Building him a custom gaming PC!! Shooby from Netflix's "The Circle" (Part 1)

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Shubam Goel, aka "Shooby", is a cast member from the Netflix reality TV show, The Circle. I was watching the show one day and thought "this kid seems cool. I bet he's a gamer. I should build him a PC!" and the rest is history. Welcome to Part 1 of the Shooby Build.
Custom GPU backplate by V1 Tech:
Custom cables by Ensourced:
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X:
Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Impact:
32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200:
Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini:
Fractal Define Nano S:
Fractal SFX 650W:
Corsair MP600 M.2:
Corsair LL RGB Series:
Singularity Computers Protium 150 D5 Pump/Res Combo:
Singularity Computers (shop):
CPU water block by EKWB:
Radiators & Fittings by Bitspower:
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I'm building him a custom gaming PC!! Shooby from Netflix's "The Circle" (Part 1)

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 27:17


Diggidoo - Dag siden
god I wish that were me
Yad .A
Yad .A - 4 dager siden
Hes so lighthearted
Blxssxd-SIn - 7 dager siden
ryzen 9 and a gtx 1080 isn’t that ganna bottleneck?
Fishy Boii
Fishy Boii - 8 dager siden
Indian shaggy has spoken
rnGeezus - 14 dager siden
Ah PlayStation man smart fellow!😅 tell him if he needs a carry fortnite and MW i got him pc coming in 1 more week!😁 but I'm ok on ps4 still
HAPPY DAYS - 14 dager siden
I saw the circle and Shubby was quite annoying in the beginning but I kind of like him towards the middle
thereddrob - 15 dager siden
6:15 what case is #2?
John Ryan Parman
John Ryan Parman - 18 dager siden
'we binged the whole of season 1 in a matter of DAYS'
me: heh. amateurs.
Demertech official
Demertech official - 23 dager siden
Water block lol
Ateem - 24 dager siden
18:47 When Wifeysauce isn't satisfied
Ateem - 24 dager siden
youthe - 27 dager siden
shooby is now my favorite person on earth
Nick W
Nick W - 28 dager siden
I used to hate reality TV stars but this guy is just super chill
Mr. Gaming
Mr. Gaming - Måned siden
I like his slang
PIZZA ! - Måned siden
This guy loves the word man
MR. BOT - Måned siden
bitwit:lats ask him is there any references he has for his pc
me: :O I like to here what references he has
bitwit:2.00 starts filtering with shoooooooooooooooooby guy........................
me: skipped the whole conversation
Joshua Lopez
Joshua Lopez - Måned siden
What real world difference would the VRM make if he isn’t going to overclock? I’ll take 5 second faster boot times with PCIe 4.0 SSD! I wouldn’t give a client an overclocked PC, besides its a 3900X! What is the need?
AlphaSavior - Måned siden
Bitwit says problem so many times
Debasish Ghosh
Debasish Ghosh - Måned siden
Definition wife sause.
Wifi – Sauce. Wifi, also known as White Fire 43, is a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid with uplifting and cerebrally focused effects. Combining the sour, earthy, diesel aroma of Fire OG and the high resin production of The White strain.
Waqas Arain
Waqas Arain - Måned siden
the only thing shooby says is "ya man"
Salvador Hernandez
Salvador Hernandez - Måned siden
Kind of a bummer on the video card.
astudios - Måned siden
Shooby from Nobody Likes Onions?!
Kepler - Måned siden
Wow he was far more positive than I expected
Joe Briseño
Joe Briseño - Måned siden
He plays for honor? I like him already.
Aryan Gill
Aryan Gill - Måned siden
What case is no 2
v b
v b - Måned siden
Who goes by the name of "shoe bomb gown" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr.Canadian 69
Mr.Canadian 69 - Måned siden
I am a lowly console scrub
AnEasyGoPerson YT
AnEasyGoPerson YT - Måned siden
Haha imagine if you made me a PC 😅😂
😦 Do it 😦
TheFatMan PS4
TheFatMan PS4 - Måned siden
Damn i wish i could have someone build me a nice pc like this ive been stuck with a gtx 1060 and a i5 8400 its good just not the greatest you know?
frosty conor
frosty conor - Måned siden
You can always try and build your self a nice pc theres lots of videos online to take you step by step on your build
Kitty TheKid
Kitty TheKid - Måned siden
is 650W enough for the system?
ASD BEF - Måned siden
Gay thumbnail
Lukasz Nowosad
Lukasz Nowosad - Måned siden
Wait but dont you need gtx 1660 to play warzone
Derek g
Derek g - Måned siden
First case was my fav
James Cornwell
James Cornwell - Måned siden
And here I am in a 4690k and 760 4gb and I can play games fine...
bryan diel
bryan diel - Måned siden
Custom water cooling loop for a mini ITX Desktop that Shooby would take somewhere....hhmmm and you you are using Bitspower leaky af fittings?!?!? You should have mentioned AIO. Fractal has gr8 AIO w/ options to add a loop. to its rad.
I'm from india looking at an indian looking guy giving a fucking fake cool accent and vibe. FML
Condoriano - Måned siden
23:29 don’t mind that it’s just a time stamp to where I left off lol
Hot Shots
Hot Shots - 2 måneder siden
Yo what headset were you wearing on the call?
SubArc - 2 måneder siden
When your wife knows how youtube works.
mjc0961 - 2 måneder siden
TIL people play For Honor.
Meta Cube
Meta Cube - 2 måneder siden
"compact build"
"30L case"
Makes sense.
Marco Moon
Marco Moon - 2 måneder siden
Ah yes, building PCs : sacrificing performance for looks
Kenyah McIntosh-Brown
Kenyah McIntosh-Brown - 2 måneder siden
Personal opinion, but if you want a travelling PC just buy one of the high end gaming laptops. I just wouldn’t trust a carrier or even myself lugging around a PC even if it was mini itx 🤔
Wahab Khan
Wahab Khan - 2 måneder siden
I love how he just doesnt stop smiling, it's contagious 😂
DerCyruS - 2 måneder siden
i cant help it, im just dissapointed with the current state of the build. since the choice of the mainboard was fixed from the very start, how little less planning and foresight has gone in things like the custom gpu backplate and how it may look like when everything is finished is... just - sorry to say - dissapointing. not to mention the poor choices made with the front rad/fans and how they will (even with 15mm fans) be choked up, the rather bad choice with the reservoir, the extension-hose on one of the blue lines of the sleeved cables.
C'mon Kyle, u can do better!
MrPenguin - 2 måneder siden
mANY cOmpUter CasES hAvE BEen CompArED to KitCHen ApPliANcEs iN thE pAst
NZXT and Corsair: Fancy toasters
cthulhu X
cthulhu X - 2 måneder siden
Kyle you should have told him that he couldn't get a 2080 or a 2080 ti if he went for the mini system. I think he would have changed his mind if he had that information.
Joseph - 2 måneder siden
All of those problems would've been solved if shooby chose an ATX form factor.
Eco - 2 måneder siden
Jesus christ SO many constant compromises with this build..
Luucckkee - 2 måneder siden
yeah man
Slipknotpimp 666
Slipknotpimp 666 - 2 måneder siden
So a VR manager doesn’t have a PC for gaming? That makes no sense!
Bmorr - 2 måneder siden
Went to go watch the circle after seeing this video in my feed :)
Dnoxed - 2 måneder siden
the amount of problems of this pc is why ill never build in a mini itx
angel102ify - 2 måneder siden
this is exactly why small form factor builds suck donkey balls.
Ryan A
Ryan A - 2 måneder siden
>Easily portable for occasional on the go use
> Watercooled
Pick one.
Jenny Dionne
Jenny Dionne - 2 måneder siden
so I'm broke, but I have always wanted a PC to be able to play Rainbow Six Siege. Would there be any way I could get a PC capable of this but cheap?
Le Nar
Le Nar - 2 måneder siden
Thought it was vikstar for a second
Andrew Knutson
Andrew Knutson - 2 måneder siden
I just bought a Bykski waterblock for my Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce 2080 because my AIO pump failed. I absolutely love it. It looks awesome and it fits perfectly. You really gotta check those model numbers to make sure they match up. I also made sure to buy it straight from their site, so that helped a lot.
stnhm 000
stnhm 000 - 2 måneder siden
Can we take a second and appreciate how good of a interviewer Kyle is?
RockTouching - 2 måneder siden
Why not use a pump/block combo?
jagsfanrick - 2 måneder siden
Turn the music off when talking, how rude.
Mark Hodgkinson
Mark Hodgkinson - 2 måneder siden
Should of chosen the phanteks would of been a baby hotline. Would of been more space I think.
Wasi Khan
Wasi Khan - 2 måneder siden
Solbady - 2 måneder siden
Didn't this guy try to run for governor of California s few years ago?
Exponentcat9818 - 2 måneder siden
Could you do a updated $1000 parts list with a ryzen 5 3600 and geforce GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2060 Super WINDFORCE OC?
Nirav Paltoo
Nirav Paltoo - 2 måneder siden
Yo kyle gpu prices have skyrocketed. I saw a 2080 super for 1500 at the lowest price on amazon. What up with that?
JULIENN CLYDE ELEAZAR Damo - 2 måneder siden
Need help. Do you really need an avr for pc? 🤔
Zammarz - 2 måneder siden
Hey bitwit(kyle) I have been having a problem with my pc for the last week it has an issue that it won't show anything on the monitor I switched out the ram and nothing worked but it costed me 70€ Which wont be refunded I would love for you to try to help me trouble shoot it and fix my baby I have been hopeless without it and I cant get new parts cause money is right please see this I would appreciate it thanks
Ramz A
Gareth Tucker
Gareth Tucker - 2 måneder siden
Really liked that singularity pump/res....until the dreaded molex reared it's head....why..I avoid it like the plague because it means an entire cable to manage for the single molex connection.
Agile Pheonix
Agile Pheonix - 2 måneder siden
Kyle, if you watch the movie Bloodshot with Vin Diesel in it, go to marker 49:21 and I swear you were in a movie and didn't tell anyone!!! What an interesting career path change lol
Enjoy Gaming
Enjoy Gaming - 2 måneder siden
M.2 Sata(non nvme) Or 2.5 Sata Ssd, which would be a better choice?
Detchy De beer
Detchy De beer - 2 måneder siden
When is part 2 coming?
donmon808 - 2 måneder siden
i know exactly what speakers youre talking about
Aydin Jahjah
Aydin Jahjah - 2 måneder siden
Did he just leak his adress on his phone?
Harry White
Harry White - 2 måneder siden
take a shot every time one of them says "man"
XriiS _
XriiS _ - 2 måneder siden
when kyle realizes he has to build a mini itx water cooled build
Ahmad Nawaz
Ahmad Nawaz - 2 måneder siden
can anyonbe tell me the name of no 2 pc case
AbyssKage - 2 måneder siden
Me:Watches the Op PC Bitwit made
Me Again: Playing With My Potato PC
Yitzhack Ramirez Quiros
Yitzhack Ramirez Quiros - 2 måneder siden
Damn water cooling sucks so much
Revolvae - 2 måneder siden
These challenges you face are what makes building a PC so fun and quizzing
JT iscy
JT iscy - 2 måneder siden
Hey bitwit my name is jayden and I'm 12 about to turn 13 on june 16th I need ur help I'm desperate I want to build a pic but o dont know how I picked out parts and I do t know what will happen when i build them
tell me if i can build this
Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H (AMD Ryzen AM4,Lexar NS100 2.5” SATA III (6GB/S) 128GB Solid-State Drive,Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 8GB (2x4GB) 2666MHz (PC4-21300),
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core Unlocked Desktop Processor with Radeon ...Style: 3200G 4-Core,Thermaltake Smart 500W 80+ White Certified PSU, Continuous Power...Style: 500W, Size: 80+ WhiteAeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side Window, Black. If u help mr GIANT THX
HyperBen - 2 måneder siden
I really need to know what that keyboard is on the wall behind u at the start! Looks so gorgeous
hudson - 2 måneder siden
the amount of times he said "yeah man!"
Lasse Vangsgaard Pedersen
Lasse Vangsgaard Pedersen - 2 måneder siden
I’m going to ask you guys in here since i know you’re all so smart, would i need a new CPU cooler if i buy a AMD Ryzen 5 3600x 3.8Ghz 6-core processor? Meaning would it be smart to buy a new cooler instead of keeping what it comes with? And if so, which one?
Lilcapalot - 2 måneder siden
The wraith spire? If so it might be ok...
xRotator - 2 måneder siden
hey shooby!
Marius Nilsen-Moe
Marius Nilsen-Moe - 2 måneder siden
would not have recommended custome loop when he want the mobility future to take it with him!
life of stew!
life of stew! - 2 måneder siden
does anyone notice how stoned this guy looks?
ivebeen - 2 måneder siden
should have just gone for an air-cooled 2080 Ti or 2080 super instead of dealing with a last Gen gpu hardlined water cooled
Turtle Cubing
Turtle Cubing - 2 måneder siden
hey guys this is off topic but how would i run 2 drives?
Lilcapalot - 2 måneder siden
AJ - 2 måneder siden
Can u sponsor me a rtx 2070 super 8gb please
Lilcapalot - 2 måneder siden
2070 super*
Lilcapalot - 2 måneder siden
Lol 😂 he's not gonna give you a rtx 2080ti
Brennen Johnson
Brennen Johnson - 2 måneder siden
I’ve been waiting over 2 months for my backplate from V1 and it’s not even custom. Wish I had 2 million subscribers lol
ShadowMagnus - 2 måneder siden
What would be a good PC parts list for a 3D artist and gamer?
assimilated Gassfeild
assimilated Gassfeild - 2 måneder siden
Hey can you make Me a gaming pc I have a budget of 1500 I will pay the shipping if you agree
Kingvoakahustla - 2 måneder siden
Smart to see all the media when build a machine for famous people or when it counts to use an ASUS ROG MOTHERBOARD They know it will Performance the best and reliable!
Nio lanoot
Nio lanoot - 2 måneder siden
oh no.... he leaked his adres. kyle :(
D W - 2 måneder siden
It would be dope if you did a build for a disbaled veteran. As one myself I know firsthand how therapeutic video games can be.
theirhighness - 2 måneder siden
I didn't enjoy the fake broski vibes from your conversation at all. Yeah dude, totally man, absolutely bro. 🤮
Luizrrr - 2 måneder siden
Haha my boy Shooby looks stoned.
Landon Plask
Landon Plask - 2 måneder siden
kyle: ok, rgb
shooby:YEAH MAN
Urdum - 2 måneder siden
Gonna kill myself im to far gone