I overclocked my CAR

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Something a little different.
AWE Switchpath Exhaust Suite for Audi RS3 8V 2.5T: bit.ly/39GcMfv
AWE S-FLO Closed Carbon Intake for Audi RS3 / TTRS 2.5T: bit.ly/2USjHxZ
Unitronic ECU / TCU Tuning Software for Audi RS3 8V 2.5T: bit.ly/31VTTm7
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I overclocked and modified my CAR

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 13:46


Bitwit - 5 måneder siden
Full disclaimer: I'm a "car guy" in TRAINING. Super new to the car world (as I'm sure gear heads can tell from the video) but ya gotta start somewhere right? :)
Derek Nguyen
Derek Nguyen - 7 dager siden
Adam LZ will approve this xD
Donald and Douglas
Donald and Douglas - 24 dager siden
This is why we have jayztwocents
Roger Horton
Roger Horton - 2 måneder siden
Totally Jealous of the car and the sounds. def like the new upgrades keep up the good work.
hacub - 2 måneder siden
you should get into japanese cars
Carter retraC
Carter retraC - 2 måneder siden
Luv it, that's how it starts man, RS3 is THEE best car for starting tunning
Peter Bergania
Peter Bergania - 2 dager siden
next video: I overclocked my wife and kids.
parafitaify - 2 dager siden
Kyle: "creating a more aggressive exhaust note that will upset my wife"
**laughs in WRX rumble**
ThePhoenixKing - 3 dager siden
And i "OverClocked" my toilet
HAPPY DAYS - 3 dager siden
I bet Many of your gay fans who like hardcore “play” loved you fisting your car parts 😂
OMG I’m pervert
Carlos Salas
Carlos Salas - 4 dager siden
The title deserve a fucking Oscar
Exernal - 4 dager siden
give us more!
ADRIAN ROQUE - 6 dager siden
the modified stock sounded like diaria
wizzardoffuzz - 6 dager siden
each to their own and all that but I think I preferred the noise before...
Matthew Olson
Matthew Olson - 7 dager siden
I love that you finally did this! I've noticed the rs3 in some of your vlogs. I'm definitely looking forward to you doing more of these type videos. I'm a VW, Audi, BMW technician and have a tuned and modified VW GTI.
DisFunctional Gaming
DisFunctional Gaming - 7 dager siden
The car talk is music to my ears also is pc part talking too but two of my favorite things on the same channel
DisFunctional Gaming
DisFunctional Gaming - 7 dager siden
I’m a car geek
Abhiram Gudimella
Abhiram Gudimella - 8 dager siden
materferguson - 9 dager siden
The warmer temps and different air density could have definitely effected your zero to sixty times. When I was a kid, cool fall nights after a Friday night football game, were definitely the best time to have a friendly drag race with some of the local motorheads. I rarely got beat in my 1969 Mercury Cyclone, my built 302 was bored out .030 over with 12 to 1 compression, a full race Crane cam kit, solid lifters, milled and ported and polished heads, Edelbrock high rise, with a 750 double pumper Holley carb, Appliance headers, and a Mallory dual point distributor. It was pretty fast for the day, Cliff the local "friendly" cop clocked me going 121 towards the end of our quarter once. That was pretty fast back in the day, I graduated in 1976. I got lucky tho, I was 16 and a week from getting my permanent license and he let me of with a warning and made me give him a ride. So, be careful out there!
pfguo87 - 9 dager siden
Wish you would have also done before and after dB meter reading.
And I agree with WifeySauce, louder car = bigger asshole, and it seems like you didn't even get much speed benefits...
For people who want their cars to be louder just cut a hole in your firewall and direct the exhaust manifold straight into the cabin; it'll be nice and loud then as well as help reduce sounds for most people around you.
Note: I know this will kill the driver, but that's the point, cause fuck these assholes who are driving around trying to make me go deaf! If you do a dB meter read of inside vs outside, outside is about twice the noise thus the suggestion above.
Marshall - 10 dager siden
Bitwit and JayzTwoCents car colab????????
nothing - 10 dager siden
Now you just need to go to Germany and go 200+ km/h in the "Autobahn" without getting arrested
nothing - 10 dager siden
YES you pronounced Audi correct
Patrick - 11 dager siden
Automatic xdddddddd
Wallstreet Leviathan 5.0
Wallstreet Leviathan 5.0 - 11 dager siden
Put it on E85 with a cat bypass and take it to the strip! You'll see a nice jump in torque. Ethanol runs cooler so you can shove more timing in early and the tree huggers will be happy because it's 🌽. To bad you live in the worst state for car enthusiasts! Your emissions laws, taxes, etc. Suck ass
-_seth_- - 12 dager siden
water cooling my CAR
Chris Silva
Chris Silva - 12 dager siden
build more boost off the line
IPlayFunny - 12 dager siden
Is it just me or does anyone else notice the struggling intake fan in the pc 2:10
Calvin - 13 dager siden
Man, Audi's are sexy! Add in a roof rack and It's just perfect!
Steve O
Steve O - 13 dager siden
Have you upgraded your FMIC? your car could be heatsoaked hence the dropping performance
Apex Assassin
Apex Assassin - 13 dager siden
Phh no rgb
No ram
No ssd
No gpu
No GPU!!!!!
ErraticAC3 - 13 dager siden
I came into this thinking he would put a Tesla in ludicrous mode I came out of this thinking bitwit has an awesome car
Stefan Eulenstein
Stefan Eulenstein - 14 dager siden
a couple years ago when i was building my first PC and watching some of your vids i noticed the red trim on your seatbelt and figured out the spec of your car and commented about you having my dream car. now a couple years down the road i see you make this awesome video AND i can say we have the SAME car. :D Excellent ride isn't it?
Max1mu55 Gaming
Max1mu55 Gaming - 14 dager siden
i OVERCLOCKED my life!!!!
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin - 14 dager siden
Don't expect 0 to 60 to change much
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin - 14 dager siden
U should have done those things first
Tom Riggin
Tom Riggin - 14 dager siden
Ur doing pretty damn good for a starter gear head
4X7 dev
4X7 dev - 14 dager siden
Jack Editing
Jack Editing - 15 dager siden
bro why a 1080?
Matthew Barymow
Matthew Barymow - 15 dager siden
Great choice of car!
Rajan Dhoot
Rajan Dhoot - 15 dager siden
Not only is he a good a computer stuff but equally as good as car stuff
Degabah System Games
Degabah System Games - 17 dager siden
Great choice in parts. I thought about putting awe on my Wolfsburg 1.8t. Then I decided to go pure hillbilly and slam it on the ground straight piped with a Heineken minikeg as an intake.
David Hany
David Hany - 17 dager siden
In this video ypu can see kyle becomimg a car guy
Roger Krishnan
Roger Krishnan - 17 dager siden
Cars and computers in one video... My heart ❤😭
iiXbox Liive
iiXbox Liive - 18 dager siden
All those 0-60 pulls were filmed in Mexico, right? 😉
Elijah Nelson
Elijah Nelson - 18 dager siden
Car channel confirmed?
Stephan Sekulovski
Stephan Sekulovski - 19 dager siden
Kyle: overclocks his PC
vatsal kejriwal
vatsal kejriwal - 20 dager siden
Have you seen ford vs ferrari that movie got me interested into car tuning
zac cochran
zac cochran - 21 dag siden
gonna be trying to find you up in the socal canyons now!
Hunter Nyenhuis
Hunter Nyenhuis - 21 dag siden
Meh Shelby mustang cobra better and faster
Sash XG
Sash XG - 21 dag siden
I was watching pc builds 30 mins ago.....now im watching a car being overclocked. Just how??
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman - 21 dag siden
If you increase the HP, you won't improve your 0-60 time. Torque is what you seek! But killer car dude, sounds amazing!
Doctor PC
Doctor PC - 22 dager siden
Now your 4-min commute to work becomes an hour long affair....😂
Monitized - 22 dager siden
the title completes the video
Alvaro Revuelta
Alvaro Revuelta - 22 dager siden
The one time i dont mind hearing outside noise
Shizuruu - 23 dager siden
Next Time: I overclocked my RGB Lighting
Cressida - 24 dager siden
You should pick up some new wheels and some meaty tires.
BruceHill Racing
BruceHill Racing - 24 dager siden
Subbed to you sir, you are so on my wavelength its untrue, Fast cars and cool PCs...When are you gonna build a Sim Rig. ??
Daphoid - 26 dager siden
Bitwit: I'm becoming a car guy, a little bit!
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oscar arevalo
oscar arevalo - 26 dager siden
factor in the temperature as well
Ivo T
Ivo T - 26 dager siden
Beautiful car!
I love the sound of your Audi RS3!
Ethan Knowles
Ethan Knowles - 27 dager siden
Kyle is so thorough
Ryan Petrik
Ryan Petrik - 27 dager siden
Just watched your newest vid "NO ONE should have this much tech" and saw you hop in a car. Had to figure out what it was, but it looked Audi, but was not sure. Great car you have there, I also run a Unitronic tune on my Golf R. If you're ever in Canada, we should race ;)
FliXzツ - 27 dager siden
0:30 I was Flexed on for over 30 seconds
Nrky - 28 dager siden
it sounds so badass kyle
Sour Milk lover
Sour Milk lover - 28 dager siden
anything under 5 seconds is good under 4 impossible to complain about
Stu West
Stu West - 29 dager siden
Very nice car. I couldn't recommend a better sedan at any price.
Jared Schultz
Jared Schultz - Måned siden
You probably coulda just bought a bigger turbo for the price of that cf intake lol
Hellsink92 - Måned siden
Love this @Bitwit if possible would love some more car vids.
Kasper Hansen
Kasper Hansen - Måned siden
Your surname is Hansen? So... our surnames are the same and both our initials are KH.
Kyle are you my long lost brother :P
YouTube is Gone
YouTube is Gone - Måned siden
overclock your toaster i get 4000mhz of speed out of it
Vinicius Moreira
Vinicius Moreira - Måned siden
a tech guy that isn't going with an electric car, THANK YOU
DatGlitchyBoi - 23 dager siden
@FErgersonn THE GREAT Except for the children in the cobalt mines! :)
FErgersonn THE GREAT
FErgersonn THE GREAT - Måned siden
Electric cars are superior and are the future.
Dego - Måned siden
do more of this
Ethan Chan
Ethan Chan - Måned siden
We didn’t know his car was a rs3, thought his car was like a honda civic, better than linus chevy bolt
Kevin Rikimaru Smith
Kevin Rikimaru Smith - Måned siden
Would it help to spool up to full boost? Seems like he's only at half or above half boost after mods. I'm new to this too, so... easy.
Chyron - Måned siden
7r-q - Måned siden
we want more like this bro
SunBro - Måned siden
Nice car man!
Jack - Måned siden
would love to see that car on the quarter mile
TheDriver69 - Måned siden
normal mechanics dont have dynos,there are special shops with dynos dedicated completely to dyno and tuning the ecu of the car
itzzzleo - Måned siden
bitwit: highend
graphics card: gtx 1080ti
Karinge - Måned siden
thats the azusa mountain road aint it
Not Cob
Not Cob - Måned siden
More car videos!!
Deem0n - Måned siden
This video is sick dude!
Trauma Lance
Trauma Lance - Måned siden
626KiDD - Måned siden
I'm not sure if the drag strip at Irwindale is still operating, but that would be the nearest one---assuming you live in the San Gabriel Valley Area.
Dallas West
Dallas West - Måned siden
You're officially my favorite tech youtuber.
Rensouhou-Chan Studio
Rensouhou-Chan Studio - Måned siden
we need Bitwit car channel
Gijs Briels
Gijs Briels - Måned siden
make the audi logos black
ザ Zeek 根暗
ザ Zeek 根暗 - Måned siden
god damn that is a sexy ass car
straightedgecutz - Måned siden
what are you doing the price to perfomance ratio is much better on motorcycles
kerbal engineer
kerbal engineer - Måned siden
did your mechanic forget to put the resonator
Amir Ridzuan
Amir Ridzuan - Måned siden
new exhaust is worst
Carter retraC
Carter retraC - 2 måneder siden
Assuming this trend we should see Steve from gamers nexus showing us his top fuel dragsters cooled by nitrogen
Fugiwaratofu860 - 2 måneder siden
Get ready for that timing chain to welcome bent valves
Guillaume Nobody
Guillaume Nobody - 2 måneder siden
i can't support you choosing Audi over BMW, sorry. You betrayed me !
Old Panda
Old Panda - 2 måneder siden
Ugh, did you guys see all that dust once he popped the front panel? Kyle, you really should datavac those internals....
XglitcherX - 2 måneder siden
Swap that turbo with a bigger one
teeZ - 2 måneder siden
ok but that literally makes no sense dud
Samrat Kathayat
Samrat Kathayat - 2 måneder siden
0:46 looks like MSI GTX Gaming X
G4M3R Z3R0
G4M3R Z3R0 - 2 måneder siden
Oh yeah that sounds a HELL of a lot better now. Congrats man and have fun.
Mook aton
Mook aton - 2 måneder siden
Gotta tune for your new intake/exhaust. Contact the guys you got the tune from, they can write you an updated tune. (most likely a charge but still..)
Gabe - 2 måneder siden
Go e85
Gabe - 2 måneder siden
Rs3 are pocket gtr's
ass7 - 2 måneder siden
when are you putting a RGB steering wheel on?
Darren Moore
Darren Moore - 2 måneder siden
Mustang dynos read low by the way, so you're most likely pushing more.
Jon Muir
Jon Muir - 2 måneder siden
The new exhaust sounds a lot more guttural. I like it.