An AMAZING card...for the rich 💸

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Today we take a close-up look at the PowerColor Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT and ask the question - Is it possible for the GPU of your dreams to be your wallet's worst nightmare?
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An AMAZING card...for the rich 💸
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Michael Wood
Michael Wood - 13 dager siden
I got the PowerColor Liquid Devil RX 5700 XT as my current Liquid cooled card died and its not 50% higher that would make it 800 bux the Red devil is ruffly 430 bux right now and the Liquid devil is actually 600 bux that is 180 bux more and it is the perfect replacement for some one that already has a full liquid setup and there GPU died or needs to be replaced do to performance and its a plug and play card. this card saves you the hassle of getting a GPU and replacing the cooler with a water block and it is pre super OC out the box and you keep your warranty so there is a lot rapped up in that extra 180 bux . And it looks sick. And with current drivers it sits comfortably in-between the 2070 Super and 2080 Super.
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
So running dual loop cooling... Big difference than What i am planning! Same card on one loop with a 360 rad...
Seth Allen
Seth Allen - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
Definitely thinking of picking one of these up. The exact reason was mentioned in the video: VERY good water block and you don't have to worry about mounting + warranty. In addition it's ~about the same price as getting a 5700XT + aftermarket waterblock
Not to mention you get good silicon pick. Imo if you are planning to get a 5700XT and liquid cooling it, this is kind of a no-brainer
Black Giorkhhhs
Black Giorkhhhs - 3 mÃ¥neder siden
at summer we have 40 degree celsius....Sorry Kyle but i cant really buy the Red Devil.I cant even overclock it.

My card right now is an RX 590 FATBOY.....Believe me! I CANT BUY AN AMD CARD WITHOUT WATER COOLING
DANK - 4 mÃ¥neder siden
Quality waterblocks go for upto 150 bucks so this card is priced accurately.
Jixxer awx
Jixxer awx - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
Money is not a problem
Krishiv Goyal
Krishiv Goyal - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
In India the difference is of $50 only
Randal Davis
Randal Davis - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
im on way here soon to get one, and then later getting another one for a custom loop ..
and im not rich, just saving my ass off ..
Matt Nelsen
Matt Nelsen - 5 mÃ¥neder siden
So a 5700 xt watercooled for literally no actual gains for twice as much as any other 5700 xt aib :P

I really really wanted to get the liquid devil but wow are we sure it's not secretly an Nvidia card??
Aiden Snew
Aiden Snew - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
when you consider a water block for a 5700xt is about $150 and installing an aftermarket block voids your warranty. this is actually as good value if you're looking at water cooling anyways.
HaseoTM - 6 mÃ¥neder siden
The liquid cooled devil is such a mc.nasty card not only beautiful but it just screams performance.
gundam fan
gundam fan - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
this card in the UK now is under 600 quid throw in a phanteks glacier for 80 quid a 240 rad and some soft tubing and connectors and you have a water cooled GPU which is a insane card for less than 800 quid... no brainer what with how Nvidia are going about business at the mo this for me is the best buy for 2019
JC Ferrell
JC Ferrell - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
It is about a 150 dollar premium for possibly the coolest wblock ive ever seen. If you are building a custom loop this does not seem out of order to me.
Prime 420
Prime 420 - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
$599?? that aint even expensive wdym
mankind and destiny
mankind and destiny - 7 mÃ¥neder siden
ive been so addicted to dreaming about PC hardware that i can't even afford
hyundaiiq - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Probably already been said but you should point out that a full-cover waterblock costs a lot. So buying a 5700 XT for $400 and then buying a waterblock for $150-200 then you are still getting a, hopefully, better binned GPU at the same price.
Peter Chatman
Peter Chatman - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
I would buy it tomorrow if it was a 2080 TI with 11gig rather than 8.  Speed is amazing out of the box.
Suvi-Tuuli Allan
Suvi-Tuuli Allan - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
But how does it perform in ambient temps of around 120C? I'd like to do some gaming in the sauna.
Neil Ogaard
Neil Ogaard - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
At that price you're way more than a 2070s which will still edge it out with mild OC and approaching a 2080s which kills it.
INDRANIL HALDAR - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Review the gtx 1650 super. It is a good card for it's price point.
Jose F Pirela
Jose F Pirela - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Lemme give you a summary, this card costs way too much for what it is. Buy a 2070 Super instead. But I you don't care about the watercooling, buying the 5700 XT is an obvious choice.
Manya 3084
Manya 3084 - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Hmm, a $50 premium compared to a stock 5700xt and a waterblock.
Oh, and that's a DDC pump...I know cause mine died yesterday 😞
f8tl messy
f8tl messy - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Norman Fleming
Norman Fleming - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
When will the water cooled 'attack kitty' be released?
Cichlid_Visuals - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
i have an asus laptop with a gtx 1650 that OCs to 2040 mhz. not really relevant to this video just think its cool
Jake Rhodes
Jake Rhodes - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Since water-cooling makes it smaller why not drop it down to single slot height?
Bryan Jones
Bryan Jones - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Maybe there will be a driver update in the future that allows for significantly higher overclocks on the better cooled card. But for now... it seems expensive. That being said, if you just HAVE to have a water cooled 5700 XT, that's your card versus buying a normal one and then doing the whole water cooled thing manually.
David Laurin
David Laurin - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Doesn’t even give me an option to buy the card what the hells the point in advertising something we can’t even buy half of the fucking time
SirBBQSauce - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
So I have a 1050ti gpu and a case, any recommendations for the other components? Cpu, psu, mobo etc. My budget is £250 / $320US. Also I'd like it to run some triple a title's like rainbow six siege, for honor, star wars battlefront 2 at playable quality, roughly 40 or higher fps. Thanks in advance😊. This is a prezzy for my cousin for Xmas hence the budget.
If this isn't possible with this budget then I'll guess I'll have to up it a bit😑
13madvillain - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Will the 5700 xt get any raytracing capabilities soon??
cob_150 - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
It costs 600$...
It’s a pointless product as you can find a 2080 that outperforms this
Saj-Kun - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
did u say for the rich???????

ok im out
killroy1977 - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
If the ATI-drives not so bad. I will buy a Red Devil. Since the last 25 Years the drivers are going not better. Sure ATI have not enough programmers for the drivers and my hope was that they get better if AMD buy ATI, but there is no step forward. The Hardware is great but what give a great hardware if the drivers are not good enough to control that great hardware.
Reversed Tech
Reversed Tech - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Ok, who are you and what have you done with Kyle ?? We want him back!
Overlord277 - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
It's so easy to down vote your videos now.
DudeThatDoesStuff - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Is a rtx 2060 super better than these cards though?
frjoethesecond - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
The video title is wrong. This is a mediocre card for people with more money than sense. A 2080 will be better and cost about the same.
Will L
Will L - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
This would be praised as a bargain if it was an nvidia card.
Stanley Kinzinger
Stanley Kinzinger - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
if you've ever wondered about the OLOy memory kits on Newegg, checkout my channel!!!

i made a quick review of the kit because i purchased the 3600 MHz kit. i cant really find many reviews on the memory which is why i figured i would help out the PC building community.
dreadfull - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
hey i was just wounding what budget ssd you think is the best
MTB Scotland
MTB Scotland - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Would have been nice to see how binned the chips are compared to the air cooled version. My overclock using the more power mod is temp limited on my Red Devil. What frequency can the liquid devil hit
Craig Toy
Craig Toy - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Some of these videos I don't even like watching because I know I'll Never have anything like it, But they do look WONDERFUL!
andy lambert
andy lambert - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Reference card and a EK block combo is 50 to 75 bucks cheaper.....As far as a hand binned card from Powercolor...........i dunno about that one..
R Vazquez
R Vazquez - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
I'm here because of the kid 1660 TI gift, good vibes bro.
JP - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Ambient 72ºC?! Kyle, run and save your life! Don't forget to take the cat too!
Arctic Velocity
Arctic Velocity - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
I wish I had a gpu that wasn’t bottled necked by a i5-3570 and GTX 1050 ti
Arctic Velocity
Arctic Velocity - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
It make me happy
Arctic Velocity
Arctic Velocity - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
catch22frubert - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Kyle, you had a liquid cooled, binned gpu, and you didn't bother to overclock it, just to compare it to an air cooled card. What are you doing?
Fuscão Preto
Fuscão Preto - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Ambient 72°C? Global warming is crazy.
xHansemann - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
Hey Kyle i was wondering if you could make a custom cooling tutorial because im going to try to watercool my pc
marios ds
marios ds - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
6:33 Ambient temp 72 c ??? You live in HELL ???
TheTimothydragon - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
What would be the difference for the overall life? Is that affected by temps?
Geoffrie - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
The thing is if you gonna spend 600usd on a liquid cooled amd card you can better buy a rtx 2070 super for that money since it is more powerful and ray tracing
gameflux - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
I would buy an nVidia card !
Dany Williams
Dany Williams - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
You think that is expensive, try living in Australia and buying it down here, just the red devil is almost 800 bucks, and a 2080TI can set you back 2 grand.
GrockleTD - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
still waiting for the unicorn of a true high end AMD GPU... im sure along with literally everyone else on this planet
PrePeyMad Flight
PrePeyMad Flight - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
I'm in the small group of users that doesn't give a shit. Give me the liquid cooled version. Thanks
Jason - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
wonderful, but still just 5700xt, just polished a turd, and rolled it in glitter. Rich cards are RTX Titans and Evga 2080ti kingpin in SLI/NVlink. and be like, yeah, i dont do anything intensive, but want the best, and thats that.
USS Liberty Incident
USS Liberty Incident - 8 mÃ¥neder siden
You clever bastard, putting the sponsor spot in the middle.