I paid people on Fiverr to make my PC parts list

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Good idea or bad idea?
Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. I hired five different "PC experts" to make me a custom parts list given a specific set of guidelines and budget. Let's see how they did...
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I paid people on FIVERR to make my PC parts list

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Ryu Issey
Ryu Issey - 4 timer siden
Wait the first guy didn't have any cpu cooler?
Ryu Issey
Ryu Issey - 4 timer siden
All? Idk how this works
Harrison - 5 timer siden
littlelilyrose - 9 timer siden
quipalco - Dag siden
will 3600 mhz RAM even work on that board? I have a b450m board and can only get 3200 to stay stable.
DavidNite - 3 dager siden
I'm the 3300 comment.
Kes2006 - 4 dager siden
TutorialsForYou - 4 dager siden
Simon - 4 dager siden
Bit wit saying 1.5tb is bare minimum but I’m vibing with 240
breadbuttrjam 321
breadbuttrjam 321 - 4 dager siden
Press F to go fullscreen
Joe D
Joe D - 4 dager siden
I like Kyle, but i am so sick of hearing about 3600 memory for Ryzen... Point made, is that all there is to building a PC these days
Sam Fergin
Sam Fergin - 4 dager siden
Sm3zey - 5 dager siden
In our local pc store you can let them make a part list for free
The Ahegao Girl
The Ahegao Girl - 5 dager siden
Anyone else just ask a friend for a pc part list 😂
Francisco Charrua
Francisco Charrua - 6 dager siden
I think I prefer number 2 over number one.
Will Kim
Will Kim - 7 dager siden
Why is everyone putting in the crappy qlc drives
jo jace
jo jace - 7 dager siden
i have a rx570 MKii in one pc and a RX5600XT in another with no driver issues.
Bill Sherman
Bill Sherman - 7 dager siden
Excuse me if this isn’t something you don’t do on a parts list but none of them have cpu coolers
iiKraze - 7 dager siden
kyle please, there is hardly any difference between 3200 & 3600 RAM, stop being soooo picky lol
Fake Rifty
Fake Rifty - 8 dager siden
Isn't a b-+ just a b
Colum Richardson
Colum Richardson - 8 dager siden
Wait....the b450 tomohawk max has a max memory frequency of 2666. Why is he complaining about 3200?
nowknow - 9 dager siden
I have a Radeon RX 5700 that I've flashed with 5700 XT firmware. Got a solid 10% increase in performance, 13% after overclock. It was a huge improvement that took very little effort and would definitely recommend anyone to do the same than dishing out the extra cash for an XT
Alexander Martinez
Alexander Martinez - 9 dager siden
"3200 is too slow"
And i was planning to get 2600 ._.
Water Flow
Water Flow - 10 dager siden
The nzxt case only has one fan.almost all of these builds only have one fan lol
hi-Tec Potato
hi-Tec Potato - 10 dager siden
I like you but your point on diskspace made no sense. People can download 100gb in half an hour.... I've got a 750gb total and basically have enough space to game the games for that moment.
Yes I got do deinstall games once in a while but wth most games once finished will just collect dust
Roughshot - 11 dager siden
Literally my pc part picker list is the same as the first except I have a nividia RTX 2060 ti gpu and my case is the Corsair icue white
Rozeswoesh - 10 dager siden
You mean 2060 Super?
Dther99 - 13 dager siden
Bitwit: 500GB is too small.
Me using a 125GB SATA SSD: h-ha ha, yeah
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed - 13 dager siden
That plant in the background so much on the edge it's symmetrical with the edge line of the shelf. *hard OCD triggers*
Cody W
Cody W - 13 dager siden
You would really rather that crap amd card for streaming??? Seems like the 2060 would of been the best list especially because nvidia cards make streaming a breeze
Jarif Nicholls
Jarif Nicholls - 13 dager siden
LivingVermin294 - 14 dager siden
The first one is literally the exact PC I just built except I got the xfx rx 580 and I got the ASRock b450 pro4
Ryan Nance
Ryan Nance - 14 dager siden
Quirky Science
Quirky Science - 15 dager siden
LOL, you can buy more storage when you need it
Stewpa2000 - 15 dager siden
Aw man... I just bought a 1660 super... although it was a major upgrade from my 750ti...
NEON GAMES - 15 dager siden
Nice Garry
iamacamera123 - 15 dager siden
bruh tiktok accounts that do pc builds do it for free. Just comment your budget and all, and they reply your comment with a video
mister entername
mister entername - 15 dager siden
King Graveth
King Graveth - 16 dager siden
i really dont get all this complaining about the storage. 500 GB is so much and for some people more than enough. How big is the average game, 40GB to be generous? That's more than 10 games
Eli Procreate
Eli Procreate - 16 dager siden
what about discord’s? like my tech specialist or pc guild?
Sander Steinfjell
Sander Steinfjell - 16 dager siden
im not happy with my amd radeon gpu
Ryan Pants
Ryan Pants - 16 dager siden
I have a feeling that Stefan Etienne setup that last build.
Stefan holding up the 250gb NVME: "We got oone..."
Tweakz Tech
Tweakz Tech - 11 dager siden
Flexing about a hexacore CPU: yeah, we've got one. Was said by high-end desktop users in 2010.
MrBreadGuy :3
MrBreadGuy :3 - 17 dager siden
2020 ad rev is dead.... have fun with that.
Omen Gamer
Omen Gamer - 17 dager siden
Gligor Sehovac
Gligor Sehovac - 17 dager siden
No offence but I feel like the way you talk about some of these parts makes you sound spoiled/entitled ash. Lol.
YourBiggest Bot
YourBiggest Bot - 17 dager siden
Was just making a budget PC for myself, Decided to get the Same RIpjaws 2x8 G sticks at 65 bucks. just found out rn the 3600 went down price and the 3200 went down too so if i wasnt to rushed i could have gotten the same ram but 3600 speed. for the same price i bought the 3200 at. Hurts to see it.
Nico QV
Nico QV - 18 dager siden
What do yall think, ive got the same pc, same gpu and same cpu, do u think i should upgrade my 3000 mhz ram?
Nico QV
Nico QV - 18 dager siden
I have got the same cpu and gpu and i would have bought an nvidia gpu
Robert Tallafer
Robert Tallafer - 18 dager siden
I would have gone with the second guy because I dont care about the storage I only play small games.
chillbow - 18 dager siden
My games are like 60 gigabytes so 500 gigabytes is fine
Kaabi Senpai
Kaabi Senpai - 19 dager siden
off "oversenopt on motherboard" (me spending 500 $+ on a motherboard)
Le-Grande - 19 dager siden
I think the average pc was going for looks as well. You're not losing much performance there imo.
JoVi []_[]
JoVi []_[] - 19 dager siden
The 2nd parts list is honestly good if not the best here. He was unsure of much memory was needed and sqeezed in more performance. And in my case, I would not need more than 500gb of storage. Atleast for a good while.
Gian Punzalan
Gian Punzalan - 19 dager siden
Vincent 1836
Vincent 1836 - 19 dager siden
Hugo Mikhailov
Hugo Mikhailov - 20 dager siden
Just by the way for the first build, 3200 ram is the perfect speed because the r5 3600 can take any quicker ram anyways, having a higher speed wouldn’t change anything; Greta vid nonetheless
Little F9zz
Little F9zz - 20 dager siden
What should I get for my 1st pc don't want to spend over like 850?
Thravant Patel
Thravant Patel - 20 dager siden
I'm actually sad I got a pc for £145 and it literally sucks
FURIEN sniper
FURIEN sniper - 20 dager siden
ChiccenGreen - 20 dager siden
can i have a free am3+ cpu
KatakiChinen - 21 dag siden
Me sitting here with my 2400mhz ddr4 O.o
Ivo T
Ivo T - 21 dag siden
I just made a parts list of the first guys and I upgraded the memory to 3600 and the video/ graphics card to xt like Kyle said and bam! - it is now $1,500 USD at my local computer store in Sydney Australia!