Brutally roasting your PC gaming setups #Part1

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I hope you brought some marshmallows because these gaming setups are about to get roasted.
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Runtime: 12:28


FlawlessSin11 - 6 timer siden
6:50 a lot of desks come with a custom mousepad made to fit it exactly, they're washable and really nice, though that one looks pretty cheap.
Ewan williams
Ewan williams - 9 timer siden
I actually have quite big socks
BatWick007 - 15 timer siden
“The bottom half is Jabba the hunt”
Are you implying Jabba the Hutt isn’t a handsome hunk of chad?
Ju Ichi
Ju Ichi - 19 timer siden
9:50 The desk is the bottleneck.
Maxim Libizov
Maxim Libizov - Dag siden
Not everyone has sick cash to spend like you
llama sarah
llama sarah - 2 dager siden
Im broke my setup is budget setup 😳
Zucc succ
Zucc succ - 2 dager siden
What's wrong with being a chad?
Kyrup - 2 dager siden
Bit wit what do u prefer for a gaming/schoolwork lifestyle? Intel processor or ryzen processor
Wills Tanks
Wills Tanks - 3 dager siden
I can’t afford a gaming chair so I just sit on my computer
Görge - 3 dager siden
8:59 oh no... That much power yet they don't know how microphones work...
Parker - 3 dager siden
Haunui L
Haunui L - 4 dager siden
Dude and I'm playing with my 2011 iMac, what is a gaming pc? 😂I can't even launch an emulator
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar - 4 dager siden
oh no
I use my peripherals at the same distance as 11:40
Golden Blitz
Golden Blitz - 4 dager siden
Muselk would be sad
Shnuk - 5 dager siden
I can imagine a buzzfeed article saying, “80% of gamers have life on dark mode! Find out why!”
HTX Badger
HTX Badger - 5 dager siden
There’s a bottle of lotion on the desk of the second setup... can’t leave quality joke material on the desk
Kaio - 5 dager siden
6:09 is that a jojo reference?
Jacob Jeselon
Jacob Jeselon - 5 dager siden
this guy just does not stop lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Spare Beat 0814
Spare Beat 0814 - 6 dager siden
6:54 his headphones don’t match his setup theme. Disgusting
littlelilyrose - 6 dager siden
The face ur parents get when getting very low marks 5:54
littlelilyrose - 6 dager siden
Video starts at 1:45
Black Heart
Black Heart - 6 dager siden
Other channels are copying you big man...
Cough*cough* Jay'stwocent***
Mark these words carefully...
You will surpass him and other competitors by the end of this year...
Keep it up legend👍
james da king
james da king - 7 dager siden
The mouse mat comes with the desk I have the same one
DaAveragePoTaTo - 7 dager siden
Its not taichiea, its icea, or ibea
iT rUnS pAInt

Le Pews
Le Pews - 8 dager siden
The desk at 9:30 was suuuper nice lol id just stain and it would look really really good lol
Nerd Philosopher
Nerd Philosopher - 9 dager siden
Myron knows what's up. Top of the line hardware and peripherals, but whatever crap furniture you can find around the house or free off Craigslist. This is the way
Sir Sluginston
Sir Sluginston - 9 dager siden
4:59 Shit, can't plug my computer into the wall because the power strip is taking the last spot - luckily I have a power strip right here.
norcobick - 9 dager siden
11:52 I do
Joseph Remington
Joseph Remington - 9 dager siden
I love that shirt almost as much as bitwit loves Henry cavill
Just Roll With It
Just Roll With It - 9 dager siden
what if you forget your password to your lastpass
timothy mcfall
timothy mcfall - 9 dager siden
lol you think that cable managment is bad you have to see mine lol luckly im spending 4200 to build a new pc and setup
Altair - 9 dager siden
Lol that clock is new. I bought it from Walmart not long ago. It looks beautiful in person 😂
FLIPFOXFOCUS - 9 dager siden
puts my pc to shame, parts scavenged from a car sterio as a screen and a clattering fan in the ancient dell tower
NOX BOX GAMES - 9 dager siden
One of the best roast I've ever seen lol you should participate in Rupaul's Drag race LOL
Adib NAN
Adib NAN - 9 dager siden
I thought he was chinese
Perry Zheng
Perry Zheng - 10 dager siden
spends trillions on a quantum computer
only spends at least 1 cent on the setup
Personator - 10 dager siden
0/10 video you implied that monster is worse than the drink made of bull piss mixed with formalin
TheArzoumainea - 10 dager siden
nice shirt bro
Gabby Valenciano
Gabby Valenciano - 10 dager siden
Actually finds a good setup. Tries to roast them hard some other way
Butter - 10 dager siden
ryan was on setup wars too
FlauntyToaster - 11 dager siden
What's wrong with Rockstar? It's bang that's trash tier.
CPU GUIDE - 11 dager siden
HAHAHAHAH Napoleon Bonaparte at night ?
NWKB - 11 dager siden
does he not play FPS?
Peculiar Man
Peculiar Man - 11 dager siden
I forget the password of lastpass🤣😂
Spencer Cammayo
Spencer Cammayo - 11 dager siden
8:07 "curly fries make him anxious" IM DEAD 😂
dat boi
dat boi - 11 dager siden
sooo whens part 3-10??
Moe A
Moe A - 12 dager siden
Whats wrong with the setup in someone's bed room? XD
Feeling attacked here lmao
GhostYT - 12 dager siden
Um is it not normal to have a four arm grip strengthener on your desk
Gj - 12 dager siden
This man is so unfunny
ripmybraincellslol - 12 dager siden
kyle: brutally roasting your pc setups
My head: brutally roasting your thumbnails
Baphomet - 13 dager siden
desk at 7:07 comes with the mousepad (it's a Vitesse 44 inch Gaming Desk), I personally have one and love it.
bernhard85 - 13 dager siden
Umm Chad means really good at something / sweaty gamers... so the bang isn't a chad, haha but love the vid Kyle :) you should a few of these with Lyle hahaha he's really good at making fun of stuff haha
bernhard85 - 13 dager siden
I dont like my arms touching the desk and sticking so i have the largest 3xl pc master race mouse pad thats why we use the huge mouse pads they are nice, you don't run out of room and your arms don't stick to the desk when sweaty etc haha :)
Teakettle - 13 dager siden
Big mouse pads for low dpi gamers
Nathaniel Fuze
Nathaniel Fuze - 13 dager siden
Bang? Yeah, yeah singing challenge, go 😈
vibrantZebra1 - 13 dager siden
I think that his and hers might have been a his and his
Lukas Yon
Lukas Yon - 14 dager siden
4:20 my man having that lotion
Beastmentality - 14 dager siden
hahahahahaha this is gold bro...... do more videos like this .... im crying!!!
Bryce Dillard
Bryce Dillard - 14 dager siden
big mouse pads are for those low sense players that swing there arm
Capablanca - 14 dager siden
How can you be hating on that clock (3:30). I love that clock, it's classy and just a bit steam punky. Now I can see Lyle dissing that clock but you? Oh and funny video, great job!
Aaron _ 2618
Aaron _ 2618 - 14 dager siden
u made this video on my birthday I wanted a pc for my birthday but my mom just gave me like 75 bucks which is like Rp.850,000 in indoensia but this video was made in my birthday and im so happy :)
Michael Mason
Michael Mason - 14 dager siden
My girlfriend has the desk from the first setup. It's from ALDI I think hahaha
M Szerlag
M Szerlag - 14 dager siden
"Antiquated piece of crap"
While it is no doubt an unattractive clock, it shouldn't be surprising to hear that consumer grade clock and watch tech hasn't evolved all that much in the past 50-60 years.
Travis Sioris
Travis Sioris - 15 dager siden
dissing the ps5 lol
Coty Griffin
Coty Griffin - 15 dager siden
blue?... sir, that's purple.
XiTWoUnDz - 15 dager siden
I'm fucking crying
Joseph Knapp
Joseph Knapp - 15 dager siden
"It runs paint... got me
Kurwa Slayer
Kurwa Slayer - 15 dager siden
11:51 giant enemy spider
Jade Pearsall
Jade Pearsall - 15 dager siden
Spaghetti had me laughing hard
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi - 16 dager siden
5:50 that was epic🤣
Doggie Calls
Doggie Calls - 16 dager siden
i forgot my password to login to lastpass
um m
um m - 16 dager siden
5:50 thank me later you won't regret watching this part
Boby 666
Boby 666 - 17 dager siden
Angelina jolie x jabba the hut😂😂😂😂
T1GG3R - 17 dager siden
5:51 lmao
Fake Rifty
Fake Rifty - 17 dager siden
Did he miss the first guy was possibly gay he had a pride flag in his username
Lucas Olivieri
Lucas Olivieri - 17 dager siden
12:00 Man.. who else is slumming with Monster Energy while watching this video
Vladicha - 17 dager siden
this is not ikea. THIS IS TYCHIA
Jack Wilky
Jack Wilky - 17 dager siden
5:50 tho
Chisei Dev
Chisei Dev - 17 dager siden
11:21 they had us in the first half not gonna lie
GJB - 17 dager siden
Awesome PC knowledge and roasts. But your taste in energy drinks is trash. Red bull is overpriced, cold , morbidly obese, sweaty man piss.
Swastik Shetty
Swastik Shetty - 17 dager siden
ariva derci hahahahahahahahaha
sosa fncs
sosa fncs - 18 dager siden
7:14 not much ok buddy i would be overwhelmed with that setup
Devon Monk
Devon Monk - 18 dager siden
I like the first submission they have a lovely gear ⚙️ clock
Alian Jehangir
Alian Jehangir - 18 dager siden
dude so many gaming desks come with long mouse pads
Waslappie - 18 dager siden
the guy at 7:15, yeah his setup is good-looking, but you can see that PC doesn't get played on often.
Waslappie - 18 dager siden
I actually like the clock, looks steampunkish 3:30
Mewblox - 18 dager siden
People use “table clothes” aka a big mouse pad for gaming because when you play some games people have a low sensitivity on there mouse. That is why they have a “table cloth”
UnknownGaming - 19 dager siden
8:54 I fully laughed out loud and it’s 4am💀 thanks
Klffsj - 19 dager siden
Well, all of these setups have something that's better than you:

They aren't rude.
Rewind Herath
Rewind Herath - 18 dager siden
Klffsj the whole point of people sending in setups is for content. this is clearly a joke and in good fun. liek one guy even said “roast me hard” or something like that, him roasting everything is the content
Klffsj - 18 dager siden
@Rewind Herath Yeah, but I don't see what clocks or antiquated desks have to do with the setup. The owners probably like those specific things. The problem isn't that he dislikes it, it's the way he insults their personal tastes. This is a video full of negativity, and I don't see how anyone can bare to watch more of this.
Rewind Herath
Rewind Herath - 18 dager siden
they literally send setups to him for himto roast it...
Duke Ha'o
Duke Ha'o - 19 dager siden
Big mouse pads are for alpha arm aimers shitter
Soumik Deb
Soumik Deb - 19 dager siden
That wasn't even RYAN'S setup,he took it from reddit
Sneaky Mab
Sneaky Mab - 19 dager siden
Why do I feel everyone somehow has a core i9-9900k 64gb ddr4 ram rtx 2080 ti 3 curved monitors that are 144 Hz insane rgb case super clean purple setup??
hello this is me
hello this is me - 20 dager siden
This vid is so petty
Draye_ - 20 dager siden
Bitwit This Is Gonna Be A Roasty Type Video
*Ninja Submits His Gaming Setup*
Bitwit: *Brain Explosion*
Draye_ - 20 dager siden
I Am Not Funny
Gav - 20 dager siden
Video starts at 1:44.
The typical drivel persists until then.
Emile Jarreau
Emile Jarreau - 20 dager siden
When you have one cable showing he says bad cable management when everything is perfect he says ocd
Tigerroos101 - 20 dager siden
Tigerroos101 - 20 dager siden
Epicmomogamer45 - 20 dager siden
You have a ps5 there...oh no thats a wifi router 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cory Lyons
Cory Lyons - 20 dager siden
someone please give that pc a pedestal!!