Girlfriend needs a new computer NOW (it's bad)

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Girlfriend needs a new computer NOW (Emergency!)

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 10:02


Bitwit - 7 måneder siden
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TheOddOne - 5 dager siden
can you please do anything to replace my optiplex 790? please?
TheOddOne - 5 dager siden
can you please r=do something to replace my optiplex 790?
Glarez Squid
Glarez Squid - 7 dager siden
Ikr AMAZING year! :D
HeyImSushi - 15 dager siden
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TheOddOne - 16 dager siden
hey Bitwit can you build a computer to replace my optiplex 790?
Bruce - 15 timer siden
Damn. I thought this was a video about BitWit cheating on his wife and building a pc for his new girlfriend.
GD Vertuex
GD Vertuex - Dag siden
Computer needs a new girlfriend
Ser Humano
Ser Humano - Dag siden
meanwhile i'm still rocking my alienware area 51 from 2011
Ser Humano
Ser Humano - Dag siden
loving the music during the build tho. Hotline Miami vibes NGL
Andrew Belmonte-Russo
Andrew Belmonte-Russo - 2 dager siden
I have a very similar build. My case is a white NZXT H510 Mid Tower Case. I have a Ryzen 5 2600, X570-Plus ASUS TUF board, 4 sticks of ram, a MSI 1660, and for cooling I have UpHere RGB fans.
Dimitrije Đelić
Dimitrije Đelić - 2 dager siden
OmegaStonks Gaming
OmegaStonks Gaming - 2 dager siden
I was adopted by your mother
Build me a pc
wizzardoffuzz - 2 dager siden
is that case... $60... WTF
Sargent Waffles
Sargent Waffles - 4 dager siden
Non clickbait
Bluelonden - 4 dager siden
Your thumbnail face could be an agressive pog
Extinq qt
Extinq qt - 4 dager siden
Honestly the computer is 60 dollars you can probably sale all the parts inside and make some money
Branden's Outdoor Channel
Branden's Outdoor Channel - 5 dager siden
I put a 2280 NVME ssd drive in my gf last night
Weeabro Lyfe
Weeabro Lyfe - 5 dager siden
I just had to ditch my AIO moving into a nzxt h510. I could use one of those 12 rgb coolers 😂
ik1tub CS
ik1tub CS - 5 dager siden
Hey Kyle uh yeah, my "girlfriend" needs a PC too... yeah... my "girlfriend". Sounds about right
Random Account
Random Account - 5 dager siden
Bro your cable management is insane!
Gaming Knight Daksh
Gaming Knight Daksh - 5 dager siden
I live in india and the same pc cost me nearly 1100$ to 1200$
Stephen Meyer
Stephen Meyer - 6 dager siden
BitWit already disrespecting his cousin in the first 5 seconds
Doggo7950 - 6 dager siden
geforce gt 710
Nick W
Nick W - 6 dager siden
Did...did you just a piece of cardboard
Ultimate Exploiter
Ultimate Exploiter - 7 dager siden
Bitwit: "This is pretty outdated.."
Me comin' in hot with my 2011-2012 laptop: RATE MY "PC"

(CPU: Intel core i3-2350M
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000
OS: Windows 7 32-bit
13% Rated PC
but I upgraded to 4GB RAM and Windows 10 64-bit
Upgraded laptop: 23% rated PC)
RespectSir丹i - 7 dager siden
Which one is better B450 tomahawk or the asus tuf x570-plus ?
IvanBeatz - 9 dager siden
DJXLR813 - 9 dager siden
is buying the merch worth it for temps ping fps and anti virus?
Camilok Zept
Camilok Zept - 10 dager siden
I dont know if she belongs to the streets???
The fortnite guy
The fortnite guy - 11 dager siden
What fans?
Trevali - 13 dager siden
Her old PC is a prebuilt from Cybertron
Edgar Zapote
Edgar Zapote - 13 dager siden
2:36 hey! i have that motherboard and I also feel attacked, I’m also thinking on making a new one
Vieira - 13 dager siden
Replace mine pls
Red-Nerdo - 13 dager siden
It would be nice if Bitwit built me a PC like this lol. I’ve been stuck with an original Xbox One for 3 years
Adaptness - 15 dager siden
You could just search up device manager for the proccesor model and name
dark hades gaming
dark hades gaming - 15 dager siden
Well the best gift he could give "is me"😂😂😂😂
Arni Childerhouse
Arni Childerhouse - 15 dager siden
the title is like a caveman speaking
H B - 16 dager siden
It probably has an AMD FX 6300, don't ask me how I might know that.
Gavin Clark
Gavin Clark - 16 dager siden
4:17 Dropwit
JustARandomIdiot - 17 dager siden
*she gets a 1660 Super or whatever*
me: Turns RTX on
Mr Troll
Mr Troll - 18 dager siden
Coffin Guy
Coffin Guy - 18 dager siden
Thats Enough For me,Why Need new Computer....
Waslappie - 18 dager siden
damn that 8gb ddr3 ram stick is just what my PC needs D:
jutubaeh - 19 dager siden
like gb mobos but a yt pro that buys a gb gc ? i mean they are hardly any more expensive than palit arent they ^?^
i mean used ^^
the old tower is quite doomey? classy but sie airphlövv ^?^
UpcomingChris - 19 dager siden
"And if you knew Andrew, that sentence would shock you" haha
Flame Blitzkrieg
Flame Blitzkrieg - 19 dager siden
Can you make mousepads of youth sizes please?? That's what you said 9:51

King Graveth
King Graveth - 19 dager siden
seasonic S12 series are not very reliable and certainly not as reliable as other seasonic models as they are technically manifactured by another company
Ace -_-
Ace -_- - 19 dager siden
just built my new pc i was just wondering how id tone down my fans? because they are quite loud atm
Dashie - 20 dager siden
I'm a bit late, but I'm pretty sure I know why you couldn't get into the BIOS, I believe fast boot is enabled which disables USB devices until you get into the OS so you physically can't press the key to get in. You have to clear the CMOS and then you're good, of course without knowing if she did anything in the BIOS you couldn't reapply settings if you wanted to
Annurissimo 10
Annurissimo 10 - 20 dager siden
For a sec I got scared that Kyle cheated on wifey sauce. She would have been better off with Lyle anyway IMO.
Dwayиe - 20 dager siden
sana all may gaming pc 😔
Lookas Bookas
Lookas Bookas - 21 dag siden
Literally bruh, i dont even have a gaming pc, like its jusr a monitor and some shit
dillin norris
dillin norris - 21 dag siden
when he put the dusty old hd in without cleaning it really got to me
Reverse_Navi - 22 dager siden
I really like the look of this case and the old stripper heel fan aesthetic(unironic)
Wtchoclatemixofpeeps - 22 dager siden
Give case to linus
Work in Progress
Work in Progress - 23 dager siden
The thumbnail face is funny and idk why, I can just hear him screaming
ArixYT - 24 dager siden
I wish i had somebody like you butt i dont bc i wish i had a good pc i only have a 100 dolers pc it cant handle any games
Kansuki - 24 dager siden
Hey, I have a friend who needs a new gaming rig. Build a rig for them now!
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - 24 dager siden
Can't I just have that computer
I literally can't even play minecraft on mine
Tom McSimon
Tom McSimon - 24 dager siden
I had this exact shitty PC for the longest time bruh
Fox Trekker
Fox Trekker - 24 dager siden
I happened across this video and heard you said it could run games at 1080p on ultra settings. I have just upgraded to a similar build which includes a ryzen 7 3800x, evga gtx 1660 ultra that is oc'd, msi x470 gaming plus max mb, 2x8 ripjaws 3200 ddr4 , thermaltake 500w psu. I haven't upgraded my drives lately of pny cs900 ssd and toshiba 1tb hdd. I'm hoping to get a nvme drive soon. I would have went bigger on the gpu but this is what my budget would allow. It is still a big upgrade to my amd 6300, gtx 950 build. My latest main game is rdr2. I was able to tweak up the settings to mostly high with ultra textures and hold it around 60fps at 1080p, but trying to push settings to ultra gave me a big nose dive in fps. I understand that this is a pretty demanding game from what i've read so i'm wondering what kind of performance i can expect with other new titles. I do have some older less demanding games that easily run at ultra settings and some i'd like to re-visit just to see the difference. Thanks and really enjoy your channel!
Jesse Greathouse
Jesse Greathouse - 24 dager siden
Hello, Sydney...
broxbi - 25 dager siden
lol i dont even have a gpu
Gucci flip flop download hecking tik tok
I know I'm late but you could've pressed window key + R an typed in msinfo32 and checked cpu that way.
picasso_297 - 25 dager siden
it pooped dust hahahahaha
Jorge Galarza
Jorge Galarza - 25 dager siden
What a sick burn to start the video.
Daniel Wilson da Silva Batista
Why there's a sata cable hanging out unplugged in the case? 🤔
Uche Oji
Uche Oji - 25 dager siden
Oh no, you put RGB in a windowless case, for someone who'll probably never open it!?
Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane - 24 dager siden
Did you comment on the correct video? That NZXT H510 has a tempered glass side panel...
Kxylen_ - 26 dager siden
S I m p
Lord Business117
Lord Business117 - 26 dager siden
Could you help me out with my build?
Ferox - 27 dager siden
Thought this was gonna be a forsenCD moment
incognito 82
incognito 82 - 27 dager siden
No pic of gf I'm upset
Khurram Kamran
Khurram Kamran - 27 dager siden
That exposed lens behind on the desk gives me anxiety
Virxually - 28 dager siden
Kyle: they’re running at max rpm so they’re super noisy
My computer, a jet engine: am I a joke to you?
Randulf Jr Obinque
Randulf Jr Obinque - 28 dager siden
I dont know why im watching this.

I can't even buy his motherboard
MrBoombast64 - 28 dager siden
No socks today? :)
Shalin Dragon
Shalin Dragon - 28 dager siden
girlfriend need new hardware ummm..
milan kovacevic
milan kovacevic - 28 dager siden
i swear half of the views are from the title
James Larsen
James Larsen - 29 dager siden
@bitwit Just as a point of information, some prebuilts (and this board was common in them), the UEFI will skip the setup and just boot if not instructed to specifically wait (it's a BIOS feature). Fail to load windows (reset it mid-load), twice, and then use the windows troubleshooting menu to boot the firmware.
Nexus Hexus
Nexus Hexus - 29 dager siden
That's a old build of Windows 10 running, it has the old wallpaper.
Caverian - 29 dager siden
This is kinda scary, I built my PC about 3 days ago and just saw this video today the PC I built is almost exactly the same as this one. The only differences is I have the 1660 super and my case is the white version of that. Crazy
fortnitium - 29 dager siden
whats sad is that is the case i have with a 1060 and a 4 core processor. and 16 gigabytes of ram. and i want to play fortnite but i will get a random lag spike in a fight and die. or sometimes it doesent render.
Andy Li
Andy Li - Måned siden
Where u get the apevia case?
M1dn1ght_Ace - Måned siden
i dont trust team group their 240gb sata ssd failed on me after 2 years lost a lot of important data
ConstantGaming - Måned siden
Normal people who knows nothing about computers will think my dude is speaking French 😂
Nathan The Collector
Nathan The Collector - Måned siden
You couldn’t get into the BIOS because it is in fast boot mode. You need to clear the CMOS.
Nathan The Collector
Nathan The Collector - Måned siden
Still better than one of mine
Al Cortez
Al Cortez - Måned siden
it would be cool if she doesn't know her pc got upgraded same case and low profile parts and then when she used it she'll be scratching her head why's my pc got so fast all of a sudden, it will take her a while before she realize it then bf secretly filming her reaction boom! content. but of course it's very challenging to get her pc with out her knowing it and returning it before she even realize her pc is gone and her files should still be there as it is.
ZEROOTWOO - Måned siden
a girl really has a better pc than mine... wow im embarrassed
ZecTeck - Måned siden
Imagine simping for your cousin girlfriend
30YOVegan - Måned siden
lol yall really gotta stop using words you dont know the meaning to. simping where son? all he did was build a pc. parts: free work: time and money already paid for by views and ad revenue if anything they got pimped.
Captain Flippers
Captain Flippers - Måned siden
>budget GPU
This guy
SolarDepression - Måned siden
I had the same pc with a fx 6300 and a gt710
Cntrlng - Måned siden
You built my exact pc pretty much
CMDR meneldil
CMDR meneldil - Måned siden
that's the wrath cooler
SandyFire - Måned siden
Why is you screwdriver so looooooooooooooooooooong
Hatori Ibuki
Hatori Ibuki - Måned siden
You should not call her old case garbage. You may hurt her feeling.
Jxsef - Måned siden
Make your subscriber a pc 💙me
Jxsef - Måned siden
Gold digga
BasicallyImOrlly - Måned siden
No it is not his girlfriend he is married . Also it is just a present.
Grey Jedi
Grey Jedi - Måned siden
I genuinely like the design of that case I might buy it and keep it forever it looks cool to me
Andy Enright
Andy Enright - Måned siden
the "best gift you can give someone is me" demanded an upvote.
Pointless Stuff
Pointless Stuff - Måned siden
why does it look so much like mine
Jeremy De la haye
Jeremy De la haye - Måned siden
i have the ryzen 5 great proccesor
Neesh - Måned siden
Reads title

My dell optiplex from 1969 that’s louder than a v8: 👁👄👁
[oG_sTuDz] - Måned siden
that pc you are using as a stand is the exact pc I use for gaming..... -_-