a fake 730 card. I hope i have build that has good enough specs to run pubg lite 😢
Harrison Bradley
Harrison Bradley - Måned siden
I NEED A PC....can u send me one
Love your vids
Have loved your channel for so long and it makes me jealous that you can get pcs
With the click of your finger.
I've been waiting a year for a pc and am still stuck with a ps4
Love your vids
If it's possible to send me a pc
I know it's sketch
BryguyFN - Måned siden
When bitwit gets 1mil because of sssniperwolf
43 Shades
43 Shades - Måned siden
Advice.... Is it worth buying a new graphics card now or wait?
Omar - Måned siden
Use a bigger case !?
Elwin Zepar
Elwin Zepar - Måned siden
I still don't understand that Why didn't you use a bigger cabinet anyway ? That would have saved all of your extra efforts and extra hours !
And also that custom backplate would also have first place in a big case than this.