LG might be one of the best things to happen to PC gaming in 2020 *moans in 4K 160Hz* #LGUltraGear

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Building upon what was already a great year for their gaming products, LG's upcoming lineup of hardware for 2020 looks promising asf if you're a PC gamer.
Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video!
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LG might be one of the best things to happen to PC gaming. These monitors...

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 07:54


Bitwit - 7 måneder siden
El Grapa
El Grapa - 6 måneder siden
"LG might be one of the best things to happen to PC gaming in 2020" "sponsored by LG" lol hack fraud
Mega Disaster04
Mega Disaster04 - 6 måneder siden
I have a dad
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee - 6 måneder siden
Great looking and specs from LG I hope you get one of them gaming monitors for a hands on review. Can I also state I'm loving the new style of vids and hope you build another great PC with it.
Kenny TWD
Kenny TWD - 6 måneder siden
Bitwit how dare u
Osker26 G
Osker26 G - 6 måneder siden
@gtarman8d yes the odyssey g9
Cons2911 - Dag siden
I want one, but in 1440p
edilions - 5 dager siden
what is the link for that cool looking Vesa with the upcoming LG monitor ?
R V - 10 dager siden
No HDMI 2.1. It’s ruined.
PCMASTERACE - 17 dager siden
Looks expensive !!
Ian Talker
Ian Talker - Måned siden
The 950 just came up for pre order on amazon. Can't wait.
Raphat - Måned siden
"This video is sponsored by LG", I stopped the video.
DisCoM - Måned siden
I'm waiting for this monitor 160Hz is just right I'm fine with 144Hz and res is fine at 2k 4k you will play at 60fps and that's just bad
Maurice Timmermans
Maurice Timmermans - Måned siden
i need this 27GN950 in my life!
dkimmortal - 2 måneder siden
If it’s hdr 600, does it have local dimming zones
ahmed elnaggar
ahmed elnaggar - 2 måneder siden
lg 27gn950 can change resoluation to 1440p in some games?
Kris Thrasher
Kris Thrasher - 2 måneder siden
Seems like a nice 4k Monitor, but im wondering how they are going to deliver a good HDR experience when the panel doesn´t have local dimming.
I mean, how is the panel going to create a high contrast? 600 nits brightness are nice, but in a darker scene with bright lights how is it going to deliver more than the typical 1000:1 IPS contrast?
Frank Alvarado
Frank Alvarado - 2 måneder siden
Has anyone heard any good things about the lg ultra gear 24GN50W-B?
Jason Perez
Jason Perez - 3 måneder siden
0:00 "sponsored by LG" *moves on to another video*
joko wuri
joko wuri - 3 måneder siden
That ultrawide might be on my monitor list... 🤔🤔
Henry Edwards
Henry Edwards - 3 måneder siden
Has the 27GN950 got HDMI 2.1?
cgball10_ps3 - 4 måneder siden
literally nowhere to buy this tho
Ethan Tuttle
Ethan Tuttle - 4 måneder siden
R.I.P graphics card
anikanbounty97 - 4 måneder siden
does it have super resolution +? My lg 27uk650 has that
Boldizsár Fiser
Boldizsár Fiser - 5 måneder siden
what do you think how much will the 27 inch lg gaming be????
Water Cat
Water Cat - 5 måneder siden
I'm not indressing buy monitor I don't know way I wach the video Enyway
Ruben Rivera
Ruben Rivera - 5 måneder siden
Great products across the board.
Barry Perry
Barry Perry - 5 måneder siden
why don't lg do curved monitors
Andrew Cook
Andrew Cook - 5 måneder siden
I've just bought this monitor. I've got an msi 1070 gaming x GPU. Will it be alright to run it at 1440p?
Sydneysidesteve - 6 måneder siden
So which LG monitor is 144Hz, with 1MS response time and is 2K #Bitwit?
Darren 100
Darren 100 - 6 måneder siden
They only just released the 38gl950g which was shown at ces2019. So expect these the end of 2020
Austin Bennett
Austin Bennett - 6 måneder siden
I wish I had a monitor at all I have a ps4 now and a desk keep up the good work man GGS
Hitmanhitman21 - 6 måneder siden
0:49 "A crosshair for low-key cheaters.." lol
anikanbounty97 - 4 måneder siden
hows a crosshair cheating?
TaysonPlaysGuitar - 6 måneder siden
I bought LG's 27GL850-B and received it yesterday. I'm in love with it. I was playing in 4k 60hz before but decided I'd rather have a faster refresh rate for my online games. And with this monitor the colors are so damn good it more than makes up for the lower resolution I was used to. No dead pixels and no noticeable backlight bleed.
IrelandVonVicious - 6 måneder siden
Couldn't watch your ad.
Let us know when you go back to content.
Bartek Kay
Bartek Kay - 6 måneder siden
When will these be available or purchase?
DarkRoe The Nin-Bot
DarkRoe The Nin-Bot - 6 måneder siden
4:34 I thought Windows Vista was booting for a second with that music swap XD
Randy Mayr
Randy Mayr - 6 måneder siden
You were in a Pewdiepie video
PSYCHO - 6 måneder siden
*Screws it with confidence*
Kandy Randy
Kandy Randy - 6 måneder siden
Why wasn’t there a skip button on this add?
Rolfathan - 6 måneder siden
"Features tru-motion" UUGGGHHHH tell me you can turn in off. I've never seen anyone do it well. Ever.
Evan C
Evan C - 6 måneder siden
Oh Kyle, what happened to you?!?!!  You left out that the 38's functional response time is not really 1ms, and that the HDR is not actual HDR but fake-HDR.  Never mind the refresh issues (reading reviews of having to turn down refresh below 144hz to avoid tearing at high resolutions) AND the continued problems with huge amounts of backlight bleed.  Wtf is with this ad video/press release nonsense Kyle.......   hope their next iteration of 38" high-end monitors fulfill the promises the 2019 ultra 38" was supposed to be.......
Evan C
Evan C - 6 måneder siden
Sadly the LG ultra 38" is not the landmark monitor LG hyped it up as being. It deserves to be returned much like my 38" alienware monitor was. Were just not there yet........
Wade Robinson
Wade Robinson - 6 måneder siden
When does that 4K 160hz monitor release????
Jose Cervantes
Jose Cervantes - 6 måneder siden
Games without crosshairs should be a crime.
Thunder Draws
Thunder Draws - 6 måneder siden
okay what the heck this is actually the perfect monitor judging from the specs - even color calibrated? design + game - exactly what I need

*looks at wallet* okay no
edit: the 4k 160Hz one
MeanderingRios - 6 måneder siden
You think they'll make that exact monitor in a 32"?
Moussa Razer
Moussa Razer - 6 måneder siden
how to get 4k at 144hz+ ?
even with hdmi 2.1 we get max 4k 120hz...
ldn - 6 måneder siden
No one seems to be talking about the lg 34gn850. Wqhd 144hz 1ms
Fabulous Canuck
Fabulous Canuck - 6 måneder siden
(floppy disc)
"yall have more than 10mb"
LILAQUATH - 6 måneder siden
When will these monitors be availabe??
WiiamGamer55 - 6 måneder siden
I will get the LG 32un880 if the contrast is at 1,300:1 and flicker free
Abraham Perez
Abraham Perez - 6 måneder siden
webOs means balls in spanish, did ya know?
Blue Sword
Blue Sword - 6 måneder siden
literally just an ad. i guess this is what happens when youtubers try to make careers off their videos...
Yuke Gaming
Yuke Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Gonna have measured 750:1 contrast like all other LG nanoIPS panels, NEXT SHILL PLEASE.
Rick Bailey
Rick Bailey - 6 måneder siden
nah id say samsung is better
AJHUSTLE12 - 6 måneder siden
was he drunk when editing this video (not an insult, i enjoyed it)
LRRPEXILE - 6 måneder siden
That’s it?...27”... 2020 We need 43” and above!
Christian - 6 måneder siden
Goddamn that projector looks sweet :O
The Official Nerds
The Official Nerds - 6 måneder siden
I like how all the 4k to 1080p comparison fotage for ads show 1080p all pixelated and then show 4k normal.
Matthew Hafner
Matthew Hafner - 6 måneder siden
Damn, that projector actually looks really tempting.
TheGangster1023 - 6 måneder siden
3:47 Anyone who has these headphones will know why I'm pointing this out
I Toohat
I Toohat - 6 måneder siden
Legend has it that LG have released the GL850, although I am yet to see one in stock. LG need to get their sh1+ together 🤪
bannedfromtv - 6 måneder siden
get that sponsor money kyle!
Angel Manuel Perez
Angel Manuel Perez - 6 måneder siden
That projector is incredibly tempting rn...
Braxton Everheart
Braxton Everheart - 6 måneder siden
For all us low-key cheaters? I feel SO attacked. . . D:
Patrick Collins
Patrick Collins - 6 måneder siden
Given the episode of Awesome hardware where he admonished Paul for actually paying for a cpu, plus Kyle’s recent video shamelessly begging for parts, I’m more than a little suspicious that Kyle just wants a shiny new monitor.
Luke Wilmer
Luke Wilmer - 6 måneder siden
Still no OLED “monitor.” The CX OLED will hands down the best display for virtually every PC purpose save for E-Sports, once an HDMI 2.1 GPU is released. 4K, 120hz, perfect blacks, and colors, true HDR, less than 6 Ms input lag (better than many monitors, and a better measure than just pixel response time). Looks like I’m running a long HDMI into my living room from my desk.
DeadHead Gaming
DeadHead Gaming - 6 måneder siden
Can anyone recommend me a case? I'd like to have lots of space for cable management and the 2 Thermaltake fan controller boxes I have and it also needs to fit a 240mm rad in push-pull and a 360mm rad also in push-pull. The 240 might be upgraded to a 360 but we'll see
Mork the Chicken
Mork the Chicken - 6 måneder siden
YouTube comment
Nemesis1ism - 6 måneder siden
This guy defines what a shill is.
Mario S
Mario S - 6 måneder siden
You didn't go to CES I couldn't tell.
Avieshek - 6 måneder siden
"Pause" 0:00
V1gur0us F4pp3r
V1gur0us F4pp3r - 6 måneder siden
Yeah, but how much is it
EpicKramerVoyager - 6 måneder siden
....i wish the ultra gear would come in white....why did i do a white system build....
Con Dawg
Con Dawg - 6 måneder siden
I'd say 1080p monitors are the best for gaming
anikanbounty97 - 4 måneder siden
@Alan Tipping i got lucky and got vega vii free from rma and sold an old crt monitor for $410 few yrs ago and bought lg 27uk650 monitor for $450
Alan Tipping
Alan Tipping - 4 måneder siden
@anikanbounty97 well yes if you have a great graphics card and the money for a 4k monitor but a great many games are optimised for lower resolution if you want good frame rates .
anikanbounty97 - 4 måneder siden
4k where it at.
Alan Tipping
Alan Tipping - 6 måneder siden
probably for the next 3 years at least . then the next gen games will require even more expensive hardware to get the best from them . personally think they should spend some money on better game content rather than ever higher graphic quality .
Clueless - 6 måneder siden
Lol love the vids. Bro
MASON_THE_BIGMAN HD - 6 måneder siden
how do you go about getting all of the stuff you do to make videos... like how do you even begin to get companies like Asus to send you things? lol
Dima Zeru
Dima Zeru - 6 måneder siden
Here to say: VERGE HAS NO POWAH HERE! We stand united!
Manually checking the channel each day, no need for YT to recommend me stuff.
urek mazino
urek mazino - 6 måneder siden
crosshairs for low key cheater , Ouch!
econ0611 - 6 måneder siden
Shut up and take my money!!
Ryan Jack
Ryan Jack - 6 måneder siden
So I get kyle is trying to recommend products for us but for real we know LG is a top sponsor/partner for kyle so I really can't take this video (only about lg) and his opinion with any value.... He recommends speakers on a monitor that he never heard before like wtf it can't be more obvious.
anikanbounty97 - 4 måneder siden
all monitor speakers are crap
austin penner
austin penner - 6 måneder siden
Could you hook up a ps5 up to the hdmi and get 4k 120?
wyatt rommel
wyatt rommel - 6 måneder siden
*shows amazing projector*
Me: this is my next purchase
*says its $1800*
Me: I mean next purchase when I'm 30
selohcin - 6 måneder siden
I REALLY want that first one. When is it coming?
Butter Milk
Butter Milk - 6 måneder siden
Shut the f off trumotion
Tech News for Tech Noobs
Tech News for Tech Noobs - 6 måneder siden
I keep seeing, hearing, and reading about an ultrawide variant of that 27GN950-B monitor everyone is going ga-ga over, but I have yet to actually see any actual info on it. I don't suppose you found and yet, have you?
MOnK - 6 måneder siden
Eh I could have guessed its an ad when looking at that title
Cameron - 6 måneder siden
You’ll have to run every game at lowest settings to get 4K 160 FPS lol... even then most games won’t reach it
anikanbounty97 - 4 måneder siden
more like any game
Nate Hale
Nate Hale - 6 måneder siden
at 4:47, the guys headphones are on backwards
THE MAD TECHIE - 6 måneder siden
LG also currently sells a 32 inch 1440p 75hz freesync IPS panel for only 249 Bucks (got one on sale fro 219), while 75hz does not scream whoop high-end gaming panel, it will make a great panel for my Office at work. YEARS ago (2000) a study was done to see what refresh rate was needed to be ergonomically "flicker free" and the study found that it needed to be 72hz or higher(this does not mean you cannot perceive faster as some interpreted it) so vesa put out a new standard for monitors to be 72hz, so most early LCD panels from pre 2006 by companies like Viewsonic have a 72hz mode(note this is 50% of 144hz, not a coincidence). Then companies like Samsung, Sony, and NEC put pressure on VESA and came up instead with a formula that basically allowed them to fudge the math to convince people 60hz was acceptable so the standard was changed for LCDs (they did this because they had millions , i.e. years worth of cheap signal processors in stock that could produce a 60hz signal, and it would cost a few dollars per panel to change the processor {sunk cost} and they did not want to throw out those processors, and wanted to maximize profit and soon it became the accepted industry standard. With small processors becoming faster and faster and cheaper and cheaper, companies no longer want to produce those really slow signal processors.) Long story short 75hz is not great but it will reduce eye strain over 60hz.
LogdroPPer SaVant
LogdroPPer SaVant - 6 måneder siden
How can it be Display HDR 600 certified (which is already, in and of itself, a meaningless certification, so far as HDR base competency is concerned), while also having a peak brightness of 450nits?
Classic tech youtuber tech-illiteracy rears its head once again...
Darkfrostfall - 6 måneder siden
Now all we need is a GPU that can actually drive it
StrikeByte - 6 måneder siden
if I had 1800 dollars I may just get that projector... or I'd stuff it in my savings account to help pay for a house...
Miguel Acosta
Miguel Acosta - 6 måneder siden
i didnt like to look at JPG images of the devices you were talking about but i still love your content so i clicked a like
Alex Wright
Alex Wright - 6 måneder siden
This sounds like a fancy ad 😅😂
ldn - 6 måneder siden
If the 27GN950 is an unreleased model announced at CES, why do some people already own it?
I see reviews left on websites where it is out of stock
ZioN DannY
ZioN DannY - 6 måneder siden
LG advertisement
Saksham Pandla
Saksham Pandla - 6 måneder siden
RGB improves performance 😂😂😂
Bjørn Bentsen
Bjørn Bentsen - 6 måneder siden
That LG 38WN95C would look awsome on my desk... very nice LG - 4K gaming ? we baerly have HW that can run AAA games at +144fps at 1440p, so running AAA games at +144fps at 4K we still need 2x2080ti... So Nvidia, AMD, Intel, get going fgs... ;)
iamdeadinside - 6 måneder siden
I don't get why 4K at 27 inches and not at 32, though 😕
Danny Eberhart
Danny Eberhart - 6 måneder siden
Bitwit: Home theater without the cost and complexity they're often bundled with!

Me: Opens Amazon Link!

Amazon Link: $1,796.99

Me: Closes Amazon Link!
DaddyLikesBeer - 6 måneder siden
LG has made me a believer. I grabbed one of last years ultragear monitors and it has far exceeded my expectations. I have no need to upgrade but I'm eyeballing that new 4k monitor
Manny Calavera
Manny Calavera - 6 måneder siden
Just bought a 32" 1440P Ultragear 650F-B. The new ones are crazy $$$$!
Davor Bertovic
Davor Bertovic - 6 måneder siden
Would be nicer to write specs on the screen when talking about a product. Pretty hard to follow all the numbers when you aren't a native English speaker
Thunder Life
Thunder Life - 6 måneder siden
Not gonna lie I like high end PCs because they aren't slow. Even if I did absolutely nothing with my PC I would still get a high end one to guarantee performance.