Don't treat your PC like this. EVER!

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Inspecting my friend's old PC that's been neglected for years. This is what happens when you let routine maintenance fall by the wayside. Bad Mike! Bad!
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NO ONE should treat their PC like this

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 13:08


Bitwit - Måned siden
LMAO at me reading the PSU shroud thinking it was the PSU. Oh the joys of looking through a 3" LCD while filming. It's almost as hilarious as my hair in this video. Glad it's chopped off now. XD
Stay tuned for Mike's NEW PC build coming soon!!
Seth beth fury
Seth beth fury - 15 dager siden
What case is that?
woswas denni
woswas denni - 16 dager siden
dude this pc is just fine, ive seen much much wsorse, a lot. enough to consider a professional compressor for cleaning
the gamer
the gamer - 23 dager siden
I Almost wish I could get that cpu because it is better then mine
Nicmyster - 26 dager siden
This is literally my pc. Haf x 2600k 970 16gb ram Working on a new one though. Saving my money to go all out on new parts, keen to see how amd zen 3 goes as intel dropped the ball and charging a fortune for a little stepping stone for their 11th gen 🙄 But yeah, that generation has served me so well for the past 8+ years. She will be missed
Cameron Knight
Cameron Knight - 26 dager siden
kyle, what is a good pc if my budget is 750, i'm not sure which parts i should cut corners on, because i'm aiming for a ryzen 5 3600 and a rtx 2060
tt - 2 dager siden
Is it worrying that my pc is worse than this?
Ben V
Ben V - 3 dager siden
Is that an among trees background on the monitor?
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström - 4 dager siden
Kyle, you silly silly man :P That's the PSU shroud, not the actual PSU xD
toshiya - 4 dager siden
*Cries on an Intel Atom chip based desktop combo*
Chill Dudie
Chill Dudie - 4 dager siden
If anyone is curious, 2500k@4.6GHz performs similar to Ryzen 2200G@3.8Ghz, and 2600K/2700K@4.8GHz is similar to Ryzen 3100 at stock or 2400G@4.0GHz
Ali Wardhana
Ali Wardhana - 6 dager siden
I will gladly take that system and use it for good thing XD
UrF4t Mum
UrF4t Mum - 6 dager siden
Me watching this on my 8 year old pc watching this: Well atleast its better than what im using.
1 year later: *Gives pc to sister because he spent 1.5k on a new pc*
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez - 6 dager siden
i just went over my buddies' house this weekend to help them with pc cleaning. they are brothers and have the same Dell Alienware PC and hadnt cleaned them ever (PCs are over 3yrs old). after cleaning and replacing the thermal paste on both the cpus and gpus they both got a 10-12 degree improvement on both the cpu and gpu. it was pretty nasty in there.
Master Xaipres
Master Xaipres - 6 dager siden
Oh yeah that fucking price is more importent , Nivida`s 2000 series a joke of price politic . By 1000 series , 1060 GTX Zotac with 20% highst oc cost 330 € her in germany and the 1070 TI cost 420-440€ best card was 1080 Ti with over 650€ .
Really we dont need to talk abaout Titan cards ... because that useless for Games with that price . If you not a rich bastard that have very thing for mom or dad or you Exploit people and get rich ... in my option in germany price marktet i dont pay more than 400€ for a GPU ... i skip 3000 series and RDNA 2 . Maybe price politic chance with 4000 series and RDNA 3 because is second and 3 genaration of Raytracing and the price goes more stable . I really damit hope that RDNA 2 is strong enough to run with 3000 series and RNDA 2 is 100€-200€ cheaper .
Jerry King
Jerry King - 6 dager siden
You make it seem as if that is the grungiest, dustiest, dirtiest PC you have ever seen...believe me, I have seen MANY that have been much worse!!!
loaf_of_milk_ - 7 dager siden
It pains me to say this......but that pc is waaaaaay better than mine :/ (I've got an i3 m380 laptop and I hate it so much)
Steve Luth
Steve Luth - 7 dager siden
I use the hyper 212 for my 6700K system only changed out the fan few years back to match my case fans
landen1234 - 9 dager siden
funny enough, i have a friend named mike, who has an equal affinity for not caring how his pc operates.
literally dusted out cheese dust from his pc when we built his new one
mike, i am convinced, is the name for the gamers who dont take care of their stuff
scoobtoober29 - 10 dager siden
Never on the floor mofo's
Marik Ishtar
Marik Ishtar - 10 dager siden
6:49 Did you just mock The Grorious Ryle?!
You are no Ryle... *grares* You will never ever be Ryle.
TheOne - 10 dager siden
Can i have his old Rig? lol
KSJ0723 - 11 dager siden
200 “milliliter” fan lmao
FinneousPJ1 - 11 dager siden
Intel 10th gen only makes sense if you need 10600K performance. Otherwise R5 3600 offers like double the value with little performance impact.
bees in the what now?
bees in the what now? - 12 dager siden
6:47 LYLE!!!
inthelandofnumbnuts - 12 dager siden
At 0:53...ehhhh is that c m?
RunForestRun - 12 dager siden
Even this old PC is better than mine
Coldie - 14 dager siden
BobbyBeRad - 14 dager siden
The FBI probably took his disk drives lol
crimescene25 - 14 dager siden
There is definitely a loooot of dried jizz on that case.
Lochy - 14 dager siden
4:33 He definitely needs to upgrade that
me: *still uses an i7-2600 in 2020 on a daily basis, both for gaming and video editing, and i have no issues*
silypinguinhead - 14 dager siden
I builded my 1st gaming pc and nothing worked. I think it's my power suplly
이름 - 15 dager siden
5:10 "Manufacturers. started to make the PCBs black... and never looked back"
Samsung, #1 in industry, making green PCBs : LOL
Kyle Skarp
Kyle Skarp - 15 dager siden
I bought a PC back in 2013 and a friend put it together for me. Now I'm finally getting around to actually looking to upgrade. I have never been a PC fanatic and so this is like learning a different language again. Please don't be mad at Mike. There are plenty of us just like him. I share his shame.
Albert Borota
Albert Borota - 15 dager siden
2 seconds into the video and i see the same HAF X full tower that i still have and just recently refreshed for my wife!
MrMaiio123 - 15 dager siden
I am having trouble bc I cant get to mi UEFI. I didnt expect you to have the same problem. Certainly makes me feel better :P
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko - 15 dager siden
Intel is indeed the best choice for gaming if you are not on a small budget, but on a small budget, it certainly is not.
Jeffrey Bozko
Jeffrey Bozko - 15 dager siden
Fans are really annoying to get clean, takes so much fucking time, all the blades, and then the other side, and the outsides, it's just to much work.
Zaytex - 15 dager siden
ill take the 770
Hicham Gouchida
Hicham Gouchida - 15 dager siden
cool give me the old MSI GTX1080TI please ♥
JakeR6_69 YT
JakeR6_69 YT - 15 dager siden
When BitWit says the fans are dirty... HOLD MY PLAYSTATION
Andy - 15 dager siden
I think my current pc is worst than his "Old pc"
Raúl Bustamante
Raúl Bustamante - 15 dager siden
I have a system surprisingly close to this, and just today i sold my gtx 760 :c. My 3570k will have to work alone for like 8 more years lol
Davissen Soobroyen
Davissen Soobroyen - 15 dager siden
was i the only one scrolling through the comments hoping to see Mike's response to this video? xD
Toni Decker
Toni Decker - 15 dager siden
its not a bad slow pc.....the mainboard is very very good and one of the best can use a newer ivy bride 3570k or a 3770k and still good for gaming!
put a 1080 inside and a nvme mod, to use boot on nvmes.....and ur still good to go
mwnciboo - 15 dager siden
Bitwit - slags off Mike something rotten.
Mike - Doesn't Care will get a free Awesome Computer out of it...
*Mike is Winning*
Give him a 10400F + GTX 2060.
Alexander Walker
Alexander Walker - 16 dager siden
That case is semi-conductor fab safe compared to some of the systems I've dealt with at work... One of the systems I reconditioned last week had cockroaches...
Lukas Keim
Lukas Keim - 16 dager siden
Im using a GTX 660 TI & an I7 3770k LUL
Ikfin Hadziq Halimi
Ikfin Hadziq Halimi - 16 dager siden
I love my new GF63! I'd clean it every single day and make sure there's no dust on it.
Extra Details
Extra Details - 15 dager siden
Mr. Cat that’s a little too early , you can do about 6-12 months each time to clean
Monirules Blog
Monirules Blog - 16 dager siden
I hv a ryzen pc..let me suggest you build him an intel pc..
Uncle Kraken
Uncle Kraken - 16 dager siden
Can i have His GTX 770 ?
RedmoonIndustries - 16 dager siden
Followup Video?
Apzm07 - 16 dager siden
This pc is so old i wounder what it can even run now
atlanticbboy - 17 dager siden
Make it an opposite build. Build his PC in a Velka 3 or something. Just make it stupid small. :)
cryptk - 17 dager siden
A big thing I would recommend, given the lack of maintenance on this computer, custom water loops should be out of the question...
Fogolol !!
Fogolol !! - 17 dager siden
i wish i had a pc 20% as strong as that one e.e
Hasan Photoworks
Hasan Photoworks - 17 dager siden
Yet it's still better than my pc
Syv - 17 dager siden
imma post my specs just to flex:
gt 720
i5 4460
2x 4gb decent freq ram
asrock h81m dgs
cx500 psu
2tb hdd
dell 4:3 office monitor
model o mouse
classic blue switch mech rgb keyboard
corshair carbide spec omega
sennheiser gsp 300
mic from my parents' ps2 kareoke game
epic gamer chair 😎😎😎
led rgb strips
Mastro iTek
Mastro iTek - 17 dager siden
Still has better cable management than my PC hahaha
Mark Zamljen Čevka
Mark Zamljen Čevka - 17 dager siden
6:49 yayyyy u brought lyle back. Please bring him back it was so hilarius back in the day.
samuel gosling
samuel gosling - 17 dager siden
i remember having a haf back in 2015ish or maybe it was 16 and i was huge into watercooling, i modded one of the brackets at the top and then basically put my radiator on one side of the bracket and the fan on the other basically i hung it up lol
M$ham!L - 17 dager siden
Better to go with a modular case for future proofing and wait for the 3080 maybe?
GarV - 17 dager siden
Then u shouldn't see my pc
gentarofourze - 17 dager siden
Still a good pc, I have skint friends who run linux on 10-15 year old laptops as they can't afford a reasonable desktop or just don't want to spend the cash on it.
Hinrich Janssen
Hinrich Janssen - 17 dager siden
It got Really difficult to find a Socket 1155 Mini ITX Board These days...
3D Sound & Music
3D Sound & Music - 17 dager siden
this dude is just overreacting. this pc is still in good condition even after 8 years and many parts can still reused but no need to say stuff like this is worst condition or anything.
The Great Nobby
The Great Nobby - 12 dager siden
NOburn level exaggeration
Extra Details
Extra Details - 15 dager siden
3D Sound & Music over exaggerated too
SirFairPlay - 15 dager siden
exactly, he makes his "friend" sound like some dirty tramp, when in reality, the inside of that pc is no different to any other
TadBitMess - 17 dager siden
People call 8 years old PC is old are only on youtube...
Pineapple Snake
Pineapple Snake - 17 dager siden
My pc is 7 years old
The Reckless Gamer
The Reckless Gamer - 17 dager siden
Id watch a whole video of you just cleaning the pc is that strange?
B.aFaS.m - 18 dager siden
Me,still using my CM Storm Trooper (Windowed version).The only part that i x change until now (on my previous built).Still in good condition,strong n though.. 😊
ProGamerRetro - 18 dager siden
it's still a nightmare kyle
Daily Blunts
Daily Blunts - 18 dager siden
Jealous of that case, always used to want it and still kinda do because current gen cases are all tiny as fuck with not enough space for extra drives.
van canque
van canque - 18 dager siden
While here i am still using a 2nd hand Q8300 system, and planning to sell it to have an LGA1155 quadcore system maybe a 3rd gen or 2nd gen based on my budget.
Steph Canfield
Steph Canfield - 18 dager siden
I’m never going to get a pc I’m gonna get a laptop 💻
WookieWarrior - 18 dager siden
not even very messy lol especially for 8+ years
WookieWarrior - 18 dager siden
2600k is still good up to a gtx 1080.
dj manix
dj manix - 18 dager siden
USB 3 + ESata + Firewire This is right out of Lyles warehouse for sure.
Immortal - 18 dager siden
4:01. Is that a gtx 700!!!!!!
jutubaeh - 18 dager siden
if theres 2 680 - 780s inn itz still more? zen half mödern ^ ? ^
LogicLegend - 18 dager siden
Holy shit. This was my case before I sold it like a year ago and I even had a same cooler. It was like watching my system. 😂 So surprised to see very similar setup especially the same case considering not many pc users buy high end case and it is old case so surprised to see it on my YouTube recommendations. This case was an absolute beast. It was high end and could house few graphics card with good cooling. I remember paying good money to it back in the day lol. It is huge case. I was so heartbroken when he said like what back in 2012 and looked down on that case for I/O. 😞 Time fly by. If I haven't sold my system would of been like 8 years old but tbh I wouldn't of changed the case probably since you have newest I/O on motherboards anyways and I doubt new cases has much to offer tbh compared to this one. Of course if you build new system get new case but you don't have to upgrade case imho.
hi-Tec Potato
hi-Tec Potato - 18 dager siden
Mike needs more then just a new pc xD
Jason Blankenship
Jason Blankenship - 18 dager siden
I think I might be the last person who proudly loved his Blu-ray drive on his computer.
Andre Vosguanian
Andre Vosguanian - 7 dager siden
Mine still gets lots of use time especially for plex.
Cxngratz - 18 dager siden
I would love to mini gun my pc
Ajdin Cudic
Ajdin Cudic - 18 dager siden
Me here watching on 2007 pc..
sleepy dragon
sleepy dragon - 19 dager siden
he needs a smaller tower = gonna save a couple bills on mobo and case bc some people dgaf what the box looks like, as long as it stays cool and looks good on the screen
Sebastian Contreras
Sebastian Contreras - 19 dager siden
Probably an i5 10600K. Not too expensive and could outperform even a 10900K with some tuning. I really like the 10600K and would have bought it I only played games.
Mark Garety
Mark Garety - 19 dager siden
I just did my annual cleaning of my i7 930 based PC in that same case. I just put a RTX 2060 in there, and I can still play every new game on that system at 1080p with just the GPU upgrade.
Nuggets4 Sell
Nuggets4 Sell - 19 dager siden
This dude complaining of how little dust it has while my Nintendo wii is as dusty as a house that’s been abandoned for 134 years
tripledeluxeguy - 19 dager siden
The fact that his pc is less dusty than mine, and he kept it on the floor terrifies me.
Andrew Senra
Andrew Senra - 19 dager siden
770 is old me with my 550
Mokshim Gupta
Mokshim Gupta - 19 dager siden
why is ATI printed on the motherboard
Jeff Lamberton
Jeff Lamberton - 19 dager siden
I have a crusty old PC, AMD Phenom II 1090T Black Edition! Hoping to upgrade this year for Cyberpunk.
intempify - 19 dager siden
Pc building 2020:
-No ketchup and mustard wires.
-No wires in sight, even if you need extensions to keep things away.
-Curb your RGB.
-Colour scheme.
ApeX MoDs
ApeX MoDs - 19 dager siden
I have that same case
J The Mortal
J The Mortal - 19 dager siden
kinda bummed this video got recommended, I stopped watching for a while and this is the first one i come back to see. just a 13 min talk about a old dated system that, shockingly enough, is dirty.
Marcos - 19 dager siden
eyyyy I have a HAF 912 :P
Znow Plays
Znow Plays - 19 dager siden
my pc does not love me so i treat him/her bad.
Mangobrolian - 19 dager siden
His gpu is still newer than mine
Mr. Donut
Mr. Donut - 19 dager siden
if i was in charge i would go buy a 2070 super and watch my cpu die while trying to keep up and then i would go for a 3rd gen ryzen + under 200usd motherboard
Mr. Donut
Mr. Donut - 19 dager siden
psu and case and hdd and ssd are usable in the new build i believe mike had to buy a decent psu for his gtx 580
JadeRain Hans
JadeRain Hans - 19 dager siden
my usb port for front panel the cable broke XD
vailen - 19 dager siden
Shit I finally found the name of my case!
Melvin Evan Tan
Melvin Evan Tan - 19 dager siden
Hi Bitwit, a pc novice here, I was recently given a hand-me-down pc that dates back to adam and eve. I was wondering what could be the best upgrade that i can do. I play only Overwatch, on a 75hz screen, and I’m currently a student. The motherboard that my rig has is a msi pc55-cd53. Side question: can I use my dyson vacuum to clear off dust from the system, like i have seen in a couple of videos. (Still worried about the issue of static)
DerpyNerdy - 20 dager siden
My pc from 2014 it broke in late 2016
I never cleaned it since then
Edit: Just cleaned it now with vacuum
Allot of webs and a few spiders Heheheh
Mairo Soomets
Mairo Soomets - 20 dager siden
Can you give me free pc