HE COULD HAVE WON A FREE PC...If only he knew the answer! #BitwitorNitwit

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HE COULD HAVE WON A FREE PC...If only he knew the answer! #BitwitorNitwit
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 12:14


Bitwit - 8 måneder siden
Thanks for watching this one fam! Glad to see this series back. Btw we realized by day 2 that question #4 was poorly worded so we gave contestants who struck out on #4 a pass to attempt question #5 in the order in which they participated until someone answered #5 correctly. Still feel bad for the one or two people on day 1 who struck out on #4. Questions will be better next time. Hope you still enjoyed the episode. I think it's our best one yet.
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Amy Lizarraga
Amy Lizarraga - 7 måneder siden
I watched this entire video and my husband (who participated in day 2) didnt show up on it 🤔 whhhaaaaaa???
Inevy - 8 måneder siden
YoU dOnT nEeD a CoOler To BoOt iNtO WiNdoWs
Vicky Bowe
Vicky Bowe - 8 måneder siden
Just went to order some merch... Shipping to the UK is how much? Surely it wouldn't cost you much more to fly them across the Atlantic by personal courier? Or have I got it all wrong and in fact you deliver in person for that much cash? Does spending that much count as a bribe/money laundering under international law? Needless to say, I could place no order when the cost of shipping is more than the cost of the order, even when the order is way above $50!
SpankBuda - 8 måneder siden
You all are taking question #4 way too serious. You need the damn cooler regardless! Who in the hell risking their new PC build and booting into windows without a cooler?!
mrgimpie - 8 måneder siden
@barcode boi paste isn't a component.
John-Paul Tolczyk
John-Paul Tolczyk - 2 måneder siden
yes got the first question right yeah
DarkBrave_ - 3 måneder siden
I almost got day one final question, but I forgot the CPU cooler
Radim Ziegler
Radim Ziegler - 3 måneder siden
These were the easiest questions ever.
I'm a 15 yr old that only built one PC ever.
The only one that made me even think was the rgb header question.
stektirade - 3 måneder siden
Hold on hold on, technically if you are running a cpu with no integrated graphics and no dedicated gpu you wouldn't get a display to boot windows. So that question would depend on what cpu you are running.
Kacpers9 - 3 måneder siden
Why can't I get these easy questions and get a pc
Probably because I live in the UK XD
Xarnic - 4 måneder siden
Smh, the struggle of not living down there. I knew all the answers
shahid Khan
shahid Khan - 5 måneder siden
Me Like it
dukeseb - 6 måneder siden
you can't include the cooler and fan..... you only need the ram, power supply, motherboard and hard drive, cpu
Chesco - 6 måneder siden
*You dont need a cooler to boot windows wtf.*
Silas labarbera
Silas labarbera - 7 måneder siden
omg... that was so wrong. The blue screen of death on a bad question. I was watching full screen and flipped for a minute. Seriously thought that i had it for a split second. lol. Messed up man. I haven't had to deal with that in a very long time. Love your feed man. Thank you. Keep it up.
Armathynx - 7 måneder siden
Imagine knowing all of them, then Kyle tells you you need a CPU Cooler to boot to windows lmaoooooooo
ryan noon
ryan noon - 7 måneder siden
that was kinda shitty... iv'e been an enthusiast techy for years..... cpu cooler traditionally comes with the cpu.... least one person got it, i' ashamed to say i wouldn't have with that one question, could have easily added mouse and keyboard too. kinda think that was a low blow
Qifayz AN.
Qifayz AN. - 7 måneder siden
I literally was like,
"Boot to windows? Cpu, motherboard, memory, drive, and power (PSU) it's 5, but it will crash right away if used for something else cause there's no CPU Cooler, but it's just booting tho, so it will work." And he said *6* then I was like "IS IT THE CPU COOLER? FOR REAL?" and yeah, then I scrolled down to comment section, glad that I'm not the only one who has this kind of mind.
Edit: Realized the pinned comment, feels bad for those who have answered 5 tho.
AmericanPatriot1776 - 7 måneder siden
"Is the camera off?? Good...."

"Alright gimme my PC back."
yến huỳnh tv
yến huỳnh tv - 7 måneder siden
Good game
Sarath S
Sarath S - 7 måneder siden
Why don't these happen at our place AAH God
Any way keep up the positivity
The Virus Guy
The Virus Guy - 7 måneder siden
I would answer without any lifelines :)
terror - 7 måneder siden
Is it me or were these questions so God damn easy
xitup1 - 7 måneder siden
Dnlperez - 7 måneder siden
I answered them all correct... I should have won.. Haha
Lexx - 7 måneder siden
I loved this vid, really looking forward to more like this in the future.
Gigi D'Agostino
Gigi D'Agostino - 7 måneder siden
there are CPUs that dont need a cooler
siul pabon
siul pabon - 7 måneder siden
hell yea i don't know much of pc and i hit every awnser buya
Ninja 21
Ninja 21 - 7 måneder siden
Not being cocky or anything, but does anyone feel like they would have got all of those?
Ben W
Ben W - 8 måneder siden
was it just me but everytime the blue screen came up my heart stoped
00100000station - 8 måneder siden
You can boot without a cooler. You can start a car without a radiator. Run that bitch for a while it’s gunna blow up on yer.
Kha Le
Kha Le - 8 måneder siden
I will have it but ich have no money😔
Bob Private
Bob Private - 8 måneder siden
The number of people raging about that last question should give you an idea that it's at the very least misleading, and likely downright wrong. Kyle, if you only had the items you listed you could not boot to Windows. You'll need a keyboard during the preparation phase, at the very least to tell the BIOS to not halt when it fails to detect a keyboard. In order to do that, you'll need a connected monitor- unless you're using a server motherboard and are connecting to its configuration remotely, in which case you need an entire other computer. You'll need some sort of storage device such as a USB key to install Windows from- if you say you can script the installation process, then you need an entire other computer to do this on. That all having been said, you're also disregarding Mini-ITX solutions that include the motherboard with soldered-on BGA Atom and built-in heatsink. If you count the heatsink as a separate part even when it's included with many CPUs, then you also have to count the power cord as a separate part even though it's included with most power supplies.
Arrogath - 8 måneder siden
I'd argue you only need 5 pieces to boot into windows... not advisable to not use a cpu cooler although it can be done with some hardware. Could always pull a Linus and hold your hand against the processor to absorb the heat
PAC0 - 8 måneder siden
Inevy - 8 måneder siden
Since when do you need a cooler to boot into windows?
Dog - 8 måneder siden
These people call themselves enthusiasts but they don't even know which generation of CPU has how many cores.

R3 - 4 core
R5 - 6 core
R7 - 8 core

R3U - 2 core
R5U - 4 core
R7U - 4 core

i3 7th gen and below - 2 core
i3 8th gen and above - 4 core
i5 7th gen and below - 4 core
i5 8th gen and above - 6 core
i7 4th gen and below - 4 core
i7 5th gen and above - 6 core
OutOfPace Racing
OutOfPace Racing - 8 måneder siden
*He* switched to *"D"* - *Final Answer!*
Bigminimus1 - 8 måneder siden
Don't need a cooler or a drive to boot into windows. Can install it into a ramdisk, and undervolt the cpu so it doesn't overheat
Mauricio Olmedo
Mauricio Olmedo - 8 måneder siden
I'm feeling happy and proud of myself cause I knew them all without lifeline c:
Gz to the winner!
Falkarios - 8 måneder siden
Do you really need a CPU cooler? I could have sworn I've seen videos of people doing test boots without a cooler. Am I crazy?
Owen C
Owen C - 8 måneder siden
Wait what why would a case come with thermal paste
Todd no last name
Todd no last name - 8 måneder siden
Expansion slots is kind of misleading, because I think of that as the things on the motherboard.
CVNTGETENOUGH - 8 måneder siden
I missed question #4, I forgot cooler and storage device
Sizzzly - 8 måneder siden
I could have easily won this system! Just to unfortunate to not live there 😞
ALMOND - 8 måneder siden
I would’ve won this 😂
Abd ElRahman Ahmed Safwat
Abd ElRahman Ahmed Safwat - 8 måneder siden
so he went with a 9900k and a radeon vii ?! like he did that to cringe the viewers on purpose
Fastwilber - 8 måneder siden
Im 13 and i knew all of these😭😭
Ben Sanders
Ben Sanders - 8 måneder siden
I don't really use RGB either.
Never saw the point lol
Bedanta Dutta
Bedanta Dutta - 8 måneder siden
Dude you should definitely come to India. Especially to kolkata.
Cloudburst - 8 måneder siden
You don't need a cooler. You don't even need a drive to boot windows
Eight Legs
Eight Legs - 8 måneder siden
5:33 a CPU cooler isn't REQUIRED it's just recommended.
seniore grimble
seniore grimble - 8 måneder siden
DeadHead Gaming
DeadHead Gaming - 8 måneder siden
Super unfortunate. The window boot question is rigged. Just to boot into windows you only need a power supply, mobo, ram, CPU, and storage. You CAN load up windows without a cooler on the CPU. Is it smart? Not really. Will the PC run very long without a cooler? No not really. BUT you can still boot it up.
Benchmark Central
Benchmark Central - 8 måneder siden
@bitwit its actually 5 smh
Nathan L
Nathan L - 8 måneder siden
Well you can boot into windows without a CPU cooler. He would still be wrong. Also I can do it with two components.
Jo3yization - 8 måneder siden
For everyone saying you dont need a CPU cooler, you *also* dont need a hard drive(component), you can boot windows direct off USB(peripheral) which wouldnt count as a component either bringing the number down to '4'. But it wouldnt be practical, just like running without a cooler wouldnt make any sense so I guess its a bit of an open ended question if you get too technical.
Was a nice giveaway either way, as long as the correct answer was fixed as 6 the whole time I dont think there's anything wrong with throwing a tough one in. 6 is a reasonable answer for a realistic build.
Litsmite - 8 måneder siden
99.99999999999% of comments are “YOU WOT M8 YOU DONT NEEDS A CPU COOLER T0 BOOTZ TO WINDOWS”
Matthew Vargas
Matthew Vargas - 8 måneder siden
cpu cooler in line up is BS!! PLUS what about the monitor to see if the damn thing even posted.....
kevin gahol
kevin gahol - 8 måneder siden
hopeful you guys do a san diego trip!
Xmaster 36
Xmaster 36 - 8 måneder siden
Pls subscribe
Mork the Chicken
Mork the Chicken - 8 måneder siden
YouTube comment
vicenterfrostcl - 8 måneder siden
it was nice to see leon the assassin win a pc for his little brother
TA - 8 måneder siden
Wow that guy used a 50/50 on question 1!! Come on man..