Building a PC while eating INSANELY HOT wings

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Thanks to be quiet! for sponsoring this extra hot video!
Wifeysauce and I attempt to build a Ryzen + B550 gaming PC while under the influence of the hottest (vegan) wings we've ever encountered. Hold onto your butts.
be quiet! Pure Base 500DX:
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X:
MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk:
G.Skill Flare X DDR4-3200:
MSI RTX 2080 Super Gaming Trio:
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4:
WD SN550 M.2:
be quiet! Straight Power 11 (New model):
:+:+:HOT SAUCES:+:+: (in order of appearance)
Pineapple Habanero by Heartbeat Hot Sauce:
Kolohekid Hawaiian by Adoboloco:
AKA Miso by Bravado Spice:
Mad Dog 357:
Karma Sauce Burn After Eating:
Da Bomb:
The Last Dab by Heatonist:
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Building a PC while eating INSANELY HOT wings #HotOnesChallenge #HotOnes #bequiet #PureBase500DX

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Runtime: 15:35


Bitwit - Måned siden
For those asking, the wings and wife are both vegan
iM_ AcC1D_
iM_ AcC1D_ - 9 dager siden
After about 6:30 wify sauce wont stop moaning thanks hot sauce very cool
Shadowarez - 14 dager siden
Aye anything under 100,000 Scoville is child's play I have a bottle of reaper sauce for Ed curry when me and wifey go out. But it's always funny to see others try the challenge then be functional. As always great content 👍
Aidan Jagdeo
Aidan Jagdeo - 14 dager siden
Just a recommendation for the next time you guys eat something spicy: Water spreads the heat around the mouth as the spice chemical (capsaicin) doesn't dissolve in it. What I normally use is milk (almond or soya usually works fine) as the capsaicin dissolves and the effect is neutralised. The reason chocolate works is that there is normally some kind of milk in chocolate and it works like I said before
Monmoy Maahdie
Monmoy Maahdie - 15 dager siden
how..........impossible....... VEGAN CHICKEN?!
Spivy - 19 dager siden
@Watto Toydarian hilarous
Young Blender user XIII
Young Blender user XIII - 10 timer siden
His numbers are off. I ate a pepper that was 21,000 scovil units and it was REALLY hot. They ate one that was 60,000 Scoville units and they werent having a problem with it.
Master blood
Master blood - Dag siden
Wifeysauce turns into ash ketchum when she eats the last dab
Alex Byrd
Alex Byrd - Dag siden
Mad dogs is awful
MR.DMZ - 2 dager siden
I have found some white people find flour too spicy
Paco N Alex
Paco N Alex - 2 dager siden
Instead of wings do a shot of different types of alcohol.
Lucifer Sephiroth Avalon Dieguez
Our sponsor is hot vagina .com
BTG BEAST - 3 dager siden
i didnt know wifeysauce could make sounds like a 16 year old boy
Lord Ludicrous
Lord Ludicrous - 3 dager siden
Try snorting gefuel and building a pc challenge.
LordFoote - 3 dager siden
Love how whoever edited this desynced the audio half way through
Chris Loizou
Chris Loizou - 3 dager siden
Seeing the video title the only thought that came to mind was "He has officially ran out of ideas".
doro626 - 3 dager siden
I watch Hot ones so much that by sight I can tell Vegan wings ( triangular and on a stick), Cauliflower wings ( you can see the florets) and regular wings.
Rodney Biggs
Rodney Biggs - 5 dager siden
I'd honestly like to see more LYLE . A lot more LYLE.
MrGeorgeTV - 6 dager siden
No wonder this video isnt monetized
Jaix3u - 6 dager siden
lol any video with wifey sauce is such a joy to watch
Daniel Wensel
Daniel Wensel - 6 dager siden
Please tell me you washed your hands after each wing
Vinodh V
Vinodh V - 6 dager siden
Jus drink Milk!
Ahmad - 6 dager siden
wify sauce is the cutest woman i've seen in my life
Mr Goldrick
Mr Goldrick - 6 dager siden
+points for being vegans and enjoyed the video.
MATT GAJISAN - 7 dager siden
this is the best hot ones episode ever
Boy - 7 dager siden
11:12 my dad when he asks me to help
William Draper
William Draper - 7 dager siden
8:27 "Mrs. Alignment" HAHAHAHahaha!
Daimio Gaming
Daimio Gaming - 7 dager siden
Me: Mom I want to have some wings.
Mom: We have a parrot right, go and eat hers.
She never give me to eat food outside home 😒😭
Joshua Laird
Joshua Laird - 7 dager siden
Are you against milk?
lorri moore
lorri moore - 7 dager siden
why isn't this going in omg
Black Sharpie
Black Sharpie - 8 dager siden
6:54 close your eyes and replay over again
Cleanish Slate
Cleanish Slate - 8 dager siden
I want suicide chicken wings, now. They aren't actually that spicy.
Alvin Le
Alvin Le - 9 dager siden
i feel like the volume gets louder as the video goes on lol
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen - 9 dager siden
you should do all your future builds like this
Brian S. King
Brian S. King - 9 dager siden
my dark rock pro 4 is slightly crushing my corsair vengance rgb ram kit lol
Kairy Crowley
Kairy Crowley - 9 dager siden
Should’ve installed an AIO on your mouth or something lol
MigzAztig 21
MigzAztig 21 - 10 dager siden
Sean should bring them in the show
Swiftzi - 10 dager siden
the video just picks up speed they go faster as the wings get hotter😂😂
XxDuckBroxX - 10 dager siden
13:07 when wifeysauce sees Kyle’s pp
JohnSTF72 - 10 dager siden
I think it's impossible to Be Quiet while eating insanely Hot Wings and building a pc.
Rick Silva
Rick Silva - 11 dager siden
wifey sauce is funny AF - you are very lucky my man
Agent_Blackwing - 11 dager siden
My digestive track hurt just knowing how hot those wings are.
Extranomical - 11 dager siden
"Forgets" to eat the third wing ;)
tangentgolf 4516
tangentgolf 4516 - 11 dager siden
They should add achol to this 1 million times better
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer - 11 dager siden
Funniest video ever from Kyle and Wifey Sauce.
Adan Solis
Adan Solis - 11 dager siden
So much for be quiet 😂
Cameron Marshall
Cameron Marshall - 11 dager siden
Half of this video sounds like porn
fgs Brite
fgs Brite - 11 dager siden
Firefighters fighting fires bob grab the tortillas
Bang SW
Bang SW - 12 dager siden
Genius video
I'm laughing very loud
Thanks guy's
Kakyoin Noriaki
Kakyoin Noriaki - 12 dager siden
Watch this with your eyes clo
Edrian Henio
Edrian Henio - 12 dager siden
You guys sound and look like you were disarming a nuke xD
Minør - 12 dager siden
Hey, comment section. For reference, the Last Dab is made with Pepper X. They did use a small amount however, as eating an entire Pepper X(which is still only about the size of a few carrots) could kill you. Pepper X.
Minør - 12 dager siden
Wifeysauce: *drinks water*
Me: But that makes it worse... Drink milk!
cg2478 - 12 dager siden
Holy crap, this video is sooo sexual OMG
Chad Desch
Chad Desch - 12 dager siden
This was like watching a natural disaster movie. Quality entertainment.
Juana Faded
Juana Faded - 12 dager siden
10:58 he rly said make sure get it on cam🤣🤣
The Buiscut Master
The Buiscut Master - 13 dager siden
Me watching them suffer knowing I could have easily done that with not much pain hahahaha
SlyRespect - 13 dager siden
Wifey Sauce: I feel like I’m going to throw up

Bitwit: Make sure you get it on camera
TryhardJebus - 13 dager siden
why were they rushing near the end if their mouths are still going to be burning for a while anyway?
Jinsoo Lee
Jinsoo Lee - 13 dager siden
We need this replicated with GN and LTT
Jinsoo Lee
Jinsoo Lee - 13 dager siden
haaaaaahaha loved this
Ben Harper
Ben Harper - 13 dager siden
Haha the panic in your voices was like you really needed to use the bathroom half way through the build.
Aurelio Gracia
Aurelio Gracia - 13 dager siden
Still 10000x better than theverge build...
Amey Tambe
Amey Tambe - 13 dager siden
You didn't keep quiet!
Mocktagoon - 14 dager siden
Definitly would steal this video idea. Hehehe. Such a good concept.
John Lizuer Troyo
John Lizuer Troyo - 14 dager siden
Why am I watching this in 4AM without any food available in the fridge... 🤦‍♂️
Gordon Christopher
Gordon Christopher - 14 dager siden
Last dab turned wifey sauce into an 80-year old smoker
Michael Young
Michael Young - 14 dager siden
i know the ppl who own adoboloco
luckyson13 - 14 dager siden
your wife and linus have the same voice.
Michael Blair
Michael Blair - 15 dager siden
It makes me laugh when people drink water to relieve the burn, when they don't know that water actually makes it WORSE. This video was great, btw!
DerpieBird991 - 15 dager siden
Casually have a cup of water next to all the parts. Mad respect
Nathan Crouse
Nathan Crouse - 15 dager siden
Pro tip: milk helps with the burn
Jannik Berges
Jannik Berges - 15 dager siden
This made me crave die some hot food 😂
Wulkan20gaming - 15 dager siden
Screw with confidence shirt😂😂😂😂😂 I want one
Michael Kayitmaz
Michael Kayitmaz - 15 dager siden
Why don’t they have milk 😂
TΞAM ØPTØ Gaming & Tech
TΞAM ØPTØ Gaming & Tech - 15 dager siden
I am an asian I built a whole laptop and ate more spicy wings easy ASF
ABO7MOOY Aa7GameRً&#
ABO7MOOY Aa7GameRً&# - 16 dager siden
is ur wife the voice actor of Louis form family guy?
Juicexlx - 16 dager siden
Crying from laughter when the cables-run begins. Hysterical! TY for being my Hot Sauces' Guinea Pigs.
Nick Chau
Nick Chau - 16 dager siden
you should use chopsticks to feed those power supply to the motherboard when theres not enough space to put your hand/fingers through to connect them.
james smith
james smith - 17 dager siden
best build vid ive ever seen
Moses Rodrigues
Moses Rodrigues - 17 dager siden
Can I get this pc please
Jaxxman - 17 dager siden
i’m actually praying that they washed their hands after every wing...
4X7 dev
4X7 dev - 17 dager siden
what are those sounds oh god LOL
Mike M
Mike M - 17 dager siden
I think you are supposed to drink milk. Lol
Banana_Man - 18 dager siden
11:03 i dont like those words ;-;
Disciple611 - 18 dager siden
This is how porn vids start.
ssk jerm
ssk jerm - 18 dager siden
Use da Asian voice
Leonard Tatenda Maridzo
Leonard Tatenda Maridzo - 18 dager siden
Hot PC on hot wings
Warren Rodrigues
Warren Rodrigues - 18 dager siden
Petition to have Linus do this!
Waslappie - 18 dager siden
You have to many fingerprints on your screen bro =( give it a wipesy
Waslappie - 18 dager siden
She pulling out snacks, like she doesn't have a snack sitting next to her ;)
SpartanSoldier76 - 18 dager siden
Is'nt anybody going to address the fact that they're not eating real chicken? Those are Beta soy boy vegan abominations on a stick.
Waslappie - 18 dager siden
lol that look she gives after he drops the wifeysauce xD
Alexander Howe
Alexander Howe - 18 dager siden
“Shut up, I hate you!”
It’s a miracle you’re not dead, Kyle.
Dan W
Dan W - 18 dager siden
Drink milk, not water. Water only makes it worse.
Jake Sampson
Jake Sampson - 19 dager siden
Ill take that pc if you’re not using it, looks nice
Sergio Nunez
Sergio Nunez - 19 dager siden
All your builds should be like this
AxeYT - 19 dager siden
12:43 That's also what she said
AxeYT - 19 dager siden
10:54 That's what she said
Yoda8232 - 20 dager siden
LOL "Vegan wings" 😂🙄
GrAdeAjAmAicAn - 20 dager siden
You know what they say about hot sauce "hot going in hotter coming out" good luck lol
KimaShin - 20 dager siden
Why didn't they have a glass of milk ready? lol
Tim Kelly
Tim Kelly - 20 dager siden
Thank you bequiet, great show.
kevlar5150 - 20 dager siden
Two words for you: MILK
Ryan Dance
Ryan Dance - 20 dager siden
Most action-packed, adrenaline pumping pc build EVER!!!