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Bitwit - 13 dager siden
Thanks for all the feedback on the desks. It was actually the guys at our local hardware store who recommended the toggle bolts after telling them exactly what I was doing and how much weight I'd be putting on the desks. Then again, maybe I should be listening to the internet experts.
To be safe, I'm going to install some table legs on the desks that I plan to put hefty weight on but I'm not worrying about it beyond that. Worst case scenario if the whole set comes crashing down taking loads of PC hardware with it, that video will get tons of views, I'll have the PC parts replaced for free, and I'll make additional revenue on the follow-up videos, covering the costs of new desks and drywall repair which is already a tax write off. At the end of the day it's a stupid risk that my stupid privileged ass can afford to take. Stay tuned for the epic disaster video 😱
Ben Lin
Ben Lin - 8 timer siden
Agreed with the cautions regarding the drywall. It will fail sooner or later. Looking forward to the video!!!
Nicholas Reynolds
Nicholas Reynolds - 6 dager siden
Love the 80's jam!!!
Shane Hodson
Shane Hodson - 9 dager siden
Those metal studs would've been perfect to mount to. Just need to run in a few self-tappers and you're done. Drywall WILL NOT support all that weight.
Brian Meadows
Brian Meadows - 9 dager siden
@SpookzNGlory typically toggle bolts will tell you the rating for the material they are used in. Whether that be drywall, metal, or concrete
Brian Meadows
Brian Meadows - 9 dager siden
@Zack Lothamer if it were me I actually would just bore a hole for toggle bolts and fasten those to the metal studs. Depending on the material the metal studs are made of it might be difficult to get a self tapping screw anywhere
Nicholas Dimini
Nicholas Dimini - 14 timer siden
You forgot to put the stud finder on your chest and say “Found one!” You missed a golden opportunity.
Maximus Park-Desmond
Maximus Park-Desmond - Dag siden
ltt is bewtter
Chris Dewey
Chris Dewey - 2 dager siden
Need. More. MEGADESK!
chu noir
chu noir - 4 dager siden
you could use a spacer on that bracket for that uneven height of the table.
Ashai - 4 dager siden
what is the song in the background?
Me thinking i have high end pc and playing game so smooth and become a streamer and youtuber and become succesful in future
Nathan Barrett
Nathan Barrett - 5 dager siden
you didnt figure when your stud buddy stuck so well lol
George - 6 dager siden
You should have got lyle to do it he would have used lag bolts in the studs for the brackets. LOL I would definitely put some legs or a few small file cabinets. Looks really nice the very roomy
Mike Abend
Mike Abend - 6 dager siden
If the desk, that doesn't have a wall behind it is still butted against the back wall then have 1 end floating and other with legs
Christian O'Reilly
Christian O'Reilly - 6 dager siden
Even though I've seen the setup on Twitter still enjoy the videos
Linda H
Linda H - 6 dager siden
Thanks on showing me that case. Newegg was sold out on the black. But I found 1 on Amazon. It will work awesome for my next build.
Hunken på røntgen
Hunken på røntgen - 7 dager siden
You know there's screws for screwing into steel studs right? That’s how the drywall is fastened to the studs, and would hold the brackets way better than those drywall anchors...
TehJones - 7 dager siden
I have a really bad feeling this desk held up by drywall is going to be almost as surprising as a beer explosion to the face.
Montisaquadeis - 7 dager siden
With 20" brackets your have enough room to leave at most 2 inches behind each table top for cables so its perfectly fine.
Professional Asshole
Professional Asshole - 7 dager siden
Brackets review, have Barnacules lay on top of it, if it does not fail then good brackets! 3 Star ! add Jayz and if it still don't fail, 5 star bracket must recommend!

Aaron Shimon
Aaron Shimon - 7 dager siden
OMG.... 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 Mounting tables to drywall??? No, Kyle. No. No. No. No.
erazorCTF - 7 dager siden
Looking forward to PART 2! :)
Ewan Green
Ewan Green - 8 dager siden
Awesome. I'd make a real wall of possible, put the trapezoidal table legs only on the ends of the ones perpendicular to the back wall (looks good and supports). I think that would be awesome, can't wait to see this finished. I don't find myself interested in PC builds/reviews as much anymore but I like your vlogs and studio stuff significantly more.
Allan Da dude
Allan Da dude - 8 dager siden
Sorry I’m late but you should build a brick wall for the floating table
Steven Waibel
Steven Waibel - 8 dager siden
Use washers to level out your tables( place washers between bracket and table ). That will give you some extra height on the tables that are slightly lower! Good job though! :)
freedomdst - 8 dager siden
looks like a very flimsy setup
Bill Bird
Bill Bird - 8 dager siden
Soo i hope the rock holds. You could use screws made for what you are doing. The next video i hope doesn't include what not to do
Mark Perrenoud
Mark Perrenoud - 8 dager siden
So, I am sure other people have said this, but... you can put the toggle bolts into the steel studs, and that gives you an incredibly strong hold.
edit to add... there are much better hollow wall anchors than those toggle bolts that would be better, but still, you should go into the studs with them.
Max Minutiae
Max Minutiae - 8 dager siden
It’s not a DIY projects without a few trips back to the hardware store before you even start. No matter how much I plan, it happens every time.
Rob Geach
Rob Geach - 9 dager siden
I would have put legs on my tables and told people who think you should've done floating tables that they can do floating tables in their own office.
Common Dirtbagz
Common Dirtbagz - 9 dager siden
I see you’re following the verges step by step guide to building a pc by buying a desk first.
Greg Dimas
Greg Dimas - 9 dager siden
Spade = ugly hole, try Forstner bit.
TheGangster1023 - 9 dager siden
I think it would be sick for the wall to be one of those rolling partition things. You could get one that could be easily penetrated with thumbtacks and maybe just do a decorative assortment of different items hung up.
Ethan Larsen
Ethan Larsen - 9 dager siden
use one of the stands you were going to use for the not floating part of the desk
Meih - 9 dager siden
remember to "screw in with confidence" so the bolts are firm but not to lose!
Hitmanhitman21 - 9 dager siden
So did you off-center the drill holes to not hit the steel/metal beams, while using the drywall to be the counter-pressure w/the wings?
TechnoGeek - 9 dager siden
I have installed many things onto walls, please dont put anything of value o those desks if your only into drywall.
Fastenings into studs is your only option, even if you put those toggles into the steel studs.
Dwight Parker
Dwight Parker - 9 dager siden went BACK to the hardware store and you didn't just get some self tappers???? Kyle.... cmon man.... You can just put those suckers into the metal studs!!!! THEY'RE CHEAP TOO!!!
Dwight Parker
Dwight Parker - 9 dager siden
*Uses magnetic stud finder* *Doesn't realize studs are metal*
Mr. Grotto
Mr. Grotto - 9 dager siden
When you rebuild this and have torn out drywall, take the time to connect wooden "studs" to the aluminum ones behind the walls so you can screw into those after it's repaired.
Even if it doesn't critically fail you're probably going to see sag eventually and you'll get angry enough lol.
Kent Lee
Kent Lee - 10 dager siden
no front license plate hmmmm
Anis Aboudaya
Anis Aboudaya - 10 dager siden
Guys I found the studs using a magnet, but to make sure it's metal I tried putting a nail through it and confirmed it's metal
Big Top Industries
Big Top Industries - 10 dager siden
I've been planning to do something similar for a few weeks just using the cheap Ikea legs, but instead I used these brackets and it looks great. Even have a video going live covering it in an hour or so.. Thank you Kyle😂
bannedfromtv - 10 dager siden
so how long until wall gives in? 2 months? 6months? 1 year? we need a poll
jarman365 - 10 dager siden
magnetic stud finders don't work on wood studs... the screw heads are small for them to stick to the wall like that.
Yee Yee
Yee Yee - 10 dager siden
5:50 or the fact the magnetic stud buddy worked ?
Alpha 6
Alpha 6 - 10 dager siden
Not trying to be invasive but, I am wondering how you afford your lifestyle, barring the computer sponsorship of items specifically.
Currently you have 2.05M subscribers, assuming 300K views per video...
Are you or your spouse independently wealthy? Or do you both have "jobs"?
I would go through the "expenses"; commercial location, ability to remodel house, buy computer parts, etc, etc, etc...
Don't take this wrong, I'm just pondering...does your youtube channel provide the financial wherewithal for all of the above?
All the best.
Greenwolf Hunter
Greenwolf Hunter - 10 dager siden
this is great advertising what you can all do with that place
David Cordoba
David Cordoba - 10 dager siden
Everyone is crapping on the toggle bolts, but I’m just here impressed that the tables are so level. Did I miss a step or was Kyle free-handing the height measurements?
Ricardo S
Ricardo S - 10 dager siden
I'm so afraid of floating desks I can't even begin to describe that shit
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson - 11 dager siden
Don't be like Linus from LTT and climb on the desk for various reasons.......
Matthew Zimmerman
Matthew Zimmerman - 11 dager siden
i have used alot of toggle bolts in my line of work and they only weight the bolts to hold said weight not the wall. so bet that comes falling down in a few months. way safer to use the studs. i would recommend remounting it altogether. and then go tell the guy at the store he needs a new job!
jagardina - 11 dager siden
So yelling at the screen that they are metal studs worked. Awesome.
J.R. Murdock
J.R. Murdock - 11 dager siden
So the channel is now called BitSwitch?
MrX600531 - 11 dager siden
The bolt has 450 lbs capacity, drywall does not.
chris thorney
chris thorney - 11 dager siden
450lbs per wing thingy? in aus they rate them at like 10kg ,, or about 22lbs lol
peter müller
peter müller - 11 dager siden
Wait, why didn't you just screw the desk into the steel studs? That would be much more sturdy than just some dry wall
Stevenzzz - 11 dager siden
Dikke Audi jonguh!
Grem Five
Grem Five - 11 dager siden
I hope those will stay floating desks and not sinking desks.
SweetTea Killah
SweetTea Killah - 11 dager siden
I just finished filming a video about wall anchors. One that I included was the togglebolts.
Dave - 11 dager siden
Use self tapping screws thru the drywall into the metal studs. The method being used here will not hold.
rabooey - 11 dager siden
This is a horrible start to a terrific new workspace.
Your mounting solution is going to fail and cause you so much more work. You went budget for an install which required pro. Why shut your wallet on something as important as sturdy, dependable wall-mounted countertops?
Dan Davis
Dan Davis - 11 dager siden
And then he said "We're gonna have to screw into the drywall instead, and for that we have... TOGGLE BOLTS!" 😂😂😂
Steven Gloria
Steven Gloria - 11 dager siden
That doesn't look structurely safe. That table is going to fall if it's just drywall for anchors.
sotomo - 11 dager siden
Actually, it might work. Since it's 3/4" drywall it will bear some weight. I doubt the capacity is 450lbs per anchor though... I would trust up to 150lbs. With 3 anchors per bracket that is 450 lbs per bracket. Spaced every 16 inches that's not bad.
Anym - 11 dager siden
that table is gonna commit a tech drop even Linus will be proud of
Brian - 11 dager siden
Uses a magnetic stud finder to find studs, I was impressed he knew commercial is metal.... few minutes later he learns from the home center associate they are metal and test this with a nail... Cant wait for the follow up video...
wisico640 - 11 dager siden
I liked the idea of mounting the tables to the wall if there was wooden studs you could mount to. But when you found out you couldn't mount them, I would have sticked to the angled table legs :/
ALDNOA Plays - 11 dager siden
Hey Kyle I am planing on building a pc where I want to do a 3 in 1 system where I will have 1 cpu as the gaming 1 as the server and 1 as the streaming have u ever come across a tower that has room for 3 motherboards 2 psu 2 gpu 1 capture card and a minimum of 5 storage bays for HDD and 5 SETA SSD’s
FreeLoadMechanics - 11 dager siden
Just would like to say i did my first pc build while watching your Video on how to build a PC for the 20th time and on my head i was always thinking "cable managment". Really nice and informative videos bro keep up
Mark Kruse
Mark Kruse - 11 dager siden
Dear Kyle wood and aluminium isnt magnetic, however steel is - thinking of your "studfinder". When buying continuous woodtabletops a good idea is to pattern and color match before you buy them - this could still be achieved, to me it looked like some of them are somewhat similar in the pattern, you could solve level differences by "wood dowels" I like your concept it could be an awesome setup. thank you for the video.
ThisOneGuyIKnow - 11 dager siden
Just put a little bit of expanding foam in the cracks between desks. Sand off the extra and paint maybe!
FerrumBellator - 11 dager siden
Build my workbench in my garage like that and love it.
Mayowa Famakinwa
Mayowa Famakinwa - 11 dager siden
Using a power drill to make holes in the wall but then using a regular screwdriver to secure the bolts....
UnderFear - 11 dager siden
Will you make a pc giveaway sometime?
W. Shawn Wilkerson
W. Shawn Wilkerson - 11 dager siden
Drywall === paper.
Kevin Baeyens
Kevin Baeyens - 11 dager siden
Again: those are not called floating brackets!
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox - 11 dager siden
I stopped watching when the drywall became the choice
W. Shawn Wilkerson
W. Shawn Wilkerson - 11 dager siden
Don't use L Brackets. Just run a 2x4 horizontal under the desk. MUCH stronger and completely hidden.
dunastrig - 11 dager siden
Dark Soulaire
Dark Soulaire - 11 dager siden
Didnt watch the video yet, but the thumbnail... That's not a desk, that's a shelf...
Caotion - 11 dager siden
WELL SHIT, IT BROKE. (Rip thousands of dollars!! ) PART. 2 Shoked bitwit expression

no hate on bitwit just a bad joke dont start a comment war.
Bryan Curneen
Bryan Curneen - 11 dager siden
Pop some washers between the bottom of the table and the brackets in order to get the edges to meet flush
Prosthetic Soul
Prosthetic Soul - 11 dager siden
Me: watching video about a table that will hold thousands of dollars worth of tech even though I know I will never be able to afford the stuff

Bitwit:haha poor
etc arief
etc arief - 11 dager siden
The way he didnt put something to hold the drywall powder makes me mad
Kr33py Kyle
Kr33py Kyle - 11 dager siden
So the “stud finder” which is magnetic didn’t give you any hints that the studs weren’t wood lol
xXHELLXx 4GAMERS - 11 dager siden
Go stand on your wall mounted desk. Did it brake? No? Come on your only what 150 lbs? OK walk around a bit, across the edge. Did it brake? OK in the extreme case just your body weight hasn't ripped the studs through the drywall. Now try giving it some working load. jump on it... OK now it broke.
xXHELLXx 4GAMERS - 11 dager siden
Just No. Drywall is not load bearing. Steel studs are not load bearing for your type of load. Working loads and static loads are different.
vamwolf - 11 dager siden
Hard as wood tech tips...... Wait a sec....
Linnoff - 11 dager siden
I'll echo everyone else with a little story. I worked in a theater and our dressing rooms are lined with counters for actors to put on makeup etc. They were, by and large, mounted with L brackets like you used here, about 50/50 into metal studs and drywall anchors. I only worked there the last 3 years, but over the 15 years we have been in that building those walls have become swiss cheese. It's not heavy things placed on the counter that's the problem, it's people leaning on the edge with most of their weight just putting tons of torque into the drywall.
I think you could make this idea work with mounting the brackets using specially designed anchors for going into metal studs. Also, I completely understand why you want the gap at the back, but that reduces the strength so so much.
I hope these work for you.
Dulin Hukari
Dulin Hukari - 11 dager siden
Can you look at my pc part picker list and see if its good
Darko22 - 11 dager siden
i sence a huge blooper real coming soon with broken tech and stuff with wifey saying i told you so
Hartley - 12 dager siden
The landlord must be a real gem allowing this...
Digital Hermit
Digital Hermit - 12 dager siden
I've been planning something like this for my room, but mine will be mounted to a low concrete wall instead of drywall. Just need to get the stuff together.
Personally, I'd have drilled through the metal studs (if the property owner allows) and mounted it there.
Aaron Fisher
Aaron Fisher - 12 dager siden
Thanks for showing these cool desks that are OUT OF STOCK AT EVERY IKEA STORE KYLE
insideKamui - 12 dager siden
Looks really good! What's your opinion on gaming setups using Alex drawers and individual counter tops, kinda like the ones you mounted?
ning jia
ning jia - 12 dager siden
I dont agree the hw guy, just cause some computer built are really heavy. if you just happens to put your body weight on it at the same time those dry wall would not hold. i would always use the body weight test on one of the desk before i start use them.
MrPrawns - 12 dager siden
you really used that chair to move around so much lol
Lotus - 12 dager siden
I kinda want find someone that has a lot of faith in me, like Kyle has in his 1/2 inch drywall
Reckz MW YT
Reckz MW YT - 12 dager siden
I need a $200 war zone gaming PC any tips
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser - 12 dager siden
Should have used some self tapping/self drilling screws to attach the brackets into the studs
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser - 12 dager siden
GameRetro - 12 dager siden
Some people can afford to not care.
Gurmail Brar
Gurmail Brar - 12 dager siden
you are rich
here I am struggling to get one desk
NoMashMe - 12 dager siden
I wouldnt build the wall, i think it will feel tight