A gaming pre-built that doesn't suck (RARE!)

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The All-AMD Corsair Vengeance PC is a gaming pre-built desktop that doesn't actually suck. Here's why.
Corsair Vengeance 6182: bit.ly/32W9IcP
Corsair Vengeance 6180: bit.ly/3awV66R
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A gaming pre-built that doesn't suck

Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 13:52


Bitwit - 4 måneder siden
Thanks to Corsair and AMD for sponsoring this video!
Product page for the 6182 model: http://bit.ly/32W9IcP
And here's the PCPP list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NcBLjp
Elite Exility
Elite Exility - Måned siden
Does anyone remember Super Mario Galaxy
OnsideMosquito - 2 måneder siden
Bro be real is this a good pre built or are you suckin up to the sponsor
Bizzle - 2 måneder siden
is it vr ready
Johnny Danger
Johnny Danger - 2 måneder siden
Suiku at least u got a pc lol
Gamerboyab - 2 måneder siden
You can’t get the mother board for it
WYVERŃ - 4 timer siden
How much fps do u think it will have in fortnite?
James M
James M - 3 dager siden
If I'm going to spend $2,000 on a computer I will definitely get a prebuilt. I usually build my own computers if they're under a thousand.
Brxwl - 4 dager siden
Does this send to Canada
CrypT_Mighty - 4 dager siden
Hey Bitwit, I am really trying to research the best pc for me and I think it is this one. Although, I live in Canada and I don’t know how to get it shipped. It would mean the world to me if you could help me get it shipped to Canada or suggest another pc in the same level that I could get? Thank you so much!!! Love your vids
NIGWARD - 4 dager siden
Honestly this doesn't change my mind on how prebuilt suck tbh and if you buy a prebuilt i feel very srry 4 u
omnimutant - 6 dager siden
How about pre built that doesn't suck that doesn't cost 2 grand?
HxaeV - 6 dager siden
if u want you can try buy a prebuilt from sharkgaming tho i dont know if they ship to US
popusa400 - 6 dager siden
2k for the pc? Hell nah
50k subscribers with no videos?
The NZXT starter pc isn’t horrible
Brandon - 7 dager siden
Pre-Build That Doesn’t Suck!
*RX 5700XT*
Turtlez Gaming
Turtlez Gaming - 7 dager siden
Yeah it doesn’t suck because it costs more than rent
Daniel Blikh
Daniel Blikh - 7 dager siden
That Case the one similar used in the horrible verge video
OathWRLD - 8 dager siden
Next video: How I build a pc with 36 kids in the room!
Chesmond - 8 dager siden
i hope theres a decent amount of ram
Tomas Guerra
Tomas Guerra - 8 dager siden
Never trust a sponsored video he has to say it’s good because he was paid. Good video though.
Wah123 - 8 dager siden
Valor - 9 dager siden
always look on offerup near my local area there was a Pc for 320 that had an i7 9700 k gtx 2070 16gb ram and a z390 mobo
Zak The Ghost
Zak The Ghost - 9 dager siden
How good can it run Rainbow Six Siege and Apex Legends?
Diggidoo - 10 dager siden
The only catch is it's $2000 :/
Aiden.W - 10 dager siden
why did this pop up on best cheap gaming pc if its $2000
NWKB - 10 dager siden
They actually just rebrand OEM parts for their power supplies
HTHAMMACK1 - 13 dager siden
PC builders are some snotty idiots, as well as being completely disingenuous or outright full of shit, as proven by many of the comments here. Trying to claim this is a bad PC and the price is unreasonable if ridiculous, especially when most of you are using these same or comparable parts in your PC. This is a very high quality PC from one of the most reputable companies and made with high quality, off the shelf, standardized parts.
On PCPartsPicker, the price for these parts were almost $1700. You're always going to pay a bit more for a quality pre-built, and you get a fully encompassing 2 year warranty on all parts. Of course it's going to be a bit more expensive, but I don't see the price as being unreasonable. Not everyone wants to build a PC or can, and in fact most don't.
Upstatejester71 - 14 dager siden
if i start a go fund me page who would donate so i could get this pc lol
BULLSTAR4806 - 14 dager siden
How to game with 35 kids
Zack Tucci
Zack Tucci - 15 dager siden
how does everyone seem to know how to build a pc
GIGGA - 15 dager siden
Does anyone know if I can play Rainbow 6 and stream on this and if not what prebuilt can I do it on?
GIGGA - 15 dager siden
JoE MaMa P too late just bought it
JoE MaMa P
JoE MaMa P - 15 dager siden
GIGGA do not buy a prebuilt...
Legitzz - 16 dager siden
What monitor should I get with this pc?
JoE MaMa P
JoE MaMa P - 15 dager siden
Legitzz don’t get this pc in the first place.
MACS Detail
MACS Detail - 16 dager siden
Man so many haters here about pre built computers, maybe some people don’t want to build or don’t have the time nor the patience to build one. I’m switching over from Mac where everything just works,
JoE MaMa P
JoE MaMa P - 15 dager siden
MACS Detail but this prebuilt is ass cheeks lol. It’s really really overpriced
Dehlia Coetzee
Dehlia Coetzee - 16 dager siden
ezekiel lim
ezekiel lim - 16 dager siden
It doesn’t suck but the price sucks
Khetzui - 16 dager siden
*Digital Storm, Origin, Corsair, NZXT, and Alienware have entered the chat*
TH3 D0CT31R - 17 dager siden
Mans forgot to mention that it’s $2000
Evan Meldrum
Evan Meldrum - 17 dager siden
You know there's a lot you can say about this PC being a rip off for $2,000, but what bothered me most was that motherboard I/O.
The thing looks like it came with an $80 motherboard.
HTHAMMACK1 - 17 dager siden
Since when is an ASRock X570M Pro 4 cheap and/or poor, if that's what you're implying? On Newegg it is over $180. He even says in this video they didn't skimp on the mobo. It's a high-end mobo. All these parts are high end. These are not cheap parts.
Angus bal
Angus bal - 18 dager siden
How are you going to play it with 35 kids???
virmortis - 19 dager siden
This guy's hate for prebuilt machines makes no sense whatsoever. I've built my own machine and recently purchased a prebuilt machine and the prebuilt was much cheaper than if I tried to order every piece. Folks, if you want a prebuilt machine, read the reviews and buy from a reputable company. Don't listen to this guy.
JoE MaMa P
JoE MaMa P - 15 dager siden
virmortis no u
Silo Swifty
Silo Swifty - 19 dager siden
i need to see all these parts and buy them all for a total of 1,200 bucks
SuperGamingAli - 20 dager siden
We all know you were to paid say that pc is good
Jacob TheGarcia
Jacob TheGarcia - 20 dager siden
Who wants to buy me one lol
Criffer007 - 20 dager siden
Are alienware prebuilds good i know that they are overpriced
JoE MaMa P
JoE MaMa P - 15 dager siden
Criffer007 the cases they use barely have any airflow, so I’d say no.
BLISSEcstasy GAMING - 21 dag siden
This is the feeling i get When i watch things i crave to have but cant afford😭😍🥰💯💯😭
SirAdamRuzi - 21 dag siden
Lol ur kiddn right amd gpus lmao
JoE MaMa P
JoE MaMa P - 15 dager siden
ItsElarouzJr wats wrong with amd GPU’s?
Bela Nagy
Bela Nagy - 21 dag siden
4:00 Best part
Kai Parra Lyng
Kai Parra Lyng - 21 dag siden
But the thing is it’s too expensive
Brian Is very epic
Brian Is very epic - 20 dager siden
call me gary
call me gary - 21 dag siden
vids sponcered, this gremlin is scamming his fans.
Kyle Ackerman
Kyle Ackerman - 22 dager siden
now im thinking why i didnt buy this instead of building my pc lol
Im Offline
Im Offline - 22 dager siden
How do i get it in the uk
HoodedSniper 123
HoodedSniper 123 - 22 dager siden
I think hes totally missing one of the main point of getting a pre build. Pre builds are mainly for people trying to getting into PC gaming at a easy price. And of course a 2000 dollar PC is likely going to be good
NOTHING HAPPENED - 22 dager siden
wowwwwwwww so theres finally a prebuilt thats good BUT WAIT THE VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY THEM :O
Gunned - 22 dager siden
This is legit one of the worst prebuilds ever for that price I could get a i7 9700k and a 2080 super lmfaooo
Gunned - 22 dager siden
Bruh this is one of the worst deals ever lmao I have the same CPU and a 2070 super for 1300$💀💀💀💀
HTHAMMACK1 - 13 dager siden
What else does your PC have? Does it have a high-end AIO? Does it have a high quality case? Does it have a 1TB PCIe Gen 4 M2 SSD? Does it have an additional 2TB 7200RPM HD? Does it have quality RGB fans? Does it have a nearly $200 X570 mobo? A PC is not just a CPU and GPU. Some of you are being completely disingenuous.
Gunned - 21 dag siden
ML COMPUTER GAMING nvme is what u really want in a storage device
Gunned - 21 dag siden
ML COMPUTER GAMING Ryzen 5 is super solid for the price but personally I wouldn’t get prebuilts under 1000$ it won’t last you long and they skip out and get the cheapest parts if it’s like 500$ so if u have the time I highly recommend building one on ur own if you don’t have a lot of money for a pc but the RAM frequency is really low and the last thing u want is a hard drive. SSDs are way more faster and reliable
ML COMPUTER GAMING - 21 dag siden
Hi is this pre built pc good? Because in my country pre built is cheaper Ryzen 5 2600 A320 pro Ddr4 8x2 2666 Rx 580 1tb hdd 256ssd It cost 550$
Evo - 22 dager siden
Not hell, just Earth 2022
Treezy - 22 dager siden
Why can’t I just wake up and this be by my side smh gotta love my shitty Xbox, why do I even watch these vids Ik I can’t afford shit but I just dream all the time
digifalc0087 - 21 dag siden
You and me both, pal. I just spent a good few hours watching PC-parts videos and a few on assembling a rig. If we stay patient, keep researching, and are willing to start at a lower price tier, I think we can get to these dream builds.
Rhetts Tech Unboxing and Reviews
Can you please give the LYTE Hyper a review? It's a pre-built that's SUPER good! It can play most games on high/Ultra settings
Johan Gregorious
Johan Gregorious - 23 dager siden
Thanks man, now Imma tell my dad to get this for my birthday.
ImZebra '
ImZebra ' - 23 dager siden
Can vr be played on it
Lakeshade - 23 dager siden
A prebuilt that does suck... yeah for 2000 dollars it better not suck
G Victor
G Victor - 23 dager siden
This pre-build doesn't suck... also... this video is sponsored by the manufacturer....
Go find reviews listing all the parts then look them up on amazon and see how much you'll pay for the "no hassle".
I did the math on the $4000 one and ended up as $2950 without a case. So you can get a ~$150 case and have another $900 to spare, or you can just fish for deals and build it for half the price.
Oh, and that crap about dealing with "bad" manufacturers. Just check corsair on trustpilot =))
I Am Daisuki
I Am Daisuki - 23 dager siden
10:11 jesus christ lmao
seth pickard
seth pickard - 23 dager siden
Has a slightly better cpu than mine but I built a pc a month ago with a better GPU for $1,300
scarce gamer
scarce gamer - 23 dager siden
Bitwit : a pre built that dosen't suck
Digital storm: am i a joke to you
Jr trapp
Jr trapp - 23 dager siden
Im looking to buy a pc but I really dont know nothing about pc what u suggest me
Flavour Andrea
Flavour Andrea - 23 dager siden
I'm buying a pc that's 1.6k and has 1660 ti super and i5 9400f and 2tb ssd is it good?
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones - 24 dager siden
madcapper6 - 24 dager siden
The biggest difficulty of building your own is researching the parts to get. Youtubers try and simplify the process by putting together their "best $1000 2060 Super gaming build" videos so it takes the hassle out of the research process. But the problem every time is, by the time the vid is uploaded, most of the stuff is out of stock or you have to go to alternate sources for the parts and the "best $1000 build" becomes the "most mediocre $1400 build." At that point, the pre-built with the same specs is the better deal.
BoatsNHoesREDUX - 24 dager siden
I was like wow a Pre built that doesn’t suck? Then I realized it’s Corsair and not HP
evolve ?
evolve ? - 24 dager siden
Cheaper model is like 1900
req - 24 dager siden
a good pre is the nezt starter perbuilt
Rajhauni Francis
Rajhauni Francis - 24 dager siden
How is a pc pre built does it build it self I’m pretty sure someone builds it so no pc is prebuilt
Raahaf C Shereif
Raahaf C Shereif - 25 dager siden
11:06 that's what she said
LILDICKGIRL 666 - 25 dager siden
The one pre built that doesn't suck is sponsored 👀
Fireman Pair
Fireman Pair - 25 dager siden
What case is this?
Microwave 79
Microwave 79 - 26 dager siden
Still too expensive I’m looking for a pre built between 1000-1200$
Aaudz - 26 dager siden
This pre built actually sucks, their better pre builds with lower pricing
Original Name
Original Name - 26 dager siden
Really “money shot” followed by “omg it’s so tight” thanks chief I’m in the living with family
Zongyang Li
Zongyang Li - 26 dager siden
I have to say CUK has the most beautiful prebuilt in this country.
Cali Qm
Cali Qm - 26 dager siden
I've never seen so much THICKNESS in a graphics card,hot damn
Nick 1229
Nick 1229 - 26 dager siden
Orrrr just get a $1,200 complete set up , yes you’re gonna have to build it yourself but it’s cheaper
Julian fitz
Julian fitz - 26 dager siden
0:59 wouldn't it be impossible to just use a PC with 35 kids in the room?! That sounds like hell on earth
CALLMEDAD 69 - 26 dager siden
I don’t like you
Prateek Sridhar
Prateek Sridhar - 26 dager siden
Hadouken XDXD
Josh Urru
Josh Urru - 26 dager siden
What’s the difference between 6182 and 6180?
Syfz - 27 dager siden
I got an Ibuypower pc whit 400fps on Fortnite with ultra lol
jesse brown
jesse brown - 27 dager siden
This thing about having a disability and not being able to build a computer is not necessarily true I am blind and I built a computer
Buddyboi Boi
Buddyboi Boi - 27 dager siden
Um no thanks I am not rich nor broke
maddragon Furs
maddragon Furs - 27 dager siden
Let me shorten this vid for you. It’s sponsored and it’s not good value, you’re welcome.
Not Offensive Username
Not Offensive Username - 27 dager siden
12:13 Was the "fan"tastic pun intended?
Glace - 27 dager siden
The original 2000 dollars, “they also made a more affordable one” that’s 1900...........SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
Insert name here
Insert name here - 27 dager siden
This prebuilt is an awful deal. They didn’t skimp or anything but the price is just not good for what it’s worth. You can get this kind of prebuilt for 1,500 or lower from other stores.
Mason Hileman
Mason Hileman - 27 dager siden
The MSI pre-builts are fuego hombre
RawkyRowBoat !
RawkyRowBoat ! - 27 dager siden
I'm building a PC with the Same GPU so this is a good video to see what its capable of. 😁
ink boris gamer798
ink boris gamer798 - 27 dager siden
What's your opinion on digital storm kyle?
Miami Watts
Miami Watts - 27 dager siden
$2000 PC w/ 16GB of RAM... LMAO!!
gphillimo - 28 dager siden
$2,000. No thanks
Sighment - 28 dager siden
You said affordable yet their are more than $1,000 which is my budget :(
Jeep Stuffs
Jeep Stuffs - 28 dager siden
Check out a Xidax
jon jay lulu
jon jay lulu - 28 dager siden
Thats a big boi.
JoeGab 5638
JoeGab 5638 - 29 dager siden
The reason I would buy a prebuilt would be cuz I don’t know how to make PCs. But I would take it apart and try and learn,many eventually make my own
Anarak - 26 dager siden
I just watched alot of videos. If you buy brand new motherboards come with an instruction manual that tell you what cord plugs where and what component goes in x slot. Building one on your own really makes a difference and definitely feels better overall.
TheObscureNoob - 29 dager siden
me has alienware aurora r9, ah how the turn tables
Toad Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus Inside #6
Boys we hit 2 million let’s go
X72 Noscopez
X72 Noscopez - 29 dager siden
Why in the world do computers nowadays have ps/2 ports