Building my first Intel PC in AGES!

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Sponsor: The EVGA RTX 2060 KO delivers outstanding 1080p and entry-level 1440p performance with the full suite of RTX technologies like real-time ray tracing:
Building my friend Mike a new Intel 10th Gen gaming PC inside the Fractal Define 7 Compact!
Mike's Old PC:
:+:+:PC PARTS:+:+:
Fractal Design Define 7 Compact:
Intel Core i5-10600K:
Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming:
Crucial Ballistix DDR4:
Asus ROG Strix Gaming RTX 2070 Super:
WD SN550 M.2:
NZXT Kraken Z63:
Asus ROG Strix 650W:
Asiahorse Sleeved Cables:
Phanteks Vertical PCIe Bracket:
DATAVAC (Life changing. Your PC will thank you):
PCCooler Moonlight Fans (Still my favorite budget Noctua killers):
Goo Gone (Dark magic, probably illegal):
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jarod hladik
jarod hladik - 24 minutter siden
What does it take to get a bitwit made pc?
Danut Milea
Danut Milea - 19 timer siden
You forgot the tweezers, the swiss army knife and the CPU applicator.
Aaron Torres
Aaron Torres - Dag siden
Whats better i7 or i5?
Wizsp J
Wizsp J - Dag siden
Kyle, download ASUS Armoury Crate for drivers and AURA Sync
CptGoals - 2 dager siden
I have a 1050ti looking for an upgrade. Would the 2060 or 2070 be worth the buy or even a 2080
Eathan b
Eathan b - 2 dager siden
@Bitwit  so say I had £1400 which is $1826 what would be the best gaming pc I could build with that?
Charlie B
Charlie B - 2 dager siden
You guys are so funny, you have fancy cases with cable management holes, back in old days me and TJ Harlow had to drill our own holes for cables. Even a pet monkey could hide wires with these new cases, well, maybe not that guy from Verge lol
Charlie B
Charlie B - 2 dager siden
Do you actually build the PC or do you just assemble the parts? Do you forge the metals? You said the word build 72 times in first 5 minutes
shoobadoo123 - 2 dager siden
No one:
Bitwit: 22:57 literally fingers the case
Arath Trejo
Arath Trejo - 2 dager siden
I’m just wanted to see if I could switch form console to pc and I just realize damn this is expensive so ima wait for the ps5 see which on is more bang for my buck
Vinit Jadhav
Vinit Jadhav - 3 dager siden
I am buying 2060 super which cooler best air cooler or liquid cooler and best air cooler and best liquid cooler please suggest
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith - 3 dager siden
falling in reverse
Maccarooni - 3 dager siden
i love how you screwed in with confidence, but you didn't build the pc with a livestrong bracelet
KhanC - 3 dager siden
im in a mrbeast gaming video
Xdeadlyxphantom - 3 dager siden
Building my first computer which is the best brand for power supply
Xdeadlyxphantom - 3 dager siden
Having a hard time picking between water or air
Error_code - 3 dager siden
27:57 it’s super quiet but I’ll but my mic up close:all i here is mucic
RamCarl 101
RamCarl 101 - 3 dager siden
Are the fans necessary? I am building a pc but the fans are above my budget
Maxxx Langel
Maxxx Langel - 3 dager siden
Hi Kyle , I have a Laptop which is Asus and specs are as follows:
RTX 2060 , Ryzen 7 3750h , 16gb Ram 24000mhz 512gb nvme and 1TB HDD .15.6" screen and 120 Hz.1080p.
Will i be alright for altleast the next year , i play games always plugging, so does that affect the adaptor life span and the battery as well,i put on a safe mode the battery ,ie it can charge upto 60% only.
My last question is that if i had a PC with the same exact specs as my Laptop .will it be significantly faster with a 1080p monitor 27".120HZ ????
Please reply me ok im a huge fan of yours and im plannng to build a PC thats why i asked you.Thank you Kyle, Stay safe n Take Care OK !!! Thank you.
Andrew Fuchs
Andrew Fuchs - 3 dager siden
The first frame of this video is a winner
We Cook
We Cook - 4 dager siden
who doesnt want rgb in their pc? tss old people.. this mike guy is really old i guess
Aias Stocco
Aias Stocco - 4 dager siden
First you need a table and HAMMER in the BRACE thats how you make a gaming pc 😉 lets hope your fighting static not cancer 😂
Wobbelater - 4 dager siden
Can I just have a pc? I mean you gotta have plenty too just yknow hand me under the table 🤫 no one has to know
Esben Rasmussen
Esben Rasmussen - 4 dager siden
is it not a bad decision to mount an AIO vertically with hoses up top? I would think the air would gather at the top then be pulled through the loop again and repeat? I heard and have always mounted them so the air could settle where it would not be pulled in again towards the pump. Although I switched to air coolers, much less hassle and noise
Drakomus - 4 dager siden
10600k instead of a 10700? odd, maybe you got the 10600k free
BLITZ BIRGADE - 5 dager siden
17:29 it looks like ur building the pc outside ina storm
Brenn Follante
Brenn Follante - 5 dager siden
Can I be your friend?
Ali Wardhana
Ali Wardhana - 6 dager siden
Hmmm that Mike, the friend that never ever clean his old PC? I think using an AIO is not a good idea mate XD
BTW I think the build is good and clean. Love it.
Flyte - 6 dager siden
for that price you couldve gotten a pc with rtx 2080 super and ryzen 7 3700x...
Jim O
Jim O - 6 dager siden
Why have a dust filter on top of an exhaust fan? Doesn't that trap dust inside the case?
NielPete - 6 dager siden
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Harast pl
Harast pl - 6 dager siden
so he did use that ssd?
Gaming Robioto
Gaming Robioto - 6 dager siden
That's a very sexual build
John Walsh
John Walsh - 6 dager siden
Does the AIO block ram slot 1? If so is that the aio or just motherboard design?
Alex Y
Alex Y - 6 dager siden
Wtf, why intel? It is awful value, even for gaming
Alex Y
Alex Y - 5 dager siden
@xX_tentacles_Xx great performance compared to what?
xX_tentacles_Xx - 5 dager siden
Why not, reputable brand and great performance,money isn't really a problem here
RIley Hawkins
RIley Hawkins - 6 dager siden
I have a fuckong i2 oc1070 licky boi
Jerry King
Jerry King - 6 dager siden
Canadian, eh?
L38 - 6 dager siden
Pause on 0:00.... You stoned?
The_Lita - 6 dager siden
Crispy rtx 2070 super for Microsoft Word Rtx on
Sam Island
Sam Island - 7 dager siden
It looks blue because it is..? Right it's only RGB, no white LED involved.
david schuck
david schuck - 7 dager siden
try the thermaltake s300 for vertical mount
Mike Smith
Mike Smith - 7 dager siden
"ill put my mic up close (blasting porn music) its really quiet"
INTR1NSIC RULES - 7 dager siden
Who else built a monster PC with their EDD money??? xD
Mr Right
Mr Right - 7 dager siden
Looks like you could get 4 sticks of ram in there thanks to the aio
The Glorious Geek
The Glorious Geek - 7 dager siden
The montage music is epicly 80s
Cruor34 - 7 dager siden
The comments crying at the price... $1600 is really not that much money, if you can't afford this you REALLY need to re examine your life. Lets go over scenarios: 17 year old at home. Get a summer job, lets say 10/hour after taxes 32 hours a week, you can have this in 5 weeks of work. Same applies to a college kid, get an on campus job for like 2 months, then quit. Adult, $1600 shouldn't be much, if it is, ask for some overtime for a month. Lets look at saving money: If you have a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of fruit for lunch every other day instead of your normal meal you will save a ton of money over time. Don't go out drinking, again, a ton saved. $1600 is very easy, people make it seem like he said $16,000
Pigeon Barry
Pigeon Barry - 7 dager siden
I don’t know why everyone doesn’t just do that
Pigeon Barry
Pigeon Barry - 7 dager siden
If they don’t mind waiting 14 days shipping they can just order off of wholesellers like buyingbulk on instagram I got a razer gaming laptop from them for $500 shipped directly from the manufacturer warehouse it was worth waiting a couple weeks
smeissner328 - 7 dager siden
"Make sure that your order of operations is correct when screwing"
Foreplay first, got it.
Andrew Luo
Andrew Luo - 7 dager siden
I think you didn't put enough thermal paste, its good practice to add more because the AIO doesn't have enough
Muhammed Hussein Karimi
Muhammed Hussein Karimi - 7 dager siden
Why no RGB on fans
yes no
yes no - 7 dager siden
im starting to think bieng friends with him would increase my chance of getting free pc
iMetro Gaming
iMetro Gaming - 8 dager siden
1500-1600$ MY BUT ITS 2.2K
Harlequin_12 - 8 dager siden
He did a intel system like a year or 2 ago when he went and bought parts from best buy he used either a i7 8700 or a i5 9400f he also bought a fan a 1660ti who he met there
Trevon Norton
Trevon Norton - 8 dager siden
Are water coolers recommend for pc beginners? I was thinking about getting one.
Mason Lee
Mason Lee - 8 dager siden
Actually the rubber pads are to insulate the power supply so it doesn't come in contact with the rest of the system and short circuit.
DisFunctional Gaming
DisFunctional Gaming - 8 dager siden
Ahh yes the “140 at the back and the 120 in the rear”
Lord Ludicrous
Lord Ludicrous - 8 dager siden
Intel is bad value now made a bad choice to use intel amd is a far better value.
Okay Boomer
Okay Boomer - 8 dager siden
Amd rise up
Vinicius Ribeiro
Vinicius Ribeiro - 9 dager siden
Intel is in such a dark place. You can tell by the lighting on this video.
Lunchqbles SnackPack
Lunchqbles SnackPack - 9 dager siden
Where is your wireless anti static wristband? Mike should’ve gone to a professional PC builder like the ones over at the verge.
astn - 9 dager siden
22:57 - that’s all i have to say
David H
David H - 9 dager siden
Tiny fan deserves tiny ✋
The Mystic Savages 666
The Mystic Savages 666 - 9 dager siden
since mike is somehow related to you, you just have to build him a pc
Marky Chua
Marky Chua - 9 dager siden
Those AIO tubings are touching the backplate of the GPU! That can get f'd if the GPU heats up.
Culviz - 9 dager siden
22:54 ?
Burning Banana
Burning Banana - 9 dager siden
18:54 NO silly, there to make sure that the power supply doesn't short circuit and come into contact with the rest of the system.
Ben FR27
Ben FR27 - 9 dager siden
A good choice of components, balanced configuration, I have a friend who did the same config lately. For a pure gamer the choice to take Intel, has advantages, less latency on the system compare to AMD less input lag as well and better FPS results on average, 1% and 0.1% low and also a better Gpu Scaling.
Goce Veleski
Goce Veleski - 9 dager siden
Screwing with confidence!
m00nyoze - 9 dager siden
Good build, good case. That said, this is the worst build to ever use cable sleeves. There's literally no point and it actually makes the backside a mess.
Your Highness
Your Highness - 10 dager siden
Why Bitwit Intel sucks Balls. AMD for the Win.
Stephane Harnois
Stephane Harnois - 10 dager siden
can the AIO be rotated to free the first memory slot? Also would be nice to explain a bit why the GPU 90 degree bracket didn't fit.
devinedragoon - 10 dager siden
p.s. the aio hoses need to be shifted a bit looks to be touching the gpu backplate
devinedragoon - 10 dager siden
that is one snug fitting gpu those asus strix cards are huge
Cole J. Franchuk
Cole J. Franchuk - 10 dager siden
Could you do an open-air build sometime? I’d love to see someone qualified build a system in something like the thermaltake core P1 and work through all the cable management and stuff to make it look good when there’s nowhere to hide ugly parts.
Lastguytom - 10 dager siden
raymond Villareal
raymond Villareal - 10 dager siden
no one likes molex!
Masiosare Anivdelarev
Masiosare Anivdelarev - 10 dager siden
Good video.
Anshuman Sen
Anshuman Sen - 10 dager siden
Just how 10600k is a value CPU when the motherboard required for it is so expensive. From the compitition, R5-3600 + B450, now this is value.
Firdaus Koh Qi Yuan
Firdaus Koh Qi Yuan - 10 dager siden
What's a good monitor to pair with this set up?
Ceo ll
Ceo ll - 10 dager siden
OMg hey Bit I got a question why doesn’t my front panel work when I connect it to that motherboard
Teddy Bailie
Teddy Bailie - 10 dager siden
I used this mb in my recent build. Only used an 8-pin, not the extra 4 pin. Non overclocked cpu. Will it be fine it shall I add the 4 pin?
c_cruisin - 10 dager siden
The song during the montage reminded me Doc. Yah yah
cxvrr - 10 dager siden
Ummm, just got a 144Hz monitor and dont know which cable to use to plug it into my PC, help?
mlindholm - 9 dager siden
DisplayPort is best, especially if your monitor and GPU support adaptive sync, as you need to use DP for that.
Theorcman2008 - 10 dager siden
There is more to value than price and a 2% benchmark. I STILL use Intel because of the reliability. I don't care if AMD is bench marking better by like 2 - 5%. You will never see the difference in real world gaming.
Simon - 10 dager siden
Hey, instead of ASUS Aura you should use "Armory Crate". It's a new Program made by ASUS which includes a better and newer AURA Sync.
5911 JaTTS
5911 JaTTS - 10 dager siden
Bro can u give me aa pc too like a gift 🙏
Archemis - 10 dager siden
ahhh yes, the rad is mounted upside down and there is a dust filter on the exhaust fan. smart.
GhostOfKazma - 10 dager siden
Hey I see you used a kraken z63. I wanted to ask if you know why my fans for it aren’t spinning? I did order it from NZXT BLD and currently waiting on response from a support ticket
Logan - 10 dager siden
9:11 I dunno it's good PC building to put extra thermal paste on under the AIO
WillyBoy10102 - 10 dager siden
If you want a gpu with extra virginity or whatever just make it hang out with linus
Ben Cady
Ben Cady - 11 dager siden
in b4 the verge tries to roast you!
lord electron
lord electron - 11 dager siden
400000/- setup if I buy this in india
CHARLES. - 11 dager siden
Me: sees intel in the title

Quality content Kyle pls never stop
Duruthu SAthsara
Duruthu SAthsara - 11 dager siden
Kyle: "Fan down!"
Me : I'm not a fan!
Geekuccino - 11 dager siden
I like how the thumbnail shows kyle's face like something was not right when the temps on the z63 were at 30 degrees.
Chrono348 - 11 dager siden
Screw with confidence!
Matthew Marliere
Matthew Marliere - 11 dager siden
Ryzen 3600 + 2080S > Intel 10600K + 2070S
Half-Plantain Half-man All Puertorican
I wonder why so many people choose to shit on Intel when the chips are on par and have benefits and drawbacks over amd, but everyone acts like Intel is the devil
RadicalxEdward - 11 dager siden
I don’t get why open loop water blocks never do screens or side exit ports like AIOs do.
RadicalxEdward - 11 dager siden
You can make the Asus stuff look whiter by shifting it more towards red but it’s a known issue that it’s nowhere near real white. I think it’s because of the plastics that the LEDs are shining through and not the LEDs themselves.
RadicalxEdward - 11 dager siden
I kinda wish I had gone with the O11 XL rather than the Evolv X I ended up picking, but at least the Evolv x cable mounting solutions don’t pop off 😂
I’ll never understand what people see in fractal.