How to blow $2,000 on Cyber Monday

:+:+:GAMING PC:+:+:
-AMD Ryzen 7 3700X:
-ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard:
-G.SKILL Ripjaws V (2x8GB) DDR4 3600:
-CORSAIR Hydro Series H100X AIO:
-INTEL 660p Series M.2 NVMe 1TB:
- MSI RTX 2070 Super Armor OC 8GB:
-COOLER MASTER MasterWatt 650W:
-Phanteks Enthoo Pro M:

-PIXIO PX7 27'' 1440p IPS 165Hz Gaming Monitor:
-CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Cherry MX Silent Keyboard:
-CORSAIR M65 ELITE RGB Gaming Mouse:
-CORSAIR HS35 Gaming Headset:
-KTRIO Extended Gaming Mouse Pad:
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How to blow $2,000 on Cyber Monday
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Rajun Cajun
Rajun Cajun - 2 dager siden
I love that Newegg doesn’t do sales tax for Missouri. I guess it’s one of the perks of living in a shitty state
Dylan Cheng
Dylan Cheng - 4 måneder siden
I just wanna day that bit wit is amazing
LukeSterrr128 - 7 måneder siden
Kyle are you gonna be gaming on the floor?
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström - 7 måneder siden
How can a black SSD on a black motherboard be considered ugly comparaded to a dorky SSD cooler with weird catch phrases?
Alex A
Alex A - 8 måneder siden
14:52 "Master Watt"
Blaqmagik - 8 måneder siden
I was also able to get a ryzen 7 2700x for $150. So that was dope af
Blaqmagik - 8 måneder siden
"Things I can't say or I'll get demonitiezed"
Video is add free lol
teddiursa1234 yt
teddiursa1234 yt - 8 måneder siden
Literally no one ever:
Kyle's search bar: "Ryzen 5 3700x"
Abstrxction - 8 måneder siden
He is using the "frequently bought together" section
Xaddre - 8 måneder siden
The frames hurt my eyes
gameflux - 8 måneder siden
Awesome !
Alex F
Alex F - 8 måneder siden
The best deal that I got was a RTX 2080 for 497.99 😬
Justin - 8 måneder siden
"I know you are not all from California"
Thank God that I'm not.
Th3 ArCh0n
Th3 ArCh0n - 8 måneder siden
Yep. Terrible terrible place.
The Gaming Norwegian
The Gaming Norwegian - 8 måneder siden
What pisses me off is when companies raise the prices a month before black friday and cyber monday... (like norwegian newegg) is extremely guilty of doing that, but regardless, i got that exact asus B450-F board for 90USD for my dads R5 3600-GTX1070 build (gonna upgrade his GPU soon aswell), a Xbox One S all digital with 3 add on packs for free games for 99USD and a AOC 144hz freesync 1080p monitor for 149USD. So overall, i did good i feel like.
obitokun57 - 8 måneder siden
Kyle I really Wish you put in a little extra effort into making this video in particular.

The ryzen 7 3700x was discounted by only 9%
While the 3800x and 3600x was discounted $70 and $50 respectively.
That motherboard you choose doesn't have a 6+2 it's a 4+4 and it's not very good at keeping the vrms cool the heat sink is choked by the io cover. And this doesn't have gen 3 support you would need a Zen+ cpu to flash this motherboard beforehand. No biosflash back either. Honestly the msi b450 tomahawk max would have been a better choice it has a better vrm layout better bios and bios flashback and msi is shipping them with gen 3 support.
Yi Lin
Yi Lin - 8 måneder siden
He didn’t notice the G Skill Ripjaws (Red One) 16 GB at 3600 also for a cheaper price at 60.99 on Newegg
Louie Paderon
Louie Paderon - 8 måneder siden
Why do I find watching Voltes’ blow their 2K gaming pc more satisfying than this one?
I need to see a shrink.
Rob Balmer
Rob Balmer - 8 måneder siden
Gskill ripjaws V 2X8gig $60 US, here in OZ, exact same set is $160. Thats a huge difference even taking into account the USD Vs AUD. Wonder how much shipping to Australia will cost????
Sydney Hooks
Sydney Hooks - 8 måneder siden
Best deals I found were the intel NVME that you also used in the vid as well as an XFX factory OC RX 5700 for $299 on amazon on Black Friday. It’s back up to about $380-385 now. Finally pulled the trigger and just waiting for all the parts to come in to build my first gaming PC ☺️
Sir Yakub
Sir Yakub - 8 måneder siden
Gonna have to go over a little more I didn't see any thermal paste in that listing
Sir Yakub
Sir Yakub - 8 måneder siden
@pewdiepie supporter lol yes we're both joking. I hope 🤔
pewdiepie supporter
pewdiepie supporter - 8 måneder siden
-we both joking right-
pewdiepie supporter
pewdiepie supporter - 8 måneder siden
@Sir Yakub yea And only those that are made in Russia.
Sir Yakub
Sir Yakub - 8 måneder siden
@pewdiepie supporter mine didn't come with thermal paste, is it premium keyboards only?
pewdiepie supporter
pewdiepie supporter - 8 måneder siden
It comes with the keyboard
James Pulley
James Pulley - 8 måneder siden
I got a R5 2600x, Corsair vengeance 16gb 3200, cooler master lc240e AIO, and a xfx rx590 fatboy. All upgrades for me and only spent around $450.
gamester1416 - 8 måneder siden
With AMD, you don't have to spend as much unless you want to.
Bryan - 8 måneder siden
LMAO I bought damn near the same parts before even watching this
Nuke Mecca
Nuke Mecca - 8 måneder siden
Why in gods name have a gen 1 type C at the back of the pc.. should be in the front as well
Nuke Mecca
Nuke Mecca - 8 måneder siden
over a 2 thousand bucks for a 2080ti... one card only and thats in nzd
Nowak Foxie
Nowak Foxie - 8 måneder siden
Corsair K70 🤔

nty, I'll go for an actually good board instead.
Loshi Studios
Loshi Studios - 8 måneder siden
I was lucky enough to snag a 3800x bundled with an msi x570 gaming pro carbon mobo and a Samsung Evo nvme 500gb thrown in for $514...Damn
Colin Berg
Colin Berg - 8 måneder siden
Why that board over the arsenal tomahawk b450
Kyle Abosch
Kyle Abosch - 8 måneder siden
Sales tax? Never heard of it! #delaware
AquilaChill - 8 måneder siden
What about shipping costs?
Not everything is on amazon & not everyone has amazon prime.
ThePhenomf4 - 8 måneder siden
Mail in rebates shouldn’t be taken into account when tallying up the total. It takes a few months to actually get them redeemed and that’s assuming they mail you the rebate. I’ve done three mail in rebates in my time and I’ve yet to get one back.
Celtic Fox
Celtic Fox - 8 måneder siden
HAHAHA here on the East Coast in New Hampshire we don't have a sales tax... We also don't have a Micro Center sadly... We do have a Best Buy and a Walmart (shudders).
deathrodcustoms - 8 måneder siden
I got the corsair k95 keyboard $60 off only took 10 years of saving and a ridiculous good price
Valentus SlimROAST
Valentus SlimROAST - 8 måneder siden
omg ~ I saved $825 on the samsung CRG9 49" monitor ! amazing 1 day only sale at memoryexpress !
ControllerMeneer - 8 måneder siden
Got a G502 SE HERO for 46 euros
EvasionX2 - 8 måneder siden
Board only supports 3200 mhz, no?
Ryan Geiger
Ryan Geiger - 8 måneder siden
Isn't that QLC drive pretty bad performance-wise compared to the TLC's?
PARADOX STORMY - 8 måneder siden
Bitwit how do I fix my laptop to stop lagging and in the middle of videos it buffers help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7shaded blades
7shaded blades - Måned siden
1 no 2 buy a PC 3 laptops suck 4 dont cry like a kid 5 read number 2
Ronald Cunningham
Ronald Cunningham - 8 måneder siden
No sale tax here in Montana :D
Yaana - 8 måneder siden
I'd say buy a quality air cooler for the CPU instead.
PussyButt - 8 måneder siden
I found the headset on Target for $29.99 lol. All I did was a quick google search smh
Ma Hu
Ma Hu - 8 måneder siden
just spent 1600 Euros at Black Friday for PC components (250 of which for Noctua products alone) - Cyber Monday Deals were really bad here in Germany. Aside from a 2TB Sandisk SSD for 140€ - which wase sold out a few minutes after the deal started, there was nothing interesting.
Pieter Dewachter
Pieter Dewachter - 8 måneder siden
The best deal I got was the Philips 245E1S for €129 (~$143) instead of €169 (~$188)
24" 1440p IPS 75Hz and FreeSync
Paul O'Sullivan
Paul O'Sullivan - 8 måneder siden
Its funny to me that you dont like a green pcb but do like rgb. I cant stand rgb I think it looks stupid and tacky but a green pcb, meh its fine.
Paul O'Sullivan
Paul O'Sullivan - 8 måneder siden
Also why on earth dont you just use Linux, you get a desktop that just works and you dont pay anything and have no restrictions. Seriously just try linux mint I bet it will be great for you!
Joe schmoe
Joe schmoe - 8 måneder siden
Haha "in most cases" isee what you did there!
Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson - 8 måneder siden
I got a Ryzen 7 2700x for $159 plus tax.
Des Jones
Des Jones - 8 måneder siden
Deals I got on Black Friday: 1. Galaxy Note10+ 256GB (Unlocked)for $630 including insurance, after tax $700 OTD & it came w\free Galaxy Buds($1100 Originally): 2. HPs site I got a new 15in touch screen Laptop w\2nd Gen Mobile Ryzen 5 w\16GB RAM, 256GB NVMe Drive for $450 ($1300 Originally), $580 OTD after adding 3yr warranty w\accidental coverage: 3. Samsung 8000 Series UHD 4k Smart TV 55in with HDR10 (2019 Ver.) $545 OTD ($1100 Originally). All of my purchases had free shipping. =)
Robert Greenberg
Robert Greenberg - 8 måneder siden
go to amazon first but buy at B and H and skip the mark up
chris pryor
chris pryor - 8 måneder siden
that's a Ryzen 2 motherboard I don't think the Ryzen 3 cpu will work?
Meritorius - 8 måneder siden
Even with the 3950X a single 8pin should be enough, according to Buildzoid
1996ToyotaCorolla - 8 måneder siden
What would you recommend for a second monitor? Would prefer if it is on the more cheaper side.
LMSkyliner89 - 8 måneder siden
I believe it was sold out by Monday, but the LG 27gl83a-b for $320 on Amazon was probably "the" monitor deal this weekend.
Fragged Mind
Fragged Mind - 8 måneder siden
Disliked. No Lyle.
Howard Green
Howard Green - 8 måneder siden
I have that Ktrio mouse pad, love it. Use it daily for work and it's been holding up great for over a year now.
Bonson Pylon
Bonson Pylon - 8 måneder siden
First thing I noticed on Newegg
Ryzen 3 1200 has been $58 for 6+ months, then randomly switches to $94 on black Friday / cyber Monday. wtf
Gregory Santelises
Gregory Santelises - 8 måneder siden
FYI, asus strix b450 Mobo needs BIOS update to work with 3rd gen Ryzen. I bought it on black Friday, and ended up having to return and replace with a x570 (mainly because I didn't want to wait for AMD's boot kit to upgrade BIOS)
Matthew Nagle
Matthew Nagle - 8 måneder siden
Be honest where does this fall on the pc spectrum mid/high/low and what would it be best at
note: this is my first actual build
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
Noctua NH-U12S 55 CFM CPU Cooler + 1 Noctua NF-F12 PWM chromax.Black 120mm fan
Asus ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 Memory
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
Samsung 970 Evo 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
XFX Radeon RX 5700 8 GB Video Card
Corsair SPEC-DELTA RGB ATX Mid Tower Case
EVGA SuperNOVA G1+ 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply
Microsoft Windows 10
Asus PCE-AC56 PCIe x1 Wi-Fi Adapter
Corsair LL120RGB LED x6
FactorYLabS - 8 måneder siden
"How to wish you had and could just blow $2K on cyber Monday deals"
Asian Brownie
Asian Brownie - 8 måneder siden
I got that keyboard for 90$ at Best buy
Colton Hathaway
Colton Hathaway - 8 måneder siden
B450F Gaming "30 dollars off" lmao i paid 115 after tax from Best Buy in October. Before tax was 102 dollars. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a "raise it 10% before the day and then we will drop 5% off for the day" kind of deal
Billy Edwards
Billy Edwards - 8 måneder siden
Well, that's a bummer. I would like to suggest a deal that won't break your bank. It's by Ivacy VPN, and they are giving 90% on their main plan. Do check it out.
Niccoló Pasquale
Niccoló Pasquale - 8 måneder siden
Why is the videos laggy?
Adam Piatt
Adam Piatt - 8 måneder siden
Why not go with the $25.00 Razer Deathadder Elite?... Excellent price for that mouse. Also,...were all of those items part of Free Shipping?
Majorx240 - 8 måneder siden
I want to see you build this one.
Asish Rath
Asish Rath - 8 måneder siden
Don't take it otherwise but your video and audio quality is getting low like your content.. ♥️
peter shuker
peter shuker - 8 måneder siden
Donkey ..disk?
Oletta Liano
Oletta Liano - 8 måneder siden
I think I did okay yesterday. I saved a total of $90 on a Ryzen 7 3800X and a XFX RX 5700 XT Thicc III Ultra.
Lou D
Lou D - 8 måneder siden
Haha when looking at the ram there was a red 2*8 3600 kit for $60 on the bottom left
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries - 8 måneder siden
Are you an idiot????? $100 for a Windows key??????????????? You ARE an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here, you moron:
Or here, a list of shops:
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries - 8 måneder siden
Why are people so stupid about this, is beyond me...... Never buy Windows from BIG ASS stores, they rip you off more than 100% the price!!!
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries - 8 måneder siden
Actually no. That monday sux more than any other day in life! It sux more money from you, than any other day.
Dontmindme - 8 måneder siden
Wtf this is literally almost my exact pc
Joseph Yang
Joseph Yang - 8 måneder siden
Yeah, I spent about 4,000$ yesterday got a 4 camera Eufy security camera system, and well I convinced my mom to let me build her a computer...and well one for me too since we haven’t upgraded our computers in the last 9 years (I was running on a i7-980x with 6 cores and 12 threads for the last 9 years or so, actually held up pretty well and is still faster than my 2017 MacBook Pro). So I bought parts for almost identical systems for both me and my mom. Here’s the build: ryzen 9 3900X for my mom, and 3950X for me, H100i Pro, ASUS TUF Gaming X570 - Plus (wifi), GTX 1080, 64gb Trident Z neo (4x16gb), and a Corsair MP600 for each system. Hehe a bit overkill for each system especially considering that my mom is 63 years old and I’m an unemployed dude who plays league and needs to get his life together. But other than that....computers! Wtf am I doing with my life
0111. exe
0111. exe - 8 måneder siden
ASRock B450 Steel Legend MB got an M.2 cover:
That_cat21 - 8 måneder siden
I grabbed a 650w fully modular 80+ thermaltake psu for $89 (aud) and 16gb of gskill flarex 3200mhz ram for $99 on sunday
Sage River
Sage River - 8 måneder siden
He's gonna feel silly when he realizes that he can't hear his game
Bag of Sunshine
Bag of Sunshine - 8 måneder siden
Headset in peripherals :/
Jason Kovald
Jason Kovald - 8 måneder siden
Did I just hear someone acknowledge the fact that Windows is free since you can download and run it without activating!!
Jason Kovald
Jason Kovald - 8 måneder siden
@Majorx240 Couldn't care less about personalization i ain't 14 anymore :) and the watermark is negligible or outright removable
Majorx240 - 8 måneder siden
Jason Kovald yes but you are limited with what personalisation you can do to it and after an hour or so you get a water mark on the lower left hand corner.
KameraShy - 8 måneder siden
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just scams to unload the second rate crap that otherwise doesn't sell.
Eliot Rulez
Eliot Rulez - 8 måneder siden
A Scythe Fuma 2 would have been cheaper and as quite as the watercooling stuff. For 65W CPUs Water should be avoided.
Eliot Rulez
Eliot Rulez - 8 måneder siden
The VRM of this board is shit... :) any MSI board would be better (Mortar, Tomahawk, etc).... This ASUS Board is only a 4+2 VRM-design. It has 4x HighSide, 8x LowSide and the SOC is 4x Highside and 4x Lowside (in parallel with worse RDS on than most MSI B450 board)... you fell for the eight chokes which was the intentsion of ASUS. You should not guess but check out the VRM list. If I do only game, two more or less USB plugs won't make my day. Especially 4-port USB Cards are 10$.
justAguyDs - 8 måneder siden
3 pairs of converse : P
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 8 måneder siden
Step 1: have $2000
Mike Cunningham
Mike Cunningham - 8 måneder siden
The R5 3600 during black Friday/cyber Monday was US$253 on 'special' 😎 South African pricing 🤣
Prothsma - 8 måneder siden
Mike Cunningham I got a R7 2700x for 130$ 🤘🏻
Dom Henn
Dom Henn - 8 måneder siden
Best deals? I saved about 50 dollars on a 2TB NVME SSD, and 200 on a 2080ti. There were others, but the 2080ti was the big one
Syntax Logic
Syntax Logic - 8 måneder siden
Awesomesauce gang reporting in
Im Eternal
Im Eternal - 8 måneder siden
I built my entire pc and peripherals for 1557
Red devil 5700xt
Chris Canty
Chris Canty - 8 måneder siden
Nothing much... just some sweet deals on some spares from EKWB and I've already got the delivery in my hands from Slovenia to Australia.
Jojo Bob bubble
Jojo Bob bubble - 8 måneder siden
Two minutes into this and I'm loving your approach to pricing this thing out. Tax, OS and peripherals.. Well done.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson - 8 måneder siden
Kyle needs some Lyle traps
andreas malmkvist
andreas malmkvist - 8 måneder siden
Please why is this one not on floatplane?
Jeff Turabaz
Jeff Turabaz - 8 måneder siden
I ended up getting a 3800x, MSI MPG X570 Gaming PRO Carbon WiFi Motherboard, and a Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe for 563 after tax
Jim - 8 måneder siden
I scooped that chip/board combo Friday. Just finished the build tonight. Silicon Power sold me on their 2tb nvme m.2 for $235 :)
Marc - 8 måneder siden sucks for computer parts 🤮
Tom Craig
Tom Craig - 8 måneder siden
Finally put the trusty i5-2500k to bed on Black Friday - got an r7 2700x and msi x470 board from Microcenter for $190 total. Couldn't say no to that!
OnTheHunt4 - 8 måneder siden
I bought the cooler with your link, and picked out a Corsair case while I was there. Unfortunately missed out on the ram.
I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
Not a big deal. That isn’t really a good deal at all. At most like 10 dollars off for that Kit.
Liam McLeod
Liam McLeod - 8 måneder siden
Fuck kingwin, go for eBay the keys are like $4
Diego Perez
Diego Perez - 8 måneder siden
Amazon had a sale on an MSI x570 pro carbon mobo, Ryzen 7 3800x and a 500 GB Samsung M2 Evo plus drive all for 514.99 before tax. Best deal I found.
Aizal - 8 måneder siden
For some reason 3700x is a little bit more expensive than 3800x on Amazon (until today). Got myself HyperX Cloud Flight for $80 though.
Daxton Anderson
Daxton Anderson - 8 måneder siden
Windows Activation Protip:
Sign into the Microsoft Store with a Windows Live account, go to your Windows User accounts and create an account with that login.
Now, every time you do a fresh install of windows, choose to log in with that Windows Live account when creating your user.
It will carry that Windows Activation over.
I've been running the same Windows Live activation since I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 when the upgrade period came out. I've reformatted and switched PCs countless times, just had to sign in with my Live account.
Element Trill
Element Trill - 4 måneder siden
I'm buying parts for a new build so I'm definitely trying this! Thanks!
Daxton Anderson
Daxton Anderson - 6 måneder siden
@Big Dogg This is moreso directed towards viewers haha
Big Dogg
Big Dogg - 6 måneder siden
he cant do that as he sells the systems he makes therefore he would need a new licence everytime, if it was his build then yes it would follow.
OP OP - 8 måneder siden
Who wants to play Siege with me, if u want just reply and I’ll give u my steam acc, plz have a mic
Giorgio Negro
Giorgio Negro - 8 måneder siden
My monitor is actually not console compatible
Mitchell Putukara
Mitchell Putukara - 8 måneder siden
Like your jacket mate