It was going so well until this happened (overkill H1 build)

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Stuffing a stupid amount of overkill hardware in the NZXT H1 and well...let's just say I found the limits of the case.
:+:+:THE BUILD:+:+:
NZXT H1 (Case, PSU, Cooler):
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X:
Gigabyte X570-I Aorus Pro WiFi:
Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x16GB) DDR4-3200:
Corsair MP600 2TB NVMe M.2:
Corsair ML140 Pro:
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So lit, it doesn't fit. Absolute overkill H1 build lol

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 19:15


Paxton5.0 - 3 timer siden
Iplayontrackpad R.G
Iplayontrackpad R.G - Dag siden
"We're going to do the responsible thing and pull out"- Kyle
that caught me so off guard.
Lars - 2 dager siden
“Drunk Technology”
Tyler King
Tyler King - 7 dager siden
Do Geeek A60 Plus hardline liquid cooled
Garrett Taylor
Garrett Taylor - 7 dager siden
Glass panel to see what tho it could have been vented for airflow overkill.
DivineArtemis - 7 dager siden
I doubt his sanity but it was entertaining.
jef hemmje
jef hemmje - 7 dager siden
Can it fit a ROG STRIX-GTX1080-O8G-GAMING
? want to upgrade when the new 3080ti coms out and want to use my old stuff (i7 8700k - GTX 1080) in a H1 for my TV
NectoHD - 7 dager siden
best part 14:56
VideoGameVeenok - 8 dager siden
the cleanest war
the cleanest war - 8 dager siden
3:28 did he... did he really just make a Stepbrothers reference? so subtle it was almost undetectable.
Cole J. Franchuk
Cole J. Franchuk - 8 dager siden
Was kyle drunk in this vid?
BANT3R - 9 dager siden
2:13 cool aid
yumi - 9 dager siden
lmfao i’m crying 😭🤣
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar - 10 dager siden
As a Canadian, hearing it as "en ZEE ex tee" is so weird, I've always said and heard it as "en ZED ex tee"
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar - 8 dager siden
@koojina lawl fair enough, but En Zed Ex Tee just sounds right to me, Zee just sounds weird
koojina lawl
koojina lawl - 8 dager siden
As a Canadain I've always said and heard it as En Zee Ex Tee. Weird right.
Professionally Stupid
Professionally Stupid - 10 dager siden
The number of puns he used in this video
HAPPY DAYS - 12 dager siden
Every time I saw your videos I feel motivated and broke at the same time 😆
Square - 13 dager siden
i swear he took some drugs
ZOZ - 14 dager siden
10:56 its spongebob!!
Trapadeus Mozart
Trapadeus Mozart - 14 dager siden
"Goo Gone changed my life" ~Kyle
Kryptic kos
Kryptic kos - 14 dager siden
When you threw the gpu box I almost had a heart attack
crimescene25 - 15 dager siden
Pfffff no SLI!?
Sam - 15 dager siden
Jesus Kyle did crack before thus video or something 😄
Its Polar
Its Polar - 15 dager siden
I honestly would keep that caution sticker on the glass makes it look cooler personally
Omnipotat0 - 15 dager siden
Buying this one
M.S.Prasad Rao.
M.S.Prasad Rao. - 15 dager siden
Worst very distracting & stupid voice over video, I'll not Subscribe to this stupid Vblog
mynamesblurr - 16 dager siden
“We’re ganna do the responsible thing and pull out here”
Oatepicness - 16 dager siden
Bruh I need this
No One At All
No One At All - 17 dager siden
No 4k?
AJ Al-Basha
AJ Al-Basha - 18 dager siden
Watching this at 1.25 speed is even better!
Arizona ranger with a bigger iron
8:06 that’s what she said
Josh Bradway
Josh Bradway - 21 dag siden
The enthusiasm in this vid is amazing! I mean he’s super excited!
Tsiney Kinori
Tsiney Kinori - 21 dag siden
How about you make a thinner but longer diy cooler for that m.2 ssd? Make it a short and cropped video =)
Brandon Bennett
Brandon Bennett - 23 dager siden
Kyle: I'm gonna need two hands for this.
Everyone watching: I bet you dont say that everyday
A Dor
A Dor - 24 dager siden
My EVGA 2070 Super FTW3 didn’t fit :(
• iSRMyers •
• iSRMyers • - 24 dager siden
you are still not wrong about the first thing in this video
Baseball3Weston 12
Baseball3Weston 12 - 24 dager siden
Can we get a compilation of all Kyle's parodies
Nicholas Eley
Nicholas Eley - 24 dager siden
Wa chaw it’s made out of medal 😂😂😂😂
LiamJeffrey8 - 24 dager siden
I was nervous this whole video
Gregory Busuioc
Gregory Busuioc - 24 dager siden
The case costs as much as my pc
Autistic Rubber Ducky
Autistic Rubber Ducky - 24 dager siden
Oh Kyle, did you screw everything in with coincidence or a ton of confidence?
Gee - 24 dager siden
This case is a love at first sight to me. Definitely my next build.
Klemzy Gaming
Klemzy Gaming - 25 dager siden
How high were you when you recorded this?😂😂😂
*Sings again*
*Alternate voice again*
Brian Swierczek
Brian Swierczek - 25 dager siden
YOO dude really got the PC: Series X early dangggg
Drixzle_ - 25 dager siden
That actually looks like the new Xbox
The Fallen Howler
The Fallen Howler - 26 dager siden
7:47 ok quagmire
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson - 27 dager siden
my 2080ti is a 2.75 slot card. if i put the 2 slot bracket in place of the 3 will it fit? i'm tossing the 2080ti into my second build once 30xx drops
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson - 27 dager siden
i just ordered one for a 2nd pc build and i'm so fucking excited because my main build SUCKS to move.
nagelpogi - 28 dager siden
Is the included 650w power supply enough for the R9 3950x and 2080 ti?
The_Real_Lil_Nic - 29 dager siden
When he threw the box for the gpu, I almost cried and then saw it next to him 😂
Max Maccarrone
Max Maccarrone - 29 dager siden
5:14 was that lyle in the background?
Kerone Creary
Kerone Creary - 29 dager siden
I like how no one ever mentions the usb 3.2 gen 2 header that I need for the usb c on the case... not a lot of motherboards have that
Bruno - 11 dager siden
Could you tell me which ones do? You'd assume this motherboard does, since he doesn't say otherwise but you know how it is at this point. Maybe the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX?
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - Måned siden
Do you think this case would be good for the rtx 30 series?
Elias Gonzalez
Elias Gonzalez - Måned siden
I bought this case and this graphics card. Hopefully it fits
Elias Gonzalez
Elias Gonzalez - 27 dager siden
It did fit, i had to remove the filter on the GPU side because it touches the fans and makes noise
BDK BDK - Måned siden
Please load up some games and see what kind of FPS you can get.
key2010 - Måned siden
that's one awful case
GTAclxpsU - Måned siden
He snorted crack before filming this
Hi there Person
Hi there Person - Måned siden
Kyle do you use goo gone as lube or something? You seem overly excited about it.
Alexander Szeremeta
Alexander Szeremeta - Måned siden
Kyle can build a PC with one hand - imagine what he could do with TWO
ToxBox - Måned siden
he doesn’t build with two because it’s too much power for the universe to handle
Faisal - Måned siden
What happens to the PC's u build?
Oskar Lindgren
Oskar Lindgren - Måned siden
the new fan is probably worse than what was already pre-installed :P
angelus0415 - Måned siden
Which port in the motherboard did you use to connect the type-c for the case?
George Smiley
George Smiley - Måned siden
You're obviously a man of few words. Does your wife ever tire of holding up both ends of the conversation?
Excellent video; very unique and informative.
A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life - Måned siden
If Goo Gone didn’t give this guy a sponsor after this video then they lost a future customer.
OGT Gaming
OGT Gaming - Måned siden
It is not an overkill build, you did go with the cheapest memory. And the worst aio cooler with the pump in the radiator.
SubyRyan - Måned siden
Wow, cant believe I didnt see this video prior to buying my H1, I have the ROG 5700xt which is the same size pretty much as the 2080ti version, and I ended up having to loosen all the screws on the top of the case so i could get it to fit and line up with the slots. The spec from Asus is 304.8mm and the spec for the case is 305mm lol
Pivot Tech
Pivot Tech - Måned siden
Le good is le gone
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw - Måned siden
That's not how CL works. The 3200 with faster cl will pull the first item/word faster, but even as soon as the second one is pulled, the 3600 is faster. Assuming 16 and 18 CL. Do the math.
Jack P
Jack P - Måned siden
your commentary absolutely kills me. Love your vids dude.
N1rvo - Måned siden
High Kyle
Matt Munroe
Matt Munroe - Måned siden
Bought the NZXT H1 after watching dozens of such videos. Thought I would upgrade out of the Node 202. My Gigabyte GA-AB350N board, not a single cable long enough to plug in. So as usual. The easy install of Youtubers, isn't real world.
llllllllllllllllllll - Måned siden
new to pc building, and i have a question. does this build allow the use of the front usb c port? i keep seeing on the net that there's no front panel header on this motherboard and i'm confused.
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez - Måned siden
I loved this pc build, is my dream.
Azel - Måned siden
So let's talk about the temperatures... Have/will you make a video testing the temperatures of this rig?
DoctorPepper4 - Måned siden
Can I use the gigabyte 1070ti windforce 3fans inside this ir no( I really love this GPU haven’t upgraded yet think I’ll upgrade with the new one this year)
TEMPTED19XX - Måned siden
It’s the new Xbox but in white
Danny - Måned siden
How does this PC configuration perform in terms of thermals? I want to do the same build but with my 1080 ti!
Chris Tiller
Chris Tiller - Måned siden
7:33 was not expecting the Flipper reference XD
Hunikengt - Måned siden
Is there a way to fit one 3.5" HDD and a 2.5" SSD snuggled on top of it? I'm thinking 2 2.5" drives only isn't a nice thing, at least one 3.5" HDD and one 2.5" SSD would be nice.
Shashank Yadav
Shashank Yadav - Måned siden
this should have been SHOBBY'S PC poor guy got 1080TI
Max Zutter
Max Zutter - Måned siden
Bitwit is good at showing that accents can be funny without being racist.
Yoriz - Måned siden
is the dust filter removed to be able to insert the VGA?
And what about the fan? Can the fan run smoothly?
epiq pwnage
epiq pwnage - Måned siden
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez - Måned siden
Thermals? Anyone?
Tomi K
Tomi K - Måned siden
Does that GPU fit in without any problems?
Wolf Hammer
Wolf Hammer - Måned siden
It must run so hot.
TheNetWork - Måned siden
I felt that high note!
Jordi Pham
Jordi Pham - Måned siden
Wait, was the original NZXT fan bad or something?
hardkore360 - Måned siden
when building a PC @ 6:55.... you MUST invoke the AC/DC gods to get it to post :-)
The Person
The Person - Måned siden
did... we just hear lyle?
I Regret Myself
I Regret Myself - Måned siden
So he built an upgraded xbox...

Marlon Bailey
Marlon Bailey - Måned siden
any thermal testing on this?
Arazos - Måned siden
Damn Kyle must've gotten some good crack that day
Harald Pati
Harald Pati - Måned siden
Does anyone know if thermals are better with that Corsair Fan and how much?
Cobra 601rr
Cobra 601rr - Måned siden
when kyle has 3 red bull’s right before recording
Kidhack - Måned siden
Pretty sure he's a stand-in for every animation voice actor.
Kidhack - Måned siden
If only everyone used uppers for productivity.
Kidhack - Måned siden
Is this what 1000 cups of coffee and 10 rails does to you?
putnee1 - Måned siden
DUDE you so channel Robin Williams . I was thoroughly entertained.
Gone Bananaz
Gone Bananaz - Måned siden
I wanna see temps for this setup
Francisco Vieira
Francisco Vieira - 2 måneder siden
Can you share any data from the build, like cpu and gpu temps? General noise levels when gaming, editing videos, rendering, etc? I’m thinking in building a similar rig and it would be awesome to know that. Thanks.