Building a GOD TIER streaming PC

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Doing the Lord's work! Literally.
Corsair Elgato 4K60 Pro capture card:
NZXT H510i:
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X:
MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX:
16GB Corsair LPX DDR4-3600:
MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X:
NZXT Kraken X53:
TeamGroup T-Force Delta Max 500GB:
NZXT C650:
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Building a GOD TIER streaming PC

Runtime: 13:12


mangoz - 2 timer siden
When the churches video card that’s only used to output a signal to the monitor is better than your gaming pcs gpu
DawidttuProGameing - 2 timer siden
Love the way a church has a better pc then I do
FATBOY GAMING - 2 timer siden
Plz give me a pc
Joseph Fifield
Joseph Fifield - 12 timer siden
You know you've made it when u have different pcs for different tasks.
Crystal The Wolf
Crystal The Wolf - 20 timer siden
I don't think a 1660 is "God Tier" but alright.
WeGameGood - Dag siden
OMG my pc part picker list was almost IDENTICAL
Shnuk - Dag siden
When your gaming PC is only slightly more powerful the church pc
Real Bescobar
Real Bescobar - 2 dager siden
I love how people are talking mess and they can’t even afford a pc 😂
Master Xaipres
Master Xaipres - 3 dager siden
Oh yeah that fucking price is more importent , Nivida`s 2000 series a joke of price politic . By 1000 series , 1060 GTX Zotac with 20% highst oc cost 330 € her in germany and the 1070 TI cost 420-440€ best card was 1080 Ti with over 650€ .
Really we dont need to talk abaout Titan cards ... because that useless for Games with that price . If you not a rich bastard that have very thing for mom or dad or you Exploit people and get rich ... in my option in germany price marktet i dont pay more than 400€ for a GPU ... i skip 3000 series and RDNA 2 . Maybe price politic chance with 4000 series and RDNA 3 because is second and 3 genaration of Raytracing and the price goes more stable . I really damit hope that RDNA 2 is strong enough to run with 3000 series and RNDA 2 is 100€-200€ cheaper .
Omnipotat0 - 3 dager siden
This is way overkill for what it's for lmao
parafitaify - 3 dager siden
"Not testing anything go away"
Harley Shifflett
Harley Shifflett - 3 dager siden
could i use this to stream and play games
Michael Reed
Michael Reed - 4 dager siden
I had to do the exact same thing for a church, strange times.
Anh Truong Ngoc
Anh Truong Ngoc - 4 dager siden
How much is it
G Dun
G Dun - 5 dager siden
Hi 👋 if anyone could answer this question that would be great 👍 so I’m kinda new to pc building and I’m not sure if most of the parts come with screws so it would help me if you could give me some information on that thanks
Iceey The Gamer
Iceey The Gamer - 5 dager siden
8:06 my your wife is a very lucky woman
Ramrz Boyz
Ramrz Boyz - 5 dager siden
Came out to be about $1,500
Montgomatron 11
Montgomatron 11 - 6 dager siden
I'm currently editing for my local church so my pc is currently getting a lot of use
Guillermo Andres Noriega Melara
How can I buy you a pc
Minør - 7 dager siden
"God Tier"? Then why the GTX 1660...
Sandro P
Sandro P - 8 dager siden
When you look away and you see the priest gaming Minecraft
aSurrealCube - 8 dager siden
Kudos to the kid that plays doom eternal on this system during service
WolvesInlineTV - 9 dager siden
Whats good man. I was wondering if you can send me this exact build for me?
Haunui L
Haunui L - 10 dager siden
And there is my CPU at 100% using Chrome lol... God give me a gaming pc
Domanater Over 9000
Domanater Over 9000 - 10 dager siden
At least you believe in god , god bless
DrDreidel Gaming
DrDreidel Gaming - 11 dager siden
Are the radiator fans intake or outtake on the bracket?
ZestyZia Games
ZestyZia Games - 11 dager siden
Imagine he put a "Red Devil" GPU in there
Dusky Racer
Dusky Racer - 11 dager siden
What? No 2000 series GPU for godrays?
Killer_clown. fn
Killer_clown. fn - 12 dager siden
i wish i was one of ur relative :(
PIZZA ! - 13 dager siden
I cant wait for an msi b550 tomohawk max
Trespasser Cryler
Trespasser Cryler - 13 dager siden
Need an upgrade from an 9 year old laptop.
Just wanna play games without any stuttering.
ozen - 13 dager siden
When a church now has a better pc I will ever have
Eudele De leon
Eudele De leon - 14 dager siden
Is B550 Tomahawk better performance?
TheOofOre - 14 dager siden
*"Not testing anything go away"* 🤦‍♂️
Alex Alonso
Alex Alonso - 14 dager siden
Full guide ??? About this
saddy audetore
saddy audetore - 14 dager siden
Ok so u put arsenal (ars+anal) gaming logo on a church pc good 🤣🤣🤣
shadowthief1x - 15 dager siden
Literally god tier
EthanGames2004 - 15 dager siden
those noises while unboxing the cooler were so unholy of you
deedledagz - 15 dager siden
now all it needs is a I am Jesus Christ game and father is gonna heal them wicked pips
Brent Tauro
Brent Tauro - 15 dager siden
That tax-free budget...
DecafYeti - 15 dager siden
Wait isn’t the h510 a hot box?
fakerecords89 - 16 dager siden
Love the build an the channel ✌️ plan to make this as my first pc project, one question tho. If I plan to add a 2tb hdd for extra storage can it be done in this case? I notice you only added one ssd.
Thanks an much love
Zed Dead
Zed Dead - 16 dager siden
How can I increase the memory for a VR Ready HP Pavilion Gaming PC Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5-9400F, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, with Windows 10? I downloaded a VR game (Half-Life Alex) and got a warning about limited space.
Pasta Pastor
Pasta Pastor - 16 dager siden
Quick question, the NZXT case has a usb 3.2 type C on the front panel but the tomahawk max doesn't have a header for that (I think). So the usb was just left unused?
Dark Desires
Dark Desires - 16 dager siden
*This video has been sponsored by Jesus.*
amassivecønt - 16 dager siden
would a 3600x be good enough for streaming games like siege?
Boortek - 17 dager siden
Hmmmmmmm. I think NZXT was somewhat involved in this build
officiallylaomerican - 17 dager siden
Matt Leone
Matt Leone - 17 dager siden
Can I get ur number or Insta because I need a new gaming pc and it would great if u could make one for me.
Izmikai - 17 dager siden
How did you get your vid demonitized 0:02 in the vid
Editor Bot 18
Editor Bot 18 - 18 dager siden
that is almost exactly the pc im building, just a super, and i cant afford the capture card yet
Melomano - 18 dager siden
That priest aced my squad in Valorant Last night 🤧🤧
Colonel Infernal
Colonel Infernal - 19 dager siden
8:49 Did he just say the church is using black magic? Blasphemy!
SquirrelbanditSquirrelbanditm o
karma place
karma place - 19 dager siden
Imagine the lag is caused by the slow upload speed
Levi Doble
Levi Doble - 20 dager siden
i just want a gaming setup that's pre built that can handle twitch streams and games as all i have is a levono thinkpad laptop that can't run shit
Gaspar Montoya
Gaspar Montoya - 20 dager siden
A gaming pc for a church? What a waste
B C - 21 dag siden
Lol 1660 at 1080p, this card easily deals works for 1440p 144hz high settings with no issues
Michael Rodarte
Michael Rodarte - 21 dag siden
when the priest is stomping nerds in cs with the god squad
Edrianne Delin
Edrianne Delin - 21 dag siden
What's the total price?