3950X Available?! Guy tries to steal domain name at gunpoint | Awesome Hardware #0212-B

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Vitenskap og teknologi
Runtime: 1:31:12


Your Everyday Tech
Your Everyday Tech - 8 måneder siden
Bitwit Time Stamps

0:54 Announcements/Updates
3:03 Stores! [Sales]
6:32 3950X Available?!
13:11 Corsair's Gaming Monitor Ambitions
23:23 Guy tries to steal domain name at gunpoint
29:08 Logitech makes $200 webcam for Apple's $5,000 pro display
the Games Report
35:22 Resident Evil 3 Trailer
39:38 Xbox Project Scarlett 12 Teraflops with Ryzen 3000
56:50 Final Fantasy 7 Remake
1:02:20 Louis Vuitton Selling league of legends t-shirts for over $800
1:11:10 Donations
1:26:36 Johnsons
wick cuhhh
wick cuhhh - 7 måneder siden
You forgot the fart
Stephen Spacek
Stephen Spacek - 8 måneder siden
I can't thank you enough... again!
DaGamerBoi - 8 måneder siden
Thanks a lot this was very helpful :)
E Rock
E Rock - 8 måneder siden
Chris Redfield
Chris Redfield - 4 måneder siden
Resi 4 was a Dumpster fire, you can tell those that never played classic resi and those that haven't on whether they think 4 is good or not lol
SalvadorMonella - 6 måneder siden
It isn't a mutiny, so much as a coup. I don't even know what the words you're using mean. I feel like I've been time-travelled to the 1970s, except with computers and rapid speech. Wait, you're E.T.? That makes sense. How come the Burt Reynolds looking guy's caricature doesn't have glasses? That seems fishy. E.T.'s does. Even his soul-patch is cartoonaled.
Frosty. - 7 måneder siden
who has meetings that require webcams 0.o
Darryl Masters
Darryl Masters - 7 måneder siden
Its a shame Im so late to this, people spend 2k on a intel CPU ....whats $800 on a t-shirt
Luke Foster
Luke Foster - 7 måneder siden
I am a cross-platform user of OSX and Windows. I use my Mac for my professional life and my PC for gaming and processing audio files. They both have strengths. PC fans like powerful builds, and apple fans like integrated systems. I enjoy being able to go from texting on my phone to texting on my computer without having to go through a bunch of stuff in settings and using third party apps. The integration of apple is native. PCs have more power for sure, but I would not use one professionally.
Tom Powell-Jones
Tom Powell-Jones - 7 måneder siden
also with FFvii you aint gonna get to ruby weapon from what ive read about it, the game is only the midgar section of the game with future releases the other parts of the game
Santino Joshua Torre
Santino Joshua Torre - 7 måneder siden
LIKED solely for Paul's Ruby Weapon strategy
Michael D
Michael D - 7 måneder siden
Well... I learned something today. Having been convinced that you were misusing the expression Galvanic Corrosion, and then seeing that ekwb was also using the same expression, I guess I have accept that my understanding of the process was incorrect, and you must be right. Basic galvanic corrosion involves an actual electric current, but apparently that is not required for metals of certain varying chemical makeups. Thanks for making me think lol
Gavin Revitt
Gavin Revitt - 7 måneder siden
Excellent Louis Vuitton rant..
xitup1 - 7 måneder siden
One my best friends invested in a bitcoin atm several years ago. I backed him a little and invested some as well to help him get started. Long story short, I ended up selling my 9.64 bitcoin that I got out of it at around 17000 each. It’s not “quite my job and retire” money but it was about 2 years of after-tax salary so it was nice to have. Ended up paying off my house with it so I’m mortgage free at 33. All this being said, I STILL wouldn’t recommend anyone get into crypto currencies though. Like they said, it’s way too volatile and I just got lucky a little bit.
Mork the Chicken
Mork the Chicken - 8 måneder siden
YouTube comment
SCARLET★STAR - 8 måneder siden
e sports "athletes"? don'T actually earn that much lol. Popular cam girls can probably afford this more easily lol
SCARLET★STAR - 8 måneder siden
I've worked for Fraunhofer as an audio tester. It takes a trained listener, really high end hardware (we used headphones, DACs and Amps that cost in the many thousands) and software to seamlessly switch betweeen sources and looping to make out tiny differences between lossless and a 320kbit/s mp3. Even 256kbit/s is already hard to make out. No one ever will make out differences in normal listening.

"Oh the clarinet there in the background is a little sharper on the highs on this mp3 than from the flac I listened to last week" said no one ever who knows what he's talking about.
It's all just placebos for people with too much time.

Get decent hardware. That will affect the sound way more radically and perceptibly. It doesn't even need to be the super high end stuff. DAC/Amps/Headphones in the 100-200$ range will already be a great upgrade to cheapo mainstream stuff included in your mainboard, phones etc. You'll hit the diminishing returns pretty quickly beyond that price point anyways. Can be an entry drug into the stupidly expensive audiophile hobby though, chasing the next bit of improvement to your sound rig. Just don't fuss over lossless sources too much until after you've gone past decent hardware first.
Tallyn's Tech
Tallyn's Tech - 8 måneder siden
I am in LOVE with the Corsair 'Hydro X' water cooling parts that they put on the market, really beautiful and so well built. Corsair always seems more times than not to constantly out preform, out shine, and stay competitively priced. These are the reasons over a long period of time that Corsair constantly is coming out on top subconsciously for me anytime I am shopping for PC parts. For 10 years now, I own and operate a small computer building/servicing/installing/tech-support/purchasing advice business. This used to be my side hustle but now my main/only job and got that way by word of mouth because I'm always honest and upfront with everything, I've never ripped anyone off in my life, and I use only the best parts like Corsair power supplies. I use EVGA too if I can't find any good deals on the Corsair ones at the time but just depends really as I am doing 15 machines a month on average.

I could be doing more too but.... Even though I've built thousands of computers and I have done a handful of custom loop builds here and there if the customer is on a time crunch or is wanting this rig very fast I will turn it down because custom loops tend to take me a lot of time to do. Because of all the different parts, companies, options, ect ect ect... But these new Corsair Hydro X water cooling parts look like they might be able to change my life with a simple plug and play solution. This is why I am trying to start someone doing YouTube and put some of these builds I'm doing everyday on the internet so that if I am very lucky I could get Corsair to help me out with stuff like that because at the moment money is so tight for me I just don't have the big wad it takes to spring for a full loop of Corsair Hydro X parts so that I can show case my personal rig with them and sell even bigger systems with full loops and they wont take a long time at all due to how amazing Corsair makes everything. I think about it everyday to be honest again lol, because how could someone with the money say no they will pass once they see how magnificently breathtaking a Hydro X full loop running right in front of them looks like.... to any computer enthusiast that's too hard of a decision to try and pass off. Jesus I've got to end this post what the hell .... I could keep going too
Ott - 8 måneder siden
how the heck biocide helps against corrosion, no way man. 1 thing is bacteria and algae, other is chemical/physical (corrosion) reaction
Phillip Kelsey
Phillip Kelsey - 8 måneder siden
Oh sweet, ISU is in the news.
so do it for state is kind of our calling card, but this dude definitely went too far.
Tyler Mack
Tyler Mack - 8 måneder siden
Paul is annoying .
Blahorga Slisk
Blahorga Slisk - 8 måneder siden
Kyle - "Louis Vuitton, the brand we all know and love. No we actually hardly know it and very much hate it."
Kyle, isn't hate a bit much for a brand you hardly know? What have they done to you to earn that hate? Sure they sell overpriced crap to people who has to much money, but for me that's more laughable than a reason to hate them.
Flux - 8 måneder siden
streaming has stopped privacy, why pirate when I can get a spotify account and pay 10 a month instead of 1 per song. and listen to whatever I want.
Flux - 8 måneder siden
You can also rotate subs as big releases come out, or if you have roommates each person pays for 1 or 2 so you have them all.
Flux - 8 måneder siden
Yes finally someone who understands that streaming is becoming cable. Dammit work it out with netfix, hulu, and prime everyone else quit making streaming services.
Flux - 8 måneder siden
the 360 lasted 8 years the One only lasted 5 or 6
deimosian - 8 måneder siden
Until content is available without bullshit the jolly roger will continue to fly forever.
Jonathan Francisco
Jonathan Francisco - 8 måneder siden
hate it when paul just ignores kyle when hes talking some sense, so direspectful even to us who just listens. please dont do that paul. it hurts our ears. irritating. wouldnt you dislike it if kyle talks in the middle of your sentence. happens a lot in the past few months now. >:(
Jonathan Francisco
Jonathan Francisco - 8 måneder siden
37:48 its Outlast Trials. 4 player horror game from the Outlast makers themselves
Nuno França
Nuno França - 8 måneder siden
wtf. Im getting 4.25 - 4.30 ghz on my 3950x
s3_jarvis !
s3_jarvis ! - 8 måneder siden
Linus be like, LTTSTORE.COM
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas - 8 måneder siden
"It's got the step n repeat LV logo so that is worth another couple thousand dollars... alright sooo let's add to cart" hahahaha paul is hilarious
Brian M
Brian M - 8 måneder siden
Hands up! Gimme your F***ing domain name! LMAO
ThunderBolts NLightining
ThunderBolts NLightining - 8 måneder siden
Split screen broadcast from separate locations!
Georg F
Georg F - 8 måneder siden
26:25 Paul was swapped for an alien again. ... and swapped back at 37:26.
Kushari - 8 måneder siden
Sorry Kyle, but you're wrong. The comparable Dell and HP computers to the Mac Pro are much more expensive and perform worse. Stop with the Apple Hate.
Curtis B
Curtis B - 8 måneder siden
"When will all these subscriptions become like Cable?" Never. The cost, if you want to do everything, could become that expensive but the massive, key difference is you can cancel any of those pieces the minute you want and pick it back up the next minute. And you won't have 'lock-in' where they just raise your price every month via "fees", charge you money if you leave and charge you money if you sign up and leave you with no choice because they are a monopoly. Cable companies can and should burn. Now if 5G will help bring broadband competition over the next few years we will finally see competition.
Matt Misner
Matt Misner - 8 måneder siden
rage it out Paul
QuantumBraced - 8 måneder siden
If you're gonna spend $200 on a webcam, you may as well spend a bit more and get a DSLR that you can use as a webcam, that will give you much better image quality and you can use it for photography also.
Luke Benton
Luke Benton - 8 måneder siden
I'd be interested in seeing how a monitor with actually good speakers would do
Dark Sky
Dark Sky - 8 måneder siden
To be fair Paul about the part where they were asking if you were real when I first started watching you I thought you reminded me of Dexter a psychotic killer but the more I watch your videos I see that you have a heart I love you videos Paul keep up good work
Nob ody
Nob ody - 8 måneder siden
Gaming monitor driven by USB type-C like we've heard but not seen.
Mr Screamer
Mr Screamer - 8 måneder siden
Let's be honest. If you have ever wanted a domain and been told by one of those low-life domain squatters that they want $20,000 for a thing they aren't even using and registered for $3 ... you'll have been rooting for the shooters in the domain heist debacle.
scott alan
scott alan - 8 måneder siden
Streaming is the worst wait and their servers will be down all my stuff is on hard drives or DVD-RW and people laugh at it but I can bring anything up in minute
scottdavenport - 8 måneder siden
Mixer allows you to stream at the same time lol
Wopsil - 8 måneder siden
i have a c32g1 frpm aoc and it has a thin bezel with controls on the bottom for a reasonable price
Daniel Chambers
Daniel Chambers - 8 måneder siden
That point on locking multiple monitors was on point 👌👌👌
Raul Saavedra
Raul Saavedra - 8 måneder siden
Must say in this episode I have laughed the hardest ever since watching Awesome Hardware, with the shopping spree and the pronunciations of the Boite Soupple whatever and the ranting :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Thanks Paul and Kyle for the good laughs!
gordon fraser
gordon fraser - 8 måneder siden
death to control NIPPLES they are dumb
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries - 8 måneder siden
Disney, a multi billion dollar company... NO Windows App, NO surround, NO 4K! Yeah, browser ANY resolution, sucks balls!!!!!!!!
And they want to rival Netflix??? :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
gordon fraser
gordon fraser - 8 måneder siden
i wear 2 ltt stealth hoodys all day everyday (yes i live in canada land)
Zhaylan - 8 måneder siden
It's always raising money for children... I'll be way more willing to donate if it was raising children for money
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries - 8 måneder siden
There are 3950X CPUs available in my country! But we're too poor to buy them... :(
Even the store owners are poor... 'Coz only 2 fucking stores sell them.................... :|
Raul Saavedra
Raul Saavedra - 8 måneder siden
So after silicon lottery bins to charge some more for the overachieving chips, I wonder what they do with the clearly largest percent of chips that did not perform well throughout the binning. They just sell them at stock prices, even though they are technically open box items?
Justin - 8 måneder siden
See in Texas if you try to kill us, we kill you back.
WolfMan - 8 måneder siden
All Corsair needs to do now is make aib graphics card models and motherboards
karasjet - 8 måneder siden
Hey I live the channel it helped big time on my first build. I have a question I bought some memory to start with that is ddr4 rgb 3000 MHz for my B459-f gaming motherboard. Now I see a sale on some faster 3600mhz memory sticks. Would anything bad happened if I used both sets???
Brian M
Brian M - 8 måneder siden
Hello. We are fun people. We drink beers and sometimes say bad words.
ManBearPig 1968
ManBearPig 1968 - 8 måneder siden
I also saw Paul's image flicker, I was thinking that he might be just like the Emergency Medical Hologram from Star Trek Voyager....just saying💯👍🏻
zeveroare R
zeveroare R - 8 måneder siden
Boite Chapeau Souple: Suple hat box...
david - 8 måneder siden
This needs more views kyle at his best lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T-7_ivmhq8
Jonathan Melancon
Jonathan Melancon - 8 måneder siden
Yikes. This is a beer from Quebec, Canada. We brew awesome beers. This is definitely not one of them. Haha. Good show guys have a good one
MrBug1982 - 8 måneder siden
Pricing is the innovation for the monitor. They need too match pixio in pricing.
Leifur Hákonarson
Leifur Hákonarson - 8 måneder siden
The LG spot?
Joseph Sansone
Joseph Sansone - 8 måneder siden
yeah what's going on with paul's side of the screen.
Conspicuous Ninja
Conspicuous Ninja - 8 måneder siden
I love paul he's awesome.
Zabuza_Zen - 8 måneder siden
I have been asking for monitors that lock together for ever!
PapaQ - 8 måneder siden
Wow, I didn't even consider killing Ruby Weapon without a Gold chocobo back in the day. I went through the long mating process to get the Gold chocobo, I got the all the different materia, including Knights of the Round, and even some of the Master materia, before I killed Ruby (and Emerald) Weapon. Also it's a good idea to start the Ruby Weapon fight with two of your party members already dead and then revive them at the start of the fight.
But I feel Paul's pain. I'm aching to play the remake, and there's no way I'm getting a PS4 just for that.
Isaac Santa
Isaac Santa - 8 måneder siden
Any 4k smart tv have Disney+ app
b6s4shelter - 8 måneder siden
Lockedupbystate.com. GGs all around fella!
BUCKSLAYER - 8 måneder siden
This was so fucking funny. Good stream guys
Slimee - 8 måneder siden
Why is AMD treating the Ryzen 9s like some shitty SUPREME hoodie?
Isaac Santa
Isaac Santa - 8 måneder siden
The blue shirt of dead, it would be nice to see like dumb tech frase simulating errors.
TRippey T
TRippey T - 8 måneder siden
Norway isn't sold out with the 3950x or the 3900x when it launched....
Jon Delano
Jon Delano - 8 måneder siden
The new price of a banana is $120K these days, have you not seen the news about the duck taped banana?
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan - 8 måneder siden
26:08 The victim wrestled the gun from the suspect and killed him.
[Mahiro] - osu!
[Mahiro] - osu! - 8 måneder siden
19 Australians have liked
shane eslick
shane eslick - 8 måneder siden
G'day Paul & Kyle,
I love it when Lyle is a bit Drunk & gets Hyped up over something 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,
the Logitech 4K Webcam is half the price of wheels for the case,
The case for Paul not being real is pretty strong when he alone Bitmaps & Flashes,
On the Media Services, I have a 3D TV & nearly all the Pixar & Marvell Movies in 3D & watch them with my PS3,
I also buy the Tv shows I really like on BluRay & the one that I just like on Dvd, all the music I like I buy CDs,
I don't have any Streaming Service for media because in Australia we have 5 Tv Broadcasters which each have about 5 channels each that are themed, also they are now screening content from other countries within the same week of country of origin, rather than waiting for 6 months like they used to,

P.s. 🤔 shouldn't the LG 'Nipple' be a 'Penis' due to it's position at the bottom center front of the body & just above the legs?
LucasPlayz - 8 måneder siden
Something urgent the youtuber super tech steals your videos
Oletta Liano
Oletta Liano - 8 måneder siden
Louis Vuitton is proof that there will always be people with more money than brains.
Kevin Go
Kevin Go - 8 måneder siden
monitors ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bring back the 16/10 display, 75 hz and above, 24 up to 32 inch's
reason for 16/10 is watching 16/9 movies with subtitles below movie, not on movie. also game play is better
Ironsteal Fightin'man!-_-Farted
Ironsteal Fightin'man!-_-Farted - 8 måneder siden
Why is spending money mean you aren't pirating. If the show is not being made actively then watching for free or not doesn't matter. Who cares
Jeff C
Jeff C - 8 måneder siden
Can not even get the 3950x at Micro Center they tend to have a lot of stock when others do not.
Jinsei - 8 måneder siden
I've been saying it for a while now, as soon as other companies started talking about doing their own streaming services piracy will increase....
attack - 8 måneder siden
Want true 240hz monitor with perfect reliability and multiple display ports
MoDRun - 8 måneder siden
i dont want to abandon owning my own content but they REALLY need to make buyable content by downloading rather than having to buy physical cd's or whatever that i cant even use
MoDRun - 8 måneder siden
theres no reason to pay for tv with the million of ads every 10 min in a show when streaming services dont do ads as far as i know anyway, aswell as tv content being garbage compared to choosing what u wanna look at with streaming
Evan Pilkington
Evan Pilkington - 8 måneder siden
45:00 I got Disney+ within the first week and there was already an app for it on the LG TV marketplace. I'm sure it's on every console.
MoDRun - 8 måneder siden
as for streaming services, if i like a show/movie whatever i try to buy or give them money directly rather than to some streaming service or other bullshit that doesnt have all the content
criz nittle
criz nittle - 8 måneder siden
No dice on 3950x availability on Silicon Lottery.
Looks like they sold out long before 12/11 came around.
I'll continue refreshing the page though, just to entertain my hopes.
MoDRun - 8 måneder siden
to innovate for a monitor all you really need to do is pick a high end monitor, remove a bunch of features you dont need and sell a cheap af monitor with excellent refreshrate/resolution/latency
example, asus pg35vq, being the only monitor type of that resolution over 100hz and it costs like 30k$
if they just removed all the extra junk it has and kept it as a simple 200hz ultrawide 3440x1440 gsync, im sure they would be able to sell it for like 15k$ and then id buy one
demonwares - 8 måneder siden
I would never buy from silicon lottery because they are a big part of the problem for why these chips are sold out. They buy as many as they can to bench them and create the shortage .
Anthony P
Anthony P - 8 måneder siden
Paul's reaction to the Final Fantasy VII is priceless...love it
Randy Gower
Randy Gower - 8 måneder siden
5:00 - 6:25 Wait... Something's missing....
Philipp Engl
Philipp Engl - 8 måneder siden
Jennifur68 - 8 måneder siden
The silver leather League of Legends jacket looks like its based on the WWII German tanker/self propelled gun jacket called a Panzer Wrap. I've made a few repro Panzer Wraps for reenactors, its a sharp looking jacket but its not worth $7000+.
Mango Bango
Mango Bango - 8 måneder siden
You know you’re not quite a man when you physically need to leave the room to get a glass for your beer because you couldn’t fathom drinking it from the bottle
TechGeekGarage - 8 måneder siden
people who enjoy beers, you know, people that wear paddy hats and neckbeards (like myself) know that beer unfolds its full taste when served in the right glass and to brewers drinking beer from the bottle or a can is a right out sin
Dee'sNutz - 8 måneder siden
Yeah, I'm really concerned that Disney didn't make enough money this year, so I'll pay to watch one show they "make". HAHAHAHAHA
Wazo - 8 måneder siden
Those crazy expensive LV league of legends stuff is probably being marketed for China. They are into LoL, love expensive brands like LV and lots of new millionaires wanting to show off. LoL is bigger in china than football is in the US.
Andres Casanovas
Andres Casanovas - 8 måneder siden
Could be, I never thought of it that way, you may be right.
Gausts - 8 måneder siden
Brady - 8 måneder siden
The first thing that comes to mind with a Corsair monitor would be external lighting with iCue integration. Another potential thing they could do for extraneous features would be built-in eye tracking. Beyond those two things. Integrated retractable headphone hook?
Pogey James
Pogey James - 8 måneder siden
Put some really good speakers on them
Tommy Loos
Tommy Loos - 8 måneder siden
All Corsair has gotta do is make a monitor that has a white frame. So many monitors are black. Mix it up for those white clean setups!
Tyler Mack
Tyler Mack - 8 måneder siden
Nob ody
Nob ody - 8 måneder siden
Also yellow in 5 years
Amonny - 8 måneder siden
I have a beter ideea! Monitor cases! SO you can make your monitor look beige, or old, or other stuff.
Nils Svanstedt
Nils Svanstedt - 8 måneder siden
Tommy Loos with a white screen?
E Rock
E Rock - 8 måneder siden
Can't fuckin wait for the PC version of FF7 Remake.
I had to buy the PC refresh of FF7 and FF8 on Steam the other day. There like $10 each. Dug out the old Gravis gamepad pro and Brady Games Strategy Guides out of the attic. Heck ya!
Zac Childs
Zac Childs - 8 måneder siden
This video can't be downloaded?