GeForce Now = Such Wow | Awesome Hardware #0216

The After Party will be here:
GeForce Now available...Now!
Gigabyte B550 motherboards spotted!
Big Navi is CLOSE:
Intel Core i9-10900K with 5.1Ghz boost appears in 3DMark specifications:
EU lawmakers snub Apple’s pleas, overwhelmingly vote to push for charging cable standard:
Google accidentally sent backed up videos to strangers via Takeout:
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GeForce Now = Such Wow | Awesome Hardware #0216
Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 46:39


Your Everyday Tech
Your Everyday Tech - 6 måneder siden
Bitwit timestamps

0:12 GeForce Now = Such Wow
12:58 Gigabyte B550 Motherboards spotted
19:56 Big Navi soon?
24:03 Intel core i9-10900K 5.1ghz boost!
33:01 Google photos accidentally sent backed up videos to strangers via Takeout
36:45 EU Lawmakers push for a single smartphone charge port!
45:18 Stores!
Sorry I missed the show today Q_Q
Stephen Spacek
Stephen Spacek - 6 måneder siden
Hey thanks for awesome timestamps!
Ryan Amodo
Ryan Amodo - 6 måneder siden
You deserve a beer for everytime you do this. Mahalo!
Benjamin Brandenburg
Benjamin Brandenburg - 6 måneder siden
The real hero's always in the comments
Kasper Bolding
Kasper Bolding - 6 måneder siden
Your Everyday Tech Thank you for doing Allah’s work.
Karson King
Karson King - 5 måneder siden
Holy crap Paul must have been tipsy af starting this video 😂😂😂
Kyle Noah Hiers
Kyle Noah Hiers - 5 måneder siden
This is software. Obviously a clickbait grab for money. Kyle... I’m so disappointed.
MARS ALIVE - 5 måneder siden
Man!!! Dump the mumbling dude
Xeron - 5 måneder siden
there should be a thing that lets you set up your computer as the device running the game,and you actually stream witht your computer always on
wisico640 - 5 måneder siden
Pretty sure I had a friend that streamed from his PC to his nvidia shield through network, out of his house :o
Corey Kinard
Corey Kinard - 5 måneder siden
Unfortunately the publishers will ultimately kill this awesome platform. So much potential, such a great business model, but unless something changes the AAA games will stream a premium cost.
Tkburd - 5 måneder siden
I have been ausing geforce now and ita great because i have the nvidia sheild
CJ PLAYS - 5 måneder siden
been using geforce now since the beginning of 2019 and i love it ❤️
michael rueca
michael rueca - 5 måneder siden
This is the most fun I've had watching you guys. Cheers!
Ki!!a goin
Ki!!a goin - 6 måneder siden
Downloaded checked line up undownloaded nothing worth playing
Sad Man
Sad Man - 6 måneder siden
Subscribe me playing games on GeForce now !!!
Happy Cloud Gamer
Happy Cloud Gamer - 6 måneder siden
Gforce now is a lot of work right now. I did only get lag right now. Google stadia run fawless and are easy to use. Easy access always wins.
The only thing GFN has going for it. Is Games on steam Epic store and Uplay, and a small library like Google stadia. REMEMBER Nvidia dos not own anything about the streaming part. And 5 dollars is not realistic price, If GFN is a success this price will go up.
I think GFN is for PC gamers not hardcor pc gamere i think. And stadia is more console gamers😊
HighNoon - 6 måneder siden
But I'm moving on to 1440p at 144hz.
musinclind37 - 6 måneder siden
cheap now, expensive down the road
Noah Dailey
Noah Dailey - 6 måneder siden
Remember that AM4 is going to be superseded soon :) great stream
Radix Lecti
Radix Lecti - 6 måneder siden
Who new we needed drunk tech news...
Joseph Keogh
Joseph Keogh - 6 måneder siden
create a rpg so huge no home pc can play it
with a massive online player count..
until then im out
Mark Davenport
Mark Davenport - 6 måneder siden
Because there are so many types of USB-C connector, I predict consumers who have to stop using Lightning will have trouble finding cables which both work and last. Apple’s Lightning cables work across 1.5 billion Apple devices reliably. I don’t think Apple would change the port again without the EU; Lightning incorporated every design change 30-pin needed. It’s still a nicer connector than USB-C. Have you plugged them in side by side? Lightning is better. Apple should just open source that.
jayw654 - 6 måneder siden
40:20 Fuck Apple and the damn chargers
Manoli Linas
Manoli Linas - 6 måneder siden
Your telling me that comp players will be streaming their games? Lmfao cmon dude
jayw654 - 6 måneder siden
10:25 Most people have good internet but are too cheap to buy own router. In a lot of cases the ISP's router is shit.
Sharyn Veivers
Sharyn Veivers - 6 måneder siden
Can't get it in Australia sadly!!
John M
John M - 6 måneder siden
They screwed anyone over who owns a Shield. It costs Nvidia NOTHING to give us access to a handful of free games without time limits like we had in the beta. Now even the "free" games are limited to 1 hour and that's bullshit! Nvidia has lost my support.
Rohlan_Drye - 6 måneder siden
Just wanted to say that I have watched you guys since I built my first of over five years ago. I'm am just now looking at building a new PC this year. I don't think you have to worry about making people buy more then they would if you weren't making videos. The information is super important and helpful. Thank you have making the fun and informative videos that both of you make. Keep up the great work.
Cody Day
Cody Day - 6 måneder siden
I travel alot and plan to travel more in the future. I know it doesn't work great on 4g but 5g will become more available. Right now at work and at home I can play on mobile easily. I can say I have already switched to streaming as my primary gaming market between xcloud, geforce and shadow, shadow I use to run the Adobe suite, I am happy with the way tech is progressing in this field
Louis Thompson
Louis Thompson - 6 måneder siden
I subscribed because of "Lyle." After some weeks, I'm Beginning to reconsider.
Norman Feetus
Norman Feetus - 6 måneder siden
Me with trash internet : this is just a dream
styledman - 6 måneder siden
I use tobnb love geforce in beta, i ddont know why but i decided to save for my own pc and im glad i did because this is now garbage
AnarickTheDevil - 6 måneder siden
If you think that internet is going to get better and faster you clearly don't understand the strangle hold ip providers like comcast and TimeWarner have over the market (edit) in the us.
Mex - 6 måneder siden
Geforce now isn’t available on my country will they do something about that?
Claudiu Grigore
Claudiu Grigore - 6 måneder siden
GeForce Now / miau lol ...
TheDRMSKR - 6 måneder siden
I want to be able to have my own CPU/GPU server, for my houshold to use locally.
Nick Castagna
Nick Castagna - 6 måneder siden
One of these days, you guys are going to record a show with a microphone that isn't completely ass. I don't know what day that will be, but hopefully soon.
Grant Brown
Grant Brown - 6 måneder siden
The N is even black in the PCGamesN logo
Luis Pleites
Luis Pleites - 6 måneder siden
I like how this guys just talk about GeForce but don't show a damn thing...did they actually play it? No!!! Narrators.
Mystic Star
Mystic Star - 6 måneder siden
Except it's not available for everyone
Hintswen - 6 måneder siden
I actually agree with apples point on innovation. Think about the future, if everyone has to use USB C then what happens when USB C doesn’t allow you to do something that a new port would allow you to do eg even higher speed data transfers. Sure it’s not really a problem right now but think 5 years from now.
chalkywhite 1
chalkywhite 1 - 6 måneder siden
So what will be the point to buy all the new hardware we get new, GPU's,CPU's are they going to stop making them if no one will need them this might hit sales on all mid to high end PC's even if i pay for the £5.00 a month that.s only £180.00 OVER 3 years allot cheaper than getting a new GPU every year or two just a thought
The Game Bench
The Game Bench - 6 måneder siden
How cute... Apple claiming to advocate for consumers.
Kliffjack - 6 måneder siden
GeForce WOW! huehuehue
Funky Monk
Funky Monk - 6 måneder siden
No more part A&B!?!?!?!?.........I fear change. Unless its upgrading my rig. But now I feel like I'm missing half my fav show. How are we supposed to get more amazing corks to the face if there isnt time for kyle to dick about dangerously in between shows? Now you guys have to drink the same amount in just one show or were going to miss our buzzed paul observations that where so poignant and well timed!!!!
Dekkka - 6 måneder siden
Don't invest money in this,the security is so bad it doesn't exist.You can steal an account if you know the password,that's how they stole mine.Now I can somehow still use that account even tho it s on the email of the guy that stole it,I just select to log in with Google and boom,I m in the account.He changed the password like 4 times but no use,I even banned his lol account.
Richard Russell
Richard Russell - 6 måneder siden
"XFX Big Dick Thicc Boi" lol
Tajl3r - 6 måneder siden
I love the non stop hissing sounds of this "show
very professional
" much tech
Alberto De Girolamo
Alberto De Girolamo - 6 måneder siden
Dead on arrival. No hope to compare to Stadia.
No free goodies. No exclusives. Larger band consumption. Smaller infrastructure. Platform hopping.
Pure shit.
Randall Stover
Randall Stover - 6 måneder siden
Soul patch, lmao
orc malavi
orc malavi - 6 måneder siden
could intel already have a good cpu that will crush amd's best cpu? maybe they're just not releasing it until amd comes up with something better than a 9900k
orc malavi
orc malavi - 6 måneder siden
will ryzen 4000 run on a b450???
Tucker Garrison
Tucker Garrison - 6 måneder siden
You guys are on a whole 'nother level this episode and I love it
Parrik - 6 måneder siden
afterparty back to yt pleassssse
Shadane Cole
Shadane Cole - 6 måneder siden
I was one of the beta testers for GeForce now and I really recommend you guys to get it!
It’s worth the money
ageofbogyo - 6 måneder siden
Yet, not one of the Geforce now reviewers actually showed any proof of their low latency or 60 fps with RTx on... all just talk and BS marketing
rings of fire
rings of fire - 6 måneder siden
This video should be sponsored by Manscaped.... Funniest Awesome Hardware show yet guys! Thank you!
John Paul Yates
John Paul Yates - 6 måneder siden
USB-C Charging Port: Sorry Apple 🍎, but there’s nothing innovative about your “Lightening” connecter. Change it to USB-C and stop whining!!! And I’m an iPhone user!!
Abyss Walker
Abyss Walker - 6 måneder siden
Exactly why I don't buy apple products. They have been doing this to their customers in different ways for years now.(reminds me of Intel and the cpu mobo thing) Just to have a picture of a apple on your device shouldn't cost $500 more and for gaming almost none existant reasons to buy it.
Michael Gleason
Michael Gleason - 6 måneder siden
Wireless chargers still need to be plugged in, so would they have to follow this law too?
Chris Bullock
Chris Bullock - 6 måneder siden
People are such it's still at 1080p...PC MASTER RACE HYPOCRITES..
TanganyikanLife - 6 måneder siden
Kind of a bummer to see you guys reporting on Nvidia Now without having the basic details. You do own the games on Now. Since you are playing your Steam library, even in Nvidia Now were to go away you would still keep your games.
Awesome Awesomeness
Awesome Awesomeness - 6 måneder siden
I believe the only origin/ea game is apex
Shawn Cole
Shawn Cole - 6 måneder siden
Paul “disrupting” hackers and mis-managed cloud services with a soul patched taint... Big D Navi strikes again!
David - 6 måneder siden
21GB per month. That's the limit for all USA carriers. Gonna have to find a better way.
David - 6 måneder siden
@jtenorj google this. netgear nighthawk lte
jtenorj - 6 måneder siden
If you want to game on your phone. I'm thinking this is more geared toward wired home connections. Even some of those have stupid low caps(got a mailer not too long ago from Mediacom. 60mbps but only 60GB/mo. Yeah, right), I have Centurylink with 50 down 5 up and a 1TB cap(Centurylink defines a TB as 1024 GB and a GB as 1,073,741, 824 bytes so I actually get over 1.0995 or just under 1.1 trillion bytes a month which is over 36 GB per day or 1.5 GB per hour at GB=1,000,000,000 bytes in a 30 day period). It's still a cap and less than some larger caps or true unlimited, but it's a much more reasonable cap to be sure. Even so, I read in another comment about someone who played too much on Geforce Now one month and went over their 1TB cap. I can only imagine how far over people would go who have substantially lower caps. Not sure if I saw 25mbps was minimum or recommended for the service. That's 375MB every two minutes or 1.5GB every 8 minutes. With my cap I'd be limited to a little over 3hours per day and that's not counting using the internet for anything else like watching NOburn videos.
toons5233 - 6 måneder siden
geforce now may hit band with caps
Jason Pasillas
Jason Pasillas - 6 måneder siden
Any cloud gaming is going to lag
IONATRIX - 6 måneder siden
would be cool if I coul play maybe esports titles on 240hz
Xen-G MaJin
Xen-G MaJin - 6 måneder siden
tested with some game fps go around 30 ( if start 60 soon go down ...) game list to small' no GTA / many games canT use dev version just steam & funny when U start path of exile as example ( any game can this stuation ! ) just the start 1x-20 mins ! every time when wanna play/session expire -.-
Zach R
Zach R - 6 måneder siden
Paul, is that a stout or a root beer you got on the video? If stout whatcha drink?
Kurt - 6 måneder siden
i think it is great if u have a laptop and want to game on the go or if u dont have a good pc in the first place but a good gaming pc at home i think should still be a thing for gamers :P
Raf - 6 måneder siden
How lightning is proprietary with 1,5 billion?
Chris Pollard
Chris Pollard - 6 måneder siden
I'm looking at this for my wife. She wants to be able to play Planet Zoo on her laptop ... but Intel integrated graphics meant it loaded just long enough to lock up and crash. $5/month is a much cheaper (but less fun) option than building a whole gaming rig. I also offered to upgrade the old GTX760 in my tower so she could run it that way ... but she just looked at me like I was crazier than I am. Could be a good interim solution until I collect some parts ...
D•G•X Satosho
D•G•X Satosho - 6 måneder siden
Ive been using geforce now for quite a while now, I really only have one major complaint. The input lag. The input lag even when turning off v sync in game, and on geforce now. It's pretty crazy. Definitely a good beginner software though.
Ben -
Ben - - 6 måneder siden
Sorry but how does forcing a standard charge cable reduce e waste? You still get a new one for every device and if you break one you still buy a new one... I mean most chargers are already a standard USB connector with a lightning charge cable.

Hate to agree with something beneficial for apple, but this seems as dumb as plastic straw banning.
Tye Roberts
Tye Roberts - 6 måneder siden
Imagining Paul's taint wearing glasses and a soulpatch was not something I had planned on thinking about before watching this video.
Lu Kas
Lu Kas - 6 måneder siden
no intro wbout adult language or drinking beer? what happened?
kevtiz03 - 6 måneder siden
A good start to the service and hopefully it gets better. Hopefully it’ll come to iOS devices soon as well
G GG - 6 måneder siden
Time will tell,Nvidia now-wise.
K1NGDB - 6 måneder siden
Could you use GeForce now on a chrome book??
Roberto Fanti
Roberto Fanti - 6 måneder siden
Nope, you need to install GeForce Now app that is only for Windows, Mac and Android phones, you can play Stadia tho.
Jonny Snyder
Jonny Snyder - 6 måneder siden
i know im a little late to the party but i love watching you guys ive been going through alot in my life and when i feel over whelmed i just put your guys vids on and watch them tell im smiling again thank you guys and it would really make my like for a shout out but i understand you guys are busy
Clay Hudson
Clay Hudson - 6 måneder siden
Does the soul patch match the drapes?
Lol great show
TheGamingWIZ - 6 måneder siden
I've been playing Overwatch on GeForce Now for the past couple of weeks, the delay in noticeable, but honestly its pretty easy to get used to after a while
dtipp59 - 6 måneder siden
Hilarious content thanks so much for grilling Intel for their garbage that they pull on everyone. AMD is here to stay love the competition hopefully more coming soon.
FRAG aLOT - 6 måneder siden
It's good that it uses your own library of games, instead of having to re-buy them as Staidia does. But that's also kina bad since now nvidia knows your login to Steam, Epic Games, and others. But having to pay $5 a month to play games you already own, and you wouldn't have bought them if your PC couldn't run them.. so what's the point? I've always taken a hard pass on streaming games like this.
takearide - 6 måneder siden
RIOTS... muahahhaa
gertjan van der meij
gertjan van der meij - 6 måneder siden
So .... It ONLY works with STEAM games ? WTF ?
What about all my normal PC games ? Nvidia just sucks !!!
Stanimir Rankovski
Stanimir Rankovski - 6 måneder siden
In programming languges when you have ++ after a number it means that the number is added to itself.. so what 14++++ mean?! WTF! 😂
Justin Koty
Justin Koty - 6 måneder siden
Is this worth it!?
Terence Caron
Terence Caron - 6 måneder siden
My god Paul is hammered lol
Justin Dowling
Justin Dowling - 6 måneder siden
"I always thought the saying was "If it's not broke, fix it 'til it is"?" - Intel
Pandu POLUAN - 6 måneder siden
Streaming games sounds like a good idea until one realizes several things:
1. Latency. There's a delay between the player doing an input and the game engine responding to it. And there's another delay between the game engine responding and the response appearing on the player's display. This might or might not be a problem, but for "Pro" gamers, this is not acceptable.
2. End-to-end bandwidth. Your connection might be 100 Mbps, but is the same bandwidth available between your ingress into the Internet and Nvidia's servers? Again, this might or might not be detrimental to gameplay experience.
3. Modding. Because the game's files are not editable by the users, it's very likely modding is not available. Mods not only introduce new cosmetics and/or new items and/or new items, mods sometimes also provide "Quality of Life/Gaming" improvement. If a gamer is, let's say, "addicted" to QoL Mods, then the gamer will be SOL.
I'm not saying that Game Streaming won't be successful; I'm just saying that there are definite tradeoffs that will keep people away. So, saying that Game Streaming will kill Console Gaming / PC Gaming is just blowing it out of proportions.
bogdan m
bogdan m - 6 måneder siden
Pandu Poluan hey , you are right in everything , as I said expensive things are better . I have 500Mbps unlimited , good respinse time , I can feel the latency and I can see the quality fidelity is not the same ,the compresion and decompresion does some funky shit to the image . But hey for single player games i kinda prefer this over the ps4 , 1080P 60fps trumps 1440p and 30fps. If ps5 games don’t have a 60fps mode I’m gonna buy a new gaming rig.
Pandu POLUAN - 6 måneder siden
@bogdan m 1. Latency totally depends on network congestion. Now you might get 10-ish ms. When a path in the network gets overloaded, it might increase to 30 ms or worse. Things will feel sluggish, and competitive realtime games might be unwinnable. 2. Again, it's not *your* bandwidth to the ISP that matters, but the end-to-end bandwidth from your device to the streaming server as the traffic hops between network providers. Due to oversubscription, you might find your traffic being throttled when lots of other traffic are there. And to your last unnumbered statement: Why the aggressiveness? I'm just commenting against a throwaway line in the video that mentioned that streaming games will be a great threat to console/PC gaming, by providing some objective challenges that might likely be unsurmountable with game streaming.
Alex Cruz
Alex Cruz - 6 måneder siden
Yup, so true. The way I look at it, is it’s just a nice little way for casual gamers. They typically aren’t concerned with mods, don’t play for hours at a time, and don’t really care about any latency issue. At least that’s what I’ve noticed with my brothers using this since they’re far from being gamers/pc guys. And like bitwit said, it’s a great way to get into pc gaming. You’ll be able to see the potential to having your own PC and might encourage you to make your own build.
bogdan m
bogdan m - 6 måneder siden
1. Latency is barely noticeable, it is like vsync on +10ms 2. What? I have unlimited 500mbps internet 3. A handful of games truly benefit from modding It costs 5$, of course a 1200$ pc is better, lol. "expensive things are better" thank you captain obvious.
Arsalan Ahmed
Arsalan Ahmed - 6 måneder siden
Agreed with everything you said. I don't know why people want PC and consoles to die for no reason.
Senzelian - 6 måneder siden
So far my experience with Geforce Now has been really bad.
As soon as I want to start a game, the client shows me a error message, which says I need to activate a code or get one by clicking on a link.
I don't have a code, so I clicked on the link, which leads me to the french Geforce Now website. I don't live in France and even if I would, that link would be entirely pointless, because it just leads to the landing page.
They also provide a link to an article that's supposed to help with this error message, but it leads to an empty site. Great...
Mike Hartman
Mike Hartman - 6 måneder siden
Intel: posts one of their largest earnings ever in Q4 2019
Kyle: Everything about Intel is broken
insanity83NL - 6 måneder siden
Shadow is the better solution anyway ;)
Dark Corner Studios
Dark Corner Studios - 6 måneder siden
Just to hear a bunch of gamers walking into a store and asking for a thicc dick has me still giggling too...
Beer does help
funderburke43 - 6 måneder siden
In regards to casual players not noticing a difference. I'd wager most gamers, especially since the appeal is simplicity causing overlap with consoles, play on Televisions, and likely not even on game mode. As such many people are already playing with 100+ms of input lag. Replace your tv with a low latency monitor and move your lag from your display to the streaming service. BOOM
Felipe Pérez
Felipe Pérez - 6 måneder siden
If this is as good as you guys say pretty much everyone can sell that expensive gaming laptop and game on a much cheaper productivity laptop 🤔
Brolivia Wilde
Brolivia Wilde - 6 måneder siden
can't get around the laws of physics, latency is a thing, so either render the game natively on the box beside me or just watch a movie. I've done game steaming on my beast rig through my new home hardwired network (about 20 feet away) and I can still notice some slight latency and it bugs me. MILES away from a datacenter? no thanks!
QuantumBraced - 6 måneder siden
Don't games already suffer from online latency? Your commands in any multiplayer game only register when they reach the server that the game is hosted on, same for all players in the same multiplayer session. You may see the effect immediately on your screen, but the other players see it when it reached the host server (and their PCs from there on). So this isn't all that different, you're just actually seeing the latency.
Snowy気持ち - 6 måneder siden
i had the beta tester and it only gave me the free version wtf
Roberto Fanti
Roberto Fanti - 6 måneder siden
@Snowy気持ち I want my beta back :'(
Snowy気持ち - 6 måneder siden
@Roberto Fanti yeah i just got myself the founder edition and it kindda works
Roberto Fanti
Roberto Fanti - 6 måneder siden
Same here, no more free games, no more 4 hours session, more queues to play, the base version is a downgrade from beta...
johnthomasjacobs - 6 måneder siden
Check these out in the near future please :) Haven’t really seen anything like this or at least I haven’t lol
Carlos pedraza
Carlos pedraza - 6 måneder siden
I can confirm that Geforce Now is great. I used it while it was in beta. Only complaint is that GTA V was removed.
QuantumBraced - 6 måneder siden
How can they make a profit renting out gaming PCs with RTX 2080s for $5/month...? I guess they're not trying to make a profit at this stage.