I have more to say about your setups... #Part2

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Nothing to see here. Just brutally roasting your gaming setups...
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Just when you thought I was done roasting...

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 15:11


ProbablyWorth - 44 minutter siden
Me: so you like rgb?
Gamer: yeah, how did you know?
Their setup: 5:48
Devster_ELITE - Time siden
He is ruthless this video with the roasts
Androvsky - 5 timer siden
13:37 bro those holes are on her side of the setup
Jacob Draws
Jacob Draws - 11 timer siden
I will not take shit for liking nanoleaf from a man who puts his pc parts on his wall
GreaseBox Whistle
GreaseBox Whistle - 11 timer siden
Ok that first one he has a 2070 for fort nite that is so sad
sober toaster
sober toaster - 13 timer siden
lmao the science beaker needs a good wash
Erwan .M
Erwan .M - 15 timer siden
Sebastian Timothy
Sebastian Timothy - Dag siden
13:54 The girlfriend's side has punch holes in the wall because female gamers are actually have some of the most over the top angry/violent reactions to video game deaths.
Melissa Taylor
Melissa Taylor - Dag siden
you just copied techsouce
Felix Istesen
Felix Istesen - Dag siden
Does anyone know what background HENRI has at 3:30? Can't seem to find it
Melekhh Prezime
Melekhh Prezime - Dag siden
This went from rating your setups to dissing your house, personal life, and soul.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - Dag siden
Is DBZ in crunchyroll?
Daxton Mason
Daxton Mason - 2 dager siden
Do more of these plz
WLF Alpha
WLF Alpha - 2 dager siden
lol mic has the same desk that i use for gaming
Lilian Oyaro
Lilian Oyaro - 2 dager siden
what about yours please we woul like to see your back fat monitor
chillbow - 2 dager siden
Lol I have gtx 1050ti and everyone else has 1660supers or higher
Xplicid - 2 dager siden
5:51 Only 4 i’s.... Like you - with the glasses 🤓
ツboost - 2 dager siden
"A pretty decent pc' i cant even buy a 1070 used and u say that not that good
Vibing Nova!
Vibing Nova! - 2 dager siden
D-Did you say DANISHES? oh hell naw. Thats Wienerbrød. Take it from a Dane! (Also, I swear not every girl gamer has a pink setup. But these are sick lol)
Timothy Waldin
Timothy Waldin - 3 dager siden
6:40 fun fact, crunchyroll doesn’t have dbz
Sam Lavea
Sam Lavea - 3 dager siden
You get a sub from me! Your shit is funny AF!!! 😂😂😂
TheMeme90 - 3 dager siden
How do I send this guy my battle station
Snakemgr12 蛇監督
Snakemgr12 蛇監督 - 3 dager siden
The funny part is the nicer setups likely have people who never see the sun compared to the bad setups who are more likely to be outside.
Logan Schreffler
Logan Schreffler - 3 dager siden
Setup 2. It is all 1 screen
It's Matix
It's Matix - 3 dager siden
6:15 bruh imagine him streaming to 20 followers and like no viewers xD
McMugenz77 - 3 dager siden
To Kyle’s defense, his plant is on a shelf up high and out of the way. The other plant is on the edge of a desk where a person sits and works/plays. There is a difference, just saiyan
powerboy 9009
powerboy 9009 - 3 dager siden
I love the honesty but reality can be harsh
Paige Manor
Paige Manor - 3 dager siden
"where's your headset? Don't hang it on your monitor" he says as I cringe because up until recently I was going that same thing. lol Now its on a command hook on the side of my desk
Thomas Pelletier
Thomas Pelletier - 3 dager siden
Does he know that weed is legal in canada? (yes the dude with weed is in canada because of the tim horton)
Peachy Bri
Peachy Bri - 3 dager siden
11:20 The plant eventually met its fate, as told by the owner of the plant 👁👄👁 F for the plant
Vårulltoget Ling Ling
Vårulltoget Ling Ling - 3 dager siden
Floor rugs all across the floor.. why
Flezi - 4 dager siden
Fishfood - 4 dager siden
Kyle gets a near perfect setup, but still makes angery plant noises
Tamim Moh
Tamim Moh - 4 dager siden
Day 1 of trying to get a free pc from him since I can afford one
Carsten Wolna
Carsten Wolna - 4 dager siden
Some of these setups make me feel so poor I cryed
3XEV FN - 4 dager siden
so we are going to ingnore the girls holes in the wall
Alex Saints
Alex Saints - 4 dager siden
I need help on how to play Call Of Duty .
death b4 bondage
death b4 bondage - 4 dager siden
i love when he rips on the 2nd nanoleaf. i was waiting for it and he delivered
VSS And Julie
VSS And Julie - 4 dager siden
Golden Blitz
Golden Blitz - 4 dager siden
12:13 says the guy who also has a plant near the edge of a shelf...
MeowMiau343 - 4 dager siden
Dat CyberUnicornLand setup is perfect for 12 y/o lol
Ryan - 5 dager siden
never realized bitwit was this funny. entertainment
Tyler Lamoreux
Tyler Lamoreux - 5 dager siden
Holy shit the first guy didn’t send in pictures of his setup to get absolutely roasted
Entertained2036 - 5 dager siden
I need to find part1
Nick McPherson
Nick McPherson - 5 dager siden
FYI Weed is legal in Canukland
dave suvill
dave suvill - 5 dager siden
I want my first build/setup to get critiqued
Kathleen Lajoie
Kathleen Lajoie - 5 dager siden
Kyle - The person has plenty of cash to buy what they want and lives like a hog. Maybe they are just showing what their daily lifestyle is like and forgot to clean for a week or maybe longer. How one lives is none of my business. Interesting that you would want to comment about someone else desktop. Many people wished they had some the products that this person has in their desktop. Many people can not afford stuff, but we watch your info tech videos anyway. When someone sends you a video of their system, write them back - we don't know this person and what you have to say is not going to help us, only the person whose rig this is has anything to gain. As part of your audience and fan base I believe you can do better. If the person was a regular and part of your show and had brought in their computer system for you to make suggestions ..that would be different. - okay! no one should purchase anything with a nVidia RTX 2060 since it is a terrible GPU. Move up to a RTX 2070 or RTX 2080. Why did nVidia build the RTX 2060 with a maximum of 6GB VRAM ... should of be 8GB. For most part, all but 2 had money to splurge. The telephone booth one got me though.
Noah Spatafore
Noah Spatafore - 5 dager siden
Pixar lamp😂
Austin Brooks
Austin Brooks - 5 dager siden
Miguel Angel Alvarez Feria
Miguel Angel Alvarez Feria - 5 dager siden
Dude, i love you videos. i always have fun with them, but i did disliked this video (not that i did not enjoyed it, i actually did) but because you should enact as a social media influencer the use of recycle bins :D... Emptied plastic bottles should AT LEAST go to the recycle bin, not a normal pile of trash. :B
David Strowbridge
David Strowbridge - 6 dager siden
its legal in canada
JOCKEYLEVEN - 6 dager siden
The first one was a reddit dev.
Saif Khan
Saif Khan - 6 dager siden
What else we got here? A fine bag of Doja haha
Spare Beat 0814
Spare Beat 0814 - 6 dager siden
12:14. Wanna talk about that plant on the shelf behind you?
Brandon MF
Brandon MF - 6 dager siden
I literally spit out my coffee from laughing, thanks you owe me a new keyboard 😂
HID_Lethal - 6 dager siden
Anyone else watch these videos just to see all the gameing shit you could have if you parents wernt broke asf, cant wait to turn 16 so I can get a job
Derek D
Derek D - 6 dager siden
3:38 Dude! I _need_ that desk. Where?
Wayne Sakakeeny
Wayne Sakakeeny - 7 dager siden
I love how everyone has Corsair ram even tho it’s compatibility is ass with and
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - 7 dager siden
Hahahaha make more yo
John Cunningham
John Cunningham - 7 dager siden
Yo that keyboard you compared to a Chromebook is the Logitech Craft, and it's one of the best keyboards ever, alongside the Mx Keys.
Artathomp Events
Artathomp Events - 7 dager siden
this is the best video you are just crushing it
Cyberwolf74 - 7 dager siden
KYLE...11:44 ."Why is this Plant so close to the Edge, makes me Uncomfortable....Take a Close Look over Kyles Left shoulder.What is that? OH a PLANT in a Pot UNCOMFORTABLELY Close to the EDGE!! Man POT Meet Kettle!
Shanty Sixix
Shanty Sixix - 7 dager siden
Henry is a huge randomfrankp fan
Cravinbt Gaming
Cravinbt Gaming - 7 dager siden
Timies is better then sigis you sick person
GTPC - 7 dager siden
no to hiring a maid....i let no one near my office they'll just break stuff
Etka Gn
Etka Gn - 8 dager siden
SoullessScythe - 8 dager siden
where do i send pics
Drewww - 8 dager siden
The dbz one was ny favourite
Not Available
Not Available - 8 dager siden
3:37 I would never have my audio monitors anywhere but ear level but that's just me.
Swift Snipz
Swift Snipz - 8 dager siden
omg the guy/girl with the all yellow setup made me rethink my future setup ideas, like wow I would seruoisly prefer that than the guy with 3 monitors
Joseph Capalbo
Joseph Capalbo - 8 dager siden
Buddy in the end def got black teeth
Riley Herod
Riley Herod - 8 dager siden
no one:
bitwit: if you are kidnapped just call the police
kingmuhammad- thegamer
kingmuhammad- thegamer - 8 dager siden
what happened to bryan
xlI KILL3R Ilx
xlI KILL3R Ilx - 8 dager siden
flames the guy for having a plant on the edge of a table.... while his is like 20 feet above the floor also on the edge
hakaiyoo - 8 dager siden
My dude really hating on dragonball *unsub*
ツElectrizzety - 8 dager siden
•Forstaken功率 - 9 dager siden
last one/gaming in your drug lab
imkawi - 9 dager siden
samurai had the best setup I have ever seen in my life, I could only wish sometimes
john campbell
john campbell - 9 dager siden
John Henderson
John Henderson - 9 dager siden
*Takes look at my setup...looks at last setup in video* Phew! I am not quite that bad. Lol
Seba. - 9 dager siden
i feel sad now with my gtx 770 2gb vram, i can’t even render a 25 minute video on davinci resolve anymore
BusterBigRipps - 9 dager siden
the plant at the corner of the desk makes me wanna dead
Brandon Nay
Brandon Nay - 9 dager siden
i mean i have a pc on the left and what i do is rotate me chair to the left to see the monter
Max Ortiz
Max Ortiz - 9 dager siden
*dragonball super
S4NDW1CH2723 - 9 dager siden
I'm actually in tears man wayyyy too funny wasn't ready for that one ahahaha
Sammy Blue
Sammy Blue - 9 dager siden
This video gives me hope about my otherwise shitty setup.
RADIO ACTIVE58 - 10 dager siden
The reason for the 3 monitor set up is so that when he's 3D modeling/rendering he can use multiple screens for different things. ( One to show reference art, another to show the modeling program, the third if maybe he has a setting or color pallet window open. If I were running a 3 monitor set up like that I would have a custom desk where the monitors sit just a bit lower than the desk so I'm not craning my neck like you said.
PizzaPanda101 - 10 dager siden
Why do setups have to be a competition
Earl Lawrence Adriano
Earl Lawrence Adriano - 10 dager siden
Also Bitwit @ 11:42 Background top right
joshua lyons
joshua lyons - 10 dager siden
Lolllllllllllll bro fucking dieing here
THEORD3REMP1RE TOUGH3NORD3R - 10 dager siden
Bruh my guy rosted the last guy
TheArzoumainea - 10 dager siden
nice shirt bro
imnotdeadyet hd
imnotdeadyet hd - 10 dager siden
Redpops0105 - 10 dager siden
Dragon ball z, 2/3 of those monitors show shit from dragon ball super 😭😭😭😭
Joe Troyner
Joe Troyner - 10 dager siden
Those aren't tweezers, those are zipties..
Taubitz Gamer
Taubitz Gamer - 10 dager siden
Dragon ball z isn’t the best I like black clover and naruto
Sprugie - 10 dager siden
Weeds legal bud but danm that bong look like my bathroom after Friday taco bell
Lord Ultra
Lord Ultra - 10 dager siden
im here with just a laptop
Remaster - 10 dager siden
3:42 ..if the guy bought this setup with his own money : *damn, its good*
But if it's his father's money...
STHEALTHY - 10 dager siden
Good pc actaviate windows