Call 911! The RX 5600 XT just murdered the GTX 1660 Ti

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This looks like a job for...Detective PC the PC detective.

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Call 911! The RX 5600 XT just murdered the GTX 1660 Ti

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 11:59


breadbuttrjam 321
breadbuttrjam 321 - 4 timer siden
GTX 1660ti has raytracing by a low margin
Josiah Chen
Josiah Chen - 20 timer siden
ChunkymilkYT - Dag siden
“He tried to run away, but wasn’t fast enough” Lmao I can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Harith Daud
Harith Daud - 2 dager siden
Dude, use 24 fps for the dramatic scene! 😂
Lord iKoniK
Lord iKoniK - 2 dager siden
Though when you pair the 5600 XT with a realistic CPU for it's price range, the 1660 ti will absolutely wipe the floor with it when it comes to streaming thanks to that dedicated encoding chip
abels121 - 2 dager siden
Thumbs down for not actually smoking that cigarette
Mimi Ang
Mimi Ang - 2 dager siden
You are the detective... So why call 911???
Kamalka.B.Wijesooriya - 4 dager siden
Damn that intro😂❤️
TPxKILLZ - 4 dager siden
Unkle Sam
Unkle Sam - 5 dager siden
Just ordered a 5600xt. Will I have to update bios? Or is it more plug and play (just download drivers obviously)
Allen c george
Allen c george - 5 dager siden
Just Unknown
Just Unknown - 6 dager siden
1:16 lmao I laughed way to hard at this
yo chiran what's up
yo chiran what's up - 7 dager siden
Holy the intro
Michael Tsui
Michael Tsui - 10 dager siden
Holy shit that is embarrassing, I was going to recommend the 1660 ti to a buddy with a old ass graphics card.
Nytrowjen - 10 dager siden
Kyle will be a great dad, he got all the puns
Chris 5501
Chris 5501 - 10 dager siden
Is the 5600XT Better than the 1660 Super Gaming X?
Chris 5501
Chris 5501 - 10 dager siden
From MSI
Aiden 阿勤
Aiden 阿勤 - 11 dager siden
Love how the video goes😂😂😂😂😂like movie hahahaha
Minx- - 11 dager siden
Bro keep up the funny vids I love your content. Your the one who taught me how to build a pc what the parts are and what they do. I love your vids.
CS Marvel
CS Marvel - 12 dager siden
Be careful you’ll get demonetized
r i z
r i z - 13 dager siden
this video make me regrets buying the 1660s
100k Subscribers No Video
100k Subscribers No Video - 13 dager siden
did he buy a ciggarate just for this video
rodrek ak
rodrek ak - 14 dager siden
dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm haahahhahahaha
Trap Habitat
Trap Habitat - 14 dager siden
Me with a 1660 Super: 👀
Zion Holmberg
Zion Holmberg - 15 dager siden
I freaking love your humor, it is so obiosly bad that it is hilarious
Binu Pavithran
Binu Pavithran - 16 dager siden
A barefoot detective 🤣🤣
MDMA -_-
MDMA -_- - 19 dager siden
I love this
Carson Stockwell
Carson Stockwell - 19 dager siden
Wadeshalo - 21 dag siden
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he’s smoking
Pranav Lonaree
Pranav Lonaree - 24 dager siden
1660Family: My son Died! 😞😭😭😭
Kyle: Just make new of them, and better! 😎
Family: What? Are you kidding?
*I literally died at that! 😂😂🤣
Kris _
Kris _ - 27 dager siden
"No memory" 🤣🤣
Vadaanti Garzon
Vadaanti Garzon - 27 dager siden
HAHAHA! Ouch! Brings the 1660Ti shame and pain right into the heart.
BearInASuit - 27 dager siden
didnt know you smoked.
Batman206039 - 27 dager siden
Like dem toes on the start of the vid
KubotaBX25Gaming - 27 dager siden
the gtx 1660ti was a waste over the 1660 super, so the 5600xt is a better deal for performance to money.
jacob chris
jacob chris - 29 dager siden
Loose the cigarette, it’s wrong in sooo many ways.
TheGoldenlegend1 - Måned siden
how does this 5600 xt compare to the 2060 super?
Ryadic - Måned siden
Hey! I have a "cigarette" just like yours!! ;)
Robert Adrian
Robert Adrian - Måned siden
Idk bu that handoff at 1:32 got me good. Hahahaha
Finally a different thumbnail
Vortexx - Måned siden
I just realised how much the acting sounded like Micheal from GTA so long after this video was released
Nellie's PC Workshop
Nellie's PC Workshop - Måned siden
The real crime here is how bad the AMD drivers are. Just got a XFX 5600 XT in late June 2020 download the latest drivers. Did a clean wipe in safe mode of all previous display drives and Windows 10 pro is running with everything updated. Here's where I got murder with this card while playing PlanetSide 2 which has been around for several years. I was in a intensive battle when I got a black screen and then a crash. Windows rebooted that's when I downloaded all the latest drivers for a second time did another clean wipe in safe mode. Didn't work... the murderer got away with my sanity. Just wish the detectives ( reviewers ) would take AMD and the card makers like XFX more accountable for these problems that still haven't been fixed.
I'm an idiot but ,
I'm an idiot but , - Måned siden
Fucking love the "but there's no memory" part
LOSTX_XNEO - Måned siden
Smoking is really bad!
YouTube is Gone
YouTube is Gone - Måned siden
To be honest I would still go with nivida because amd gpu drivers are pretty bad
The God Pain
The God Pain - Måned siden
lmao i can't believe i barley found this !!! I LOVE YOU BITTT 🤣
Troll or Ranked
Troll or Ranked - Måned siden
0:35 i felt the cringe so hard
CappedBeef7954 - Måned siden
Why the helll does the camera guy know so much?..... I suspect foul play
Onion 5822
Onion 5822 - Måned siden
It was supposed to kill rtx 2060
nune nemaveze
nune nemaveze - Måned siden
mine 1070 fe died so i,looking by youtube benchmarks and reviews,bought rx 5600 xt saphire. it's weaker than 1070.that is all
SuperDestroyer - Måned siden
Wonder what the wife was thinking when he came home with cigarettes then his office smelt like them
AG BEATS - Måned siden
Rx 5600 or msi rtx 2060 gaming x ?
Omar Shishani
Omar Shishani - Måned siden
It`s graphic. had me at that, getting the XT tomorrow =D
dj ak4
dj ak4 - Måned siden
f in the chat for Kyle's lungs
Escape Reality
Escape Reality - Måned siden
No shoes inspector? Haha
Froy D
Froy D - Måned siden
Guys I need some help
I'm choosing between the 2060 and 5600 xt performance does not matter because they are both virtually identical but I want to know which one has a longer lifespan
Alfonso - Måned siden
Jesus, the computer puns in the intro
SinCityAMG - Måned siden
Brian - Måned siden
Nailed the puns. Got my like at "no memory"
gertjan van der meij
gertjan van der meij - 2 måneder siden
Please do RX 5600XT VS RTX 2060 next !
Bloodyfist222 - 2 måneder siden
Now I kinda regret the 1660 ti but the features are better